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Draft on pattern for casting is

(a)shrinkage allowance
(b)identification number marked on it
(c)taper to facilitate its removal from mould
(d)for machining allowance.
2.Projection welding is
(a) continuous spot welding process
(b) multi spot welding process
(c) used to form rectangle
(d) something else
3.A cylindrical section having no joints is
known as
4.If steel is slowly cooled in furnace, the
structure obtained is known as
(a) pearlite
(b) sorbite
(c) martensite
(d) troosite
5.A feeler gauge is used to check
(a) radius
(b) surface roughness
(c) unsymmetrical shape
(d) thickness of clearance
6.Constant measuring pressure in
micrometer screw gauge is ensured by
(b).barrel and
(c) ratchet
(d) spindle
7.In the metal forming process, the stresses
encountered are

(a) Greater than yield strength but less than ultimate

(b)Less than yield strength of the material
(c)Greater than ultimate strength of material
(d) Less than elastic limit
8.Fettling is an operation performed
(a)before casting
(b)during casting
(c)after casting
(d)after heat treatment
9.For cutting operation, the most suitable
flame is
(a) neutral
(b) oxidizing
(c) carburizing
(d) none of the above
10.The grain structure is refined in
(a)cold working process
(b)hot working process
(c)both (a) and (b) above
(d)none of the above
11.Grey cast iron as compared to white cast
iron is
(a) harder
(b) Softer
(c) same
(d) none of the above
12. Which one of the following cutting tool
bits are made by powder metallurgy
(a) Carbon steel tool bits
(b) Stellite tool bit
(c) Tungsten carbide tool bits
(d) HSS tool bits
13. Match the following
(a) Herring bone (1) Non- interchangble
(b) Worm gears (2)Quiet motion

(c) Helical gears (3)Zero axial thrust

(d) Hypoid gears (4)Extreme speed reduction
( a - 3, b-4, c-2, d-1)
14. Proof resilience may be defined as
(a) Work done in straining the material.
(b) Max strain energy that can be stored in the
material per unit volume.
(c) Max strain energy that can be stored in the
material under elastic condition.
(d) Max load which can be applied to a
15. Which of the following is not a casting defect?
(a) Swab.
(b) Scab.
(c) Shift.
(d) Swell.
16. Surface roughness on a drawing is
represented by
(a.) triangles
(b). circles
(c). squares
(d). rectangles
17. Autocollimator is used for
(a). parallelism measurements
(b). straightness measurements
(c). flatness measurements
(d). angular measurements
18. Tolerances are specified
(a). to obtain desired fits
(b). because it is not possible to manufacture a size
(c). to obtain high accuracy
(d). to have proper allowance
19.Which of the following materials cant be
(a)wrought iron
(b)cast iron

(c)mild steel
(d)high carbon steel
20.External screw threads can be produced
fastest by
21. In resistance welding electrode is made
up of
(a). Carbon steels
(b). Stainless steel
(c). Al
(d). Cu, Cr
22. Heat treatment process which decreases hardness
and tensile strength but increases machinability is
(a) normalising
(b) annealing
(c) tempering
(d) spheroidising
23. Misrun is a casting defect which occurs when
(a)the pouring temperature is very high
(b)gases have been absorbed by the liquid metal
(c)sufficient superheat has not been provided to the
liquid metal
(d)the alignment is improper
24.Geneva mechanism is used for
_____________________ motion
a. continuous motion
b. intermittent motion
c. smooth motion
d. perpendicular motion
25. A tool used in cutting an external thread is called
(a) twist drill
(b) tap
(c) die
(d) end mill

26.Grinding stone is cleaned by diamond tip to

remove sticking metal parts This is process is called
a) honing
b) deburring
c) fettling
d) Dressing
27.Which of the following structure is least hard?
28.Trimming is the process associated with
(a)press work
(b)powder metallurgy
(c)polishing of metals
29.Induction hardening is the process of
(a) uniform hardening
(b) hardening the core
(c) complete hardening
(d) hardening surface for wear resistance
30. Seam welding is
a) an arc welding process
b) a continuous spot welding process
c) a multi spot welding process
d) a process used for joining round bars
31.Weld spatter refers to
a) Flux
b) Welding defect
c) Filler material
d) Shield
32. Choose the Odd process out
a. TIG welding
b. Thermit welding
c. Resistance welding
d. Submerged arc welding
33. Measurement of temperature is based on


Thermodynamic process
0th law of Thermodynamics
1st law of Thermodynamics
2nd law of Thermodynamics