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December 16th



1) What is the name of the pin that holds the piston to the
connecting rod?
The Gudgeon Pin or Wrist Pin connects the piston to the connecting rod
and provides a bearing for the connecting rod to pivot upon as the piston
2) What happens when a valve cannot shut due to weak valve
With weak valves, at high engine speed "valve float" occurs. Weak valve
springs don't have enough strength to close the valve before it opens
again (at high speeds), so the valve will just stay open, not allowing the
engine to move any faster.
3) What does a turbo-charger or super-charger do?
It forces more air/fuel mixture into the engine. Generally, turbos are
more efficient because they use existing exhaust pressure to drive the
turbine, while super chargers use the actual engine to drive the turbine.
4) What does DOHC stand for?
It stands for Dual OverHead Camshafts. Most modern cars have
overhead camshafts, they make the engine more efficient because
overhead cams don't require pushrods, so the camshaft is closer to the
5) What is the term used when the engine is operating at
maximum efficiency (right amount of fuel/air mixture?
Isometric. At the isometric point, all fuel is burned, and all the oxygen is
burned. When this happens, the engine doesn't waste any fuel, or the
engine isn't starved for fuel.
6) What electronic device makes sure the fuel/air mixture is just
The Oxygen Sensor. Probably the only emission control device that
actually made the engine more efficient. They monitor the exhaust
gases and analyze the content, sending feedback to the engine, telling it
if the mixture is too lean, too rich, or just right.
7) Before overhead cam engines came along, what device
connected the cams to the valves?
Pushrods. They are still used today in some cars.

8) What popular horsepower increasing device was first used by

German pilots in World War II?
Nitrous Oxide. When it is forced into a combustion chamber, the extreme
heat separates the nitrogen and oxygen. More oxygen in the combustion
chamber means more power because more fuel can be injected at the
same time.
9) Why is an overhead cam more efficient than a pushrod
Because its closer proximity to the valves, therefore eliminating
pushrods which add rotational mass. The valve train has fewer parts to
operate, making the engine easier to turn over.
10) SRS refers to what part of the car?
Supplementary Restraint System. Designed to be used in conjunction
with seatbelts, SRS refers to a vehicle's airbag system. A cars airbags
are designed to reduce occupant injury in the event of a car crash and
are deployed when the SRS sensors detect a predetermined level of
impact force.