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Technology working for you.

Innovative Injection Molding

Progress through Innovation


Innovations since over 30 years
Since its establishment by Dr. Werner Wittmann with the
production of water flow regulators, WITTMANN a family
owned company has succeeded to become the leading
manufacturer of automation and peripheral equipment to
the plastics industry through relentless product development and highest product quality.
As a worldwide manufacturer WITTMANN offers a complete range of innovative peripheral equipment to the global
plastics industry. The product range includes robots and
automation systems as well as products for automated
material supply and drying, the recycling of plastic parts
and mold heating and cooling.

With this complete peripheral equipment product range

WITTMANN offers plastics processors innovative solutions
covering all their needs from autonomous work cells with
a single zone temperature controller, screenless granulator,
sprue picker and integrated vacuum loader to centrally managed and controlled system solutions with fully integrated
materials handling and drying along with robots and automation for flexible handling and removal of plastic parts.
The international network of the WITTMANN group allows
superior sales and service support in all major worldwide
plastic markets.

WITTMANN Focused on the requirements and expectations of its customers.

The President and the WITTMANN Team

Dr. Werner Wittmann


The first 30 years

The first 30 years

WITTMANN your partner in the plastics industry!
Beginning with Water Flow Regulators
and Temperature Controller 19761982

Entering the Robot-Technology 1983

DRYMAX D60 Entering into the

drying market 1998

ML-33 Entering into the granulators

market 2000

In 1976 Dr. Werner Wittmann started the company with the manufacture and sale of the
first WITTMANN water flow regulator. Only two years later the first WITTMANN
temperature controllers with integrated water flow regulators for direct mounting on the
molding machines went in production.

In 1983 WITTMANN entered the robot market and in 1987 introduced the first
removable teach pendant to the plastics industry.

From 1989 to 1992 WITTMANN further proved themselves with the introduction of the
patented vertical telescopic axis, the high-speed servo robot and the development of a
Real-Time CAN-Bus for the realization of decentralized controls.

In 1998 they entered into the drying market for plastic resin. In the same year
WITTMANN makes use of carbon fiber for the light weight construction of robots.

Further expansion of the product offering occurred with the entrance into the material
handling market in 1999. In the same year the SmartFlow valve was developed to allow
the intelligent distribution of dry air for drying systems.

In 2000 they enter the market for granulators, further providing WITTMANN with a wide
range of products to offer the plastics industry.

In 2001 a graphical editor for robot sequences, as well as, FLOWCON microprocessor
based water flow regulators are introduced to the market.

In 2002 WITTMANN begins the creation and programming of the M7 control, an

advanced decentralized network control system for central material handling.

From 2003 to 2006 WITTMANN develops the energy saving and highly efficient
molecular sieve regeneration in short called SmartReg. WITTMANN introduces
screenless granulators with reversible combs and counter-combs. Further development
also occurs with the M7.2 a more advanced version of the material handling control
system which supports the integration of central drying systems and the use of RFID for
the contactless recognition of end-of-arm tools and connections on coupling stations.

In 2006 IML mold production starts and the introduction of the W7XH, a robot with
SCARA kinematics for the fastest possible horizontal removal.

From 2007 WITTMANN has been very busy with further development of another branch
of the peripheral equipment market that of gravimetric blending.

In 2008 WITTMANN purchased the injection molding machine manufacturer

BATTENFELD located in Kottingbrunn, Austria to become the worlds first and only
supplier of complete solutions to the plastics industry.

M7 TeachBox for central conveying

systems 20022006



Water flow regulator 301 Series


SUMO Minor 2 screenless


GRAVIMAX blending valve

W633 Carbon robot

Intelligent air distribution


R8 robot control

TEMPRO plus C withDUO-cooling

The relentless drive for innovation by the WITTMANN development team has helped mark the history of the company.
The slogan Progress through Innovation represents the inventive spirit, which has and continues to lead to numerous
industry firsts and patents in the field of peripheral equipment.

The first generation of WITTMANN water flow

regulators defined the world standard in mold cooling
and remains valid today. The second generation
of water flow regulators in 1992 provided further
simplification of the cleaning process.

In 2000 SmartFlow was introduced for the intelligent

distribution of air in central drying systems to ensure
the optimum amount of dry air volume is independently
provided to each drying hopper. Optimum drying
results with the lowest energy consumption

Segmented wheel dryer

A further innovation in 2007 was the worlds first
segmented wheel dryer, combining the advantages
of twin desiccant bed type dryers and wheel dryers.
This completely new compact dryer design offers
constant dew point and energy saving operation
combined with the simplest maintenance.

Gravimetric Blending
In 2007 the GRAVIMAX series blenders with Real Time
Live Scale (RTLS) measurement were introduced.
The RTLS technology provides free flow, coarse and fine
pulsing for the highest blending precision every
single batch.


Screenless granulators
In 2003 a completely revamped generation of low
speed screenless granulators with reversible combs and
counter-combs was offered to the market. This resulted
in extended maintenance intervals and the highest
quality regrind possible.

Carbon-Fiber Technology
The consistent pursuit of lightweight robot construction
and reduction of moveable masses brings ever shorter
part removal times. In 1998 the first use of carbon
fiber materials on the vertical axis allowed speed
profiles that up until then were unheard of.

At the K 1992 show WITTMANN was the first robot
manufacturer in the plastics industry to introduce
decentralized control logic with real time data
exchange. The significant reduction in the number of
cables and at the same time secure data transmission
set a new standard in the industry.

Water Flow Regulators

In 2008 WITTMANN introduced the first temperature
controller offering both direct and indirect cooling.
DUO-cooling offers on one hand the highest cooling
capacity and on the other hand, the most precise
cooling through an integrated cooling coil.

Progress through Innovation

Cutting Edge Production Methods

Cutting Edge Production

Seven manufacturing facilities in Austria (2), Hungary, France, USA, Canada and
China guarantee the best utilization of local resources and know-how.
The machining and assembly of the various products is performed in series production to achieve economies of scale for the lowest prices and highest quality.
The product range includes robots and automation systems as well as products
for automated material supply and drying, the recycling of plastic parts and mold
heating and cooling. With this all encompassing peripheral equipment product
range WITTMANN offers plastic processors complete solutions for virtually any
The worldwide efforts in product development and the necessary financial investment have lead to numerous patents and purchase recommendations based on
independent reviews that have made WITTMANN what it is today the market
leader in the peripheral equipment field!

Water Flow Regulators and Temperature Controllers

TEMPRO primus & basic

The economical choice for precise
temperature control and highest user
comfort offers functionality and outstanding quality standards at affordable

WITTMANNs first product, the water flow regulator,

has proven itself worldwide for over 30 years and is
the standard of leading molding machine

The single and dual zone TEMPRO plus C
temperature controllers are designed for
precise temperature control up to 250C
(for oil) or 180C (for water). Standard
features with TEMPRO plus C units are
additional cost options for other

Water Flow Regulators

COOLMAX Chillers
High performance, portable chillers provide
cooling capacities ranging from 10 to 89kW.
The units are equipped with generously
dimensioned air condensers, automatic
filling, hermetically sealed compressors and
anti-freeze control.

Robots and Automation

WITTMANN robots have achieved a leading
market position through their innovative
technology, performance and reliability.
The optimum design of these robots is based on 25
years of practical experience and tens of thousands
of applications in molding shops around the world.
WITTMANN offers its customers the best performing
robots and axes with the fastest motions.

The robots series covers a complete range, with
numerous models and optional features. WITTMANN
is able to offer every user the optimum robot
with the best price/performance ratio.

In addition to sprue pickers for the removal of sprues and

small parts from injection molding machines, WITTMANN
designs and builds innovative servo driven robots which are
ideally suited for use on molding machines of all sizes.

Economical serial production and technically perfect
implementation are without question for WITTMANN robots:
whether for robots with telescopic vertical axis, robots
for the fastest horizontal removal, robots for stack molds,
Ultra-High Speed robots or robots with rotational axes for
applications requiring the maximum degree of freedom.

As the entry level into the extensive WITTMANN robot

series the pneumatic robots offer solid construction,
designed for a long life span and can be specified to
suit most applications.

Servo Robots
The servo robot series span a range of payloads from
3 to 125 kg, permit fastest part removal times and
therefore, quick amortization of the investment. All
robots are equipped as standard with three highly
dynamic servo motors and cutting edge control
components, allowing a complete range of time
saving motions.

Pneumatic Robots

Special solutions
The modular design allows for special configurations
like robots for horizontal removal and SCARA robots for
the fastest removal of thin wall parts.

The innovative WITTMANN TeachBox has defined
the industry standard in regards to simplest use and
flexibility, without the need for an external control

Material Handling and Conveying

The advanced, energy efficient technology of the

compact desiccant bed dryers reaches ambient
independent dew points of -60C. The optional
integrated blower package allows the flexible
conveying of dried material to one or two machines.

DRYMAX Battery Dryers

The most advanced drying technology on the market
is packaged in the battery dryers, including energy
saving counter air flow regeneration (SmartReg) and
a material protection function for drying capacities up
to 1,000 kg/h.


DRYMAX Compact Dryers

SILMAX Drying Hoppers

SILMAX drying hoppers feature
integrated microprocessor control for
automatic air distribution and
temperature control to adjust to different
materials and fluctuating demands.

Network Control Systems

The WITTMANN eMax and M7.2 control

systems are sophisticated, distributed control
systems for central material handling and
allow for the connection of 24 or 240 system
components respectively. The M7.2 control
allows for the integrated connection of
DRYMAX drying systems, external silos and
arbitrary I/O-modules. The various
possibilities and flexible configuration of the
components provides solutions for practically
any resin handling application.

Individual loaders for the flexible conveying of smaller
material volumes for up to 100 kg/h. These stainless
steel units are perfectly suited for critical and abrasive

FEEDMAX Central Loaders

Central applications require the high
reliability of FEEDMAX central loaders with
stainless steel construction and equipped
with pneumatically actuated discharge
valves for complete sealing.

Volumetric and gravimetric blenders with
precise material throughput for up to
5,000 kg/h. GRAVIMAX blenders provide
Real Time Live Scale (RTLS) measurement and are equipped with an adaptive
3-step dispensing valve to precisely blend
every single batch.



The low speed screenless granulators are designed for

hard to process plastic materials and to minimize wear
of cutting chamber components, knives, rollers and
combs. The specialized design of the rollers reduces
fines and guarantees quiet operation.


MAS Series
The MAS series compact granulators have conventional
knives and a screen for the versatile granulation of
plastic materials. Pre-adjustable knives allow for
excellent quality uniform regrind during the lifetime
of the unit. Tangential feed cutting chambers improve
the intake of parts.

SUMO Series

MC Series
The MC series granulators are intended for both
beside-the-press and central granulation of runners,
parts and various scrap. Quick and easy knife
maintenance with pre-adjustable knives, guarantees
constant rotor diameter for the highest regrind quality.

In-Mold Labeling

WITTMANNs extensive line of automation systems

covers the entire range of IML applications. Top entry
robots are best suited for the medium to longer overall
cycle times and offer the greatest motion flexibility. The
package includes end-of-arm-tooling, label magazine,
electrostatic charger and integrated guarding and

IML Side-Entry Robots

Side-entry robots offer the optimum solution for very
demanding, fast cycling applications including stack
molds and where cycle times are less than five seconds.
Even with all the optimization for the highest speed
operation, these units still feature simple adjustability
and flexibility.

IML Standard Robots

Mold Making
Turnkey IML systems including the molds are the
specialty of WITTMANN. Their hot runner molds are
designed specifically for thin wall parts and offer
extremely rugged mold construction and optimized



60 years of plastics technology
Ever since the foundation of Battenfeld Injection Molding
in 1948, innovation and technological advancement have
been the fundamental principles of Battenfeld injection
molding technology, on the basis of which our companys
entire product portfolio and range of services have been
developed. This continuous development process enables
us to offer our customers the service and support that are
essential for the successful development and manufacture
of new products for the demanding plastics technology
market. This means decades of intensive cooperation based
on mutual trust with our customers and partners, which will
also remain a top priority for our company in the future.

With a comprehensive, diversified range of machinery,

including toggle modular, hydraulic and all-electric models,
all equipped with the latest technology, we stand ready
to meet any future demands from the market for plastic
products. Made in Austria, our machinery, equipment
and robotic automation systems are characterized by a
combination of efficiency and the highest quality standards with an excellent price/performance ratio. Thanks
to Battenfelds global presence, we are also in a position
to offer our customers the necessary support and service
anywhere in the world.

Wittmann Battenfeld a partner to the plastics industry dedicated to meeting our

customers needs and expectations.

The management and Wittmann Battenfeld-Team



Development and Progress

Development and Prog

Construction of the first Injection
Molding Machine

Battenfeld a pioneer in plastics technology

The roots of this enterprise go back to the year 1876, when Werner Battenfelds

grandfather founds a forge and metalworking shop.

In 1948, Werner Battenfeld becomes the sole owner of the family business and

establishes Battenfeld Injection Molding.

In 1954, a new production facility is opened in Scherl, Meinerzhagen.
In 1962, with the acquisition of the HMW facility in Kottingbrunn, Austria,

Werner Battenfeld starts a second production company to manufacture

injection molding machines.
In 1983, Battenfeld shifts its product portfolio towards more compact machines


in all clamping force sizes, adding modular automation equipment. In 1991,

the worlds largest injection molding machine with 8000 tons of clamping force,
developed and manufactured by Battenfeld, goes into operation.

In 1983, the development of the

entire CD series is completed.

Vertical R
Rotary table machines 1993-1997

TM toggle modular injection molding machines


HM 650 compact
2-platen technology 2000-2008

Construction of the first Injection Molding Machine


In 1948, the first Battenfeld injection molding machine

is built in Meinerzhagen, Germany.


Battenfeld Injection Molding expands on a global scale.

Subsidiaries in the U.K. and the U.S. are established in
1959, with further rapid international expansion during
the following years.
Extension of the Product Range
New machines are developed in response to the steadily
increasing complexity of manufacturing processes in
thermoplastic material processing.
Compact Design


In 1983, the development of the entire CD series is

completed. In 1986, the CD series wins the National
Award for Excellent Design.
Vertical R Rotary table machines
1993 is a year of restructuring for the company. The two production
companies in Kottingbrunn, Austria, and Meinerzhagen, Germany, merge to
form Battenfeld Injection Molding.
In 1998, Battenfeld introduces a newly developed toggle machine series with
substantially enhanced performance features, the TM.
In the fall of 2005, the production is concentrated at the Kottingbrunn
facility. Further development of the Battenfeld brands traditional strengths
remains the essential success factor in the future strategy of Battenfeld
Injection Molding. On April 1, 2008 Battenfeld has been taken over by the
Austrian Wittmann Group.


The new Vertical R, equipped with the particularly

user-friendly Unilog B4 control system, achieves a
significant increase in productivity.
TM toggle modular injection, molding machines


A uniform name given to all machine models reflects their

unique position in the market.
HM 650 compakt 2-platen technology


Thanks to its extremely compact design and its small

footprint, this new model is the shortest horizontal
injection molding machine on the market. With the
development of the UNILOG B6, a new generation of
control systems is introduced, setting new benchmarks.
Wittmann Battenfeld


The takeover of Battenfeld by Wittmann, a leading

supplier of periphery devices for the plastics industry,
results in the first company in the world which is able to
offer a fully-integrated product range for injection molding.


Innovative Injection Molding

Ready to meet the Future

Ready to meet the Future

Innovation is an integral part of any corporate strategy. Creative thinking
generates new ideas that flow into product development, producing machinery
and equipment with top-level performance. This has been Battenfelds basic
philosophy since 1948, when this company built one of the first injection molding machines.
This creative thinking process in the interest of our customers has been maintained at Battenfeld ever since, making us innovation leaders not only in the
design and construction of injection molding machines, but also in process and
applications engineering. In close cooperation with leading research institutes,
we are constantly exploring new avenues and will continue to do so in future.
Consistently driven by market demand for high-grade, reliable, user-friendly
machinery and turnkey solutions.
Always in close partnership with our customers, who rely on our expert counseling in applications engineering and our fast, comprehensive service.


Wittmann Battenfeld Injection Molding

Technology in Kottingbrunn
From here, they are shipped to the whole world. On schedule, perfect, thoroughly checked in every detail: more than
1000 Battenfeld machines each year.
And here in Kottingbrunn 30 km south of Vienna is
where they are built. Actually, built is a very inadequate
description of the work performed by the dedicated staff in
the generously dimensioned production halls and offices at
the company headquarters. Because here, in Lower Austria,
the hub of global Wittmann Battenfeld is situated.

The production of high-performance injection molding machinery systems imposes the ultimate demands on
the quality of materials and engineering. Young people
learning their jobs in our in-house training workshop
benefit from the high technological standards of Battenfeld
Moreover, our global sales and service network ensures that
the proverbial Battenfeld closeness to customers is guaranteed at any time and anywhere in the world.

Research and Development the generator of ideas analyses, develops and examines new technologies. An intensive
exchange of experience with customers and research
institutes leads to a steady flow of practical and scientific
information into the production process.


Excellent Processing Technology

We have an Idea

We have an Idea
We have an Idea
How can we put it into Practice?
Questions like this from an ingenious company often initiate
thought and work processes that end up with the introduction of an entirely new application technology, which in turn
leads to new products being developed by our customers.
Parts design and mold layout are just as much part of our
service as selection and optimization of the appropriate
In short, all those details that are vital for the successful
marketing of injection-molded plastic parts.
An experienced team of specialists stands ready to provide
our customers worldwide with counseling and support in all
matters concerning process technology.





Co-injection (sandwich)

Combination of serveral processes

Compact injection molding




IMWOOD (wpc injection molding)

Insert Technology



Multi-component technology

Overmolding technology


Structured foam technology




Product Potfolio

Plus 35

PLUS, available with 35 t clamping force compact,

powerful, profitable!
The keyword: lean production. Lean production in
more than one sense. Ultra-modern hydraulics and
control technology packed into the smallest space.

TM 110

The optimized TM series. Designed for high-precision

manufacturing in the 110 to 500 t clamping force

TM Xpress 210

The new, powerful high-speed model in the 160450 t

clamping force range. The new, innovative TM Xpress
series stands for excellent injection performance and
accuracy. Combine speed with cost-efficiency! Let the
TM Xpress fascinate you!

HM 100

The small power package within a great series, in

3-platen design from 45 to 300 t, and 2-platen
from 400 to 650 t . Proven design offer the highest
precision together with the shortest footprint and
extensive options.

MacroPower 800

The new compact MacroPower series available from

800 to 1600 t, stands for the ultimate in precision,
the shortest footprint, high speed and modularity.



Strategy, conception, building and delivery from one source.

MicroPower 15 t

The fully electric MicroPower series with clamping

forces of 5 t or 15 t are Wittmann Battenfelds innovative answer to the growing requirements for the
production of precision micro-components made of

VM 75 R

VM is the name of the machine series with a vertical

clamping unit. Selectively with rotary table for multistation processes in the 40 to 270 t clamping force
range. Ultra-modern technology and many years of
experience provide customized solutions for insert
molding with automation to match.

EcoPower 110

The machines of the servo-electric EcoPower series

with clamping forces ranging from 55 to 300 t set
new benchmarks in process stability and energy efficiency.


Wittmann Battenfeld Service


Top quality from the very beginning. Wittmann Battenfelds service experts ensure worldwide
that your machinery performs optimally and retains its maximum value. Quickly, reliably and
competently. Worldwide at your side.


Our service engineers special know-how ensures a professional start-up of your machinery
in order to provide perfect conditions for successful production.


With many years of practical experience and top-class technical expertise - our service specialists will help you with error analysis and efficient troubleshooting. The complimentary
Battenfeld hotline is available 24/7 at 401-392-3021.


Setting new standards in customer service Our new, interactive web service offers you
yet another innovative service with immediate benefits for your company. This means that
our experienced service engineers are directly connected to your machine via the internet.
Simultaneous online consultation using multiple experts is now common in challenging
cases. With our web service contract, you can be assured of higher productivity and longterm preservation of the value of your machinery.



Our professional maintenance and repair of your machinery will ensure maximum uptime, optimize quality and cycle times and assure long-term preservation of value for your
machinery. In addition to our standardized preventive service packages, our experts look
forward to assist you in selection of a preventive-service-program precisely matched to
both your machinery and your individual requirements.


First-class quality is the standard for our customers. Wittmann Battenfeld will supply your
company fast and reliable with high-quality original spare parts. You will see: nothing is
more economical than reliability.


Battenfeld machines are often used for several decades and many different applications.
Professional conversion, retrofitting and adapting the machinery for relocation to regional
requirements is all part of Battenfeld's core competence. This is often the most economical
way to regain optimal profitability in production.

Having thoroughly trained staff is the most important capital for any successful company.
Battenfeld training seminars provide the perfect basis for quick and efficient mastery of the
complex challenges relevant to injection molding processes. Battenfeld seminars are tailor
made to fit our partner's individual needs. Training takes place either on site or on our premises. You select both the venue and the best subjects in order to secure a decisive advance
in technological and process-related skills for your business.


Learning at home or at the workplace: Battenfeld's virtual training center ensures even
more efficiency and flexibility when training your staff.
Innovative, intensive learning using any PC via Internet
Live teaching and discussion with expert speakers
Certification after successful participation
No need to travel long-distance, pay travelling expenses, etc.


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