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Appeal For The admission to MS In computational Engineering for summer semester 2015

Respected madam/sir,
It is to bring under you kind notice that I have received a letter(Attached) 3 days ago through postal
regarding appeal to the admission in masters programme in computational engineering for summer
semester 2015 due to CGPA less than 75% , madam/sir I wants to pursue the MS from university of
Rostock for summer semester 2015, my CGPA is 72.14% ( less than 75%) and can be subsequent be
fulfilled by my dedication and enthusiasm towards the knowledge in my respective field as well as my
experience in field of simulation as well as in generation and transmission I was ranked by head of
department among the top 5% in my class (Letter Attached). During my under graduation I
undertook various projects and seminars to enhance my understanding. In my second year and third
year of under graduation I worked on various seminars on Power & Control systems which are
as Introduction of Smart Grid in Power Systems and Its Applications, Speed Control of Three Phase
Motors and Worlds Most Efficient Single Phase Induction Motor. In these projects, I got an
opportunity to utilise my learning of how Smart grid simulations revolutionised the power flow
scenario of the world and how advanced Control systems technique and designs are used for
controlling and efficient operation of the motors. My eight semester project was Speed control of
induction motor using PWM using MATLAB Simulation this project was considers to be the best
project of the department.
After my undergraduate I got the opportunity to work at NJHPS (Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Power
Station), India's highest single unit generating station with total capacity of 1500MW as an Operation
Engineer. It is a unit of a Government owned PSU called SJVN Ltd. (Joint venture of Government of
India and Government of Himachal Pradesh). Here I contributed in Generation (1500MW) and power
system stability of 420KV Transmission and learn about the various applications which are used in
safe and efficient manner for not only communication, protection, control and generator operations
but also for transmission of any power system.
My preference to join University of Rostock a graduate student stems from the fact that this
University has a well-established systems and networking research groups, active student community
and its vicinity to Electrical System industry.
If admitted I plan to carry on with my advanced studies in the fields of Computational Engineering
primarily focused in Electrical System and its multimedia subsystem. I am confident that the future
holds well for Computational Engineering and there is still a lot of attention required in this area. My
academic and professional experience very well supports my further studies in this field of study. My
experience of working on Power Plants is appropriate to take up advance study in the field of
Computational Engineering. I here by requesting you to please consider my application for the MS
I look forward to joining University of Rostock a Masters student at your esteemed department.
Deepankar Dutt Raturi