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Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 1




Highlighting Leading Businesses in Central Minnesota

You will enjoy reading about local business people you already know, and some you may not.
Find out about the products and services they offer to continue to make your community thrive.

D O I N G B U S I N E S S,

October 14 & 15, 2015

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Albany Enterprise
Melrose Beacon
Sauk Centre Herald

2 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015

There is always a way

Otis Ostendorf takes on every challenge
with a can-do attitude

Otis Ostendorf
After working at Galaxy
Precision for the past 11 years,
there is not a whole lot Otis
Ostendorf cant figure out. With
a drive to prove that anything
can be done, Otis has become
a wearer of many hats at the
company, assisting in everything
from customer support and sales
to machine repairs and design.

As the shop has grown, I

have gotten a chance to play a lot
of roles here, he explained. Its
a challenging line of work and
no two days are the same, which
makes it really interesting.
Otis originally intended to
become a mechanic and work
on old cars, but with prompting
from his mom, he took another
path. With his education and
some experience under his belt,
he eventually made his way to
Galaxy Precision, which he loves.
This is a great place.
Everyone gets along we are
like a family here and its always
interesting, he said with a smile.
Otis points out that its the
challenge of his job that keeps
him coming back, adding that
careful thought and problemsolving are vital to making

Contact Us!

Phone: 320-836-2184 Fax: 320-836-2185.

Emails: (Ralph), (Mark)
and (Sharon)

the operation run successfully.

There is a lot of thought that
needs to be put into everything.
You cannot miss a step or it will
quickly become a problem, he
said. Its that type of challenge
that I need to stay interested in
what I do. A down day is rare here
and thats the way I like it.
Otis multiple hats of
responsibility at Galaxy Precision
are worn with pride and he is
especially proud to complete
the tasks others may say are
I really like doing something
that someone says cannot be
done or is too hard to do,
he said. Proving them
wrong by finding a way
is a great feeling. There is
always a way!

Galaxy Precision, Inc. in Albany, is

a precision CNC machine job shop. The
business is owned by Ralph Finken, CEO;
Mark Finken, COO & Sharon Finken, CFO.
After working in machine shops for
over 22 years, Ralph started this business
alone using manual equipment in 1989.
Galaxy machines a large variety
of custom-made parts, large and small.
Galaxy machines steel, stainless steel, brass,
aluminum and plastic parts.
Parts machined are used on large and
small industrial and commercial equipment.
Work is done for a number of manufacturers,
local, out-of-state and companies that
operate internationally.
Galaxy employs 25, operates 30 CNC
machines and has been in business for 25
A new horizontal machining center
was purchased in August 2012, costing
$350,000. This has a pallet changer, 90
-tool magazine and 1,000 PSI thru spindle

In 2014, Galaxy purchased a new
Doosan Puma 3100ULY CNC lathe with a 36
swing and over 10 feet of turning length.
Live tooling (milling): Y-Axis (above and
below center machining), C-Axis (spindle
indexing), X-Axis and Z-Axis and tool setter.
Also in 2014, Galaxy purchased a
new Doosan Lynx 220LSYC CNC lathe with
an LNS servo barfeeder. Main Spindle,
Sub-Spindle, Live Tooling: X-Axis, Y-Axis,
Z-Axis & C-Axis on main and sub spindles.
These capabilities allow this machine to
manufacture complete parts including
features which would normally need to be
completed in a milling machine. This makes
manufacturing more efficient, reduces costs
and saves the customer money.
Shop-Tech job tracking software with
bar code scanners has been a great tool.
Gibbs-Cam (computer-aided machining)
has greatly improved efficiencies.

Please see our

website for more
information and
video links.
At the Woodshop of
Avon, if it can be
imagined, it can be built.

photography by matt schmitt photography

The Woodshop of Avon is a full-service custom

cabinet company founded in 1981. Our success is
built on our dedicated employees who have over
m classic
the most
designs, select
Finely craFted
the most contemporary
400 years of experience. They take great pride in their
oF avon from
to enhance
the beautyof
your home
the W
the Woodshop
knowing that the customer expects
to enhance the beauty of your home.
the very best. Quality custom cabinetry is what we
are all about, with the latest designs and cuttingedge technology. We can create and provide the
customer with detailed computer-aided drawings,
so the customer knows exactly what they will be
receiving the day of installation. We offer many
different cabinet, door and finish styles to meet
our customers needs and budgets. We also make
all our own moldings, custom furniture pieces and
closet systems. Our showroom is located at 1452
Railroad Avenue in Albany and open during the
hours of 8AM-5PM, Monday through Friday. Visit
our website at to
learn more about our company. We look forward to
meeting with you to make your cabinetry dreams
come true.

We Make Cabinetry An Art!

Fine custom cabinetry For every room in your home.

Fine Custom
In Your Home.
sunnyside rFor
oad, e
dina, mn

952-927-8002 |
1452 Railroad Ave., Albany, MN 56307 320.845.7141

W e m ake c abinetry a n a rt !

Also Featured on the

Today Show

Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 3

Communities should celebrate

their local businesses
Owning a business is the goal
of many would-be entrepreneurs.
Being your own boss has certain
perks, including making your own
hours and not having to report to
anyone but yourself.
But owning a business is a lot
of work, especially for new business owners trying to get their businesses off the ground. According
to Bloomberg, eight out of 10
entrepreneurs who start businesses
fail within 18 months of opening
their doors. The Small Business
Association indicates the numbers
are not so dire, saying 30 percent
of new businesses fail in the first
two years of operation; 50 percent
during the first five years; and 66
percent during the first 10.
Local businesses face an uphill
battle to survive, but there are many
things residents can do to support
these valuable additions to their
Shop locally. Shopping locally
not only supports local businesses,
but it also contributes to the local
economy. Shopping locally keeps
money in the community, which can
benefit everyone. Shopping locally
produces a trickle-down effect, as
local businesses that are thriving
may patronize other local businesses, and so on. This, in turn, helps
grow other businesses in the community, making it a nicer place to
live and work.
Spread the word. Word-ofmouth advertising is effective. A
respected member of the community
who shares a good experience with
a local business may propel others
to patronize the business. Speak
up when you feel a business owner
has provided an exceptional level
of service. Recommend a company
to friends and neighbors. You also
may want to review a business via
online rating websites such as Yelp
or Angies List.

Standard Iron & Wire Works, Inc.

Standard Iron is committed to fabricating quality metal products to

meet the changing needs of the industry and our customers. Standard
Iron was founded in 1930 and currently has facilities in Sauk Centre,
Alexandria, Monticello, Grand Island, Neb., and Monterrey, Mexico. We
are a growing company with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.
We employ welders, machinists, NC machine operators, painters
and material handlers. For more information on Standard Iron or to
apply on-line, visit us at
Over 80 Yea
Custom Metrs of

Attend grand openings. Each

community is unique, and often the
vibe of a community is defined by
the businesses that call that community home. Attend grand openings to show you are invested in the
quality and vitality of your community. When others see a business doing well, they may be more
inclined to shop there as well.
Apply for work. Another way
to support a local business is to
work for one. Small local businesses employ millions of people across
the country, and many foster great
working environments. In addition,
small businesses are known for
their customer service, and employees often become experts in their
products and services because of
the hands-on experience they gain
while working for small businesses.
Supporting and celebrating local
businesses can instill a sense of
community pride and benefit the
local economy in a myriad of ways.

Local businesses
face an uphill battle to survive,
but there are many things
residents can do to support
these valuable additions to their

1131 Sinclair Lewis Avenue Sauk Centre, MN 56378-1923 (320) 352-6525

WACOSA is a 501(c)3
nonprofit organization whose
mission is to help adults
with disabilities work and
live in their communities.
WACOSA has locations in
Sauk Centre, Waite Park and
St. Cloud. In the Sauk Centre
community, WACOSA offers
services to local businesses, such
as contracting or outsourcing
production and packaging to our
Internally, we assemble, label,
collate or package millions of pieces
annually for Central Minnesota businesses.
WACOSA also has cleaning crews that come to your
facility along with a supervisor. Area businesses can also work with WACOSA
to directly hire one of our workers, a reward for the employer, the employee
and co-workers.
Other services available are document shredding
at our DocuShred facility located in Waite Park, with
drop-off or pick-up options available.

ThriftWorks! is WACOSAs thrift store located

at 310 Sundial Drive in Waite Park, just
east of Crafts Direct. For hours and more
information, visit Donations
can be dropped off at ThriftWorks!, or at our
Sauk Centre facility located at
712 Lincoln Loop.
All donations are tax deductible, and 100% of
the proceeds benefit WACOSA programs.

If you would like to learn more

about any of WACOSAs services
or are interested in taking a
tour, volunteering, or making a
donation, please contact
Ann Kennedy, our sales and
marketing manager, at
320-257-5191 or via email at

4 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015

Own Your Mobility


Over 33 Years Experience

Billmarks Insurance Services, LLC. is
an independent, full-service insurance
agency serving Sauk Centre and
central Minnesota with four locations.
Billmarks has a diverse range of
insurance products including:
Claire Rieland

!" !Z

 } 0 n !"







Darcy Jennissen




Research is key to planning for senior housing

Got Y
You C

Call us for all your insurance needs.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm Appointments available at anytime 320.351.2436

512 Main Street S, Ste 2, Sauk Centre

Senior housing can be a confusing and often avoided topic. However, the more people
know and the more open they are with each other, the easier the topic becomes.
One resource for guidance is Rachel Chapin, Director of Senior Housing at Mother of
Mercy Campus of Care in Albany.
Chapin, also a Registered Nurse, works collaboratively with her team to manage
housing at Mercy Manor, Memory Lane and the Assisted Living facility.
I make sure regulations are being followed, but I am also here to assist tenants and
families through the confusion in the system, she explained. There are a lot of different
options and regulations; I am here to help them make sense of it.
As a society, there is a lack of knowledge about the cost of healthcare, Chapin says.
Oftentimes, people are surprised at the cost to receive care, she said. I recommend
educating yourself about the cost of healthcare and having early and open communication
about financials as well as plans for the future. As hard as those conversations can be, they
are very important.
Chapin suggests education on healthcare power of attorneys and what it means to
be one. She recommends research with Minnesota Honoring Choices and also suggests
discussing details with an attorney.
Chapin points out that she and the entire staff of M.O.M. aim to provide the very
best housing options and care to tenants.
We know our clients and their families. The staff is kind-hearted and strives
for good communication. We know what they are going through and together
we are all working on the goal of aging in place, she said.
Aging in place refers to a persons ability to live in ones own home safely,
independently and comfortably.
The staff treats each client individually, Chapin said. They carefully honor the wishes of clients and their
families. I couldnt ask for a better staff.
~ Rachel Chapin, Director of Senior Housing

230 Church Avenue Albany, MN 56307

320.845.2195 |

Boat Storage &

Avon Marine started out as a family
business in 1975 and is still in the family to this
day. Duane and Gloria Pierson opened the shop
more than 30 years ago and ran it until the 90s,
when they sold it to Crystal Pierz Marine.
Their son, Randy, kept the business going
with a smaller custom shop called Gran Prix
International, LLC, mainly working on specialty boats.
When Crystal Pierz closed up shop, Randy jumped on the opportunity
to move back into the space and re-create Avon Marine. The business now
specializes in the service, restoration and storage of boats, motors and
Avon Marine is doing what it does best, which is to take care of customers
boats and give service beyond what the big sales shops can do, Randy said.
During the winter months, Avon Marine continues to stay busy. One of the
many services offered is watercraft restoration. Whether it comes to upholstery,
flooring, or fiberglass repairs, there isnt a task that cant be handled. During
the down time, not only do they specialize in watercrafts, but also repair
Our experience really sets us apart, Randy said. We treat customers boats
like theyre our own. We make the best decisions on proper service, giving our
customers the best value.
Randy said he enjoys seeing customers throughout the season, from the
spring right up to putting the boat away for the year.


211 Stratford St., Avon 320-267-0440


We are not a corporate location!

No Long Lines
No High Pressure
Wireless Experts
Come see
Travis Miller
& Dominic

We Are Locally Owned & Operated since 2011

710 County Rd. 75 East, St. Joseph, MN 320-363-4562


Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 5




Making Progress

Offering strength and compassion

For over a year, Melissa Fischer

has been a part of the team at CHI
Health at Home, based in Albany.
She currently serves as the Director
of the agency. As a Master Prepared
Clinical Social Worker, she oversees
and supports both the home health
and the hospice services offered
through the agency.
We work hard to ensure we
are providing much needed services
to the community and serve up to
a 60-mile radius of Albany, she
explained. On the home health
side, we offer home health aides,
social work, skilled nursing, and
occupational, physical and speech
From a hospice perspective,
we offer skilled nursing, spiritual
support, hospice aides, massage
therapy, healing touch, volunteers, and social work. With hospice we focus on comfort and quality of life during
the individuals end-of-life journey.
Melissa also points out that through hospice, which can be offered to clients anywhere they call home, a free,
13-month bereavement program is available to families and community members. For those receiving hospice
care, CHI Health at Home recently started offering Healing Touch Therapy, a relaxing and nurturing energy
therapy, which reduces stress, calms anxiety, decreases pain and creates a sense of well being. CHI Health at Home
continues to focus on offering strength and compassion to all they serve; making a difference in the lives of many.
Being able to help people and being a resource for families is really amazing, Melissa said.
On the side of home health, seeing the quality of life improve for clients and seeing them be as independent
as possible is so rewarding. I also see, in the realm of hospice work, the amazing care families give to their loved
ones on their end-of-life journey. Seeing that is very humbling.
Melissa and her team at CHI Home Health are centered on offering compassionate care. The agency offers
admission to services seven days a week and has a nurse available 7 days a week/24 hours a day. I recommend that
people call right away if they feel there is a need for our services, she said. No matter what, we can give advice on
what supports we could offer and connect them to other support , whether that be through us or through another
type of service.
Melissa adds that while tremendous staff members are available to serve clients with both home health and
hospice needs, volunteers are always encouraged to become involved. In addition to the sharing of time, she
says that financial generosity is also vital part of making the program continue to be successful. The hospice
program depends heavily on donations, she said. We are so grateful for the continued support from the
community to keep this important program strong. CHI Health at Home plans to remain as a resource for the
community long-term.


131 8th Street South, Suite #1 - PO Box 776,

Albany, MN 56307

Our Home Health services include:

Skilled Nursing Care
Home Health Aide
Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Social Work

Our Hospice Services Include:

Skilled Nursing Care

Hospice Aides
Social Work
Volunteer Support

Spiritual Support
Healing Touch
Massage Therapy



Life Requires A Connection

Everything Signs was started by Robb Berscheid in August

of 2007. Originally starting with just signs, Everything Signs
now offers a variety of services including:
Signs, Banners, Laser Engraving,
Embroidery and Screen Printing.

Now located
on Main Street in

The Internet puts the world at your fingertips.

Speeds up to 100Mb are available!
Get the speed you need from Arvig
to make your busy day a lot easier.

888.992.7844 |
Based on Arvig service area, some restrictions apply. Arvig 2015. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


6 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015


Greg Ramler, President, and Chris Ramler, Vice

President of Ramler Trucking, Inc., are honored to
carry on the legacy started by the late Ambrose and
Delores Ramler 61 years ago.

Truck & Trailer


Operations at Ramler Trucking in Albany run like a welloiled machine. From the 13 staff members in the office to
the 42 dedicated truck drivers on the road, everyone works
together to get freight across the state and the country.
It takes everyone to make this work, said Chris Ramler,
Vice President. Its not just one person carrying the load
each department affects the other.
Chris grandparents, Ambrose and Delores Ramler,
founded Ramler Trucking, Inc. in 1954 and eventually saw
their two sons and their spouses also become involved. In
the beginning, Ambrose transported farm animals from local
farms to stockyards in South St. Paul. He also hauled feed
products, hardware supplies, building products and liquor
until his retirement in 1982.
Jack and Doris Ramler entered the business in 1975,
followed by Greg and Sue Ramler who joined in 1982. Jack
semi-retired in June 2015 and now stays connected as a
driver. Over the years, the Ramlers and their team have built
a strong system of teamwork that keeps the operation running
Between our repair shop making sure everything is
ready to go, to our dispatchers, back to billing and safety
compliance, there are a lot of people working to
make sure everything runs smoothly, Greg
Ramler Trucking, Inc. has received a
Platinum Safety Award for 16 consecutive
years. The award is part of the National
Fleet Safety Awards Program and Ramlers
success is attributed to the high-quality
drivers and mechanics on the team.
What started as a small operation grew over
time and has become much more than Ambrose and
Delores ever imagined. Though both originators have since
passed away, they leave behind a legacy that continues to
They never expected it to grow like this,
said their son, Greg, President of
Ramler Trucking, Inc.
They would be pretty
impressed, Chris said of his

Ramler Truck & Trailer Repair houses 22 service bays

and keeps equipment running safely and effectively.
The business has grown to 44 company tractors and 34
owner/operators as well as 12 contract carriers. A multitude of
trailers provide service to many industries.
We have 105 refrigerated trailers, 30 regular flatbeds,
six expandable flatbeds, 15 tanker trailers and four dry vans,
Greg said. We work closely with Wells Concrete, Gold N
Plump, Sysco, and many more.
Since 1999, a spin-off company has been in place called
Ramler Truck and Trailer Repair, Inc., which runs out of a
27,000-square-foot building with 22 service bays. There are
18 employees who oversee anything from engine overhauls
and welding, to tire repairs and heavy-duty alignment. A
robotic aluminum wheel-polishing machine was also added to
the facility, which gives a mirror-like shine to wheels.
The company also operates Ramler Truck Brokerage,
Inc., allowing them to broker additional loads to other carriers
if their own fleet is not available. By doing this, they are able
to meet all customers needs by keeping freight moving.
Ramler Trucking, Inc. became employee-owned or ESOP
(Employee Stock Option Purchase) starting in 2009, in an
effort to commend employees on their valuable contributions.
Making that change has helped us retain great drivers
and other staff, Greg points out. It was a way for us to show
our appreciation for employees; they helped us get to where
we are today.

400 13th St., Albany, MN 56307 320-845-4500 1-800-732-8958 Fax 320-845-7245

Compassionate, Quality Service, Because We Care!

Trips to the drug store arent always

wonderful. Prescriptions can be expensive
and confusing but at K&S Pharmacy
customers are guaranteed to feel like family.
Our mission is to serve all our customers
to the absolute best of our ability with
compassionate, friendly, quality service,
said owner Karla Schneider with 19 years
of experience. We want our customers to
realize they are our number one priority!
Schneider owns the pharmacy with
her sister, Sarah Grutsch, with 13 years
of experience. Schneiders career path
stemmed from her love of science, math
and her love of people. Grutsch fell into it
after working as a pharmacy technician and
completing her degree in economics. They
have recently hired pharmacist, Angie Brown
who received her PharmD degree from
NDSU College of Pharmacy and has 10+
years of experience.
K&S Pharmacy is a new destination on
Avons main street and is sure to be a onestop shop.

see us

strive to
be a benefit to
our community and
the surrounding towns,
Schneider said. We want
to offer our support because we
love living and working in small-town
America thats where our roots are and
those are the people and communities we
want to succeed.
The pharmacy has now been open for a
little over three years and Schneider said she
and her sister are loving every minute of it.
Along with filling prescriptions, customers
can pick up toiletries, cards, gift-wrap, school
and office supplies and even hometown
Husky and Husker apparel.

Now offering flu & other adult (18+)

vaccinations. Walk-ins welcome.
No appointment needed!

Employees at Warrior Boats, INC in Melrose build

high-performance fiberglass fishing boats from 17 to
21 feet in length.
Since starting production in 2011, Warrior Boats
continues to grow in sales and staff members. They
now have 20 employees.
The Warrior Product line is developed with input
from fishermen, dealers and our customers. Their
knowledge helps Warrior Boats build the best fishing
machine for the toughest fishing conditions in the
Their product line is sold through dealers in the
Upper Midwest and Canada. The owners and the
employees are passionate about fishing boats and the
fishing industry.
Warrior Boats is located in the Melrose Industrial
Park along Highway I-94.

Like us on Facebook at K&S Pharmacy

107 Avon Ave. S., Suite #1, Avon, MN


M-F 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. & Sat 9 a.m. - Noon

Warrior Boats, Inc., is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

16 Industry Parkway Drive NW

Melrose 320-256-2628

Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 7

The Personal Touch

Margo Black Scepaniak loves what she does. As President of

Black Financial Services, Inc. in Avon, she takes great pride in
the work she does as she and her team positively impact the
lives of others. I never feel like I am going to work,
because I am surrounded by people I have established
relationships with, she said. I do this because I love
what I do and I want to help those people succeed in
their investment and retirement plans.

Avon, MN

Since taking over the family business in 1991, Margo has maintained a focus on listening to her clients and educating them.
I listen to what my clients needs are and then educate them about the products that are available, she said. These
conversations lead to what they are interested in and then I help direct them.
Margo devotes the first half hour of an initial consultation to listening. She gets to know how her clients life is
structured and what their goals are, giving her the opportunity to know what is happening with their finances.
It is Margos personalized approach that sets her apart, says Karen Korneck, Black Financial. Margo really cares about every
one of her clients. They are like family to her, Korneck said. She takes the time to get to know them and finds out where
Margo Black Scepaniak
Financial Advisor
they are hoping to go while also taking the time to educate them about their options.
The educations of Black Financial Services allows clients to thoroughly understand their portfolio.
Seminars are offered throughout the year, which are focused on investing, Social Security and retirement planning.
The seminars are a fun and relaxed way to educate, Korneck said. Margo wants to keep everyone knowledgeable.
Helping retirees and pre-retirees build a more comfortable nest egg while also providing for their current needs through SII
Investments, Black Financial Services offers a wide range of products and services that allow them to customize each clients
financial plan. They offer 401(k) and 403(b) plans, IRA and Roth IRAs, 401(k) and ESOP rollovers as well as 529 college savings
plans and mutual funds, brokerage accounts and annuities. Insurance offerings include life, long-term care and disability,
individual health and medical plans. Because they are an independent firm, they are able to recommend many different
investments to their clients.
The all-woman staff of Black Financial Services offers clients access to highly-experienced professionals with a focus on service.
Margo leads her team by example every day. She is an amazing leader, Korneck said of Margo. We each have our specialty of
what we provide for clients and we are inspired to come together as a team to support them.
Margo and her team understand the importance of helping to secure their clients familys future and they embrace that
mission every day under Margos leadership.
Everything I do, I do for the people I work with, Margo said. If its important to them, its important to me. All of my clients that
I work with are my friends.

To schedule a free consultation with Margo, call 320-356-9031 or 1-800-279-2374

Photos courtesy of Alee Photography

- Trusted Locally Since 1960 Securities and advisory services are offered through SII Investments, Inc., member FINRA, SIPC and a Registered Investment Advisor. Black Financial Services, Inc. and SII Investments, Inc. are separate and unrelated companies.

Outstanding Agents.

Award Winning Service.

Keeping up with the

times while cherishing
the memories
Since she and her husband opened the doors of Jims Snowmobile
& Marine in 1971, Jan Paggen has seen a lot of change. From an
ever-expanding product line to industry regulations and education, the
pace seems to pick up more and more as the years pass, she said.
Despite the changes, Jan holds on to the memories of why she and
Jim started their business and how the pastime of snowmobiling set the
pace for what the business would become.
Back in those days, there werent a whole lot of options for entertainment,
she said. Groups of friends would hop on their sleds and ride. It didnt matter whose land we went on. We
would stop and eat together and laugh together it was just so laid back and so much fun.
Jan recalls that it was the fun of snowmobiling combined with Jims love of tinkering and fixing that
inspired the couple to start their business of selling snowmobiles.
He just loved fixing things it wasnt a job to him, it was just fun, Jan said of her husband, who passed
away in 2013 after 42 years of helping others make memories. Until the day he died, he loved it!
Jim and Jans son, Scott, has grown up in the business and continues to work alongside his mom as
they serve customers on many levels.
There is no pressure for customers when they come here, Scott said. We are here to help them out.
Although the business started by selling and repairing snowmobiles, a few years into it they also
added lawn and garden equipment and eventually boats, ATVs, and Rangers. With the increased product
line and expanding rules and regulations, Jan, Scott and the team at Jims are constantly learning to keep up
with the industry.
Our employees go to service schools and there are online classes we need to stay on top of throughout
the year so we fully understand the products we are selling, Jan said.
While the educational piece is required, Jan points out that the very best way for them to know about
the product is by using it themselves.
Nothing beats experiencing it firsthand, she said. When we love our products, we know our
customers will love them. Thats the way it has always been we keep that original idea in mind.

Just 20 min from Little Falls

or St. Cloud on Cty Rd 17


Secure your future

with the hometown team.
Apollo Insurance is a local, award-winning company that understands
the insurance needs of the local community. We have access to a wide
selection of the very best insurance products available. We will help you
understand and choose the right products to meet your personal and
business requirements.
Trust that well help Secure Your Future and be here when you need us most.

Call our Albany office at 320-845-7070 or Melrose office at 320-256-7401

to learn more or to obtain a quote.
Albany | St. Cloud | Monticello | Melrose | Alexandria

8 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015

auk Centre

designers are the ones responsible

for making sections such as
the one you are reading look as
nice as they do. They develop
advertisements for customers,
work with logos, graphics, art
and other technology to help
advertisers deliver their message
to potential customers.
It takes a team effort for
sure, she said. Our production
staff is the best. Everyone has a
desire to create the best possible

Pat Turner is a wife, devoted

mother, loving grandmother, and
passionate pet lover.
She is also a dedicated
Pat has worked in the
production department at the
Sauk Centre Herald for 33 years.
As a production manager, she
and her team of other graphic

522 Sinclair Lewis Avenue

Sauk Centre, MN 56378




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Local News
Done Right.

Pat Turner: dedicated worker of 33 years

product, whether its an ad,
special edition, the newspapers,
or customer printing.
Pat came to the Herald
in 1982 when technology in
the newspaper industry was
non-existent. In those days
compositors and photographers
had to use dark rooms and real
lm to develop photos and ad
copy, which were then printed
and adhered to the paper with
computerized and electronic,
she said. When I started we used
typewriters and a Compugraphic
machine. The time you save now
compared to then is amazing.
Pat came to the Herald at the
urging of former advertising sales
representative Glenn Domine.
At the time she was working a
job she had to quit due to allergy
reactions to one of their products.
After joining the staff at the
Herald, she hasnt looked back.
We had a lot of fun times
when Glenn was working here,
she said.
Pat is the longest-standing
employee at the Herald, having
been the steady presence through
four ownership changes.
When not at work, she enjoys
gardening, reading, feeding birds,
birdwatching, and her indoor

cats, a black lab/blue heeler

mixed dog, and a grand dog.
Yes, I love animals, she
But most of all, she enjoys
spending time with her husband
of 43 years, Randy, her son
Todd and his wife Ann, and her
grandson, Wyatt.
After 33 years she shows
no signs of slowing down, often
putting in extra hours to make

sure customers are satised with

their nished product.
I plan to work for awhile
yet, she said. I cant imagine
not working here.
come, she hopes to volunteer at
a humane society and get back to
sketching and painting.
Its been a great life so
far, she said. And I am looking
forward to more to come.

Star Publications Production Manager, Pat Turner (sitting), with

production co-workers (from left) Tara Pitschka, Amanda Thooft,
Brian Dingmann and Laura Bromenshenkel

Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 9

Can shopping locally improve the environment?

Buying local has
many benefits. But while
consumers may know that
buying local helps grow
the local economy by
supporting local business
owners and creating jobs,
they may not realize
the positive impact that
buying local can have on
the environment as well.
consumers often go to
great lengths to ensure
their money is being spent
in an environmentally
friendly way. But one of
the easiest ways to be an
eco-friendly consumer is
to support local businesses,
which tend to benefit the
environment in a variety
of ways.
Shopping locally
reduces the environmental
impact of your purchases.
When buying from a
large national chain store,
chances are the products
you're purchasing were
your local community,
oftentimes halfway across
the globe. That means
those products had to be
shipped to reach the store
shelves in your community.
Such shipping leads to
greater fuel consumption
and air pollution. But
local businesses often buy
their supplies from other
local businesses, cutting

down on shipping and, as

a result, benefitting the
Local businesses
often operate from the
center of town. Local
businesses typically need
less space for their stores,
which allows them to set
up shop right in the heart
of town as opposed to on
the town's outskirts. That
makes local businesses
community residents, who
might be able to walk or
take a short bike ride to
smaller, local businesses.
On the contrary, larger
chains tend to diversify
their offerings and, as a
result, need more space.
This often pushes them
to the fringes of towns,
eliminating the possibility
of walking to the store.
That means consumers
will have to drive to the
store, increasing their fuel
consumption and their
carbon footprint as a result.
Shopping locally
employs your neighbors,
reducing their carbon
footprints as well. Another
benefit to shopping locally
that's often overlooked is
the impact it can have on
your neighbors' carbon
footprint. Local businesses
often employ members
of the community, which

commutes, less highway

congestion and less fuel
consumption. So while
shopping locally reduces
your carbon footprint, it's
also helping members of
your community reduce
their own potentially
negative impact on the
Shopping locally
can protect local wildlife.
Many people prefer to
buy locally grown foods
because they feel such
foods are more fresh and
buying locally grown foods
reduces fuel consumption.

Those things are

true, but buying
foods also can
help protect local
local farms can
afford to stay in
farmers are far
less likely to sell
their lands to
developers. That
can help protect
the habitats of
local wildlife.

located at
111 Main Street East

New Munich Branch

located at
601 Main Street



Real Estate
Home Equity
Agricultural (FSA)
Business (SBA)
New and used car loans
Many other types
of personal loans

Certicate of Deposit

Melrose Branch
located at
219 Main Street East

Greenwald Branch
located at
450 First Avenue North

Smart Savers
Young at Heart
Christmas Savers

No matter what your need may be,

our local and personal staff will provide quality services
and the respect and attention our customers deserve.

Debit and Credit Cards
ATMs in many locations
Internet Banking - Bill Pay
Direct Deposit
Bank by Mail

Customer Service Is Our Priority

New Munich
Freeport New Munich Melrose Greenwald Melrose



Albany Home Bakery, 531 Railroad Ave., offers fresh rolls, bread, frozen
breads, bars, cookies and made-to-order cakes.
Albany Home Bakery specializes in frozen bread dough, along with frozen
cinnamon rolls and kolaches. They also have baked-fresh rolls and donuts daily,
along with baked-fresh cookies and bars. They specialize in homemade bars:
magic, mound, scotcheroo, salted nut roll, pumpkin, rice krispie, caramel bars, etc.
One of the bakerys most sought-out specialties is the chewy almond-type cookie,
which is dipped in chocolate. This cookie is called Florentine. They can make
gluten-free cookies by special order.
Albany Home Bakery has been in business for more than 45 years and is under
the ownership of LuAnn Jopp as of Jan. 1, 2002. Her husband, Tim, helps out and
does most of the deliveries and errands. Their employees are: Rita, Mary Kay, Rita
G., Joan, Bev, Elaine, Tom, Matt, Evan, Kathy, Emma, Abigail, and Hailea.
Albany Home Bakery is open Monday through Friday 4 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
Saturday 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call the staff of the Albany Home Bakery to place
your special orders at 320-845-2963.

Buying All Types of Metal and Aluminum Cans Recycling Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, Glass

Kenny Proell started Kens Iron Salvage and Recycling, Inc.

with one truck and a cutting torch.
That was 26 years ago. Today, the business has grown to be
much, much more.
Kens Iron provides recycling for just about anything.
Kens Iron is located north of Sauk Centre off of County Road
24 on 225th Ave.
But what sets Kens Iron Salvage and Recycling apart from
the competition is while other businesses charge customers to
take their items, Kens Iron will often pay customers for items or
take them free of charge.
Thats why Kens Iron has been around for more than two
decades and keeps growing steadily year after year.


Hours: Monday-Friday 4 a.m. to 5 p.m. & Saturday 4 a.m. to 1 p.m.





531 Railroad Ave., Albany

Bakery fresh rolls, bread, frozen breads, bars, cookies,

made-to-order design cakes for all occasions!

(320) 836-2126 (800) 252-9856

(320) 837-5297 (320) 256-7342
(320) 256-7208 (800) 337-0292
(320) 987-2265 (800) 337-0292

aluminum cans
cast aluminum

electric motors
glass bottles and jars (none broken)
cardboard/tin cans
1 & 2 plastic bottles and jugs
plastic barrels


11194 225th Ave. Sauk Centre, MN 56378



10 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015




Making Progress

How shopping locally can help you and your community

Keeps money in the local economy
Locally-owned businesses often put
a larger share of their revenue back
into their communities. Small business owners may be more inclined to
employ local residents, giving more
people in the community solid employment. Business owners may reach out
and support other neighborhood efforts,
such as fundraising initiatives for charities and schools. By shopping at local
stores, you have a hand in supporting
these efforts as well.

Todays consumers have more

shopping options at their disposal than
they did in years past. Though the Internet may put the world at ones fingertips, more and more shoppers are
discovering that buying locally makes
for a superior shopping experience.
The benefits associated with shopping locally are many, and the following are just a few reasons why shoppers
may want to look no further than their
own communities when planning their
next shopping excursions.

Freeport Screen
Printing, Inc.
Freeport Screen Printing

Cheryl Fuechtmann &

Kim Bauer, Owners

Katie Masog,

Freeport Screen Printing, Inc. is located

at 115 First Ave. N. in Freeport.
Since 2004, partners Kim Bauer and
Cheryl Fuechtmann, along with artist Katie
Masog, have been providing screen-printed
and embroidered apparel such as T-shirts,
sweatshirts, caps and jackets to a variety of
schools, clubs, businesses and individuals in
the surrounding area. They strive to offer a
quality custom garment at a competitive
price, along with superior customer service.
Kim, Cheryl and Katie can put their over
38 years of combined experience to work
for you. They will help you with every detail
of your order from selection of merchandise,
to artwork, to customized colors for your
Freeport Screen Printing, Inc. business
hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday
through Friday.
You can reach them by phone at
836-2393 or email,

Save money
When factoring in travel time and the
cost of fuel, shopping locally makes
more sense than driving to a faraway
mall. In addition, repeat customers who
establish a rapport with a local business
owner may find that such owners are
more inclined to price match or work
with loyal customers to find lower prices through suppliers.
Diversify your home and lifestyle
Shoppers who prefer more unique styles
may find local businesses cater to their
needs better than large chain stores.
Larger retailers offer the same products
to customers regardless of where those
customers live, so a person in California may be decorating his or her home
with the same furnishings as a person in
North Carolina. But local shops tend to
produce more unique items that are not
available nationwide.

ers are showing their support for this

important segment of the national
Help establish local pride
Independent shops contribute to the
fabric of a community and what makes
it special and unique. Tourists and other visitors will be much more inclined
to remember a local shop rather than
a big chain in a particular neighborhood. When travelers want to get a feel
for a community, they seek out small,
local stores that are much more likely
to stock a high percentage of locallysourced goods.

Attract other businesses

Private and public sector businesses tend to gravitate around anchor
stores. Should a local store be successful, banks, restaurants, salons, and other businesses may move in as well.
Shopping locally benefits consumers in
Promote entrepreneurship
Small businesses are an essential various ways, many of which contribelement to the countrys economic ute to a healthy local economy.
growth. By shopping locally, consum-

Albany Country
Floral & Gifts

115 1st Avenue N Freeport,

eeport MN 56331
320-836-2393 E-mail:


Since 1971, Lange Trenching Inc., located in

Avon, Minnesota, has been providing professional,
year-round, excavating services. Whether your needs
include having a basement dug or installing a septic
system, we have the know-how to get the job done
on time, with in budget, to industry regulations and to
your specications. No job is too large or too small for
us to handle. Working year-round, we offer full-service
excavating and seasonal services such as land clearing,
material hauling and frost ripping.
Lange Trenching, Inc. is currently owned
by Jeff and Dale Lange. We have
15 full-time employees

Jeff an

d Dale

Site work
Silt Fencing
Top Soil
Street Sweeping

who can help with your commercial or excavating needs.

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and have over 60
years of combined experience. Among our employees are
Jeff and Dales sons; Josh, Jordan, Trevor and Tylor Lange.
Jeffs daughter, Jenna Smith, is the ofce manager.
Throughout the years, our company has grown
and expanded, offering more services and equipment.
Our equipment list has expanded to backhoes, dozers,
excavators, front end loaders, frost ripper, gravel trucks,
mini excavators, road grader, street sweeper and skid
Lange Trenching is licensed, bonded and certied.
We are members of the Avon and Albany Chamber
of Commerce and NFIB National Federation of
Independent Business.
With every job we strive to provide the best
quality, efciency and safety we can at the best price
for our customers. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle
estimate on your next excavating or trenching project 320.356.7976.


Lakeshore Work
City Water &
Install & Repair
Septic Systems


Brian Dyer
~ In times of joy and times of sorrow, let us help you with your floral and gift needs.
Albany Country Floral offers in-home floral consultations for funeral and wedding preparation.
Owned by:
Kitty & Ken Eickhoff

320-845-4776 1-800-291-5597

Sometimes expressing emotions is a difficult task, but with the help of Brian Dyer at
Albany Country Floral and Gifts, it doesnt have to be.
Brian joined owner Kitty Eickhoff on April 1, 2014, after graduating with his Landscape
Technology and Sustainable Greenhouse production diplomas in 2013, but just before
completing his Floral Design diploma from Central Lakes College in May 2014.
The best part of the job for Brian is to creatively help you.
I love being able to help others express their emotions through flowers, Brian said.
There are so many wonderful occasions that I can be a part of through my work; from just a
simple day brightener to weddings, funerals and everything in between. It is always a pleasure
to share my talent.
He specializes in designs that are high style with an affordable price point to the customer.
I am able to do a variety of designs in a single day from a corsage or boutonniere to a
large vase or a little basket each day is a little something different, Brian said.
Brian, who is focused on gaining experience to better serve his customers, revels in the
opportunities he has had to serve the community of Albany and the surrounding areas,
such as working with the Zonta House of St. Cloud.
No matter the occasion, Brian is eager to help with his dedication
to the customer and creativity to his designs.

401 Railroad Avenue Albany |

Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 11

Shirley Zenzen has enjoyed 40 years

at Albany Family Dentistry
They say if you love what you do, you
never work a day in your life.
That senment rings true for Shirley
Zenzen at Albany Family Denstry. Zenzen
is in her 40th year in the dental eld, having
goen her start back in 1975, and is sll
doing what she loves today helping
provide paents with a great dental
Its gone by fast, she said. Ive been here a long me, but it has been very
Shirley is one of several highly-trained sta members at Albany Family Denstry
located in its state-of-the art new oce building on Railroad Avenue in downtown
Albany. Albany Family Denstry provides dental paents with the high-quality general
and cosmec dental care needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Dr. Jason
Spychala took over the business six years ago and together with his highly-trained
sta proudly serves paents throughout the greater central Minnesota area including
Albany, Melrose, Avon, St. Joseph, Waite Park and St. Cloud.
Shirley serves as a oang assistant and to describe her role within the business is
dicult because she does so much. In fact there isnt much she doesnt do.
There is a lot of mul-tasking, she admits.
She helps with hygienists, makes sure exam rooms are prepared and ready, enters
data into computers, assists with sterilizaon, tracks oral suppliesthe list goes on and
on. In essence, she is the person who makes sure the rest of the sta is prepared and
equipped to make a paents experience the best it can possibly be.
Zenzen (Habiger) was raised south of Albany on a dairy farm. The family milked
about 25 cows, and aer
her father died when she
was 16, they moved to
town. She was heavily
involved in acvies at
Albany High School and
decided to enter the dental
eld at the urging of her
high school counselor.
As a child I didnt
have a good experience
at the denst so I thought
maybe I could help
children have a good rst
experience at the denst,
Shirley said. If you have a
good rst experience you
wont be scared to come
Shirley Zenzen got her start at Albany Family Dentistry in 1975.
She aended Brainerd Community College for a one-year dental assistant program
and was hired by Dr. Schwegler right out of school. It was 1975, which marked the
beginning of a long career in the dental eld, one lled with many changes, including
the passing of the torch from the now-rered Dr. Schwegler to Dr. Jason Spychala.
When I started you didnt even have to wear gloves, Shirley said. I cant imagine
doing that today!
One of the biggest changes has been technology, and Albany Family Denstry has
stayed ahead of the game with the latest technology to help provide customers with
the dental care they deserve.
While there have been changes, there have been constants, and Shirley is a big
part of one of them a friendly, caring and knowledgeable sta. While Shirley is
the senior member, several other employees have been there a long me, providing
familiar faces and valuable experience to paents for decades.
One of the great things about my job is I know so many of the people who come
here, said Shirley. Ive seen them for the past 40 years. Some are high school friends
and some are parents of my friends. That makes it fun because you can visit and catch
up with them and provide a service and fulll their dental needs.
The sta is led by Dr. Spychala, a Holdingford High School graduate who grew up in
nearby St. Wendel.
The sta here is great, Shirley said. Dr. Jason cares about the community and
the people in the area. That makes our oce very unique. Hes a very kind and gentle
denst who enjoys helping people.
When Shirley isnt with her team at Albany Family Denstry she enjoys vising her
four children and two grandchildren, gardening, painng and traveling. Some of her
most memorable trips were to Guatemala as part of a mission to help impoverished
villages with much-needed dental care.
That was a very humbling experience, she said. It makes you appreciate living in
the United States and appreciate everything you have.
Shirley found great sasfacon helping those in need in Guatemala just like she
does on a daily basis in Albany. For 40 years she has helped thousands of paents get
the dental care they need. And she has loved doing it.
This eld was a good pick for me, she said. It seems like it was just yesterday
when I started here. I guess when you do something you like, me goes by fast.
To learn more about Albany Family Denstry and their commied sta, visit www. To schedule an appointment, e-mail
Caring for your or call (320) 845-2032.

smile starts with

making a call:

360 Railroad Avenue

Albany, MN

Advantage 1 Insurance is your local agency that is large enough to provide you with competitive carriers for all your insurance needs while still giving
you that & home town agency feeling. We value our communities and are actively
involved in numerous organizations in hopes of working together to build relationships and strengthen the places we call home.
With ofces now in six locations to better serve you, our team members
strive to customize an insurance policy to t your individual or business needs.
Our agents stay educated and trained in the insurance industry to work on your behalf when insurance is not always your top priority. Let us help take the worry out
of protecting what you have worked so hard for. Give us a call today or stop by
one of our ofces to meet with one of our friendly agents. At Advantage 1Insurance, your policy always comes with an agent

Farm Business Auto Home Life Health

Our Policies Always Come with Agents.

Andy Noble

Matt Mitzel

RaeAnn Waytashek Brian Jarl

Bill Werlinger Ted Plombon

Jim Wensel

Offices 4191 2nd St. S,
in: St. Cloud, MN 56301

Owen Peterson

Justin Berg

Ross Voit


Dan Fiedler

3801 North 3rd Street, Ste 100

St. Cloud, MN 56303


140 5th Street, Albany, MN 56307

580 Main St., Holdingford, MN 56340

864 Main Street Sauk Centre, MN 56378

9 Central Ave Long Prairie, MN 56347



(320) 252-6650 l (800) 334-6650 l Fax (320) 252-7536

Experience offers the

best lessons
Just after World War II, Ernest Huls began growing and selling strawberries
and raspberries on the edge of St. Wendel. Ernest had also worked for the
railroad at the time and began his small produce business on the side, selling
to various area grocery stores. Nearly 70 years later, his sons continue to carry
on the spirit of their dads work, which has since developed into Huls Nursery,
Paul Huls recalls the early years of his dads business, which now sits on 7-
acres, sprawling with over 450 separate varieties of trees and plants.
After a while he added evergreens to the business, Paul said. In 1972,
he retired from the railroad and started to expand further. Dad passed away in
1994 and thats when my brother called me to join as a partner in the business.
Paul had been working as a spec engineer for the Department of Interior
and has a degree in mechanical engineering.
I was really pretty bored with what I was doing, so I decided to give this
a try, he said.
Over the years, Paul and his brother Larry have learned a lot about their
products. Most of the knowledge, Paul says, comes from experience.
I read a lot and hear things from other growers, but I find the best way to
really get to know about anything is by trying it myself. It is slower and harder,
but its the best way to learn.
Huls Nursery, LLC is unique because it sits among only five percent of
nurseries in the state that are retail growers. In order to qualify for such a
distinction, at least half of what they sell must be produced on-site. At Huls
Nursery, LLC, nearly 70 percent of the product is produced on-site.
Because we produce so much of it here, our mortality rate is very low, he
said. If it is meant to survive the winter, we sell it.
Paul also dabbles in wine and syrup making, which compliment his work
at the nursery well. He continues to learn new ways to improve his product
offerings in an effort to help his customers as he carries on what his dad started
as a simple side business.
Its amazing how you can tend to
wind up somewhere you never
thought you would, he said. But
here I am!

10 minutes NW of St. Cloud

(Veterans Drive) in St. Wendel
Give Paul or
Larry a Call!


Mon.-Sat. 8 am to 5 pm; Closed Sundays

Dr. Jason

St. Wendel, MN

Go to our website to view over 450 Photos

12 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015

Career Q and A

Arielle Bauer

The people behind the scenes

Jammie & Gail Wieling

Pat Elfering

Job title:Owners/Manager

How many years of experience do

you have?Six years.

Describe your job duties:Drill

new residential and commercial
wells, install field and lawn irrigation systems and full well service

What skills do you need to be

good at your job?It's on-the-job
training. And interest in geology
and hydrology helps, but it's all onthe-job training.

What is the biggest challenge

at your job?Finding and getting

What do you enjoy most about

your job?The challenge. Every
day is a challenge. Every place is
different for water and what needs
to be done.

Job title:Owner/Manager

How many years of experience do

you have?Seven years at this business.Forty years in a downtown
Melrose business.

Describe your job duties:

Purchasing, displaying, cleaning, a
little bit of everything. All things
you have to do in a business.

What skills do you need to be

good at your job?Attention to
detail, customer relations, accounting.

What is the biggest challenge at

your job?Not enough hours in the

What do you enjoy most about

your job?The people.

Larry Bastien

Where do you work? ElmerZ, Sauk Where do you work?Wheels Where do you work?Unique Where do you work: Ace Hardware,
Sauk Centre
Water Service, Melrose
Boutique, Melrose
Job title: Assistant Manager

How many years of experience do

you have? Assistant manager, almost a
year; restaurant business, 7 years
Describe your job duties: Helping
other bartender/servers, helping customers, bringing out food/making
What skills do you need to be good at
your job? Being a people person
What is the biggest challenge at your
job? Having an unhappy customer
What do you enjoy most about your
job? Meeting new people from different places, putting a smile on a customers face after good service.

Job title: Packederm, builder of

things, sale associate
How many year of experience do
you have? Ive worked at Ace about
a year and a half, but I also have a
lifetime of experiences.
Describe your job duties: If a customer needs help loading mulch, salt,
or a grill, I am there. I build grills,
lawn furniture, gliders and put together lawn mowers and snow blowers.
I attempt to help customers locate
needed items and find ways to solve
What skills/education do you need
for your job? I truly like to help
people, may give them something to
smile or laugh about. Many times their
projects are not fun or bunny, but I can
usually relate a story of me doing the
project that will have them smile at
least a little. My education is from the
school of hard knocks Ive done or
attempted most projects.

What is the biggest challenge at

your job? If a customer comes in with
a part and tells me he needs something
like this but not quite the same, then I
need to ask enough questions to find
out what they really need.
What do you enjoy most about your
job? To figure a solution to an uncommon problem.


every day

Columbia Gear
gear products, tr ovides
and drive compo smission
Construction, Ag nents to the
Mass Transit, M ulture, Rail,
Energy, Oil & Ga ing, Wind
s Industries.

530 County Road 50 Avon, MN 56310

(320) 356-7301

214 12th Street, Sauk Centre, MN (320) 352-5990


Career Q and A

Heidi Beissel

Where do you work?Minnesota

National Agency, Inc., Sauk Centre

Job title:Customer Service


How many years of experience do

you have? 2 years.

Describe your job duties:Quote

rates, and coverages for insurance policies, submit claims, data
processing, servicing, answering
phones, problem solving, quarterly
production reporting and marketing

What skills do you need to be

good at your job?Customer service, computer training, continuing education/classes, insurance

What is the biggest challenge at

your job?Organization and prioritization are key at this job as you are
handling many different jobs/tasks.
What do you enjoy most about
your job?Every day is different
but the same. New people and scenarios come up everyday and I get
to continue to learn and help people
every day!

Jason Arnzen

Where do you work?St. Rosa

Lumber, St. Rosa

Job title:Sales

How many years of experience do

you have? I've beenwith construction for 20 years.

Describe your job duties:Project

management, sales, design and
drafting, general contracting, line
up sub-contractors

What skills do you need to be

good at your job?Being a good
listener, hearing what the customer
wants and needs, being accurate
in ordering supplies needed for a

What is the biggest challenge at

your job?Taking the customers'
wants and trying to bring within
their budget limits

What do you enjoy most about

your job?Dealing with the customers,taking their ideas and gettingthem down on paper, designing
the project and seeing the completed project. Making their dreams
become a reality.

Where Technology and

Community Meet!
New and refurbished computer sales
Comprehensive desktop and laptop

Commercial consultation and

Disaster recovery

Virus, malware, and adware removal

Complete network installations

Software sales

Network monitoring and back-up


Personal device support and repairs

Wireless commercial and residential

Dataprep and Takeoff data files

available using Trimble Business

360 Railroad Ave, Ste II

Albany, MN 56307

Computer Help Services

(320) 845-8888

Custom Technology
Innovation is our specialty!

Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 13

The people behind the scenes

Mike Holz

Jeff Bromenshenkel

Where do you work? Jims Where do you work? Coborns,

Snowmobile & Marine, Holdingford Sauk Centre
Job title: Service Technician

Job title: Assistant Store Director

How many years of experience do How many years of experience do

you have? 29 years.
you have? I have been in the retail
business since 1989.
Describe your job duties: I winterize boats, do repairs on ATVs, Describe your job duties: I assist
Rangers and snowmobiles and con- in scheduling people, order grocersult with customers.
ies, assist other departments with
their ordering and maintain a clean
What skills do you need to be environment. Maintain guest expegood at your job? Common sense, rience.
listening skills, critical thinking and
What skills do you need to be
good at your job? Knowledge
What is the biggest challenge at of computer skills. Knowledge of
your job? When I think something product that consumers are looking
is fixed and then all of a sudden for. Having a great attitude.
something else goes wrong.
What is the biggest challenge at
What do you enjoy most about your job? Making guests enjoy their
your job? There is something dif- shopping experience. Maintaining
ferent to do every day and what we stock on shelves so guests can fill
do changes a lot with the seasons.
their needs.
What do you enjoy most about
your job? Seeing guests, being able
to talk to them. Getting to know
guests and employees.

You just cant form a relationship with a toll-free number

or an email quote. Minnesota National Agency believes
your insurance services are more important than that. We
take the time to get to know people like you every day; so
we can recommend the right insurance coverage for your
particular circumstances in your home, and in your business.
Minnesota National Agency is a multi-line agency offering
competitive insurance services for all
of Central MN and the surrounding areas.
We are also an endorsed provider and member
of the Minnesota Resort & Campground Association
and are the largest retail agency for resorts and
campgrounds in Minnesota. Looking out for
our friends and neighbors is what we like
best about the work we do.
Mark T. Maloney, Agency Manager

Visit our two locations

Sauk Centre 320.527.0050
Long Prairie 320.732.6612

Let Heidi, Mark and Carol help you with your insurance needs!

14 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015

We are with you wherever you go!

Minnesota National Bank is a
vibrant and growing community
bank operating in the Sauk Centre,
Long Prairie and Pelican Rapids
markets. The history of the bank dates
back to November 1902, when it was
known as the Merchants National
Bank of Sauk Centre.
Minnesota National Bank is
proud to be a community bank
and has a strong desire to serve all
customers regardless of race, creed, financial status, gender, marital status or
age. Minnesota National Bank constantly strives to be innovative, offering the
newest technological services to meet the needs of all its customers. These
services now include Mobile Banking and Money Pass ATMs for people on the
go, with apps available for iPhones, iPads and Android platforms. In addition,
the Remote Deposit service is becoming more and more popular. This service
enables commercial customers the luxury of making deposits from the comfort
of their offices. Text Banking is a relatively new service also and it enables
customers to check their balances and transactions simply by sending a text
message.Text alerts can easily be set up to notify customers when their balances
fall below a specific balance, too.
Whether Minnesota National
Bank customers are computer
savvy fanatics or customers who
simply like the conservative style of
banking, Minnesota National Bank
has the products and services to
meet everyones needs.
Like the great state we live
in, Minnesota National Bank
believes in Minnesota values and
prides itself in getting to know
its customers while providing
exceptional service and giving
professional advice to help its
customers make the best financial
decisions possible.


Sauk Centre Long Prairie Pelican Rapids

320 352 5211 320
0 732 2133 218
863 6688

Next time you are in the market for purchasing a new or used vehicle, dont worry, you dont have
to travel far! Fast and friendly service is right around the corner! Albany Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is
proud to say that we have been in business since 1997 and are prepared to make your purchasing
experience a smooth ride with our highly-skilled staff. We have 25 trained employees, overall having
more than two hundred years of combined experience!
Albany Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is a 5 Star Dealership. Being certified as a 5 Star Dealer means
our sales and service staff have the most up-to-date training to ensure top-quality performance. Our
highly-trained staff puts the customer first by providing first-class service and sales performance
with each and every one of our valued customers.
Our dealerships inventory consists of 100 gently-used vehicles and 70 brand new vehicles. Our
sales staff consisting of Bryan, Lynn, Lisa, Collin, Daryl, Jon, Amy and Kerry are committed to getting
you into the vehicle that you want at a fair and reasonable price. We will buy vehicles too!
Our parts department has over 250,000 parts and accessories in stock! See Chad with any of
your parts questions and needs! And our service department is equipped with 10 stalls and hoists
for all of your service needs. We are completely prepared to fix your problem! Bruce, Sue, Amy and
Cody are at the service counter to answer any questions that you may have about your vehicle and
set up all your appointments. Our trained technicians specialize in servicing Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep,
Ram, Plymouth, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Buick. They will repair any make and
model, including imports. Attached to our service facility is an open to the public, seven days a week
touchless automatic car wash!
Our sales department is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Our service department is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
and Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. And our parts department is open Monday through Friday from
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and closed Saturday and Sunday.
For more information, or to get a sneak peek at any of the vehicles on our lot, please visit We want to thank our local customers and we are grateful for the
trust that you have in us. We would also like to take a moment to welcome any new customer to
come in and visit us to see why they should put their vehicle in hands they can truly trust.

34650 225th Avenue Albany, Minnesota 56307

320-845-2801 800-392-3426

Career Q and A

Daron Gersch, MD

Where do you work? Albany Area

Hospital and Medical Center, Albany

Job title: Family Physician

How many years of experience do

you have? I have been a Doctor for 25
years and have worked at Albany for
21 years.

Describe your job duties Primarily

clinical medicine, but I also do hospital
medicine, nursing home care, emergency room, and administration.

What skills do you need to be good

at your job? You need to be a good
listener. I would say about 75 percent
of the time I have a good idea of what
is wrong with someone just by listening and asking a few questions.Also,
if you let someone talk they might
tell you about something else that is
bothering them that is not related to
the reason they came in, but is more
important to them or their health. You
also have to be patient and understanding.As humans, we don't always make
the right choices or follow instructions the way we should.I have to
try and put my judgments aside and
help people when they are ready to be
helped. Finally, with all of the changes
in technology, you have to have some
computer skills a challenge for an
"older" physician such as myself who
did not grow up with computers.

What is the biggest challenge at your

job? The change in health care delivery is one of the biggest challenges. An
example is coding. In the past, there
were about 4-5,000 codes. Starting
Oct. 1, 2015wemoved to a system
that has 11,000 to 12,000 codes. The
codes are much more specific. Before
I could say broken finger and have a
code, now I will need what finger,
which hand, what section of the finger,
how it happened, is this the first visit
or a follow up justto get the right
code which is dependent on payment
from the insurance company. Diabetes
goes from around 20 codes to well
over 100. This will cause me to spend
more time on paperwork and less time
with patient care. There aremany other
ways healthcare delivery is changing,
this just happens to be the one on our
minds right now.

What do you enjoy most about your

job? Getting to know and help people.
In the end, I am here to help others.
That is partly why all the paperwork
gets frustrating, because it takes me
away from the part I like the most caring for you.

Brian Ritter
Where do you work: Ramler
Trucking, Albany
Job Title: Dispatcher/Truck Driver
How many years of experience do
you have? 21 years
Describe your job duties: I dispatch trucks, book freight and find
new customersits always a variety.
What skills do you need to be
good at your job? I need to be able
to talk to people, stay organized and
have a really good sense of humor!
What is the biggest challenge at
your job? Making sure everything
is straight when last-minute changes happen. Weather can play a big
factor in that and there are a lot
of moving parts that get affected
What do you enjoy most about
your job? I really like socializing.
I have a chance to talk to and meet
new people all the time and I also
have a really great group of people
to work with.

Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 15

The people behind the scenes

Spaeth Sodding & Nursery

of Melrose

Missy Revermann

Where do you work?The Mane

Attraction, New Munich

Job title:Owner/Manager

How many years of experience do

you have?23 years

Describe your job duties:All hair

care, coloring, permanents, cutting,
waxing, styling.

What skills do you need to be

good at your job?Communication

What is the biggest challenge at

your job?Trying to accomplish
styles people bring in.

What do you enjoy most about

your job? Visiting with people and
making them feel better and look

Lisa Groetsch
Where do you work? Albany Mutual
Telephone, Albany
Job title: Office Manager
How many years of experience do
you have? 33 years
Describe your job duties: I make sure
everything runs smoothly in the office,
provide customer care, and manage
marketing and promotional information.

Spaeth Sodding and Nursery is a family business which has helped beautify the
Melrose area for more than 40 years.
Not only does the rm do sodding, but for more than a decade Rick, and Paul
Spaeth have also been in the nursery business, offering a large selection of Minnesotahardy nursery stock. Rick is now the owner-manager. Ricks sister, Sarah, has been
the smiling face at the nursery for twelve years and can help you with owers, shrubs,
gardens and more.
Spaeth Sodding and Nursery offers trees, shrubs, sod, paving stones, stepping stones,
grass seed and professional landscape designing.
During the last few years, Spaeth Sodding and Nursery has added an assortment
of landscaping block. Spaeths has expanded its line of services to include professional
installation of paver patios and retaining walls. Diamond and Windsor retaining blocks
are offered in ve colors, priced competitively. New colored mulch is available in red,
gold and mink.
Presently, the rm offers a wide array of annuals and perennials, garden plants
and hanging baskets. The rm also has, on hand, the largest selection of cement and
aggregate lawn ornaments in the area.
Spaeth Sodding and Nursery is on Stearns County Rd. 13, south of Melrose. For
more information,, call 256-4634.
Professional Design & Installation
Cultured Sod
Trees, Shrubs & Evergreens
Lawn Seed
Retaining Blocks
Paving Stones
Stepping Stones
Landscape Rocks

What skills do you need to be good at

your job? I need to have good people
skills to be able to fully support our
What is the biggest challenge at your
job? The industry changes often, so
keeping up with it is challenging.

Offering the largest selection of garden statuary, fountains, concrete lawn and landscape
ornaments available. Diamond and Windsor retaining blocks. Five colors to choose from
at competitive prices. New color mulch is available in Red, Gold and Mink.

What do you enjoy most about your

job? I really enjoy the people I work

SIGN Design
Sauk Centre, MN (320) 352-6577

We can do Fish House Signs

or You
and Lettering
for your
All Kinds
Business Signs of
Sale, Event)
igns (Political, Garage

Located in the Sauk Centre Herald Office

ers Avenue
522 Sinclair
Sauk Centre,etMN
Boat L tering

Call 320-352-6577
Watercraft Decals
Ask for Joyceecals

Snowmobile D
Fishhouse Decals
Vehicle Letter/Sign
D.O.T. Numbers

Graphics Signage!


Logan Thomas,
Designer & Sign Cr

Located in the Sauk Centre Herald Office

522 Sinclair Lewis Avenue Sauk Centre, MN 56378

Call 320-352-6577
Ask for Joyce or Logan!

16 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015

Albany Area Hospital & Medical Center

Our Family Caring for Your Family

Our Family Caring for

Your Family

Urgent Care

Pictured left to right, front row: Charlene Gerner, PA-C, Teresa Hamiel, PA-C
back row: Daron Gersch, MD, Nathan Brever, MD, Libby Brever, MD

CHI Albany Area Health

would like to welcome
Jennifer Gannon, PA-C
changes in your behavior and
to our primary
care team!

to 8 p.m. Monday through

and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday. Urgent lifestyles.
care allows increased access to our
providers for annual physicals, well- SPECIALTY SERVICES
baby and well-child check-ups, and
the time needed to manage the care of include orthopedics, cardiology,
each patient as well as to establish new stress testing, podiatry, urology,
Dan Rickard J
Josh Arickx
Eric Fly
internal medicine, gastroenterology,
Cooperation between patients, MRI, mammography, and nuclear
CHI Albany Area Health
left toCharlene
right, frontGerner,
row: Charlene
Teresa PA-C
PA-C Hamiel, PA-C;
PA-C; Gerner,
; Teresa
would like to welcome
their primary care providers, our medicine. Physical, occupational and
row: Daron
MD, Libby
Libby Brever,
Brever,MDMD; Jennifer Gannon,Jennifer
PA-C Gannon, PA-C
emergency department and our speech therapies are performed by
to our primary care team!
urgent care team creates a network AAHMC staff.
of care options that puts the patient
in the right hands for the right level of COMMUNITY HEALTH
Dr. Libby Brever, board-certified in complete, timely information, all in care at the right time.
Being one of the largest employers
The depression and bi-polar support
Albany Area Hospital: 320.845.2121 Albany Medical Clinic: 320.845.2157
an Albany
to provide
a better patient
in Albany, employing 70 community Family Medicine
held weekly on Monday
Clinic Hours: Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat 8 a.m. - noon Urgent Care: Mon Thurs noon 8 p.m. group
Fri 10 a.m. is6 p.m.
Charlene Gerner, RN, PA-C, special experience.
Albany JJosh
at 6:30 p.m. For the past
Avon Medical Clinic: 320-356-7602 AvonCOUMADIN
Clinic Hours MonCLINIC
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Tues - Thurs 9 a.m. -evenings
4:30 p.m.
Dan Rickard
Eric Fly
Medical Clinic
provides interests: family medicine and
The Coumadin Clinic helps patients three years, CHI Albany Area Health
personalized and secure on-line monitor and manage the medication has partnered with other businesses
quality health care services to the womens health
Teresa Hamiel, PA-C, special interest: access to portions of their medical they take to prevent blood clots. in focusing on a healthy community
residents of Albany, Avon, Holdingford
records. It enables you to securely Providers have established guidelines through Journey to Health. Annual
and Freeport,
the surrounding family medicine
Jennifer Gannon, PA-C, special use the Internet to help manage and for a registered nurse to check expos and other programs are coareas.
receive information about your health. patients blood and adjust their dose of sponsored by CHI Albany Area Health.
AAHMC is able to offer a host of interest: family medicine
Area Hospital:
320.845.2157 medicine
With MyChart, you can use the warfarin (Coumadin), as well as other A speaker from the National Alliance
Albany Medical Clinic Hours: Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat 8 a.m. - noon Urgent Care: Mon Thurs noon 8 p.m. Fri 10 a.m. 6 p.m.
Internet to:
staff onmedications patients may be taking or on Mental Illness-Minnesota spoke
Clinic: 320-356-7602
Avon Clinic
Mon 1:30care
p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Tues - Thurs 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Dan Rickard, PA-C, emergency Request medical appointments.
need (such as heparin shots or vitamin on the MAKEITOK campaign this past
View your health summary from the K, the antidote to Coumadin).
AAHMCs newest member of the medicine and urgent care
Josh Arickx, PA-C, emergency MyChart electronic health record.
team is Jennifer Gannon, a physician
The staff is active in sharing
View test results.
assistant, specializing in family medicine and urgent care
information on health care careers
Request prescription renewals.
medicine. Gannon joined the primary
The Diabetes Health Coach through high school students. Tours
Access trusted health information method is a person-centered are given to students as well as
care team in April 2015, having lived ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORD
On September 1, 2014, Albany resources.
in the Albany community for eight
approach to wellness, not just disease education presentations to students
years with her husband, Matt, and son, Area Hospital & Medical Center Communicate electronically and management. When you visit the in the area schools.
implemented a new computerized securely with your medical care team. health coach, the certified diabetes
patient chart, or an electronic health
educator will get to know you as a
For more information about any
record (EHR), enhancing quality URGENT CARE
person and work with you to create of the programs or services provided
Dr. Daron Gersch, board-certified in and safety for patients throughout
Albany Medical Clinic provides a personalized wellness plan that by Albany Area Hospital and Medical
central Minnesota. The new system extended hours for acute illnesses and educates, motivates and empowers Clinic, visit the website at www.
Family Medicine
Dr. Nathan Brever, board-certified in is designed to improve patient safety injuries to better serve our patients. The you. It is designed to help you find or call
and give providers and nurses more urgent care service is available from 12 the tools within yourself to make 320.845.2121.
Family Medicine



Quality services focus on primary care

Albany Medical Clinic: 320 Third Avenue 320.845.2157 Avon Medical Clinic: 108 Stratford St. W. 320.356.7602 Albany Area Hospital: 300 Third Avenue 320.845.2121

Its all about

the patients

Schlenner Wenner & Co. Certified Public

Accountants & Business Consultants
Schlenner Wenner & Co. has been providing high quality, professional services in Central
Minnesota since 1964 by maintaining offices in St. Cloud, Albany, Little Falls, Monticello
and Maple Lake. The firm serves the industries of agriculture, construction, transportation,
telecommunications, retailers, wholesalers, printing, government agencies, dealerships, not-forprofit organizations and manufacturing.
The firm, comprised of 11 partners and 68 employees, prepares all types of tax returns
including farm, small business, individual, partnerships, corporation, gift, estate, fiduciary and
Schlenner Wenner & Co. treats their clients like partners and their employees like family,
and nurtures these relationships by fully investing in their success. They work to understand
objectives, develop responses and solutions and never compromise trust.

Stacey Elfering
Office Manager

Laura Westrup
Opthalmic Technician

After an internship with Schlenner Wenner & Co. in the

spring of 2007, Aaron Smith, St. Joseph, knew he had found where
he wanted to work.
I liked the culture of the firm, said Smith, who began with
the firm in 2008. I have been able to build relationships with our
employees and clients. We are very family orientated and focused
on giving back to the community.
Smith splits his time between the St. Cloud and Albany offices.
The firm works with a variety of industries, but one Smith enjoys
is agriculture. Growing up on a farm near Clarkfield, Minn., Smith
has always held a passion for the agriculture industry.
He is currently serving as the treasurer for the Albany
Aaron Smith
Chamber, a position he has held for four years. Smith has also been
involved in firm-wide United Way volunteering.
Smith is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals whatever they may be and
guiding clients in the right direction, allowing all to be successful in their lifes work.
I want to continue to be involved in the community, Smith said. Working and contributing
to our thriving communities allows our firm to be successful.

Albany | 115 6th St

St. Cloud | 630 Roosevelt Rd
Monticello | 114 West 3rd St
Little Falls | 109 E Broadway
Maple Lake | 220 Hwy 55 N, Ste 4


Wenner & co.

An Independently Owned Member, McGladrey Alliance

Josh Quiggle
Optician ABOC

Noa Kunstleben

Administrative Assistant

Derek Villnow
Lab Manager

EyeCare & Associates, patients
feel an upbeat, urban vibe
surround them with unique
lighting, colorful walls and a
range of exciting frames on
display. The Saint Joseph clinic
has been serving patients since
2009 and is proud to offer
personalized care supporting a
Dr. Christie Russell-Villnow
range of needs.
One great thing about our
and Buddy
office is that we are really able to
Optometrist 18 years in optical (11 as Dr.)
get to know our patients and serve
them in a lot of ways, explained Stacey Elfering, Office Manager. We cater to
all genres of styles and help people with everything from routine eye exams and
new eyewear to treating cataracts and offering disease management.
Elfering also points out the focus Dr. Christie Russell, who has been serving
patients in Central Minnesota since 2004, puts on her patients. She notes that
keeping a view on all aspects of a patients health is vital to supporting their
healthcare as a whole.
She is very involved with the full spectrum of her patients health, Elfering
said of Dr. Russell.
The team at Russell EyeCare & Associates is committed to staying upto-date with changing technology and practices in the industry, taking part in
multiple classes and expos throughout the year. Currently, the team is preparing
to offer vision therapy for children.
We keep involved in training to know whats going on in the optical
industry, said Elfering. It helps us offer the very latest and best to patients.
In an effort to meet the needs of patients, the clinic recently expanded and
renovated its space, allowing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Greeting
patients as they arrive and are served is Dr. Russells therapy
certified dog, Buddy.
Buddy is a big part of our team, Elfering noted.
As a therapy dog, he is perfect for being with our
patients and everyone enjoys seeing him.
Elfering says that a favorite aspect of working at
Russell EyeCare & Associates is working with patients
to choose their frames and educating them on lens
options while finding solutions to vision challenges.
I love when we are able to work with them to
resolve problems that they perhaps thought they
just had to learn to live with, she said. Its nice
to be a part of that.

Russell Eyecare & Associates

15 E Minnesota St, Suite 107, St. Joseph
(320) 433-4326

Christie Russell-Villnow, O.D.


Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 17




Making Progress

Midwest Paint & Body

is a family affair for the Ekes

Midwest Paint & Body of Sauk Centre has been in business for 16 years. But for Dave Eke, cars have
been a part of his life a lot longer than that.
Ive loved cars ever since I was a kid, said Dave, who owns and operates the business with his wife,
Sheila and their son, Spencer (their daughter, Mercedes is nishing up college in Moorhead).
Dave learned about vehicles from his older brother, Pete, and their dad, who worked as a mechanic on
the farm. And now, Dave has passed on his love to Spencer, who started working at the family business when
he was 15.
Spencer is really good with the electrical components
and the computerized diagnostics, Dave said. Hes
way better at that stuff than I am.
Sheila does most of the ofce work, paperwork, and
dispatching for Centre Towing in which they are part owners.
Her father, too, was a mechanic.
Dave enjoys working in the body shop, especially
working on restorations. He is currently helping a
customer paint and restore a 1959 Ford pickup.
735 12th St. S., Suite 3 Sauk Centre, MN 56378
Restorations is just one aspect of Midwest Paint & Bodys business. They also perform complete collision
repair, framework, glass replacement, custom work, interior and exterior cleaning, and offer new and used
cars for sale.
We try to do whatever we can to help the customer, Dave said.
Sometimes that means searching for vehicles on online auctions. At any given time there are up to 12
used cars on the lot at Midwest, which is located on 12th St. S. just off of Beltline Road. Dave receives a lot
of vehicles that are slightly damaged and can offer them at good prices compared to other retail outts.
Sometimes customers just want something that runs good, he said. As long as it runs good,
theyre happy. And its a great way to save money.
Midwest Paint & Bodys slogan is where we meet the best people by accident. That means they
do a lot of collision repairs and body work after fender benders.
The Ekes do their best to treat their customers right. As a small family business, they know how
important it is for the customer to be treated with honesty and integrity.
That is why they have so many repeat customers, such as a family from Virginia who ew to Minnesota
to pick up a car for their daughter. It was their third time purchasing a car from
the Ekes.
Its no secret that automobiles are in the Ekes blood. Whether its helping
Roll-Back & Wheel
tow a customer in trouble, xing a vehicle that was in an accident, or restoring
Lift Towing
an old pickup, the Ekes are happy to do the job. And they love doing it
together as a family.

Paint & Body

Where We Meet The Best

People by Accident




Towing & Recovery

Jump Starting Heavy Duty
Door Unlock

Sunday Brunch Buffet

Were there when you need us!

735 12th St. S., Suite 2
Sauk Centre, MN


Your Local Hometown Grocery Store

106 Avon Ave. S, Avon 356-7472

Store Hours: Monday to Saturday 8-8, Sunday 8-6
Serving the Area for 41 Years!
Thank you for your continued support!
Dahlins Supermarket-Avon

Dahlins Super Market in Avon will be celebrating its 41st anniversary.

Available Every
Sunday from
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

*Full Bar
*Great Food




Mon.-Sat. at 11:00 a.m.
Sun. at 10:00 a.m.

1225 Timberlane Drive, Sauk Centre, MN 320-352-4243



Located at the Intersection of I-94 & Hwy. 71 between St. Cloud and Alexandria

They make fruit or food baskets, vegetable or meat & cheese trays to order all year-round.
In the spring a complete line of flowers and vegetable plants are set up outside of the store.
In the summer the Avon Boy Scouts sell hamburgers, brats, hot dogs,
and root beer floats during Spunktacular Days in front of the store.
During the Avon Chambers city-wide garage sale, the Avon Women of
Today sell hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, and rootbeer floats. They also
Cold Spring Bakery
have many non profits or youth groups selling throughout the summer.
Health & Beauty Aids
The Avon Boy Scouts have an aluminum can recycling bin for donations.
They also now have a clothing/shoe drop box. A portion of the proceeds WondeRoast Chicken
go to Avon Women of Today.
In the winter on Santa Day, Dahlins sponsors sleigh rides.
The store carries Minnesota Lottery tickets, on-line or instant. In October 2003, Dahlins was lucky enough
to sell the $95.45 million lottery ticket to the Happy Huskers.
As a service to customers they carry postage stamps and have a drop box for Bueckers Sanitary Service payments. Dahlins has a drop box for Labels for Education, as well as discount program with Holy Family School.
They also have dry cleaning pick-up on Thursdays.
Customers at Dahlins will find themselves helped by a high-quality, friendly staff which includes Jackie
Girard and Dan Dahlin, owners; Shannon Malbraaten, Kathy Lemke, Laurie Blackmore, Karen Hennen,
Lyndsey Ostendorf, Cameron Nieters, Brayton Weber, Amber Cigelske, Avery Christensen and Austin

18 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015


It was a chance internship with a water company in college that would
eventually lead Harold Desautel to open Preferred Controls, Inc., which now
employs 21 people and has offices in Albany and Minot, ND.
I learned about the water industry through that internship and I just never lost
interest, he said. In fact, my first job out of college is very similar to what I do
Desautel graduated from Albany High School in 1984 and went on to St.
Cloud State University where he earned his degree in electrical engineering. He
says internships were hard to find at that time, but he was glad to have found an
opportunity to work with a St. Cloud-based water company.
That experience qualified me for an engineering job in California, which
focused on water and wastewater automation, explained Desautel.
The job in California as a water and wastewater engineer allowed Desautel to
grow and expand in an ever-changing industry. In 1998, he returned to his home
state and opened Preferred Controls, Inc. The first office was in White Bear Lake,
but in 2002 he saw potential growth opportunity in central Minnesota; a move
back to his hometown was in order.
I think a lot of people wonder what we do here, he said of the company.
The bulk of it is centered on automatic control systems for water and wastewater
facilities. But we do a wide range of things, which makes it interesting.
Preferred Controls, Inc. offers engineering services, system integration services
and manufacturing services for water, oil, and wastewater supervisory control
and data acquisition (SCADA). The company designs and implements municipal
water plant automation, wastewater plant automation, oil well automation
instrumentation and controls, and motor control centers. It also designs various
products, including a talking blood pressure monitor and talking currency
readers to help people affected by blindness.
In all they do, everything from design to system creation and maintenance is
done in the Albany location.

Over the years, the biggest

change I have seen in this industry is
technology. Everything is web-based
and more accessible. Mobile apps are
used heavily, allowing municipalities
to monitor their systems any time,
Desautel, who is registered with the
Board of Engineering to practice in
both Minnesota and North Dakota,
continually passes his experience on
to others through various professional
development opportunities. He is a
published author in industry-focused
books and also regularly speaks with
groups of current and future engineers.
My best advice to younger students
considering this field is to keep their
grades up and research colleges well,
he said. Choosing a good college that
specializes in the sciences will make a
As for his own path, Desautel is pleased with how he has been able to turn
an interest into his own business and help support a multitude of customers with
a range of automated systems. He continues to be intrigued by the challenges
and changes of the industry.
I still have curiosity and I have always enjoyed research and development,
he said. I dont think that will ever stop.

Controls Inc.
460 Huskie Drive
Albany, MN 56307

Water and Wastewater Control Systems and

Professional Engineering Services

Tomorrows Internet,
Phone & TV.





Your Animal Lover

Convenience Store!
For the past 15 years, the Sauk Centre
Country Store has served area farmers and pet
owners with feed and supplies, along with top
The Sauk Centre Country
Sto is one of 13 Centra Sota
locations across
Minnesota that market to
bo the agricultural market and
the urban customer.
A wide array of services and
are offered to dairy, beef,
pet, chicken, goat and
owners. Unique products
so at the Country Store include
Tree cards, candles,
rubber boots and bird
The Country Store opened in Sauk Centre in 2000 as part
of the Cabinet Components building. In 2005 they moved to their current
location on Sinclair Lewis Avenue. The 12 other Centra Sota locations'
employees are considered co-workers, and inventory is shared between them.
Sauk Centre Country Store manager, Kate Stalboerger, has worked for
Centra Sota for eight years and has been the manager in Sauk Centre for 3 1/2
years. Stalboerger said about the Country Store, "We strive to always have the
answer with a smile. Our customer service is very important to us."
The Country Store hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to
Friday and 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays. Stop in and meet Goodie, the store
cat who greets everyone at the door!

Come Check Out All of

Our Great Fall Deals!

Thank you for choosing us!


Goodie the Store Cat

3/4 Mil
Miles W
Westt off th
the D
Stoplights on Sinclair Lewis Ave.
in Sauk Centre, MN


Albany Country Store | 320-845-4791 Centra Sota - Little Falls, MN | 320-632-3631

Centra Sota - St. Martin, MN | 320-548-3245
Centra Sota - Upsala, MN | 320-573-2186 Centra Sota Feed & Grain - Albany, MN | 320-845-4086

Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 19

Big and small, he has

covered them all

Albany Mutual
Insurance Company

141 5th Street, P.O. Box 301,

Albany, MN 56307

Mike Kosik has been a community

journalist for 42 years
Mike Kosik has covered
plenty of significant events
as a reporter and editor
of the Albany Enterprise
in the past 40 years.
But this seasoned journalist
says it isnt always the big
news that makes an impact
on people.
Sometimes it isnt a
story of big significance
that stands out, but the
smaller ones that make
you realize that small
town newspapers still play
a role in an individuals
Kosik remembers one
particular story from a
few years ago, that, in
truth, wasnt much of a
story in terms of public If a big event happened in the Albany and
significance, but was to the Avon area in the past four decades, chances
are Mike Kosik was there. Kosik, 66, has
A woman e-mailed been a reporter for the Enterprise for 42
me a photo of her daughter years.
who had donated to the
Locks of Love program where hair could be donated to children who
have hair loss due to a medical condition, Kosik recalled. I published
the photo and information and a few days later received an e-mail from
the mother explaining how overjoyed her daughter was when she came
home from school that day and seeing her act of kindness recognized in
the newspaper. Sometimes giving recognition to someone for something
that is important to them can mean more to a reporter than that big story.
Kosik has covered his fair share of stories over the years. His interest
spawned early in life as an avid reader who appreciated a well-written
story. In high school he worked for the St. Anthony Village High School
newspaper covering sports. In college as an ROTC member at the University
of Minnesota he worked on The Brigade Banner, and than after graduation
got a job at the Stearns-Morrison Enterprise, where he has been ever since.
Reading got me started on being a writer, and seeing new
correspondents reporting from around the world on television got me more
interested in journalism, said Kosik. But I didnt think I had the personality
to be a TV reporter so I chose print journalism.
His career has spanned 42 years and he has seen a little bit of everything,
from tragedy to triumph and everything in between. He has been there for
all of Albanys major sports accomplishments, including the football teams
1989 and 1997 state titles, the girls basketball teams state crown in 2007
and then Holdingfords state title in football a year ago.
As he nears retirement he has cut back on his hours to a part-time
reporter and has been able to pursue the stories he enjoys covering the
most, and that is high school sports and city government meetings.
I enjoy working with the people I have gotten to know over the years,
covering everything from school board and city council meetings to high
school athletic events, he said. I particularly enjoy high school sports
and activities and giving recognition to those for their accomplishments, no
matter how small they may seem. They are important to them.
He appreciates the atmosphere of high school athletics and takes joy in
roaming the sidelines during a football game or leaning against the dugout
during a baseball game, taking in the sights and the sounds.
I enjoy leaning against the wall of the dugout and listening to the
chatter from the bench and taking in the pace of the great American
game, he said.
Kosik has come a long way in his 42 years as a journalist, and in doing
so, has become a true staple of his community. And at age 66, he is still
doing what he loves.
I feel very fortunate that my career has come to this point, working
with people I truly enjoy with and covering the stories I enjoy covering the



A Century of Serving Our Neighbors...

Pat Raeker, Manager

Betty Mrozek

Albany Mutual Insurance Co. continues

over 120 years of service
Albany Mutual Insurance Company has a long tradition of providing farm and
homeowners insurance to Central Minnesota. In 1895, Albany Mutual Insurance was
incorporated to provide insurance to the farms and homes in the Albany area. Since
then, it has combined the fire insurance with other companies that provide the wind,
liability, and other coverages to form a single package policy.
The unique value that Albany Mutual Insurance Company brings to its policy
holders is that the money received in premiums is reinvested in the surrounding area,
in addition to being used to pay any claims that may arise.
The company is currently represented by 13 independent agencies protecting more
than 1,300 farms and homes in Stearns, Todd, Benton, Morrison, Sherburne, Meeker,
Douglas, Pope, and Kandiyohi counties. Since 1895, Albany Mutual has been owned
by its policyholders and managed by an elected board of directors.


Advantage One, Albany ...................................................................... 320-845-2151
Advantage One, St. Cloud ................................................................... 800-320-7262
Apollo Insurance, Albany .................................................................... 320-845-7070
Apollo Insurance, Melrose................................................................... 320-256-7401
George Reber ....................................................................................... 320-845-2857
Heinen Insurance ................................................................................. 320-597-2672
Lieser Insurance ................................................................................... 320-243-7144
North American Insurance .................................................................. 877-254-3191
Scegura Insurance ............................................................................... 320-746-2582
Schiffler Insurance ............................................................................... 320-845-2887
Schmidt Insurance ............................................................................... 320-356-9440
St. Martin Insurance............................................................................. 320-548-3556
Vanguard Insurance ............................................................................ 320-732-6629

Financial solutions
centered on you.

For 76 years, Central Minnesota Credit Union has been

centered on enhancing the lives of members and community
through strength, service, and growth.
888.330.8482 | |

Centered on you.

561 Railroad Avenue, P.O. Box 310 | Albany, MN 56307

Dont forget to look for photos by going to our

website at and click on Photo Gallery.

Federally Insured by NCUA

20 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015

Kraker Insurance Agency:


68 years of service

Erin Wallin cant think of any better place she could be working at than
Kraker Insurance Agency (KIA) in Melrose.
Im loyal, she said of her 12 years of employment at KIA.
That loyalty fits in well with the KIA tradition. For 68 years KIA, started by
members of the Kraker family, has been doing business in the community. It
offers excellent service for all insurance needs - auto, home, motorcycle, ATV,
snowmobile, life and health. There are commercial lines for all business needs.
KIA has insurance to fit any life and budget.
Providing services to different people and groups is
something Wallin likes about the job.
In the beginning it was dealing with customer
service and opportunities, she said. I like to meet new
people, and I like the people I work with.
KIA can meet the needs of almost everyone who
comes to them and they will find the perfect match for
their clients.
As part of the Independent Agency System, KIA
many different companies, including
Ask me about Accidentrepresents
Safeco, State Auto, Dairyland, Progressive, Blue
With other insurance companies,
an Allstate
mean your
Cross and Blue
rates rise as much as 40%. But
with the
right fit isAccident
Ask me
in, as she
KIA work forDont
their wait!
go up atForgiveness.
of and
an accident.
clients having an accident can mean your
Call me today.
very passionate
our clients,
rates rise as much as 40%. said.
We serve a variety of people.
your rates wont go up at all just
of anabout
For more
Call me today.

Mary Richter

Travel Consultant/Owner

Full-time travel agency

Honeymoons &
destination weddings

All-inclusive packages
to Mexico & Caribbean
All major cruise lines
Europe tours

Disney & Las Vegas

Romance, couples &


The business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.
The office is located at 502A Main Street East, Melrose.

Mary is a world traveler, having

visited 50+ countries on all seven continents,
including 50 U.S. states.
Her experience is sure to make your
next vacation a memorable one!

Feature is optional and subject to terms and conditions. Safe Driving Bonus wont apply after an accident. In CA, you could still lose the 20% Good Driver
Discount. Allstate Indemnity Company: Northbrook, IL 2010 Allstate Insurance Company

34162 County Rd. 10 | Albany, MN 56307

320.845.7123 |


Feature is optional and subject to terms and conditions. Safe Driving Bonus wont apply after an accident. In CA, you could still lose the 20% Good Driver
Discount. Allstate Indemnity Company: Northbrook, IL 2010 Allstate Insurance Company



Hometown service at albany apotHecary

at Toenies began her career as a Pharmacy

Technician 37 years ago. Through her
experience, she has seen a multitude of
changes take place in the pharmaceutical industry
including insurance and technology. But one
thing Pat says has not changed is the hometown,
friendly service that makes Albany Apothecary a
trusted partner in the Albany area.

customers find what they are looking for in the

store, says she loves what she does and attributes
her enjoyment of work to her co-workers and the
customers they serve.

Working with the customers is really great. I love

being around people and every day I get to see
familiar faces and new ones, Pat said. I have
great co-workers and an excellent boss. I really
We try our best to help everyone with whatever couldnt ask for more.
they may need, Pat said of the team at Albany
Apothecary. Courteous and efficient help is very With a friendly atmosphere and proven
important. It creates a pleasant atmosphere for hometown service, Pat and the entire team
at Albany Apothecary are proud to continue
serving the needs of
Pat, who takes care of monthly billing, counting the community.
pills, dispensing medications and helping
together and we
are here for our
Will Seiler,
customers, Pat said.


Prescriptions Over-the-counter Medications

Husky Apparel Cards & Gifts Photo Kiosk

Monday-Friday: 8am-5:30pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm
(320) 845-4220 (800) 845-4221

Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 21


Making Progress


Sauk Centre Family Dental
Getting to know
your local Dentist,
Dr. Jason Bjerketvedt.
Dr. Jason Bjerketvedt grew up on a dairy farm, in rural Parkers
Prairie, MN. At a young age he knew he wanted to work in healthcare,
be a part of a smaller town and support a local community. With that,
he sought out a chemistry degree from the University of MinnesotaMorris and continued on to dental school at the University of
Minnesota-Twin Cities. Following dental school, he began practicing
at the Fergus Falls Community Dental Clinic (FFCDC).
Dr. Jason also is a 15 year member of the military and is a dentist
for the Minnesota National Guard. Being in the military has taken
him to many places and provided him with confidence and increased
his ability as a dentist. In 2010, he was deployed to Iraq. It is there
that he treated soldiers under extreme situations.
This deployment enhanced his performance as a
dentist. He became proficient in surgical extractions on impacted teeth
and executed multiple, successful root canals daily.
Dr. Jason is an avid outdoorsman and can often be found hunting
and fishing. He enjoys helping out on his family's farm in Parkers Prairie,
running marathons and spending time with his family. Dr. Jason lives 320
with his wife Natalie, and their new son, Harrison.


Conveniently located downtown.

Hours: Mon. 7 am-4 pm Tues. 7 am-4 pm Wed. 10 am-7 pm Thurs. 7 am-4 pm Fri. 7 am-12 pm Sauk Centre, MN


Enterprises, Inc.
We can handle jobs
large or small
Custom Welding
& Repair
Forming & Shearing
Steel Supplies on
Hand for the

Back in 1979, Dick Christenson and Arlan Pearson each had an

interest in welding and machining, and they figured the Melrose community
had a need for these services.
They opened CAP Enterprises, Inc., in Melrose, and today, 35 years later, it
continues to be a company that serves welding and machine shop needs in
Melrose and the surrounding areas, with services like custom aluminum and
stainless steel welding, machining and farm repair.
New attributes include automated plasma and flame cutting, robotic welding
and automated sawing, which lends to more accuracy.
Not many people offer this type of repair, said Christenson.
CAP Enterprises, Inc., employs four full-time and two part-time people and is
open Mondays through Fridays, from 8 to noon and 1 to 5 p.m.

Located at 511 3rd Ave. SW in Melrose.

Call CAP Enterprises at (320) 256-3900.

Telling stories
for 30 years
For anyone who has attended a signicant event in Melrose, or even been
to a Melrose Area High School athletics
event or an amateur baseball game, there
is little doubt they saw a big bearded man
with a camera hanging around his neck.
That man is Herman Lensing, who
will be celebrating his 30th year as a reporter for the Melrose Beacon next year. Herman Lensing said the thing he has
Lensing was born in Greenwald, enjoyed the most in his 30-year career
graduated from Crosier Seminary High is the people he has met and written
School and Junior College in Onamia, about.
went to Marquette University in Milwaukee where he earned a journalism degree in 1980 and upon returning home began his
writing career.
I always had an interest in researching information, said Lensing, 61.
Herman was just out of high school during the Watergate scandal and saw how
important journalism was to the American people.
Journalism is the rst part of writing history and there is an obligation to get the
facts down, he said.
Early on, Lensing learned the importance of double-checking facts, and making
sure he got things right. He found that sometimes the person being interviewed didnt
always know the facts.
It is interesting how often the memories dont always line up with the researched
records or reports, he said.
Lensing has written thousands of stories over the past 30 years and in doing so has
met countless of memorable people. While authors typically pen a book at a length of
64,000 words, Lensing writes between 8-10 stories a week for the Beacon averaging
500 words per story, which equals 200,000 words a year, or about the length of four
Much of his weekly beat is covering Dutchmen sports and in the summer, amateur
baseball, specically the Stearns County League. He estimates he has covered more
than 1,000 amateur games in his career. Its one of the favorite aspects of his job.
The games are always easy to get to with about 30 teams within 40 miles of us,
he said. The fans and supporters have a sense of history and tradition, not only of their
team but of their rivals. It goes deeper than even high school sports. And most of the
players and fans truly like the game and are not seeing it as a stepping stone to the next
When not covering sports, Lensing can be found covering ofcial meetings or chasing down a local news story or human-interest feature. Over the years, he has had many
memorable stories, including a teen who was one of the rst to cross West Berlin when
the wall came down, the Kraft and New Munich Ballroom res, an economics team that
competed at the state and national level, Kirby Pucketts visit to Melrose Area High
School, a mayoral resignation, and of course some signicant sporting events, such as
Melrose state sports entries and championships.
In addition to the joys of the job, there are challenges, such as making sure the facts
are correct. Lensing says there is a great responsibility in being a trusted journalist.
Its interesting on just what the role of journalism should be, he said. Ben Franklin, who published papers, and had something to say on just about everything, believed
the duty was to inform. He also saw a role for entertainment in journalism, but it was not
the primary purpose. Finding that balance can be tough.
Looking back on 30 years as a journalist, Lensing can say he has held true to Franklins standard. Imagine, 200,000 words a year for 30 years, which would equate to over
100 novels written. In essence, Lensing has spent his career as a storyteller. And he
wouldnt have it any other way.
The thing I have enjoyed the most is the people Ive met and had the privilege to
write about, he said. This job gives me the opportunity to tell stories, and that is a lot
of fun for me.
Learning about
Jennie-O earns life on the farm ... pg. 2
Corpus Christi safety awards ... pg. 7
ritual ... pg. 16

FREEPOpg. 9, 16
Photos on




7, 2015

Board loreferendum
at May
for facility

sa, a
with InGen asagreement sed rm that
Plymouth-bats in streamlininge
sists distric
te and improv
to renova
Area meansfacilities. That agreem
tants Inlrose
may be their fees for consuluse while
t residents
inforwould need
School Distric e a referendum
approv help pay for Gensa ping a plan to sharele facilasked to
dealing ing mation
s or additio
possible space, the swimm
ity change
gymnastics on Sept.
Referendu pg. 3
pool and
The school entering into a
28, approvproject development

mbined eff

s, Lions urday
nce on Sat
meal/dafit fire departmen
to bene


pg. 15

pg. 7


Growth predicte
Melrose Area d at

Wednesday, June
17, 2015
Number 24
Volume 125



For the

d on pg. 4

New date, new

featured at Mu events

rigs as she MAN
about their
talks last
by HERMAN coordinator,
a, Melrosebay.
Jenn Tschid
New Munich-T
he ambul
inside the
he 38th annual Munichfes
20, will have a t, Saturday, June
different look,
a different weekend.
In the fall and
early winter,
we had meetings
what we should to brainstorm
Mike Van Beck,change, said
with wife Amy, who, along
of Munichfest. are co-chairs
One thing we
talked about was
changing the
Sponsored by
ted longConception Catholic
ent. Dedica
the New Munich
s and equipm
Jaycees, it has
usually been
this city
ng of vehicle
held the second
keeping serves.
Saturday of June.
Munichfest chairperso
Proper servici
things for
hips it
This t.year it and Mike credits
all these
ns Amy
15 towns
was moved
ying on budge
a Van Beck are
cities and
MelroseSta a week.
the 10 working
t not
a group topeople
g it an assetof
to 1.
est inatormakin
make been self-su
erm EMTs. e continue
fit of $33,98
t successful
net profi
. ment has Colorado, is Carson
in the
d on
in theTschidas
2 ment had aambulance depart
PHOTO BY his dad,
she sat
answer when asked
g asJoel,
has run
ber, the
service functio
what states
Tuesday mornin
In 2014, the as Tschida can remem
are running s in in honor of him. Above,
work holdssehis
a said last
it afloat.
shoes, while younger
the last medal
remain city-ow
by the two the scene. Not soparents, Sara and Joel smile. Joel earned while running, brother
relying on so fortunate to
as their
ds to
room shared
We are e Station meeting ance crew respon there is an unose
City of Saturday
an ambul
down or
a fire call, a firefighter goes
If there is
ing a rare
i case


Melrose am

Diversity a two
street for Dr.


of a

Powers, of Applied
North, a rm
that analyzes
trends in population
Area munities.
s for comPublic Schoolelrose
should see about enrollment
growth over the a 10 percent lieves growththe reasons he benext
will continue
That projection 10 years. the stable population
was presented to school
board members Tuesday,
their monthly
meeting, by John

Tschida family
autism awareness
Carsons Kindn

and son Carson Tschida
a special momenshare
most marathons t after
The best feeling
the world is having in
whole family waitingmy
and cheering for
the finish line. me at
when your eight-ye
arold with autism
up to you and walks
Dad, you did asays,
good job running
race. Can we go the
to the
hotel now?, it makes
everything in life
Joel id






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page for breaking
news and more!

408 Main Street East Melrose, MN 56352 320-256-3240

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22 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015

Enclosed Trailers

Standing By Our Service and Serving Central MN for Over 35 Years

Utility Trailers

An ever-changing industry
Drills screech and equipment is shifted from station to station along the
600-foot assembly line at the Midsota Manufacturing production facility in Avon
where skilled workers carefully craft multiple models of trailers. From dump
and utility trailers to flatbed and tilt bed trailers, each product coming off the line is
created with quality in mind.
With an over 30-year history behind the company, owners Joel Bauer and Tim Burg
are proud to serve customers not only locally, but also statewide, nationwide and even into Canada.
We send loads of trailers up to Alaska, down to Florida and out to Washington State, Bauer notes of the distance. We also have four
Canadian dealers, but the bulk of our business is the five-state area.
Though the reach is far, the Avon-based company is proud to be centrally located in its distribution area, with Interstate 94 shipping access.
The company is staying on top of the ever-changing demands and technology advancements in the industry, recently investing
in a robotic welding cell, which will save time and increase quality along the production line. The addition is in response to an
ever-expanding demand of a growing product line and challenging competition in the industry proof that things are moving forward fast.
Ten years ago we had around eight trailer models, Bauer said. Now, we offer 25 models. It has grown and expanded, which has been
Looking forward, Bauer and Burg have their sights set on growing Midsota Manufacturings distribution network across the United States.
Specifically, they are aiming at having a Midsota Trailer dealer in every state. They also plan to grow skid steer attachment manufacturing
in the south building by adding new attachments their customers are asking for.
There is a lot in store for the company with a long history of quality and achievement and Bauer and Burg are excited to be on the forefront
of change, growth and development in their industry.
Its exciting, Bauer said. There is always something new out there.

Fisher &
Snowex Plows

A Quality
Team Selling

404 County Road 50

Avon, Minnesota 56310
South Side of I-94


Diversified Financial Planning Services

for Individuals and Small Businesses
Bob Deters

Diversified Wealth Management-Albany

Dr. Curtis

Dr. Neal

Dr. Jennifer

(320) 845-6930 or (800) 495-6930

551 Railroad Ave., Albany

(across from the Kraft plant)

Living her dream

Revermann followed her heart to care for animals

Dr. Jennifer Revermann has her dream job. As a
large and small animal veterinarian with Lake Country
Veterinary Service in Albany, Revermann is following
her passion of working with animals that stems from
childhood aspirations.
By the time I was in about 9th grade, I knew I wanted to become a veterinarian, said Revermann, who
grew up on a dairy farm near Freeport. I am happy to
say I am living my childhood dream.
As a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Revermann
supports animal health on many levels. As a Certified
Veterinary Acupuncturist, she is also able to include
treatments through alternative modalities like acupuncture and herbal therapies.
I am interested in taking a holistic approach in
treatment. It is nice to have that added option, especially when it seems we have tried everything else to
resolve an issue.
Through her work, Revermann finds
that being there for her patients and
their owners is a rewarding opportunity. Although there are challenges to
what she does, her
career continually
proves to

Dr. Wendy

ultrasound/herd health
Emergency Care

Hours: Monday,
be gratifying.
Wednesday - Friday
On the large
animal side, it is
7:30 am - 5 pm;
a very physically Tuesday 7:30 am-7 pm;
demanding job. I
am working with
8 am - 12 noon
1500-pound cows
and it can be difficult, she said. On
the other hand, I am
building incredible Vaccination/spay/neuter
Medicine Dentistry
the farmers I serve.
They are inviting me
to their farm on a
regular basis to help In-house lab/radiology
make their business
run successfully and that means a lot.
As Revermann works with small animals in the clinic
setting, she sees a very different set of challenges taking place.
The emotional side of this work is very demanding, she said of working with peoples pets. There are
end-of-life challenges and decisions that are very hard
to see. On the other end though, there are puppies and
kittens coming in to start a whole new journey.
Revermann says that being there for pet owners as
they go through the happy times and the difficult times
in their pets life is an honor.
I want people to have happy, healthy pets, she
said. All of us are here to support that!

If you are a hard-working person who is about to retire, or who has already retired, now is the time
to contact Bob Deters with Diversified Wealth Management (previously Navigator Financial). As a local
retirement specialist, Bob is able to integrate all aspects of retirees finances into a sound plan and avoid
making mistakes that could cost your retirement financial security.
Local retirement specialists see the painful, devastating mistakes retirees make, cringing at the
needless and easily-avoidable financial messes brought into their offices. They see retirees running out of
money, paying a fortune in unnecessary taxes, losing money and having to go back to work.
While it may be too late for some, its not to late for YOU! Call Bob and his team today and with a few
questions and a couple minutes of your time, they will lead you down the path of financial freedom.
Wherever you are in your steps to retirement, Diversified Wealth Management will be by your side to
see you to your goal! Call Bob at (320) 845-2166.

guardian insurance agencies-albany


Mike Feldewerd

Making the most of your money is

vital but time consuming, especially when
it comes to getting the most out of your
insurance coverage. Reviewing policies
each year and making sure you are getting
the most competitive rates available can be
a cumbersome task.
Mike Feldewerd and his team at
Guardian Insurance Agency in Albany offer
clients a free side-by-side comparison of
over 50 insurance companies to assure you
are receiving the most competitive quote
available. If you want to find out if you are
overpaying for your own auto, home or
business insurance, give Mike and his team
a call.

Give Mike and his team

a call today toll free at
(855) 433-8377.


Diversified and Guardian are now working under the same roof in an effort to save
their clients time and money. With the combination of these two great companies in the
same location they are able to be more efficient in the bottom line. That is, offering a customer experience that is second to none, presenting each client with endless retirement
and insurance options and properly protecting their clients and their families futures.
Our new office is now open, located in the intersections of
Railroad Avenue and 6th street (571 Railroad Avenue, Albany.) Stop in today!


Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015 23




Making Progress


Greg Ramler, President, and Chris Ramler, Vice

President of Ramler Trucking, Inc., are honored to
carry on the legacy started by the late Ambrose and
Delores Ramler 61 years ago.

Truck & Trailer


Operations at Ramler Trucking in Albany run like a welloiled machine. From the 13 staff members in the office to
the 42 dedicated truck drivers on the road, everyone works
together to get freight across the state and the country.
It takes everyone to make this work, said Chris Ramler,
Vice President. Its not just one person carrying the load
each department affects the other.
Chris grandparents, Ambrose and Delores Ramler,
founded Ramler Trucking, Inc. in 1954 and eventually saw
their two sons and their spouses also become involved. In
the beginning, Ambrose transported farm animals from local
farms to stockyards in South St. Paul. He also hauled feed
products, hardware supplies, building products and liquor
until his retirement in 1982.
Jack and Doris Ramler entered the business in 1975,
followed by Greg and Sue Ramler who joined in 1982. Jack
semi-retired in June 2015 and now stays connected as a
driver. Over the years, the Ramlers and their team have built
a strong system of teamwork that keeps the operation running
Between our repair shop making sure everything is
ready to go, to our dispatchers, back to billing and safety
compliance, there are a lot of people working to
make sure everything runs smoothly, Greg
Ramler Trucking, Inc. has received a
Platinum Safety Award for 16 consecutive
years. The award is part of the National
Fleet Safety Awards Program and Ramlers
success is attributed to the high-quality
drivers and mechanics on the team.
What started as a small operation grew over
time and has become much more than Ambrose and
Delores ever imagined. Though both originators have since
passed away, they leave behind a legacy that continues to
They never expected it to grow like this,
said their son, Greg, President of
Ramler Trucking, Inc.
They would be pretty
impressed, Chris said of his

Ramler Truck & Trailer Repair houses 22 service bays

and keeps equipment running safely and effectively.
The business has grown to 44 company tractors and 34
owner/operators as well as 12 contract carriers. A multitude of
trailers provide service to many industries.
We have 105 refrigerated trailers, 30 regular flatbeds,
six expandable flatbeds, 15 tanker trailers and four dry vans,
Greg said. We work closely with Wells Concrete, Gold N
Plump, Sysco, and many more.
Since 1999, a spin-off company has been in place called
Ramler Truck and Trailer Repair, Inc., which runs out of a
27,000-square-foot building with 22 service bays. There are
18 employees who oversee anything from engine overhauls
and welding, to tire repairs and heavy-duty alignment. A
robotic aluminum wheel-polishing machine was also added to
the facility, which gives a mirror-like shine to wheels.
The company also operates Ramler Truck Brokerage,
Inc., allowing them to broker additional loads to other carriers
if their own fleet is not available. By doing this, they are able
to meet all customers needs by keeping freight moving.
Ramler Trucking, Inc. became employee-owned or ESOP
(Employee Stock Option Purchase) starting in 2009, in an
effort to commend employees on their valuable contributions.
Making that change has helped us retain great drivers
and other staff, Greg points out. It was a way for us to show
our appreciation for employees; they helped us get to where
we are today.

400 13th St., Albany, MN 56307 320-845-4500 1-800-732-8958 Fax 320-845-7245

Serving Sauk Centre & the
surrounding communities
for over 30 years!

Sauk Centre
Chiropractic Ofce

Dr. David Hetland

Dr. John B. Welle will be available for patients
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Dr. David Hetland

Accepting all major health insurance plans

Effectively treating symptoms of neck pain,
erapy mid back pain, low back pain, shoulders,
hips, arms, legs, feet & more!
519 South Main, Sauk Centre
320-352-6889 888-252-2225
Mon, Wed, Fri 8-5, Tues & Thurs 8-12

One of the highlights for me is seeing someone come in who claims they are
not creative, said Kaye Schmainda, who co-owns the studio with her daughter,
Dana. By the time they leave, they have created a beautiful piece of art.
Everyone is creative!
The concept is simple: come in, choose a style of pottery, which can include
anything from mugs and bowls to banks and seasonal items, and start painting.
Some items take just a little while to complete and some take longer. You can
be as detailed or not detailed as you want. Its your creation, said Kaye.

Dr. David Hetland will be available for patients

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Dr. John B. Welle

Everyone is CREATIVE at PotSpot!

Entering PotSpot on Avons Main Street is inspiration enough to create works of

art. Brightly-painted walls beckon creativity to flow from the fingers of new and
seasoned artists in the paint-your-own pottery studio.

Quit letting that nagging pain

interfere with your routine and call
us today 320-352-6889

PotSpot offers a wide range of items, making it affordable for all budgets. Starting with a magnet
for just a couple of dollars to large plates and figurines every creation is special and unique.
The studio also partners with multiple school districts, offering community education courses
throughout the year.
I love to watch children and adults make progress with their work
each time they come, Kaye said. Its so fun and its so important for
all ages to use their creativity.

Is the
in Avon!
107 Avon Ave. N, Main Street, Avon, MN


24 Central Minnesota Business Profile October 15 & 16, 2015

The helpful, friendly place

ACE Hardware continues to provide superior service

As customers enter ACE Hardware

in Sauk Centre, a warm welcome and a
helpful hand from Leon Kerfeld greet
Kerfeld has been with the business
for ive and a half years, taking pride in
his job to serve customers needs.
I most enjoy helping people,
Kerfeld said. I have a wide variety of
experience [with different products],
which is now paying off. I am able to
draw from those in order to brainstorm
the perfect item for what the customer
is looking for.
The compassionate sales associate
previously owned a lawn care and
snow removal service, where he
conducted business solely using Stihl
products. Today, Kerfeld demonstrates
his knowledge of the American-made
product to those searching for a
reliable, sturdy tool to it their home
improvement needs.
When I was doing a job for others,
I needed a company that could supply

products that I knew would work. Stihl

does that, Kerfeld said. Its a product
I trust and feel conident having our
customers use.
ACE Hardware carries a full line
of Stihl products, for both homeowners
and professionals.
My favorite is the backpack blower,
its excellent, Kerfeld said. I could blow
the sidewalks of snow without leaving a
glaze coating to worry about later. Stihl
also leads the industry in engineering
with their quiet technologies, so I could
work in the early mornings without
waking anyone.
The products offered at the local
hardware store are guaranteed reliable.
If a tool or piece of equipment needs
repair, ACE Hardware is able to have the
product repaired in a matter of days.
Thats a quick turnaround, Kerfeld
said. If we cant ix it, well call our
distributors and get everything taken
care of.
A few aisles down in the paint
section of the hardware store, customers
receive a similar, valued service from
assistant manager Marilyn Schroeder.
Schroeder has been with the
business since the very beginning.
Painting is all about opinions,
Schroeder said. I love to hear what

people want to do and then help them

ind the right colors for that project. My
hope is that everyone who leaves my
paint station is successful.
One brand in particular that
Schroeder most enjoys showing
customers is the newly-stocked Amy
Howard at Home chalk paint collection
a product exclusively sold through
ACE Hardware.
While colors and patterns are
intriguing to Schroeder, its the values
and lessons she learns while at her job
that make it worthwhile, and she hopes
others notice that, as well.
Ive learned a lot of hands-on skills
here that many guys already know how
to do, but that women are capable of
too, Schroeder said. I love inding
things that customers need and are

happy to leave with.

ACE Hardware strives to provide the
best possible service to their customers,
and is able to do so with the dedicated
assistance of people like Kerfeld and
For nine consecutive years, ACE
Hardware has earned the J.D. Power
Award, attesting to the wide variety of
products offered to it every customers
needs even in a town the size of Sauk
Were a great store, Schroeder
said. We have a great customer base
and appreciate the different people we
all work with.


226 12th St. Sauk Centre, MN



Shop: 320-836-2284
Fax: 320-836-2050

(320) 836-2284


29033 County Road 17

Freeport, MN 56331


29033 County Road 17

Freeport, MN 56331

John or Bob Arnzen

with the
St. Rosa Lumber Inc. was established
in March of 1998. Since then, the company
has grown to employ 15 full-time ofce and
lumberyard staff. The experienced team of
draftsmen and estimators are able to assist
customers with any project starting from
custom, in-house design to turning the key.
The staff can help customers choose the
right products with conveniently having an
in-house showroom featuring samples of
windows, doors, exterior siding and much
St. Rosa Lumber designs and builds
custom homes, dairy barns, commercial
buildings, pole-sheds and remodel projects.
In addition, it is a full retail lumberyard with
boom trucks to ensure speed and efciency
of the delivery of materials. Materials stay
dry in two indoor sheds until needing to be

St. Rosa Lumber Inc. features many
products such as: Andersen and ThermoTech windows and doors, Bayer Built wood
and berglass doors, Whirlwind and Fabral
steel, Edco siding, seamless rain gutters,
decking material, lumber and much more.
The business has residential lots for sale in
the Little Falls area and can build a customdesigned home on any lot of choice.
St. Rosa Lumber is located at 29033 Co.
Rd. 17 in St. Rosa. The telephone number
is (320) 836-2284 or 1-888-276-1751. It
is open from Monday to Friday from 6:30
a.m. to 5:30 pm. and Saturday from 7 a.m.
to noon.
The owners, John and Lillian Arnzen,
would like to thank their customers for their
business and continued support.


Arnzen Construction, Inc. has been in the

construction business for more than 60 years.
Over the decades, the company has grown from
a small crew to employing more than 55 fulltime workers year-round. Arnzen Construction
builds custom homes, dairy barns, commercial
buildings, pole-sheds, steel frame buildings
and specialty projects.
In addition to construction, they sell
GEA Norbco curtains, J&D barn equipment,
headlocks, gates, WIC feed carts, Agromatic
straw choppers, Simplex and Kraiburg cow
mats, and much more. Over the last 60 years,
Arnzen has been selling Berg barn equipment
and is the largest Berg dealer in the United
States and Canada.
Arnzen caters to small dairy farms as well
as meeting the needs of larger dairies. In the
past few years there has been a great increase
of interest in free-stall barns with robotic
milking. Arnzen has experience in designing
and constructing these barns to accommodate

We Do

robotic milking. The most recent barn was

completed in Morris, MN in which an addition
was added to install 6 new robotic milkers and
observation areas.
Arnzen also offers welding repairs. The
welding repairs can be serviced in-house, or
for customers convenience, portable welding.
The ACI Welding skid loader attachments
include material buckets, rock forks and bale
John Arnzen and Bob Arnzen are the
owners of Arnzen Construction, and the ACI
Welding is managed by Mike Arnzen.
Arnzen Construction, Inc. hours are
Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30
p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon. You
can reach the ofce at 320-836-2284 or 1-888276-1751.
The owners would like to thank the
community and surrounding areas for their
business and continued support.

You Name It, We Weld It...

Free Stalls Barn Equipment Repairs Custom Parlors

Latches & Gates Iron Railing Ornaments