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Lesson Plan Title:


Game of SPUD

Date 10/8/2015

Content Standards/Clear Objective(s):

Ohio Standards for Teaching Profession (OSTP)
5.d Teachers create learning situations in which students work independently, collaboratively and/or as a
whole class
6.a Teachers communicate clearly and effectively
7.b Teachers take responsibility for engaging in continuous, purposeful professional development
7.c Teachers are agents of change who seek opportunities to positively impact teaching quality, school
improvements and student achievement
Rubric (aligned with objectives):

Materials (list):
A Ball (not a hard ball, something soft)
Enough people to play (so about 8 at least)
A big enough space for all the people


The students will get physical exercise

The students will know how to work together
The students will have to react quickly


Everyone in the group gets a number

Everyone gets in a circle and the it person starts in the middle
The it person throws up the ball and calls out a number
That number has to catch the ball and everyone runs away until that numbered person catches it and says SPUD
Once they call SPUD everyone stops and the person with the ball can move 3 steps in any direction and then can throw
the ball at whoever they would like without that person moving. If they get hit that person has an S, if the person who
the ball is being thrown at catches it then the person throwing the ball gets the S. Then it keeps going until someone gets

Differentiation matching student/s need:

The person with the ball is able to move 5 steps towards them if needed
The people running away you can set a step limit if needed
You could limit the space that they are able to play in

At home the students can work on reaction by having someone throw a ball at them and they have to
get out of the way
They can also get someone at home to say different words and they to react to the words. EX jump
they have to jump, run they have to run, etc.
The students could work on throwing balls at the wall to work on their throwing

Evaluation of lesson and adaptation I may need to make to continue work tomorrow:

I think that it went really well

I think that all of the students really enjoyed the game
The students I worked with did not need any adaptation to the lesson because they showed me they understood the
While going over the directions and going through a practice session they all understood the directions of the game

Other Comments/Notes: