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SPM Directed Writing

Write a letter of suggestion to the teacher-in-charge of the beautification programme on How to
beautify the school.
Ways of Beautifying the School
Dear Sir,
I have a few suggestions for beautifying the school.
My first suggestion is to maintain the school field and lawns properly.
- the school field and lawns are brownish and there are many bald patches everywhere
- water the school field and lawns regularly
- the grass will turn green and the bald patches will disappear
Many of the walls in the school are bare and they look dull.
- Art Club members or other artistically talented pupils to paint murals
- murals will definitely make the whole school look more beautiful
Flowers can add beauty to any place.
- planted along the footpaths
- pots of flowers can be put in the hall, in the canteen, in the office, in the staffroom, in the
library, etc.
- plant flowers of all types of colours - make the school very colourful and beautiful.
Well-designed sculptures will not only add beauty but also class to the school.
- students are very talented in making sculptures
- put the sculptures in strategic places - will do wonders for the beauty of the school
Building a fountain in the front part of the school will make it look very beautiful.
- shining coloured lights on the water as it spurts upwards
- splashes down again at night will make the fountain a thing of indescribable beauty
A fish pond will certainly add beauty to the school.
- the pond itself, can be a thing of beauty if is make of coloured stones.
- stocked with colourful fish, such as Japanese carp, the beauty of the pond will be doubled
A decorative arch at the school entrance will definitely enhance the school's beauty.
- the school's name can be shown proudly on the arch.
- everybody who comes to our school or passes by it will know the name of our beautiful school
A school will not look beautiful if it is dirty.
- very important for the students to keep the school clean
- every student does his or her part - school can be kept spotlessly clean
A beautiful school will also not look beautiful if the students are slovenly dressed.

- we come to school in clean and well-pressed uniforms - all students wear ties to school
- smartly dressed students will make the school look more beautiful
If all the above measures are adopted, our school may win The Most Beautiful School
Johnny Lau
Write a letter of suggestion to the editor of the newspaper on How to reduce traffic
Johnny Lau,
12, Jalan 4/12
Taman Jaya,
46000 Petaling Jaya
2 JUNE 201_
The New Straits Time,
31, Jalan Riong,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Dear Editor,
There are congestion in every street,
- at any time of the day or even night, the streets are choked with vehicles of all sorts
- it takes about fifteen minutes to move even a metre along the streets because of the congestion
I would like to make a few suggestions - how to resolve the congestion on our roads.
My first suggestion is to encourage the people to carpool
- many of the cars on the roads have only one occupant, that is the driver
- if people practice carpooling, each car will have five people
- the number of cars on the roads will be reduced by as much as 80%!
- that means the roads will not be so congested
Another thing that the authorities can do is to persuade schools, shops, offices and factories to
stagger their times of operation.
- presently, almost all of them start about the same time which is around 8.00 am
- school children will be going to school and employees of shops, offices and factories will be
going to work
- the result is a massive congestion
- if school times and work times are staggered, there will be less vehicles on the roads at any one
The poor transport system is also another reason why many people prefer to drive to work.

- too few buses - serve only profitable routes but refuse to serve routes which are less popular
- they are undependable and seldom on time
- taxis are also too few - drivers refuse to use their metres and usually overcharge or cheat the
- increase the number of buses and make sure that they are punctual, many people will prefer to
leave their cars at home and take the buses to school or work
Yet another way to reduce the congestion on the roads is to discourage car ownership.
- at present there are too many cars on the road because many people can afford to buy a car.
Cars in Malaysia are quite low-priced
- the government can reduce the number of cars on the roads by discouraging car ownership
- higher tax on cars, increasing the prices of cars, raising the road tax or requiring those who
wish to own a car to pay for a certificate of entitlement (COE)
To ease road congestion, the government can also build light rail transits (LRTs) or mass rail
transits (MRTs).
- these light trains can transport people quickly from one place to another so that they need not
drive their own cars
- at the terminals, there will be buses and taxis to take them to their final destinations
I believe that if my suggestions are accepted and implemented, there will be fewer cars on the
roads and less congestion.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Write an article on The importance of studying English
I am Johnny Lau, the Chairperson of the English Language Society.
I wrote this article because I am concerned about many students' attitude towards studying the
English language.
- although the government has repeatedly told us of the importance of English, many students are
still not bothered
- English - the most important and the most useful language in the world today
The first reason is English will help you a lot when you further your studies.
- almost all the books at university are written in English
- if your English is poor, you are going to have a big problem studying at university
The second reason - help you to get a job.
- when you go for a job interview, the interviewer will surely talk to you in English
- if you cannot speak English well, your chances of getting the job are very slim

A good command of English - help you greatly in your job.

- involved in international trade, you have to speak to prospective customers in English
- if your English is bad, you will not be able to get orders for your company's products
Good English - help you a lot when you travel.
- every country in the world studies English
- some of the people you meet on your travels in other countries can understand English
- you will not have any communication problems when you travel to other countries
- inevitably, English is one of the languages used in airport announcements - make travelling
overseas easier
Besides all these, a good command of the language - enable you to enjoy some of television's
best programmes.
- we must admit that many of the best programmes are produced by American or British
- if your English is not good, you will not be able to enjoy such programmes
Knowing English - enable you to enjoy some of the world's most beautiful literary works.
- many of the world's best books, novels and poems are written in English
- if you cannot read such great masterpieces of writing, you will have missed a lot in life!
After all my explanation, I hope you now see the importance of studying English well. You can
enjoy many advantages if you improve your English.
Johnny Lau
(Chairperson of the English Language Society)
Formal letter of requesting for permission to voluntary service.
The Secretary,
Lion Charity Club,
14, Jalan Sila
40300 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
The Manager,
Intan Orphanage,
20, Jalan Barat
47600 Klang,
Dear Sir / Madam,
Requesting for Permission to Volunteer Service
I am writing to you and behalf of the Lion Charity Club of the Glenmarie Heights. Shah Alam to

request for permission to volunteer our services at the Intan Orphanage on 12th and 19th April,
201_ (two Saturdays)
2. This visit is in line with the objectives of Lion Charity Club which is a service club with
public service as part of its constitution. Therefore, this visit is aimed at exposing the member of
the club to the concept of volunteering and to raise their awareness about the less fortunate in our
society today. Such an activity would also meet the members interest in social service.
3. There will be total of 44 members from various working sectors who will participate in the
activity including two teachers. We plan to board the bus at our clubhouse at 7 a.m. and start our
journey by 7.15 a.m. Therefore, we should able to reach your premises by 8 a.m. and stay there
till 5 p.m.
4. We should like to render our services to serve the needs of the orphanage. I would like to
propose that we assist you by providing some physical help such as painting the centre.
5. Besides that, we could serve the academic needs of the children by providing some help with
their homework and such. The members of the club are well-versed in subjects like Bahasa
Melayu, English Language, Mathematics and history and they will be supervised by two
experience teachers.
6. The Lion Charity Club will also bring along the cash donation on Glenmarie Heightss
residents as well as brand new revision book, clothing, toys and voucher for shoes and spectacles
to be distributed to the children. We have also bring them used text book and storybook which
were donated by our members. We have also bought stationary for them such as pencils, note
books, files, pencil cases, colour pencil and many others.
7. We would also like to help out with some cleaning at the centre. We could clean the ceiling
and wall fans, wipe the windows, mop the floor and do the laundry. In addition to that, we would
like to help the cook to prepare meals for the children as well. We could help to prepare three
meals on the day of our visit lunch, tea and dinner. The ingredients for the meals will be
donated by the club members.
Please let us know if you are agreeable to the activities stated above.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Honarary Secretary,
Lion Charity Club.

A talk on How to find a right job to students.

Good morning to our Respected Principal, fellow colleagues and my dear students.
For those who do not know my name, I am Puan Intan, the school counselor. Today, I am going
to talk to you about the finding the right job. I am sure more of you are now wondering which
career you would like to pursuer after you graduate. I understand it is rather difficult at this point
to decide on your future career but it would be beneficial if you could put some thought into the
matter. You will soon complete your Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations and you may
want to take different routes to further your education. However, whichever route you would
depend on your career choice.
To choice the right job, you must first have to courage the dream. You must dare to dream and be
brave enough to follow your dreams. Your dream is an indication of your ideal job. It will also
indicate which field you are interested in. Then, you should focus on your interest. For example,
you may be interested in either the fields of business, science, literature or education. You should
then do some research on the field of your interest. You can attend career talks by speakers who
are in the profession that you are interest in, look for information in the Internet or newspaper, or
you could come by my office to obtain the information. After doing the research, you will get a
pretty good idea of what field you are interest in, the subject that you may need to study, and the
job which are available in that field.
You much also change your attitude. It is important for you to understand that you should not
endure a job you could barely tolerate and have no interested in, just for the sake of working.
Therefore, you should not choose a certain job because you need to work, but you should choose
a job because you like doing it. You should go for something you enjoy. You have to remember
to that you will have to work for the next 20 or 30 years of your life. So it would be wiser for you
to choose a job that you love. Besides that, you will also perfume better at something that you are
passionate about.
The next step is to check out the relevant courses which are available. This will help you to plan
your career path. Some of you may one to take a full-time course at a college or university while
others may prefer to work in the day and attend night classes. So it is useful if you could network
with like- minded people so you can compare notes and help each other. You could also take the
plunge and try working part-time or volunteering in the field of your choice during the SPM
holidays. This could help you to make an informed decision. After volunteering at a hospital, you
may discover that a career as a doctor is not meant for you. You could also discover that you
were born to become a doctor as you love to help sick people to get better.
However, do not make money the main issue. The job that you should choose should not be base
on the salary. You have to change your priority and concentrate on doing things you love. You
would be able to earn a salary no matter which job you choose. So you must be wary that it is
important that you learn and grow while you work. You would not want to have a job that limits
your creativity. You must be brave to make the decision to follow your dreams and dare to be
different. Gaining moral support from your family is also important. You may also need financial
support from your family to pursue your dream career.

I hope after my long speech, you now have a better idea on how to find the right job for yourself.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to come to the counseling office to see me. Thank
you for listening.
Write an article on The importance of having a budget for the societys newsletter.
Having a budget is not a choice but a necessity. It is important for everyone to have a budget in
order o balance the amount of income with expenditure. Having a budget can help us plan our
finances. With a financial plan, we will know where the money we have goes to.
It is essential for us to be able to take control over our money and not have our money control us.
Therefore, we must be able to decide how we should spend and save our money no matter how
much or how little we have. This way, we are in control of our finances. Being able to control
our finances means that we must also be smart to decide between the things we need to buy and
the things that we dont.
It is never too early to start having a budget. So, it is important for us start planning our funds
now, as it is good practice for the future when we start working, As a working adult, one will
have various money commitments such as a car, house, family, and others. Therefore, budgeting
is very important. If we do not have a budget, we may spend more than what we have. This will
cause us go to into debt. Furthermore, we may also not have any savings for times of emergency
if we fail to have a financial plan.
One of the methods of budgeting is to set a spending limit. By having a spending limit, we will
be able to control our expenditure. A spending limit will help us to decide what we need to buy.
Besides that, knowing the amount of money we have in hand will also give us an idea of how
much we can afford to spend and how much we would want to put away as savings. With a
budget, we will also be able to track our expenses. We can list down all our expenses such as
food, stationary, car repair, movie tickets and others so that we will know what our money is
spent on.
Having a smart spending habit is another way of budgeting. Being smart means that we should
only spend what is within our budget and avoid extravagance. We must also avoid having the
tendency to follow crowd instinct or to be easily influenced by sales.
So where should we start? It is best to first determine our necessities. We should only spend on
things that we need and not on luxury items. As working adults, credits card are the norm as they
provide invaluable convenience provided the item that we use them carefully and trim spending
on extravagance. To shop smart, we can list down the items that we need to buy before we start
shopping, avoid sales and set a limit ourselves for each shopping trip.
INFORMAL LETTER Write a letter to your cousin and advise him on How to lose weight.

12, Jalan
1/14, Taman Emas,
46000 Petaling Jaya.
8 April 201_.

Dear Lau,
I received your letter yesterday. In your letter, you told me that you have put on a lot of weight.
You now weigh 75 kg. All your shirts and trousers are too tight now. Your weight gain has made
you sluggish and lazy. I'm not surprised that you feel this way.
Well, I have to tell you that you must stop putting on more weight. At your weight now, you are
25 kg overweight. This is going to cause you many health problems.
It is not difficult to get rid of some weight. All you need is to exercise some discipline. You will
also need tons of willpower. Follow a strict programme of healthy eating and exercise. Eat lots of
fresh fruits and vegetables for they are a rich supply of vitamins, minerals and fibre. At the same
time, you have to go easy on foods that are rich in fat and oil. Avoid sweet food like chocolate
and cakes. Such food contains a lot of sugar and this will make you gain a lot of weight.
Eating healthy food must be accompanied by good eating habits as well. Take three meals a day
at regular rimes. Eat a low-calorie breakfast. It can be toast and a glass of milk. For lunch, you
can have a sandwich and an apple. Cut down on dinner for this is the last meal of the day. You
don't need energy to sleep now, do you?
And of course, you need to exercise. Take up walking, cycling or swimming. Exercise burns
calories and builds up muscle.
I hope you will follow my advice. It is guaranteed to help you lose weight. Do tell me if you
have lost some weight. I am waiting to hear the good news. Take care and God bless.
Your good friend,
An article on Useful ways to spend leisure time.
Leisure time is set aside for relaxation. There can be useful and yet exciting ways to spend our
leisure time. Some suggestions include reading, taking part in sports and doing charity work.
Reading is one of the best ways to spend our free time. Besides spending our time in a relaxing
manner, reading also has many benefits. It helps to improve our language, grammar and

vocabulary skills. Moreover, it improves our general knowledge and gives us a better insight into
life. We can learn a lot about other countries, their cultures and people without traveling to these
Engaging in physical exercises and sports is another fantastic way of spending our leisure time.
Exercise clears the mind and makes the body healthy. It is also a good way to relieve stress.
Examples of sports activities we take up are swimming, jogging and playing games.
Perhaps one of the most rewarding ways to spend leisure time is doing charity work at special
homes for the disabled, the blind and the aged. This is by signing up as a volunteer. We gain
benefits that are two-fold. By making others happy, we are making ourselves happy too.
With so many ways to spend ones leisure time at our disposal, one wonders why youths today
spend they free time on dangerous pursuits like taking drugs, smoking and dangerous sports like
racing. They are detrimental to one's life, health and incur high expenses.
A speech on How to develop reading skill in children.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am Dr Raman of Raman Child Development Centre. The
topic of my speech today is 'Developing Reading Skill in Children.
Parents and teachers should pay attention to developing the reading skill in children. A study
made on a group of children in a kindergarten school found out that children from the age of two
to three, who were read to several time a day, did substantially better in kindergarten at the age of
four and five than those whose parents read to them only a few times a week.
Children learn to love the sound of language before they even notice the existence of printed
words. So, one effective way to develop their reading skill is to read books aloud to them.
Reading aloud to them stimulates their imagination and understanding of the world around them.
It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written
word. When the rhythm and melody of language become part of the child's life, learning to read
will be as natural as his learning to walk.
My advice to you parents is to start the child young. At just a few months of age, an infant can
look at pictures, listen to your voice and point to objects on cardboard pages. So guide your child
by pointing to the pictures and saying the names of the various objects. Even after your children
have learnt to read by themselves, it is still important for you to read aloud together.
Developing reading skills and thus cultivating the reading habit in children will without a doubt
benefit them greatly. With a love for reading our children will not only enjoy the excitement and
imagination of a good book hut they will also grow up with a thirst for knowledge and new
Thank you.

A speech on The important of obeying school regulations.
Good morning, fellow students. I am Ahmad, the Head Prefect. My speech today is to remind
every student here the importance of obeying school regulations. School regulations are imposed
to ensure the smooth running of the school. They are for the good of all students.
What are our school regulations? First, I will start by bringing attention to your dressing. You
must make sure that your uniform is always complete and neat. Only white shoes with white
socks can be worn and not any other colours. And never forget to wear your school badge every
day. You must always keep your hair short and neat. Girls, if you want to keep long hair, you
have to tie it up. And as for the boys, long hair is not allowed.
Next, I wish to talk about proper conduct and behavior. You must always respect your principal,
teachers and other students. Greet your principal and teachers when you meet them. There are
also many actions that are not acceptable in school. For instance, you must never play truant,
cheat in exams, fight or steal in school. Students who are caught cheating in exams, fighting or
smoking will have to face disciplinary action.
On any occasion, you cannot damage or deface any property of the school or perform any act
likely to cause such damage or defacement. In school, you cannot disrupt teaching, study,
research or otherwise prevent any member of the school and its staff from carrying on his or her
work. If you are caught doing any of these, you will face disciplinary action.
I hope my speech has enlightened you on how to be a good student by obeying school
regulations. Thank you for listening.
A speech on Caning is an old-fashioned way of disciplining students.
Good morning to the headmaster, teachers and students. I have been asked to represent the
Students' Affair Board to give you a speech on how and why caning is an old-fashioned way to
discipline students.
Caning students who break school rules is definitely a primitive method of disciplining students.
As we progress towards a caring society, we should look into other more humane alternatives of
disciplining They may react negatively and in retaliation, they further break school rules as a
form of rebelliousness towards authority.
Moreover, caning students in most cases do not deter hard-core offenders as they continue to
remain blas about their actions. These offenders need a total change of attitude where the
violence and pain of caning will not have any effect on them.
It is the wish of every disciplinary teacher, teacher and parent to see their children behave well.

However, caning only creates fear in the hearts of children and that is not a good motivator.
Students need to discover a motivator that is intrinsic in nature. This will ensure that students
behave well because they want to and not because they are afraid of the cane.
Therefore, 1 believe that genuine concern and love for the students will without a doubt show the
students that teachers only want the best for them and that the best may mean learning to
discipline themselves for the better.
Thank you for listening.
A speech on How to be a responsible student.
Good morning to the Principal, teachers and fellow students. As the Head Prefect, I am honoured
to be given the opportunity a speech for today's Co-curriculum Awards Day and my topic entitled
"The Responsibilities of a Good Student" is apt one indeed.
It is the hope of everyone to work and study in an environment that is both pleasing and
conducive. Therefore, our collective responsibility is to keep our school surroundings clean by
ensuring that rubbish ends up in the trash cans or dustbins and our classroom is always spick and
span. Dusty windowpanes and dirty floors do not encourage students to learn well. It goes
without saying that besides keeping the environment clean, we should not vandalize school
property either. The furniture, equipment and various decorative items have been put in place to
provide students with the convenience of learning.
Furthermore, as students, it is also our responsibility to adhere to the school rules and respect our
teachers and those in authority. School rules are enforced in order that we can become more
disciplined and as a method of preventing any unwanted incidents from occurring in the school.
The rules help to protect us and it is only right that we obey them. We should also make sure that
we complete all assignments, project work and homework set by our teachers to their right
deadlines. These forms of work help us improve in our studies and keep us focused.
Dear students, keeping punctual are also the responsibility of every student. It is disrespectful to
those kept waiting if you arrive for classes and meetings late. Playing truant is not the "in" thing
to do as students will definitely lose out on the input teachers hope to impart in class. The lessons
in class are just as important as your preparations at home for your exams. Therefore, if you miss
out on your lessons, you will be unprepared for your exams and may resort to cheating which is
Finally, my fellow schoolmates remember that the school is like a second home to many students
and we live together as a family. Family members help and support each other irrespective of
race, religion, performance or size. So, as responsible family members, refrain from bullying
each other as it can cause severe physical and mental trauma to the victim. Therefore, as you
receive your various awards today, remember to keep in mind your responsibilities.
Thank you.