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Ali Emmott

September 29,2013
Inside Mars Inc
Fortune Magazine

1.The main purpose of this article is: The purpose of the article
Inside Mars by David A. Kaplan was to go inside the company to see
what they are all about. The article notes the company is family-owned
and privately held which has allowed them to adopt policies with a
view to long-run business health as opposed to short-term stock
market reaction. Kaplan states Mars boasts employees who love not
only the products they make but also the office culture and the
companys long standing principles which I found to be the most
significant part of the article

2.Introduce the article title, author(s), year published, brief

description of the study. Inside Mars by David A. Kaplan and
Marilyn Adamo published in Fortune magazine on February 4, 2013.
The study of the article profiles candy and food products company
Mars, that was ranked number 95 in the publications 2013 100 Best
Companies to Work For list.

3. The key question(s) that the author is addressing ..(figure

out the key question(s) in the mind of the authors) when
he/she wrote the article. Mars being a really secret organization the

Ali Emmott

September 29,2013

authors were addressing several questions but the most obvious

question being addressed is what is the Mars organization and who are
the people behind the organization.

4. The most important information or key points in this article

is.. (figure out the facts, experiences, data the author is using
to support his/her conclusions) Kaplan and Adamo had the
opportunity to first hand experience what Mars was all about when
they got to take a peek inside and speak with the nonfamily president
of Mars Paul S. Michaels. To sum up the conclusion on the article,
Kaplan says theres no wonder why Mars Incorporated is a great place
to work for. Kaplan and Adamo collected a significant amount of data
about the corporation, culture, environment and their employees,
which supports the articles conclusion.

5.The Main inferences/conclusions in this article are (identify

the key conclusions the auth comes to and presents in the
article) Concluding the article Kaplan discusses the valuable
involvement the Mars family members have with the business. Quoting
Michaels the nonfamily president when he says, The owners have a
lot of sweat equity in the company and So when they give you advice
or feel strongly they have a level of credibility. Michaels also told
Kaplan that he hears from the Mars family very frequently each week.

Ali Emmott

September 29,2013

The Mars family is also known to call employees out of the blue and
the employees always feel theyre more delighted than threatened.

6. The key concepts we need to understand in this article are

(by theses concepts the author means.. figure out the most
important ideas you would have to understand in order to
understand the authors line of reasoning)
The companys privateness has been a crucial factor in their success
over the decades. The lack of interest in the public markets employees
has independence to experiment with ideas and management has the
patience to train. The U.S director for Snickers and Twix Osher
Hoberman told Kaplan I get the benefit of a longer learning cycle. A
longer learning cycle is very valuable because this allows employees to
become more experienced as well as more educated about their job
within the organization.

7. The main assumption(s) underlying the authors thinking is

(are)..(figure out what the author is taking granted or might be
Throughout the article Kaplan has nothing but positive and reinsuring
facts about the company and companies management. But I felt that
Kaplan was naive to the fact that nothing is perfect and there must
flaws and faults somewhere within the company. The employees

Ali Emmott

September 29,2013

appear to be very happy working at Mars but there must be some

policies or functions of the company employees are not happy with.

8. If we take this line of reasoning seriously, the implications

are.. (What consequences are likely to follow if people
ignore the authors reasoning?)
The author does not address any concerning reasoning in this article
about the Mars corporation.

9. What new research has been conducted in this topic?

Provide 3 links to new research articles. Write a brief
description of each article research topic. Use the journal
This article is from Friday September 27, 2013 to my knowledge this is
the most recent article about the Mars Inc. manufacture. When Caitlin
Burke research director at the Washington Business Journal gets a
closer look at the secretive billion-dollar food manufacturer herself.

Ali Emmott

September 29,2013

This article written by Mike Hower relates to the Mars Manufacture

being named the best private company in 2013.
This article published in this past July addresses the companys
principles-led approach to business and its commiments.

10. What did you learn from the article? How has what you
learned broadened your understanding of Organizational
From the article Inside Mars I have gained insight on the culture of
large organization and the behavior of an organization when
functioning. Ive learned that not only the employees but business
owners and the business management of a company that having
passion in the work place is extremely essential to the companys

11. Provide 3 Organizational Behavior examples from the

article that demonstrates what you learned and how it
changed or broadened your understanding of Organizational