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After the collapse of Moslem world, the Ottoman Empire, after the First World War, many ex-
provinces attacked by European countries. From north African just like Morocco, Algiers, Egypt, etc;
central and minor Asia like Balkan, Sicily, Cyprus, Macedonia, Turkistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan,
etc; south Asia like Pakistan, Ceylon, India, etc; the central authority, the Turkey itself; even the
middle east like Hejaz, Syam, Yemen, Palestine, etc. All of them are parts of the Ottoman Empire, or
at least it is parts of free Moslem countries. The colonial, like French, Spain, British, Dutch, etc, uses
all kind of method to claim the land, to occupy all possibilities world resources. They try with all
power weaponry, divided and slicing the local tribes to pit against each other, and many other ways to
weaken the Moslem authorities’ power so that they have all access to the source or what ever they

About the chaos in the Middle East until this time, thanks to the British Mandate and nation league
which divides the peninsula into pieces little country with many revolts and weak authorities, and in
the end creating and bulking terror for Arabs world, the state of Israel. Many people didn’t know this,
or some maybe didn’t want to know about this.

So, lets see again to the real episode in the chain history around the First World War era, when the
Ottoman Empire became weak and lost in the battle against many new power countries, and the
consequences are many provinces try to release or get away as a freedom countries with help from the
outer countries and of course with something in return. With many revolting inside the Ottoman
Empire, the power of the central authority is weaken faster, also weakening the authorities in many
province. When the time has come, the outer authorities whose give the help before begin to cop out
their promise and quickly as possible claim the land and colonialized them all. Some of the provinces
lost so quickly, but some others hang on in the battle with limited weaponry and unskillful soldiers
against the powerful European colonials. But of course, with the limited weaponry, unskillful soldiers
in the modern battle, they always need supporters to empowering their army and built the new country
which their dreaming.

In the Middle East area, when British can’t take control some area, they pit the local tribes against each
others, or the local government against the local tribes as the opposite power. In that time, to finishing
the plans, the British armies’ helps attacking some area which was weaken and in return that land
under their controls. Begin with many local tribes and local government war which creating by British,
the Arab revolts which un-recovered after years, creation of the British Mandate, the Hussein-
McMahon correspondence, creating Trans Jordan, creating Israel country, and many other happening.
It’s all just the colonials’ games to claims many opportunities to the new land with rich land sources,
and maybe with another intention.

At the past time, in the Ottoman Empire authority, Hejaz divided into some district, but the most
powerful are two local governments, in the west area is leads by Rashid and in the east area leads by
Hussein Ali. Soon after the weakness of Ottoman Empire, Hussein tries to gain control over Hejaz area
as an independent Sultan, helped by British. But soon after the British get the purpose or the goals,
they left Hussein alone and pit him against his rival authority, Rashid and Saud family which get aid
from British. Later, all Hussein’s family in any place get struggled by the local tribes or the opposites
power which also helped by British or the other outer countries. In Hejaz, Hussein lost the control of
the mainland, in Iraq and some other place his family lost almost all their authorities power, until the
last one is the Trans Jordan authority which still hold out this time named Jordan Kingdom.

In between 1831-1840, the viceroy of Egypt, Muhammad Ali, and gain control over Palestine from
Ottoman, but return to Ottoman again in 1840. After that era, Palestine gets the worse declination than
before. And to make the reform, Jewish immigrants from Europe perhaps in 1880 brought modern
machinery and make them winning the economics. Begun with those conditions, Jewish founded the
World Zionist Organization in 1897, and as result their authority bigger and immigration of European
Jewish increased greatly. In the history, Israel tribes maybe was immigrated to Palestine area in 1270
BC, and led by Joshua conquered some area of Palestine on the north side, but unable to go to south
east, even some north zone and town still belongs to Palestinians.

In 1917, aided by Arab, British captured Palestine from Ottoman Empire and gain control over the
land as the return from the British aided in the Arabs revolts to make a new independence sultanate
against the Ottoman authority. This deals between British and Arab which leads by Hussein ibn Ali as
Sheriff of Mecca, written in some declaration. In that time, the Arabs didn’t know the other attention
from British to help Zionist make a country for Jewish and expel the Palestinians. And to smoothing
the plans, British and Zionist make a deal in Balfour Declaration in 1917 which not only help
emigrating Jewish from Europe but also make “national home” for them in Palestine. And the worse is
this effort supported by the Nation League in 1922 with named British Mandate (1922-1948) until the
new Jewish country founded.

In the same time with the British Mandate, Trans Jordan forced to accepted the land of Palestine is
under British control and the Arabs didn’t have authority any more to the law and rules which creating
by British, even if weakening the Palestinian government itself, because their exactly destination is to
empowering the Zionist army and in the end of the scenario is to give the land to Jewish. In the
beginning, the Zionist is just a semi autonomous authority which led by David Ben Gurion under the
Palestinian government, but after few years, Jewish try to gain control over many land of Palestine
spreading their area, terrorizing Arabs peoples to out from the land to make rooms for Jewish
immigrant under Zionist power. They make their own armies called Haganah which weaponry
supported by America and was trained by British. On the other side, the Palestine had never recovered
from the Arab revolt and most of the leaders were in exile.

In years both side Palestine and Zionist had attack each others. In 1947-1948 had happen the big war
between Arabs country which want to help Palestine from the Zionist, but the Arabs League get lost
because of the limited modern weaponry and unskillful armies. In that time (I didn’t know, before the
war or after the war!), UN made their own decision to separated Palestine into two pieces, one piece
for Jewish and the other for Palestinian. So, the new Israel country was founded in May 1948. But, it is
not the end, Zionist still provoke and forced Palestinian peoples out from their own land to make room
for Jewish immigrants from Europe. It is happen for years and as long that times many battle happen
between Palestine and Zionist. Because of the weakness of Palestine and defeated by Israel, the Arabs
helps but also defeated by Israel, and even more, Israel enlarged their territory into almost all Palestine
area. So, because Arabs armies defeated, to keep the Palestinian on their own land, Jordan took control
on the West Bank, and Egypt took the Gaza Strip. Beside that, the war produced almost a million
Palestinian refugees and almost the same numbers were killed by Israeli forces.

In 1967, a big war happens again between six Arabs countries against Israel which always disturb the
Arabs neighborhood borders and make chaos. Unfortunately, Israel more powerful then six Arabs
armies and winning the war, even more Israel claims all Palestine area, Egypt lost all Sinai Peninsula
into Suez Channel; Jordan lost the border and Lebanon area also. For years, Arabs try to claims again
their own but always fails. Most of them get their land again in withdraw with Israel, but they lets
Israel still claims all Palestine area because the Arabs have no power to help Palestine except give aid
for refugees. The Arabs governments fears with Israel attack and let Palestinian fight alone as
guerrillas as a brave man fight for their own land and their freedom from Israel colonialization.

Many ways used by Israel to stop the Palestinian fights for their land. The struggle against Zionist by
the brave man from Palestine makes problems for Israel. So, to make them seen as bad man and the
illegal side authority, the fighters whose want to get back their land describing as terrorist. This
charges also strengthening by almost all European countries and of course America. This is what I
want to say as the world persecution and unfair situation. Why the thief (Israel) helped by the police
(America and British) to robs a legal land owner (Palestine)? Why when the land owner (Palestine) try
to get back their land, the police (America and British) calls them as terrorist? Why when the
neighbors (Arabs countries) give helps the police (America and British) angry and gives the thief
(Israel) weapons to kill the legal land owner (Palestine)?

If we think clearly, who’s the real terrorist, the peoples who want to get back their land or the thief and
the police who work together robs the legal land owner. If this police and the thief get punished from
the first, the war and crashes, and chaos for years wouldn’t be happen, the world will be peaceful, and
the Middle East problems solved as fast as possible. But, because of the justice never happen, the
police and the thief became the most powerful authorities in the world and always creating new
problem in the world. The police claim many countries in the world as new form of legal
colonialization. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Korea, and some other countries, they forcing
their vision and completing their hides’ intentions. Thanks to the injustices, because of that condition
comes up the fighter from all side of the world, some of them just like Osama, Taliban, Jihad Islam,
Hammas, and many others, whose try to get the fairness and throw away the police double standard
around them. But the police still have their own stiffness, the newest one which is in the zeroed in on
to be attacked by the police is Iran, with nuclear weapon motive, even no evidence about that. So, as
long as the persecution still happens in this world, the peace is far away from all human being.

Please think clearly and objectives, if any mistakes in this writing please forgive me. For the correcting
thought here, please give any comments or sharing new information about this writing. Thanks.

May, 2007

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