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INTRODUCTION ........................

Preparing the Adventure ...................... 3
Adventure Structure.............................. 3
Running the Adventure ........................ 3
General Adventure Rules ..................... 4
Non-Player Characters.......................... 4
Table Rating............................................ 4
A Note on Commlinks ........................... 4
Crossing Borders .................................. 4
Contacts .................................................. 5
Tracking Faction .................................... 5
Paperwork ............................................... 5

PLOT SYNOPSIS ....................... 6
GMS NOTE................................. 6
LONELY APARTMENT.............. 8
CUSTOMIZE MY RIG ................. 9
...................................................... 10
IN THE WARRENS................... 12
THE FARM ............................... 13
LEGWORK ............................... 16
Comparative Filing ..............................18

CAST OF SHADOWS .............. 18

Brent Fuller ...........................................18
Brents Guards .....................................19
Matty Zorn .............................................19
Duke .......................................................20
The EMTs ..............................................20
Tenebrous .............................................21
Typical Gangers ...................................21
Arnold Weiss ........................................21
Feral Ghouls .........................................22
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Rob Boyle

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John Dunn

Shadowrun Missions

Critical Care 2

Critical Care is a Shadowrun Missions
campaign adventure. This is only the
adventure portion of Critical Care the
maps, player handouts, sample characters,
and other playing aids are included in
SRM02-15B, Critical Care, Playing Aids.
Preparing the Adventure
Critical Care is intended for use with
Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, and all character
and rules information refers to the fourth
edition of the Shadowrun rules.
Adventure Structure
Critical Care consists of several scenes.
These scenes form the basis of the
adventure, which should be completed in
approximately four hours. If you are running
short on time, you should streamline each
and be a little more generous with clues,
target numbers, and other requirements to
aid in guiding the players through the
Each scene outlines the most likely
sequence of events, as well as how to
handle unexpected twists and turns that
inevitably crop up. Each one contains the
gamemasters with all the information
necessary to run it.
Whats up, chummer? provides a quick
synopsis of the scenes action, allowing you
to get a feel for the encounter at a glance.
Tell it to them straight is written to be
read aloud to the players, describing what
their characters experience upon entering
the scene. You should feel free to modify the
narrative as much as desired to suit the
group and the situation, since the characters
may arrive at the scene by different means
or under different circumstances than the
text assumes.
Behind the scenes covers the bulk of
the scene, describing whats happening,
what the non-player characters are doing,
how they will react to the player characters
actions and so forth. It also covers the
setting of the encounter, going over
properties of the location as well as
providing any descriptions of important

Shadowrun Missions

Pushing the envelope looks at ways to

make the encounter more challenging for
experienced or powerful characters and
other ways you can add some extra spice
to the scene.
Debugging offers solutions to potential
problems that may crop up during the
encounter. While its impossible to foresee
everything that a group of player characters
might do, this section tries to anticipate
common problems and offer suggestions for
dealing with them.
Running the Adventure
Gamemastering is more of an art than a
science, and every gamemaster does things
a bit differently. Use your own style when it
comes to preparing and running the
adventure and do whatever you feel is best
to provide the best Shadowrun game you
can for your players. Shadowrun Missions
adventures are designed to run in a
standard four-hour convention time slot.
Please keep this in mind when running
the adventure. You should leave at least 1520 minutes at the end of the time slot to
complete any necessary paperwork and
pass out the players Debriefing Logs.
(Make sure that you have enough copies
of the Debriefing Log for this adventure
to give one copy to each player after
running the adventure.) This section offers
some guidelines you may find useful in
preparing to run Critical Care (or any
Shadowrun Missions adventure).

Step 1: Read The Adventure

Carefully read the adventure from
beginning to end. Get a feel for the overall
plot and what happens in each scene. That
way, if something different happens, you
wont be caught off guard and you can adapt
things smoothly.

Step 2: Take Notes

Take notes for yourself while reading
through the adventure that you can refer to
later on. Possible things to note include:
major plot points (so you can see them all at
a glance), the names of various non-player
characters, possible problems you notice,
situations where you think a particular
character can shine and other things youll
want to keep in mind while running the

Critical Care 3

Step 3: Know The Characters

Prior to the start of the adventure,
examine the PCs record sheets and
Debriefing Logs for your reference and have
basic information about their important
abilities handy so you can refer to it during
play. Also go over the characters and keep
their previous events listed on the Debriefing
Logs in mind when determining non-player
character actions in various scenes if such a
dynamic has been included.

Step 4: Dont Panic!

Gamemastering involves juggling a lot
of different things. Sometimes you drop the
ball and forget something or you just make a
mistake. It happens, dont worry about it.
Nobody is perfect all of the time and
everybody makes mistakes. Just pick up
from there and move on. Your players will
understand and forget about it once you get
back into the action.
General Adventure Rules
Shadowrun Missions adventures use
the rules presented in Shadowrun, Fourth
Edition (SR4). Standard rules such as
success tests, the Rules of One and Six,
and other common mechanics are described
in SR4 and are not repeated in this
Please keep in mind when preparing for
the adventure, that the PCs will not
necessarily comprise a balanced party. Its
entirely possible that the party will be made
up entirely of Technomancers or back-tonature Shamans. If the characters run into a
brick wall because of such complications,
show flexibility and use your best judgment
in how you lead them back to the plot.
Non-Player Characters
Non-player characters (NPCs) are
essential to any adventure. They are the
characters in the adventure that interact with
the player characters. NPCs in this
adventure have already been created and
can be found in the Cast of Shadows
The NPCs in this adventure should
generally stand up to the average player
character, but may need some adjustment to
suit a particular group of characters,

Shadowrun Missions

especially a more experienced and powerful

group. The scenes and NPC descriptions
offer tips on adjusting the NPCs to suit the
abilities of the characters in your group. To
adjust the power level of an NPC, refer to
Advancement Table (SR4 p.277). Take the
player characters abilities into consideration
when assessing the NPCs in this adventure
and modify them accordingly.
Table Rating
Table Rating (TR) is used to adjust the
difficulty of an adventure so that it is
appropriate to the characters playing it. The
TR value can be used to increase the
number or abilities of opponents, and the
device ratings of equipment in the
adventure. Add up the Career Good Karma
of all PCs and divide by the number of PCs.
Once that average is determined, consult
the chart below to determine the class of the
Table Rating


Karma Range

A Note on Commlinks
With the change to SR4, commlinks
have become a universal appliance.
Because just about every NPC is going to
have one, they won't always be statted out
in the adventure text. For NPCs who do not
have a statted commlink, assume it has all
necessary ratings at (TR/2) +1 (round-up).
These commlinks will not contain any
valuable paydata.
Crossing Borders
As a city of 4 nations, getting around
Denver can be tricky business. Sometimes a
coyote contact can help the team across a
border. Other times a border crossing may
be an integral part of the adventure. Often,
however, crossing the border is just a minor
step in completing the run and part of
another "day in the life."
To quickly simulate a border crossing,
have all characters make a quick test of

Critical Care 4

Fake SIN Rating + Charisma + Etiquette.

Threshold on the test is TR/2 (round-up).
On a failure, the PC will need to pay a 300
bribe to get across safely. If the PC glitches,
the passage ends up taking longer than
intended, and the character needs to spend
300 on a bribe. On a critical glitch, the PC
loses one piece of forbidden or restricted
gear, and must spend 500 on a bribe.
If the whole party is attempting to cross
as a group, use a Teamwork test (SR4 p.59)
for the border crossing. In the event of a
glitch or critical glitch, all players will suffer
the previously mentioned consequences.
Some campaign specific contacts may
require an availability test. For the purposes
of those tests, glitch and/or critical glitch
results will have no special effects. In the
event that multiple PCs at the table have the
same contact, they may each independently
attempt the availability test. Please see the
legwork section for more information on
Tracking Faction
A special feature, in Shadowrun
Missions, is Faction.
As PCs proceed
through the adventures in Denver, they may
develop good or bad standing with many of
the underworld organizations.
standings will affect their ability to interact
with those groups.
Because of this, when calculating
character awards at the end of the session,
make sure to also mark off the faction
changes that were earned in the adventure.
(As noted in Picking up the Pieces.)

Shadowrun Missions

In game play, characters will gain bonus

dice or suffer dice pool penalties for each
tick of faction they have for social
interactions dealing with NPCs belonging to
those groups.
For example, when
attempting to negotiate with a Mr. Johnson
affiliated with the Casquilho Mafia,
characters who have two ticks towards Ally
will have an extra two dice for any
negotiation attempt. Characters can only
gain or lose standing through game play.
After running a Shadowrun Missions
adventure, there are several important
pieces of paperwork that need to be filled
The first is to make certain to distribute
a copy of the adventures Debriefing Log to
each player. As the GM, please make
certain to fill this out and sign off on it for
each character. In the interests of time, you
may have each player fill out the sections,
with appropriate values that you give them.
Please consider the PCs actions in the
modifiers, per those rules (SR4 pp.257-8).
The second is to make sure that all
players have updated their characters
calendar. PCs are allowed to go on one run
per week. The calendar is used to track the
characters monthly lifestyle expenses,
adventures, and their downtime exploits.
Finally, please fill out the Event
Summary report and e-mail it to the
at or use the
adventures will reflect the outcome of this
Without GM feedback, the PCs
exploits will be unable to affect the

Critical Care 5

Adventure Background
A DocWagon executive, Brent Fuller,
hires the team to investigate a situation
regarding patients that are disappearing.
They are told that the investigation must be
kept absolutely quiet for public relations
purposes. He gives them the files on the
three missing women.
Legwork provides the runners with leads
on a fake DocWagon ambulance, potential
additional victims, and the grunts responsible for the kidnappings.
Eventually, the runners learn about the
Farm a site where metahumans are grown
for organ harvesting. To their horror, they
discover ghouls run the site.
The run
concludes as the team fights their way free
with the survivors while the ghouls or their
associates pursue.

Plot Synopsis
Not long ago, a ghoul mage set up a
metahuman breeding farm for organlegging
and food in the Warrens. When the Vory
arrived, they absorbed his organization.
Since then, the operation has been
streamlined and changed. After adding a
cloning lab, the operation focused on cloning
and growing Ork babies purely for
Its cheaper to grow the
babies naturally than to pay for a vat full of
The operation has run successfully for
well over a year. Recently, the Kirillov Vory
brought a pair of former DocWagon EMTs
on board. They provided information about
Barry Wilson a DocWagon programmer
with a BTL habit. Barry had the access and

Shadowrun Missions

the skills to identify optimal breeders for the

Barry was brought into the
organization, in exchange for a steady diet
of chips.
From there, it was just a matter of
customizing a vehicle to resemble a
DocWagon ambulance, and letting Barry
hack patients bracelets from the inside.
Breeder abductions have been up over the
past few months, but now DocWagon has
begun to notice.

GMs Note
scenarios, this adventure takes place over
the course of several days. In many cases,
the characters may take more than a full
week to complete the scenario. Because of
this, please be aggressive with allowing time
to pass. Try not to let your players dictate
how things are going on a minute by minute
basis. Instead, let things happen over the
course of an afternoon. Further, if the
adventure does take more than a week,
please make sure that characters notate that
on their adventure calendar for lifestyle

Adventure Timeline

Day 0: Runners are hired.

Day 2: One of the three current targets
is kidnapped.
Day 5: The second target is kidnapped.
Day 8: The third target is kidnapped.
Day 14: Peggy and Lana attempt to
escape only to end up in the basement
becoming food for the ghouls being kept

Critical Care 6

Meeting Doc Johnson

Whats up Chummer?
Brent Fuller, a DocWagon Johnson,
offers the runners a job. He wants to track
down some of the corps clients without
tarnishing DocWagons reputation.

Tell it to them straight

With your stash of nuyen shrinking you
place a few calls asking about work before
you crash for the night. What seems like
minutes later, your commlink begins
chirping. Glancing at the time you notice its
3PM. After two more rings, you answer to
the voice of your fixer giving what passes for
a polite greeting. Theres a meet with a
Johnson at the 5x5 smugglers hang out in
two hours. Youve just enough time to get
dressed and down to the joint.
There, Matty gives you a nod towards the
burlap door that sets off the back room.
Inside, you find Mr. Johnson with two
bodyguards. The suit leans back in his chair
as he motions for you to take a seat. Over
the buzz of a white noise generator, he
gestures towards a number of serving
dishes set up on a side table and says with
a smile, I took the liberty of bringing some
dinner with me. Please help yourselves
before we discuss business.

Behind the Scenes

The food is soy-based and heavily
processed, but still high quality. Theres
enough food for all the team members to eat
heartily, even the Trolls. Allow the players a
few minutes to describe their characters and
role-play through grabbing some food.
After that, Mr. Johnson will make the job
Hell explain that the job is an
investigation and recovery. Further, the job
needs to be kept quiet because of public
relations dangers. Its far more important
that this be done quietly than that it be done
quickly. Hes willing to wait up to two weeks
for results. He offers 3000 + (500 x TR),
per runner, for this job, half up front.
Standard negotiations apply.
Each net
success gets the runners 10% more, up to a
max of 50%.
Once the team agrees, hell give his
name as Brent Fuller (see Cast of

Shadowrun Missions

Shadows) and explain that he works for

DocWagon. He will explain that three clients
circumstances. Normally, when patients die,
they receive feedback on their vitals. In
these cases, they simply lost all signal.
Missing persons reports were filed on the
first two. After that, flags went off and it was
decided that the matter needed to be
investigated further. Due to liability and
public relations risks, it was decided that a
discrete team of deniable assets should
conduct all analysis.
All three patients had high-ticket
contracts paid for by their employers. Any
connection between DocWagon and their
absence cannot become public knowledge.
Brent needs to know what happened to
these three young women. They need to be
recovered, preferably alive, and returned
DocWagons secondary facility and clinic in
the CAS sector.
Bringing them to the
primary facility would draw too much
DocWagon has not been made aware of
any ransom demands.
medical teams have not reviewed the patient
records due to internal security measures,
but their routine investigative services have
not established any connections between
the victims, save that all were young Ork
women in good health. At this point Brent
sends the files of Miranda Miller, Sandra
Olinski, and Petra Wayne to each runner.
Brent Fuller is entirely sincere and open
as he is far more interested in solving this
mystery and protecting DocWagon then he
is about playing Shadow games. He wants
the missing women found and the reasons
for their disappearances determined and
stopped, nothing else matters. He feels that
shooting straight should help get the runners
on board.
He points out that, given the dates of
happening seems to be picking up in
frequency. The first disappeared six weeks
ago, the second three weeks ago, and the
most recent just last week.
If the players begin reviewing the
patients files, refer to Comparative Filing
under Legwork. Then, discretely check
through PCs past debriefing logs. If anyone
on the team recovered the file found in
SRM02-07 An Ounce of Prevention, have
them make a Logic+Willpower (TR) Memory

Critical Care 7

test. On success, they recognize that all

three of the missing patients were
mentioned in that file. They might then
choose to, review that file as well.
(Depending upon past actions, they might
need to track down a copy of the file.)
Matty Zorn, the bartender (see Cast of
Shadows), is an early source of information
about the job. Allow the characters to grill
Matty on any Legwork. For each topic make
an Etiquette + Charisma Opposed Test
(SR4 p.121). Each net success yields one
threshold worth of information about that
topic from Matty. However, each threshold
must still be purchased with a 100 bribe. If
the runners are friendly and treat Matty with
respect, they will earn him as a contact.
If the team immediately deduces that the
next victims would be one of those
presented in the old file, proceed to
Incidental Bodyguards. If they decide to
investigate any of the victims homes,
proceed to Lonely Apartment. Otherwise,
Legwork may lead to a different scene.

If the runners refuse at this point, have
Fuller appeal to their humanitarian side. If
they still refuse, pack up your books as the
run is over when Brent Fuller walks out of
the meet. Walking away from this run earns
each runner one point of notoriety.
Within Five by Five, no one directly
mentions goods that need to be moved,
have been moved or the word smuggling.
This is a place for smugglers to get away
from work but still be amongst people who
understand their unique stressors.
Rules of Etiquette:
No direct mention of work inside the bar.
Leave your trouble at the door and
weapons in the box.
Hard currency and certified cred only.
No secrets and no ghosting allowed.
Anyone who breaks one of the Five by
Five rules will need to buy the house a
round of drinks (100 * TR) to smooth things
over and apologize for the transgression. If
its a weapons or PAN violation, they are
expected to amend the offending behavior.

Shadowrun Missions

Lonely Apartment
Whats up Chummer?
If the characters decide to investigate
any of the victims homes, use this scene.
Theyre not going to find anything
meaningful, but they could dig up some red

Tell it to them straight

After tracking down the address from the
files, you head to the missing womans
address. Bypassing the security systems
was a breeze. Apparently, aside from a nice
DocWagon contract, her standard of living
wasnt anything special. Inside, you find a
combination of parental hand-me-downs and
the eclectic tastes of a recent college grad.

Behind the Scenes

The bad news is that there isnt anything
meaningful to find at any of these homes.
So, if the players choose to spend a lot of
time here, the GM will need to be creative.
All three reside in lower-middle class, onebedroom apartments. Two of the women
resided in Englewood not far from the
University of Denver campus. The third
lived in reasonably nice apartment complex
in Parker, an area that epitomizes suburbia.
If the PCs ask around, the team can
encounter an assortment of neighbors
both oblivious and overly nosy. Its easiest
to play up some stereotypes:
The retired couple who spend all of their
free time watching the hallways.
The guy who works third shift and takes
forever to wake up and answer the door,
but isnt coherent when he does.
The kid whos gotten into trouble while
his parents are still at work.
The harried Mom, whos very concerned
about what her children are doing while
she talks to the investigators.
Nosy neighbors can offer comments
about the victims comings and goings and
loud partying. Theyll insist that the missing
woman was clearly up to no good. More
oblivious ones will comment that they
seemed to be quiet neighbors who kept to

Critical Care 8

All three of the women had boyfriends,

but none were in serious relationships.
Photographs and posters adorn the walls,
and all had nice assortments of trid and chip
Their home computers will have personal
schedules, their personal and work contacts,
their media collections, and their bank
statements. None of these should have any
big surprises. Emptying the bank accounts
will yield TR*200.
Going through their trash will reveal
packages from take-out dinners, typical
toiletries, and an assortment of junk mail.
If the characters look hard enough, allow
them to find a few minor connections. For
example, all three may have a bag from
McHughs in their trash or might have
received the same piece of junk mail. Its
even possible that two of the women might
have a common persons name in their
contact database. However, unless youve
got a lot of time, its best to really play these

Its essential to balance between giving
the players enough rope to hang themselves
and playing within the allotted time. If the
players get horribly off-track or if time is
already tight, bluntly let the players know
that theyre heading down the wrong track.
Conversely, if time isnt an issue, feel free to
let them stir up all sorts of extra trouble here.

Shadowrun Missions

Customize My Rig
Whats up Chummer?
The runners have tracked down Duke,
the mechanic that customized the fake
DocWagon ambulance.

Tell it to them straight

Pulling up in front of the body shop in Old
Downtown, you notice it has seen better
days. Somebody with nuyen does care
about the place the loading bay door is
new and the side entrance is a solid steel
door. From inside, you hear the pounding
bass of some Troll thrash metal that almost
drowns out the screeching sound of metal
being cut through the closed doors. A
human teen stands under a small sign that
proclaims Dukes puffing on a cigarette
and watching you approach.

Behind the Scenes

The teen introduces himself as Gears.
When asked, he says that Duke is inside
and leads the team through the side door.
Hell explain that hes Dukes apprentice.
Inside, The smells of grease, ozone, and
stale soycaf assault the nose. Photos of
engines and custom cars are mixed with
award placards and media articles to cover
the walls of the office area.
A quick left leads to the work bay where
a monster truck is raised on a lift. Tooling
machines, workbenches and storage
cabinets line the walls. This shop appears to
be completely outfitted a mechanics or
riggers dream. The music is also rather
dramatically louder in here.
When the team enters, Duke (see Cast
of Shadows) is currently cutting a pipe in
two with a blowtorch. After he finishes, hell
turn towards the team with the lit blowtorch
still absently in his hand. Then, hell flip up
his welding mask, and bellow over the music
to ask them what they need through a tusky
The teams approach will determine what
Duke reveals. If they want to hire the
EMTs for a job, he tells them that their
names are Fred and Bert and gives them a
Matrix ID to call to set up a meet. If they
want a similar job done, hell be happy to

Critical Care 9

talk numbers and even show the plans and

photographs of the ambulance.
If they explain that the two are involved in
a series of kidnappings then Duke shuts up.
For a hefty bribe (TR * 500), he gives them
Fred and Berts address in Englewood.
If any of the PCs decide that this is too
good of an opportunity to pass up, Duke is
willing to accept jobs to upgrade any of their
vehicles. Hell be willing to install hidden
smuggling compartments (0.5 m ) at a cost
of 1500 in any car or truck. Alternatively,
he can add a any non-heavy weapon to a
fixed-mount for a cost of 2500. If the
weapon needs to be concealable, it will be
another 2000. Any of these modifications
will take 1 week on the characters calendar
to complete.
More mundane custom work such as
paint jobs, custom bodywork, suspension
modifications, or other mechanical changes
are available as well. Pricing on these is
subject to GM discretion. Use your best
judgment to estimate how long the job might
take, and make certain that the player takes
that into account on their characters
calendar. Note that they will not have
access to the vehicle being modified for the
entire duration of Dukes work.

If Duke is threatened, hell be willing to
accept a smaller bribe. However, once the
runners have gone he will call Fred and Bert
to warn them. They clear out of the house
but call their ganger friends to set up an
ambush. (See At the House of the EMTs.)

Shadowrun Missions

At the House of the EMTs

Whats up Chummer?
The runners arrive at the base of
operations for the fake EMTs. The pair
arent looking for a fight and can be cowed
into giving them information leading to The

Tell it to them straight

The target house is a single story with
attached garage. The brown trim and paint
is peeling off in many spots, but everything
looks structurally secure. The gang symbol
for the Godz is scrawled across the garage

Behind the Scenes

The home is in a rundown portion of the
Englewood neighborhood. As long as the
runners are fairly quiet when they gain
entrance, this scene is intended to be easy.
Both the front and back doors have Rating
(TR) mechanical locks. However, forcing
the doors will make enough noise to allow
Fred and Bert to ready weapons and don
The house has a compact layout with a
living/dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom
and one bedroom. Its neatly organized and
cleaned, but the furnishings are all well
If they manage to gain entry quietly and
not alert either EMT, they find the two in bed
together and can easily get the drop on and
subdue them.
On a successful Intimidation test, Bert
and Fred will spill their guts about the
operation, though they will attempt to get a
bribe if they can, in order to flee Denver.
They tell the runners about the Farm
giving the address in the Barrens. Theyll
explain that the kidnapped women are
somehow hit with a knockout drug they
have no idea how or who delivers it. Their
DocWagon bracelets have been reprogrammed to recognize the presence of
this drug. When they do, they execute a
custom program to remove the victim from
the DocWagon grid, and send a immediate
notification to the two of Fred and Bert.
They think the programmer works for
DocWagon. Theyve heard Mr. Weiss

Critical Care 10

their boss mention his name as being

Barry Winslow.
If asked about Mr. Weiss, theyll explain
that hes the person who runs The Farm.
Theyve never actually seen his face or met
him in person thats just the name he gave
If the PCs are exceptionally nice to Fred
& Bert, then theyll reveal that The Farm is
run by ghouls. If theyre not, the two will
happily take that surprise to their grave with
If the team decides to ask Brent about
Winslow hell thank them and explain that
its best if he handles the programmer as an
internal DocWagon matter.
In the garage, the team can find the fake
DocWagon Ambulance. A Land Vehicles (1)
knowledge test will identify it as a heavily
modified VW Urbano. (Same statistics as
an Ares Citymaster, but the turret has been
removed SR4 p. 341) If the PCs wish, they
may confiscate the vehicle. They may later
choose to sell it to DocWagon. (Note pricing
in Picking up the Pieces.)

If the EMTs end up dead, the runners
may find the Berts private journal with a
successful search of the home (Intution +
Perception (5, 15 minutes)). That details the
operation, the address of the Farm and
Barry Winslows involvement.
It takes
another Intuition + Perception (4, 10
minutes) to find this information in the

Pushing the Envelope

If the runners are having too easy of a
time with this have the local gang that the
EMTs have been paying protection to,
intervene. The gangers will be members of
The Godz. (If any of the PCs have longstanding issues with specific members of
that gang, feel free to use that NPC here.)
Use stats for the Halloweeners (SR4, p.
275) with two gangers per PC showing up
plus the lieutenant.

Shadowrun Missions

Incidental Bodyguards
Whats up Chummer?
The runners have decided to tail a
possible victim. Whichever woman they
chose to follow is the very next victim of the
kidnappers. Its their lucky day.

Tell it to them straight

Youve followed the young woman
through her daily routine for several long
hours. No wonder cops drink so much
coffee and eat so many doughnuts. This job
could cure insomnia. Its late evening and
boredom has settled in. Cracking a yawn
that travels through the team, you blink
when you no longer see her. It takes a
moment to realize that she collapsed on the

Behind the Scenes

Everything hinges on what the runners
do next, if they wait and watch, a few
minutes after the victim collapses a
DocWagon Citymaster pulls up and two
EMTs, Bert and Fred, (see Cast of
Shadows) get out of the vehicle with a
gurney. They appear to treat the woman,
then place her in a gurney. If anyone asks,
they explain that she will be taken to a
nearby clinic. (A Judge Intentions (2) test
will reveal that something doesnt feel right
about them.)
If the PCs choose not to interfere and
follow the ambulance, they will be led into
the Warrens and to the Farm where they
can watch the two EMTs remove her from
the ambulance and take her inside. If time
allows, add in one of the distractions from In
The Warrens before proceeding to The
If they confront the EMTs, a brief conflict
will take place as the two try to fight their
way clear. If the EMTs are clearly losing the
battle and unable to escape, theyll respond
as in At the House of the EMTs.

Critical Care 11

If the runners botch the rescue or alert
Fred or Bert, the team will have two more
chances. However, the EMTs will be on
alert when they make their next snatches.
From this point on, two gangers will be in the
ambulance dressed in poor imitation
DocWagon uniforms. Use Halloweener
Ganger (SR4, p.275), but upgrade their
pistols to Colt Manhunters.
If the PCs focus on trying to find who
drugged the woman, theyre not going to
have any luck. The drug was added to
something she ate or drank hours ago, and
was slow acting. As things stand, without
taking a blood sample from the victim and
running an analysis on it, they wont even be
able to tell what triggered the collapse.
If the characters somehow obtain one of
the victims DocWagon bracelets before she
is kidnapped, they can attempt to hack into
it. Doing so requires a Hardware + Logic
(15, 1 hour), followed by a Hacking + Logic
(10, 1 hour). This will reveal the contact
number for the EMTs and identify Barry
Winslow as the programmer who inserted
the rogue code. The substance that triggers
the rogue code is an exceptionally high
dosage of carbinoxamine (an antihistamine).

In the Warrens
Whats up Chummer?
This optional section contains a few
encounters for the runners if the Mission is
proceeding too quickly and the GM needs to
fill time as they make their way to The Farm.
Its best to select just one of the options, but
if time allows feel free to pursue all three.

Tell it to them straight

A) A number of gangers are approaching
on Rapiers waving various impromptu
weapons and a few real ones. They seem
to be taking exception to you traveling
through their territory.
Theyre closing
awfully quick.
B) As you travel down the desolate
streets of the Warrens you notice a nicely
dressed woman hobbling along, almost
skipping as she tries to keep weight off of
her right leg. Clearly, she is injured and as
you draw closer she begins waving
frantically in your direction, begging for help.
C) As you drive down the street of
another worn-down neighborhood, you see
a small sedan ahead with steam pouring
from the radiator. A man in a Hawaiian shirt
leans under the hood, looking at the engine
while trying to avoid the steam. A middleaged woman, dressed in a colorful
sundress, is yelling at him loudly. Looks
like a couple of tourists in the Aurora
Warrens. Now you have seen everything.

Behind the Scenes

A) This scene involves one ganger per
PC plus TR, with two gangers per bike
except for the leader. Any characters who
played through SRM02-06 The Flip Side will
immediately recognize them as members of
the Aurora Angels (see Cast of Shadows).
Otherwise Intuition + Gang Identification (2)
will identify them. The gang is known for a
mix of matrix crimes and physical vandalism.
This scene can be resolved in a number of
ways: bribery (100 per PC), a car chase, a
fight or a combination of the last two. If the
team tries to make a run for it, Tenebrous
will aggressively try to hack their vehicles.

Shadowrun Missions

Critical Care 12

B) If the runners come to her aid she

explains that her name is Louisa Philmore.
She hurt her ankle when some gangers ran
her off the road, then stole her car. Shes in
a dead zone, and cannot contact either
DocWagon or Lone Star. She really would
appreciate a ride to safety and a clinic. She
can only offer them 100 for their chivalry.
C) The runners can stop and attempt to
help fix the car. The couple is Amanda and
George Tiller from Bozeman, Montana
vacationing on their twenty-fifth wedding
anniversary in the mile-high city. Fixing the
car takes an extended mechanics test (4,
one minute) as the radiator hose has blown
off and needs some patching before it can
be reattached without leaking. Failing that
the runners can offer the two a lift or just
leave the poor couple to whatever fate
awaits them in the Warrens.

The Farm
Whats up Chummer?
The runners have arrived at the Farm, an
abandoned, run-down old school. This is
the finale of the run and is quite dangerous.
It could end with everyone dead if care is not

Tell it to them straight

The building before you appears to have
once been a school, judging from the ruined
playground rides and the number of
windows in the two-story brick building.
With all the windows boarded up, it looks
abandoned. The basement windows are
even fitted with iron grill-work that prevents
entry, making you wonder what type of
school this used to be. Most windows on
the second floor have been broken out.


Behind the Scenes

The runners may end up losing the

ambulance if they are tailing it when one of
these scenes comes up. If so, use your best
judgment with any solutions they attempt.

Depending on how the runners arrive

here will set the scene. All the doors are
locked and remain so unless a delivery is
being made. Then, the front doors open to
let Fred and Bert bring the delivery in. Even
then, the guard does not expose himself
beyond an arm throwing open the door.
The school is warded (Force TR+1) and
two watcher spirits are on astral alarm duty.
Security cameras (with standard and
infrared capabilities) monitor each of the
buildings entrances. In addition, each door
also is made of reinforced steel, painted to
appear aged, and secured with a maglock.
Both the cameras and the maglocks are
Device Rating (TR/2) + 3. The cameras are
all running IC using Black Hammer at
Device Rating.
There are a total of 10 Ghoul Guards
stationed throughout the complex (see
locations below.) For these guards, use
standard Ghoul statistics (SR4 p.292).
However, add Automatics: 2, an FN-HAR
with two clips of explosive ammo, and a
Camoflage suit.
There are also 5 Ghoul Medical Staff.
For the staffers, again use standard Ghoul
statistics (SR4 p.292). In this case, add
Cybertechnology: 2, First Aid: 4, and
Medicine: 4.
While one of the guards monitors the
security cameras, another is on duty

Shadowrun Missions

Critical Care 13

watching out the windows of the second

floor. Opposed perception and infiltration
tests are required to check if either group
notices the other.
If the runners are spotted by either
system, an ambush will be set up at the first
cross-corridor from the entrance that they
use. If the party splits up, the ghouls will
concentrate on any PCs that showed up as
dual-natured or who have any gear with an
astral signature. Eight of the ten guards will
set up with four taking cover in lockers and
behind stacked up desks in each direction of
the cross corridor. (The remaining two
guards will stay with the patients.) Theyll
begin combat with aim actions and then use
long, wide bursts from their FN-HARs.
Arnold Weiss (see Cast of Shadows)
will observe the combat and if his magic can
tip the scales in his favor, he will enter
combat. Otherwise he will call for a ceasefire and attempt to negotiate with the
runners, offering them 2000 + (750 x TR)
each if they drop the investigation. If the
runners do not accept the bribe then it is a
fight to the finish. If necessary, Arnold will
release the Feral Ghouls from the basement
(see Cast of Shadows) to either overpower
the team or to chase them down.
If the runners decide to enter the building
through sewers into the basement, theyre in
big trouble. The Feral Ghouls (TR ghouls
per PC) will have a field day attempting to
kill and eat them. The noise of that combat
will alert the other staff to intruders. Again,
the guards and Arnold will attempt to
ambush the runners if they escape the
If the ghouls are not on alert, there is one
ghoul guard stationed on the second floor
keeping watch while another watches the
security cameras. A pair of ghoul guards
continuously patrol the ground floor. The
remaining six guards will be bunked in one
of the classrooms.
Most classrooms on the main floor have
been turned into storerooms, except for the
science labs where the cloning and
incubation take place and the gym where
the breeders are kept.
The Cloning Lab
One of the ghoul medical staff is here
performing labwork. He will attempt to raise
an alarm if he notices intruders.
The laboratory is equipped with
centrifuges, rows of incubators, freezers, a

Shadowrun Missions

DNA analyzer, a fume hood and a

microscope. Most of these look like large
(2+ m ) metallic boxes, with integrated
nodes providing temperature status. If the
PCs attempt to hack any of these nodes
(DR: 4), theyll be able to obtain complete
information on all of the cell lines and
tissues in storage here.
A blood stained disposal chute in this
room leads down to the Feral Ghouls in the
Inspecting the incubators will reveal a
large number of organs ranging in size from
newborn to those that have undergone
accelerated development to an adult size.
All of these are maintained in cloning vats,
awaiting implantation.
The Operating Room
This lab is equipped like a typical
operating room. Biomonitors, bright lights,
cylinders of anesthetic, and gleaming glass
and metal cabinets of surgical instruments
are strikingly apparent. When the team
makes their run on the facility, theyll find
this room in use. Two ghoul medical staffers
are working on a sedated Ork woman to
extract oocytes for fertilization. If alerted,
they will attempt to run and raise an alarm
abandoning the woman. As she is currently
under anesthetic, if none of the runners take
a First Aid + Logic (1) test, she will
eventually die from an anesthesia overdose.
The Gym
A score of cots are laid out in what was
once the gym. Sixteen of the cots contain
ork women in various stages of pregnancy.
All are dressed in hospital gowns. Given
their condition, several of them they have
clearly been here for many months if not
Two ghoul medical staffers are here
monitoring the breeders. They will attempt
to raise an alarm and flee. If he hasnt been
alerted to the teams infiltration, Arnold
Weiss will be here. There are sixteen Ork
women here. This will include all of the
recent victims, subject to the timeline. If
stats are needed for any of these women,
assume that due to physical and emotional
trauma, all of their attributes have been
reduced to ones.
Each woman is chained to the wall with
just enough length to reach and use the
bedpan underneath her cot. A number have
been handcuffed and hobbled as well. All
wear wireless medical monitors. If the PCs

Critical Care 14

are easily noticed, any who see them will

desperately beg for release. Unless the
runners come up with some means to keep
them all quiet, the noise here will eventually
raise an alarm.

If the players attempt to bluff their way
into The Farm using the fake ambulance,
timing is critical. Arnold knows when to
expect new kidnapping victims. If they show
up shortly after Bert & Fred were to make a
pick-up, the infiltration can go smoothly.
Otherwise, the ghouls will have an ambush
ready and waiting.
If the runners manage to escape, Arnold
starts working to shut down and move The
Farm. Within twenty-four hours, the medical
equipment will have been moved. The older
breeders will be left to the feral ghouls. The
younger ones will be moved to the new
location and the school will be burned to the
New kidnappings will stop for
several months as the operation goes to
ground and assesses its damage.
If the runners return within twenty-four
hours, they will have one last chance to free
the remaining women. Some of the women
and gear will be loaded into moving trucks,
but none of the trucks will have left yet.
Arnold will have called in a Vory-sponsored
Shadowrunner team to assist with security
during the move. (Select a number of
archetype characters from the SR4 core
rules equal to the number of players as
additional backup.)

Shadowrun Missions

Picking up the Pieces

If completed successfully, each of the
characters earn 3000 + (500 * TR). If the
the runners accept the bribe from the
ghouls, they will instead earn 2000 + (750
x TR) plus their advance from Fuller. If the
runners do not rescue the kidnap victims but
report what happened to them to Brent
Fuller then he will allow them to keep their
advance but no further payment will be
forthcoming. If the run is successful and the
clients are retrieved with minimal noise then
DocWagon will forgive all past sins and
award a free six-month Basic DocWagon
Contract. Note that this will require turning
in a tissue sample to DocWagon.
If the PCs confiscated the fake
ambulance, and let Brent know about it, he
will offer to purchase it from them, in order to
take it off the streets. Hell offer 50,000 for
it, subject to negotiations (10% per net hit).
If they refuse to sell it, hell offer them
5,000 to deface it so it no longer appears to
be a DocWagon vehicle.

1 Uncovering the Operation
1 Rescuing the missing clients
1 Rescuing the other breeders
An additional 1-3 points of Karma may be
awarded for good role-playing, a good sense
of humor, or a particularly insightful action.
The maximum adventure award for SRM
characters who played this adventure is 6

Critical Care 15

If the all of the victims are rescued, each
character will earn one (1) point of street
cred and lose one (1) point of notoriety.
Failure to complete the run will earn all
characters one (1) point of notoriety.
If the characters choose to take the ghouls
bribe then they gain two (2) points of
notoriety each.
If the characters play the chivalrous hero
during the In the Warrens scene, they lose
one (1) point of notoriety.

+1 Faction with Kirillov Vory if they accept
the ghouls bribe.
-1 Faction with Kirillov Vory if the runners
can be identified by either of the EMTs or
anyone at The Farm.
-1 Faction with Godz if they injure any of the
gangers at the EMTs home.

A successful run will earn Brent Fuller as
a contact of the characters.
He is
Connection 4 and begins with a Loyalty of 1.
If the characters bribe Matty for more
information at 5x5, they can also earn him
as a contact with a Loyalty of 1. Characters
who already have Matty as a contact, may
instead increase his Loyalty by 1 point to a
maximum of 4.
If the characters hire Duke for a job or
interact with him in a fun way without
threatening him or his livelihood, they may
earn him as a contact at Loyalty 1.

Shadowrun Missions

When a PC gets in touch with a contact,
make a Connection + Connection test for
the contact. The results of this test will
determine how many ranks of information
the contact knows about the question.
(Apply die modifiers to this test based upon
relevance of the contact to the subject
A PC then makes a test of
Charisma + Etiquette + Loyalty rating. The
contact will reveal that many levels of
information about that topic for free. (Up to
the number of hits scored by the contact for
that topic.) If the contact knows more,
additional information will require a payment
to the contact of 50 * TR.
If the PCs have worked all of their
contacts, and are still missing important
information, they may ask a contact to ask
around. If they do so, have the Contact
Connection (20 minutes)) test. Additional
information will be available at a cost of
200 * TR.
A Data Search may also be utilized to
gather information from the following charts.
They may only make a number of Logic +
Data Search rolls times equal to their dice
pool (SR4 p.58). Hits on this extended test
may be substituted per the standard Data
Search chart (SR4 p.220).

Brent Fuller
Any Corporate Contact

0. Bent Fuller? I heard of him, made his

fortune doing porn.
1. He works for DocWagon here in Denver.
2. He signed up right out of graduation
became one of their top mediators.
3. Something of an idealist and a straightshooter, really believes in what
DocWagon is doing.
4. His career started to plateau so he
recently transferred into the internal
investigations division.

Critical Care 16

Fake DocWagon Ambulance

Any Street Contact, +2 dice if vehicle related

0. Thatd be a pretty detailed job, not many

could handle it and keep quiet. I havent
heard about anyone doing such a thing.
Its possible though.
1. Nono wait.
I seem to remember
hearing about this job that this fellow
Duke did up. Real big job on a VW
Urbano. An Urbano is pretty close to an
Ares Citymaster which is what
DocWagon used to develop their mobile
2. Duke? Hes a whiz mechanic, one of
the very best in Denver, he can
customize just about anything that
moves. I can put you in touch with him
if you like. (A routine data search can
turn up the address for Dukes Garage.)
3. From what I hear, the buyers apparently
have EMT training and laid down a
sizable chunk of change on the job.

The Two EMTs

Corp contacts receive -2 dice

0. Two EMTs? Isnt that the spin off from

1. There was a story in the news about two
EMTs about eight months back. Dont
remember the details all that well.
2. They were apparently doing some
legging on the side. Organlegging is a
pretty lucrative trade and frankly Im
surprised more medical personnel are
not tempted to dabble.
3. The story went away right quick and
those two made themselves scarce just
as quick. I heard they commissioned a
custom job though through a guy named
Duke. (A routine data search can turn
up the address for Dukes Garage.)
4. They might be going by the names Fred
and Bert now. I havent a clue where
theyd be now but I bet if Duke did the
job, he might be willing to let you know.

Shadowrun Missions

The Missing Women

Any Street Contact
0. Sorry, dont recognize the name.
1. Sure, shes an Ork woman, I think a
buddy saw her collapse in the middle of
the street. DocWagon picked her up,
shes probably still at their hospital.
2. That name was in a file that I just saw
circulating the streets. I can get you a
copy for 1500. (See Comparative

Biotech contacts receive +2 bonus dice.

0. Isnt that some form of music?

1. Thoroughly
respectable and civil, rather disgusting if
I dont say but sometimes you dont
have a choice if you have the need for
some new organs and dont have the
time to sit on a waiting list.
2. In fact, the ability to get an organ
through the black market on the streets
saved a buddy of mine.
3. It is quite profitable though, megaamounts of nuyen exchange hands. I
heard some fellow bought himself a
fresh, new kidney for 5,000. There are
people on the streets that would donate
organs for a fifth of that!
4. The criminal syndicates here in Denver
dont touch it though. Seems some
types of money are even too dirty for
them. I guess they have an image to
5. Apparently no one told the Vory about
the hands-off policy

Critical Care 17

Comparative Filing
Reviewing the victim files from Brent can
either be done with a Data Search test, or by
passing the files to a contact with Biotech
skills. If the characters just have the original
files from Brent, refer to the following table:
0. All three are Ork women in their late
teens. Here are their addresses two
in Englewood, one in Parker.
1. All had routines checkup within two
months of their kidnapping.
2. All have rare Immunity and DNA
parameters for either receiving or
donating tissues for transplants.
The team may wish to recover the file
from SRM02-07 Ounce of Prevention. If
they sold or gave it away after that scenario,
they may recover a copy for 1,000.
Alternatively, a Charisma + Etiquette (2) test
will enable them to retrieve a copy from any
corp or biotech contact for 1500. If they
investigate that file, make have them make
another Data Search test:
0. This file contains full medical records,
information for six ork women: Miranda
Miller, Sandra Olinski, Petra Wayne,
Lana Raineer, Peggy Williams, and
Allison Trenton. All are in their late
1. All have rare Immunity and DNA
parameters for either receiving or
donating tissues for transplants.
With this information in hand, a character
may make a test against Medicine or inquire
with a Contact who has the appropriate
knowledge skills to learn the following:
1. With these markers, these patients
would be ideal for generating clones for
2. A large group of Ork women, with
shorter pregnancies and large litters,
might be ideal for growing newborns to
use to obtain transplant organs.
3. After all, its a lot cheaper to use live
women to grow a child than to go to all
the trouble of cloning them. With these
patients, they could just insert prefertilized embryos, and not bother with

Shadowrun Missions

Cast of Shadows
Brent Fuller
Male Human; Connection Rating: 4
2 3 3 2 454 5 6
8 1 9
Active Skills: Computer: 4; Con: 4; Data
Search: 4; Etiquette: 4 (Corporate+2);
Intimidate: 2; Negotiation: 4; Perception: 2;
Pistols: 4
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Finances: 4;
Corporate Rumors: 4; Psychology: 3;
Medical Advances: 2
Gear: Actioneer Business Clothing, Colt
Manhunter loaded with gel rounds
A wiry, early-thirties Caucasian, Brent
Fuller, has spent his entire career working
for DocWagon as a mediator recently
switching divisions to increase his career
opportunities by taking over a problem
resolution task group. It was this group that
discovered the current problem that has led
to this attempt to resolve the issue while
DocWagons image is very important to
Brent and he will do almost anything to
protect it whatever the cause. Brent is
something of an idealist even after nearly a
decade of working for DocWagon.
Brent stands just over six feet, weighing
in at somewhere around 170 pounds,
though he is clearly fit. He prefers to wear a
grey business suit with a blue tie that
matches his eyes. He keeps his blonde hair
cut short.
Brent speaks in a calm, measured tone
with a hint of genuine friendliness. He has
something of a casual air when sitting. Even
during difficult negotiations, he can be seen
sitting back his left leg lifted so that it rests
across his right as he leans back, arms
resting across the ankle and knee
respectively of his leg.

Critical Care 18

Brents Guards
Male Human; Connection Rating: 1
3 3 4 4 3 3 3 5 6
7 1 10
Active Skills: Dodge: 3; Pistols: 2;
Automatics: 4; Unarmed Combat: 3
Gear: Armor Vest, Fichette Security 600,
H&K 227, Stun Baton.
Brent felt that it was expected that
someone operating in his capacity would
have obvious guards, so he brought these
two with him.
If trouble breaks out, they are to get
Brent Fuller out of the meet and to safety or
if they are unable to do so, pin the runners in
place while they keep Brent safe. In both
cases, they will call in a DocWagon HTR
team that Brent has positioned nearby.

Shadowrun Missions

Matty Zorn
Human Male; Connection Rating: 3
2 3 2 3 432 3 6
5 1 10
Active Skills: Automatics: 3; Electronics: 4;
Gunnery: 4; Pilot Aircraft: 6; Pilot Ground
Craft: 4
Gear: HK MP-5 TX (w/ EX Explosive
ammo), Armor Jacket, Control Rig, Cyber
eyes (Rating 3, w/ Flare Compensation, Low
Light, and Thermographic Vision), Datajack,
Reaction Enhancers (Rating 2), Touchlink
A professional barman who just wants to
be left alone by the syndicates, Matty Zorn
set up shop down in the abandoned subway
developments. He knows people who know
people, and serves as a middleman, never
asking too many questions and just handing
over names and phone numbers. Pushing
forty with a vengeance, the Denver native
doesnt like to worry about everything that
happened before he was born and focuses
on the present, thinking as far forward as
next months supply shipment. 510 and
160 lbs, Matty sells drinks at honest prices
to dishonest men, but they all pay in
advance. Brown hair with red highlights that
give hint at an Irishman several generations
back, the bartender has been a sounding
board often enough that he jokes he should
have been a priest but he liked the drink too
much to give it up.

Critical Care 19

Troll Male; Connection Rating: 2
7 3 3 7 234 3 6
6 1 12
Active Skills: Automotive Mechanic: 5;
Computer: 2; Gunnery: 2; Hardware: 4;
Industrial Mechanic: 4; Pilot Groundcraft: 2
Knowledge Skills: Chop Shops: 4;
Vehicles: 4; Troll Thrash Metal: 6
Dukes a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He
knows loud music, custom bodywork, and
engines. He likes them best in that order.
Hes had his shop up and running for 8
years. During that time, hes been extremely
careful to avoid getting involved with any of
the different criminal syndicates. He pays
his protection money to the Triads and the
Yakuza, but takes whatever work hes
offered by whoever asks for it.
Hes too intensely focused on his core
interests vehicles and music to really
keep up on much else. So, hell be pretty
oblivious to any recent news or politics.
Thats especially true for any news of
shadowy or underworld activities. He just
quietly pursues his passion. Meanwhile, the
syndicates whove hired him in the past
have been impressed enough with his work
to decide to let him continue operating in
whatever way works for him.

Shadowrun Missions

The EMTs
Human Male; Connection Rating: 1
4 3 3 3 333 3 6
6 1 10
Active Skills: Cybertechnology: 2; First Aid:
3; Medicine: 1, Negotiation: 1; Perception: 2;
Pistols: 2; Unarmed Combat: 1
Knowledge Skills: Biology: 2; Organlegging: 2
Gear: Browning Maxpower, Armored Leather Jacket, Medkit (Rating:5), DocWagon
Fred and Bert, as they now call
themselves, otherwise known as Frank Zuffa
and Gary McCormick are in their late thirties.
Both are quite nondescript and most people
would be hard pressed to remember them in
a crowd. They met in high school and
applied to DocWagon together as soon as
they graduated, becoming partners at work
as they are in life. The long hours, the
disillusionment of the streets, and expensive
tastes quickly led them both down a path to
easier money through organlegging. Neither
man has an issue with it, having had any
kindness they once had burned out on the
When DocWagon fired them, they just
changed operations after the Vory helped
brush everything under the rug. The only
thing these two care about or have
sympathy for are their vices and each other.
If either of their lives are sufficiently
threatened, they will give over to save
themselves though not without asking for a
bribe to tell what they know, so they can
leave Denver immediately.
Fred stands nearly 55 and is quite
stocky with short blonde hair starting to grey
at the edges and deep brown eyes. Bert has
brown hair and blue eyes standing near six
feet with his frame handling his stocky build
somewhat better.

Critical Care 20

Aurora Angels
Human Female; Connection Rating 2
2 2 4 2 355 3 5 6
9 1 10
Matrix Initiative (IP):11 (3)
Skills: Cracking: 3; Electronics: 3; Pistols
(Light Pistols): 1 (+2); Pilot Ground Craft
(Bike): 2 (+2)
Qualities: Technomancer
Living Persona: Firewall: 3; Response: 5
(6); Signal: 3; System: 5; Biofeedback Filter;
(Natural Hardening): 3 (4)
Complex Forms: Analyze: 2; Armor: 3;
Browse: 3; Attack: 4; Deception: 5; Edit: 3;
Decrypt: 3; Scan: 3; Stealth: 5; Track: 4
The Angels lieutenant, Tenebrous was
touched by the resonance only a few
months ago and has spent her time since
then immersed deep within the virtual world
learning the ins and outs of the machine that
she is more comfortable in than her own
body. She loves to exploit her new-found
gifts to play havoc with the gear of anyone
who intrudes on the gangs territory.
With the just slightly darker coloring that
heritage, Tenebrous keeps her hair cut
boyishly short. She knows that in a stand up
fight she will lose every time in the street so
the young girl does her best to cheat and
move from a position where the odds are in
her favor.
Typical Gangers
3 3 3 3 222 2 5
5 1 10
Skills: Clubs or Chain: 2, Etiquette (Street):
1 (+2), Unarmed Combat: 2, Pilot Ground
Craft (Bike): 1 (+2)
Gear: Club or Chain, Leather Jacket;
Harley-Davidson Scorpion

Shadowrun Missions

Arnold Weiss
Ghoul Male; Connection Rating: 3
7 3 5 6 243 5 7 5
9 1 12
Active Skills: Assensing: 2; Conjuring: 3;
Astral Combat: 3; Counterspelling: 3;
Dodge: 2; Etiquette: 1 (Street+2); Pistols: 2;
Infiltration: 4; Perception: 3; Spellcasting: 5;
Unarmed Combat: 3
Knowledge Skills: Cooking: 3; Magic
Background: 3; Organlegging 3
Powers/Weaknesses: As a Ghoul (SR4,

Initiate Grade: 2
Metamagic: Masking, Shielding
Gear: Colt Manhunter, Lined Coat,
Summoning Foci (2), Sustaining Focus (5)
Spells: Alleviate Allergy, Astral Armor,
Armor, Clout, Increase Initiative, Levitate,
Lightning Bolt, Manaball, Manabolt, Physical
Barrier, Stunbolt
Arnold Weiss was a prominent mage
who developed a taste for flesh even before
he became a ghoul. Back in 2061, with
Lone Star closing, he fled into one of the
barrens of Boston and was beset by ghouls.
Before he could escape, he was infected
with HMHVV-2. As he hid from the cops, he
spent the next several weeks in agony
transforming into a ghoul. His discipline
training from his magic studies were all that
prevented him from going mad. When he
had recovered, he knew he was done in
Boston. He traveled the country for years
until he arrived in Denver. Here, he set up
and began refining his organlegging
Arnold is extremely confident in his
abilities and maintains a calm superiority
during any conversation. He will never
admit to being in an inferior position.
Arnold has 2 Fire Spirits of Force (TR/2
+2) bound to him.
Each owes him 3
services. He is a hermetic mage. His
Sustaining Focus currently maintains a
Force 5 Armor Spell, with 5 hits scored.

Critical Care 21

Feral Ghouls
(Number of PCs x TR of these)
8 3 6 7 111 6 7 5
7 1 12
Active Skills: Assensing: 2; Infiltration: 4;
Perception: 2; Unarmed Combat: 4
Powers/Weaknesses: As a Ghoul (SR4,

These poor creatures lost their minds to

HMHVV. Theyre little more than living
embodiments of fury with an intense
appetite for metahuman flesh.

Shadowrun Missions

Critical Care 22