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Meet the Team

Join some of NYUs most dedicated student professionals in making an impact

Cary Wang
Consulting Director
2016 President

Deanna Mostowfi
Consulting Director

Jessica Guo
Consulting Director

Abhishek Parekh
Talent Management

Who We Are
180 Degrees Consulting is the worlds leading provider of high quality consulting services
for nonprofits, social enterprises and socially minded companies.

Work & Expertise

Social Impact

Training + Mentoring


Each year we work pro bono with several hundred organizations to help them
overcome challenges theyre facing and increase their impact. Weve worked with
organizations from Red Cross and World Vision to small social enterprise startups.

Our Unique Advantage

180 DC NYU is able to offer clients extremely high quality consulting services without the
usual price-tag because of our innovative model.

1. Very Selective Recruitment of Consultants

2. High Quality Training and Mentoring
3. Matching the Expertise of Our Consultants with the Needs of Organizations
4. Utilizing the 180 Degrees International Network
5. Having Frequent and Rigorous Checks on Consulting Quality

What We Look For

Being selected to receive consulting services is a competitive process. Typically less than
30% of organizations that apply for consulting services receive it.
Area of Social Impact
We prioritize organizations that focus on educational,
economic, environmental, and health outcomes because
we believe these areas are key to poverty alleviation
and sustainability.

Potential for Future Impact

We want to work with organizations that have the
potential to not only maintain relevancy but to have
a significant social impact in the future.

Likelihood of Implementation
We embrace organizations that are open to
implementing recommendations and improving the
way they operate.

Compatibility with Consultants

We try to work with organizations where we can
add real value. As such, we identify the expertise
and abilities of our consultants, and try to best
match those to the needs of our potential clients.

Project Salvation
Developing metrics to quantify the impact on the East Harlem community

The problem
Increasing focus of donors towards
outcome-based impact
measurement (ROI)

The solution
Utilize incident reporting to track improved character

Number of Incidents

Misalignment between what donors want

and what The Salvation Army has

# of


The Salvation Army is not

collecting the metrics that
donors look for

Fact Sheet
Since being established in 2008, 180 Degrees Consulting has exploded in growth, and these
numbers reflect the impact we have made.

Worth of consulting
services provided

Socially conscious
clients assisted

4,200 1.8M 100%

Future leaders
trained & mentored

Hours of consulting
services totalled

Of clients would
recommend the NYU
branch to others

Recruitment Details
Competitive recruitment process from applications to interviews



Nov. 1 at


and case

Nov. 15





Strong interest in consulting and social impact

No previous consulting experience required
Open to all years (freshman through senior)


6 8 hours of commitment every week

Participation at meetings, client and mentorship
engagements, social events, etc.
Treated as an internship, not a club