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Jarid Wade

Module 8

Assignment 8

Chapter 11
1.) Plan the testing required for the system. You should consider unit, integration, and system testing
in your test plan and determine who should participate in the testing.
I think that the testing team should include Janet McDonald, Tai Tranh, Reed Curry, Gray Lewis, as well
as a couple of fitness center employees who could act as customers.
Unit testing should be done, and this could be performed by anyone. Payment information, invoice
information, work schedule information, employee information, trend/marketing information, and also
end of month reporting information should all be tested so that those specific modules could have their
functionality verified. For example, if a customer invoice is to be generated showing a balance due of a
zero or negative amount, it should be handled by the generation of an error message prior to the
invoice being processed. Also, employee information should not be processed unless there is a valid
employee ID number. These are the types of issues that can be handled during unit testing i.e. every
possible variation (within reason of course) of input should be anticipated and should have a way to be
handled, either by processing the information or the generation of an error message.
Integration testing would also be relatively important in this system. Modules that work together, such
as the payment and invoice modules, as well as the modules that help to determine trend/marketing
information would need to operate together. Payment information would also need to be handled
properly by the module that performs end of month reporting as well as the bank deposit information.
For example, if a payment of zero dollars is processed and passed to the bank deposit module, there
should be an error message, or should not be allowed to happen at all.
System testing could, and should, be done by everyone. The employees could pose as customers who
register with the fitness center and sign up for classes. This would generate work schedules, which
would lead to the class being taught. After the customer has paid his or her balance, that information
would be passed to the end of month reporting module, and also to the bank deposit module. It would
also be logged in the trend/marketing information module. The entire process should be tested so that
there are no hiccups during normal operations.
As I stated in previous modules, this system is not extremely complicated so the testing should be fairly
straight forward.

Jarid Wade

Module 8

Assignment 8

2.) You have asked Gray Lewis to contribute to the user manual for the new system. He suggested that
you include a section of FAQs, which you also could include in the online documentation. Prepare 10
FAQs and answers for use in the printed user manual and context sensitive help screens.
What has changed with the new system?

The new system integrates all functions of the health club. Payment, billing, marketing
information, class scheduling, reporting, registration, online access, and depositing functions are
all integrated and will all work together to make a more cohesive and efficient operation of the
health club.

What security features are there?

We now have CAC readers, username and passwords, as well as scan cards for customers. We
also use auditing so that we can see who is accessing potentially sensitive information.

Who do I contact if my CAC or username and password is not working?

You can let management know so that we can get you a new card, or a new username and

Can I leave my CAC in the card reader, or leave my workstation logged on while I am away?

No, while you are away from your workstation, even for a short amount of time, you need to log
off or remove your CAC so that there are no harmful disclosures of sensitive information.

What if I lose my CAC or forget my username and password?

Management needs to know as soon as possible so that we can disable your old information to
prevent information from being access by an unauthorized user.

What if a customers scan card is not working?

If a customers scan card is not working, you can disable their old card and activate a new one.

Can I let customers in without a scan card?

If a customer has only forgotten their scan card and has not lost it, you can sign them manually
in the system so that we can still see who is coming to the fitness center to help generate
marketing information.

How is the marketing information used?

The marketing information is used to determine our popular classes as well as our less popular
classes so that we can make adjustments to our offerings accordingly.

Jarid Wade

Module 8

Assignment 8

What are the payment processing methods?

We can accept credit/debit, cash, and checks.

How is the marketing information generated?

Marketing information is generated by the scanning in of customers, as well as tracking the

items that are sold in our merchandise center.

3.) Suggest a changeover method for the new billing system and provide specific reasons to support
your choice. If you recommend phased operation, specify the order in which you would implement
the modules. If your recommendation is for pilot operation, specify the department or area you would
select as the pilot site and justify your choice.
I think that due to the relative simplicity of the new system, a direct cutover should be used. This will
also be the most cost effective method. As long as there is an effective training period, there should not
be any problems with a direct cutover. We will also need to make sure that we are thorough and diligent
during the testing period if we decide to use this method.
4.) Should the associates perform a post implementation evaluation? If an assessment is done, who
should perform it? What options are available and which would you recommend?
I think there should be a post implementation evaluation. This just seems like a prudent option. If there
are any issues that are discovered during this time, we should be able to fix them without much of a
problem. We should also assess whether or not the employees and customers are satisfied for obvious
reasons. There is no point in continuing the use of the system unless everyone is happy. I think that
Cassia Umi should be in charge of the evaluation, but she should consider input from everyone who uses
the system, including the customers. This would also be useful to the development team, so that they
could learn lessons about what they have done right, and also areas that they could improve upon.