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October 25, 2015

East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church

Our Vision
To challenge and encourage everyone in our congregation to know and follow
Christ by:
Growing as disciples through Christs teachings
Connecting with one another in Christian community
Serving Christ by serving others
Praising God as we worship Christ

Sunday Services
Traditional 8:30 am
Contemporary 10:45 am


Faith Promise Update

Stephen Ministry

Info Session




Staff Directory

Sunday School/Discipleship Classes 9:45 am

Pastors Corner
We are now halfway through our commitment campaign, Changing
Lives, and it's been meaningful watching various colored cards going
up on our themed boards in Oberholtzer Hall as we explore facets of
our church's vision statement. Thanks to all who have participated in
that exercise the past two Sundays. This coming Sunday, we will look
at "Praise," and what it is we are doing (and not doing) when we come
together to worship each Sunday morning and other times of praise
and worship.
Part of what I do each year with our Staff Parish Relations (SPR) team
is to establish goals for the coming year and review the past year. I
thought it important for you to know what I have shared with both SPR
and Steering Team for the coming year:

Full implementation of the CATCH Program to help our church become more outwardly focused and welcoming of new people. Also,
integration of other strategies and ideas on evangelism and outreach so that our church becomes known in the area for the way it
welcomes people.

Identify our churchs unique niche in the community, and begin to

implement strategies to address the human needs found in that niche.
Instead of trying to become all things to all people which is impossible
for any church, find those things that we can and are doing well and
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Pastor Jim Todd

strengthen them for our work in the community.

By the end of 2016, establish a young adult group meeting

on a regular basis. This would include those in the 18-34 age category.

By the middle of 2016, establish a target date for the launch

of a new worship experience in our church or in the community.
Review and refinement of our current Mission and Vision Statements, and addition of Core Values to help guide our church.
These are ambitious goals, and can only be accomplished by all of
us working together. They are in response to felt needs expressed
to me by people in our church and community. I welcome your response to these goals and am very open to refinement of them. I
look forward to sharing with all of you and with our District Superintendent our accomplishments over the past year in the State of the
Church report at Church Conference on Saturday, October 24 at
3:30 p.m.
Here are several other notes before I close. I will be starting my
James on James Bible study on Wednesday, November 4, 3:004:15 pm. We have six people who have expressed a desire to join
this four week study, and you are welcome to come, too! I have
decided to offer this as a daytime study to help those who don't
drive at night.
Finally, Karen and I will be away most of the coming week, from
October 26-30. In case there are any pastoral emergencies or funerals needed, the Rev. Candy LaBar will be filling in. I will be back
for Sunday, November 1, as we celebrate Holy Communion and lift
up the saints who have passed away this last year. Scott Kuhnle
will be preaching on the final part of our Vision Statement: Service.
I look forward to seeing you this Sunday and next!
Pastor Jim (

This is letting you know about

an UPCOMING date. On
December 6th there will be a
FAIR in Fellowship Hall all morning from 8:30 to 12:30 a.m. Some
representatives from our Partners will be present and information will
be available for all Partners we support. Also, some representatives
will share information on their ministry during both Worship Services.
The Faith Promise team is excited about sharing the unique ministry
of each Partner in their witness to Gods ongoing kingdom work.
More information will be coming. In the meantime, consider any
questions you may have about Faith Promise and the 12 Partners
you support with prayer, communications and donations. Remember
too, something special will happen at ESUMC on December 8th.
There are some Thank You notes to share with you. From The
Philadelphia Project, We just wanted to send a quick note to say
how incredibly thankful we are for your support towards our ministry.
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Photo Caption
Stephen Ministry

Dont Suffer
We have many needs for care
in our congregation and community: people experiencing
divorce, grief, illness, unemployment, and other life stresses. It is not possible for Pastor
Jim to meet every single need
of every single person. Stephen Ministry expands the care
ESUMC can offer by equipping
and organizing members to
provide Christian care, providing a larger pool of people with
caregiving skills to bring
Christs love and care to those
who need it most. For more
information about Stephen Ministry, please contact Peggy
Strack, 570-421-3280, ext.
Members of ESUMC who are no
longer able to attend church, always enjoy hearing from
you! Cards and notes of encouragement may be sent to:
John McMahon
Whitestone Health Care CenterStroudsburg, Pa. 18360
Hearing Assistance
Devices are Here!
ESUMC now owns several hearing
assistance devices which can be
worn to improve your ability to
hear our worship services. Please

Stand Down Day

By Vets For Vets
Nov. 8, 2015
10:00 AM to 2 PM
Dansbury Park
Junior Church for
Children in Grades
We need 2 volunteers
each week. It will begin
at about 11 a.m. when
the children in grades K-3
are dismissed from the
Contemporary Service
and concludes at the end
of the service. Material
will be provided to
conduct Childrens
Church. Please pray and
think about volunteering
for this important

Changing Lives Through Service

Information Session: Sunday, November 1st
9:00am 12:00pm in Fellowship Hall
ESUMCs programs are changing lives as we continue to extend
the love of Christ through critical ministries. We invite those who
have the heart for service and desire to change lives for Christ to
make a commitment to support these important ministries.



Ministry Placement Stewardship Team offers you the opportunity

to meet some of the participants in each ministry for more information regarding the need and scope of your commitment to
serve. Commitment cards will be available.

Childrens Workshop
Rotation 9:45 a.m. to

Labels & Box Tops

10:30 a.m. Sunday

The theme of this years
workshop rotation is
Healing, Miracles,
Compassion and Power

Thank you for continuing to save Campbell Soup

Company Labels and Box Tops for Education.This past June I mailed 700 labels and a big bag of box tops to Red Bird Mission. Im sure they could put
them to good use. Please cut the labels down the front of the can to avoid tearing the label. They will not accept the badly torn ones.
Thank you,
Erma Powell

We are so grateful for your generosity. We pray you are doing

well. God Bless!
From Pocono Plateau Camp & Retreat Center, It is because of
the commitment of people like you that we are able to continue
to hold this property and this ministry in place - over time - so
God can use it. There is no way a thank you can carry to you
all that it means to each person who steps on this place and
has walked here over time.
This note from Family Promise, On behalf of the Board of
Trustees, I am grateful to have this opportunity to extend to you
our thanks for your recent gift to Family Promise. We
appreciate your kindness and generosity in support of our
program which will enable Family Promise to continue to offer
a fresh start to struggling homeless families with children in
Monroe County.
The commitment of ESUMC to the Partners in mission is surely a
blessed opportunity of sharing the witness of Gods presence in a
world burdened with pain and tragedy. Come on December 8th to
see and hear of their ministry.


Opportunities to
Many thanks to all who
helped at the
Organ Concert last Sunday!
We are in need of a counter, now that Gertrude
Blitz has moved to Nevada.
Two counters meet Monday mornings from
about 9-11 a.m., and work with the Financial
Secretary to count the gifts.
Job Requirements: Honest , good with basic
math skills, ability to maintain privacy and
confidentiality, and able to commit to this job
on a weekly basis.
If interested, contact the office at
(570) 421-3280, ext. 1025.

Blood Drive

There will a church hike for our annual best trail

hike on the AT near Camp Mohican in NJ. The
views are spectacular for this approx. 3 hour
hike. Bring lunch, snacks, water and enjoy the
exercise. Meet in the Church parking lot at 12:30 p.m. we leave at 12:45
sharp. Also, trying to organize a week day hike. Anyone interested in that or
questions with the 10/25 hike, call Bob, 570 223-7076.

ESUMC is committed to uphold

a faithful response to domestic
violence and abuse.

You are not alone. Call

National Coalition Against
Domestic Violence

November 10th. 1 pm 6pm. Need volunteers

to help unload and load truck around Noon and
then again at 6pm when drive is over.

WOMEN Dollar Challenge
October -Operation Christmas Child
Shoebox items-small dolls, stuffed
animals, toys, crafts ,coloring books,
school supplies, toothbrushes, anything
else you can think of for a tot
through teens in an impoverished
November-Stocking stuffers for adult
men and women in local nursing
December-hats, mittens, scarves- all
Everything can be found at the
Dollar Tree.


Holiday Wreath and Greenery Sale

Cub Scout
Pack 103
Cub Scouts from Pack 103,
sponsored by ESUMC, is
conducting a fundraiser outside
the church on Sunday, October
25, 2015, after the services.
The boys will take orders, with
delivery in time for the
holidays. If you miss, please
The boys are also collecting
food in November , which will
be donated to ESUMCs
Community Meal and Food

Open Positions at
Due to the recent restructuring of
our music ministry and a staff resignation, we have some open positions for the congregation to consider. These are positions which
can be either paid or volunteer,
and you are welcome to share
them with your friends who may be
interested and qualified. They are:
Director of Bell Choirs and Chimers, Director of Chancel and Childrens Choirs, and Director of Childrens Ministries. Please see or
contact Jill Malefyt for more information:

Contact Us


Office (570) 421-3280

Advanced Notice
OK 55+
The OKs will be going to our annual Thanksgiving dinner at
Vo-Tech School on Nov. 16th. No transportation will be provided. Meet there at 12 noon.
To register, call Erma at 570-421-1422 .
The deadline is Nov.8th to register.
Thank you,

Jim Todd
Ext. 1014
Maria Ragonese
Ext. 1010
Congregational Care
Peggy Strack
Ext. 1023


All women of the church are invited to all UMW meetings and
events . November 10th will be the Thank Offering meeting
at 9 AM in the Bridal Lounge.
Dec 11 will be set up for Breakfast with St Nicholas which is
Dec 12. Hope to see many of you .
Questions contact Linda Drake at 570-856-9395.

Youth Ministries
Scott Kuhnle
Ext. 1013
Childrens Ministries
Ext. 1017
Sue Mertz
Ext. 1015

Chili Cook Off

Nov. 14th from 4:30pm- 7:30pm
4:30pm-5:30pm Dinner
5:30pm-6pm Judging of Desserts
6pm-7pm Games
7pm prizes

Financial Secretary
Cyndie Faunce
Ext. 1025
William Mack
Ext. 1018
Pauline Fox
Contemporary Music
Doug Malefyt

East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church

83 S. Courtland St.
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Joe Dorsch