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1) General and prescriptive nature based on customs and traditions related to:
a) Morality

b) Ethics

c) Morality & Ethics

d) None of these

2) Principle that promotes well-being or prevents harm is:

a) Morality

b) Ethics

c) Value

d) a, b&c

3) psychological & social human values comes under:

a) Truth

b) Non-violence

c) Right conduct

d) Peace

4) Particular set of beliefs, attitudes and habits of individuals, family or groups is known as:
a) Morality

b) Ethics

c) Integrity

d) Value

5) Desirable attitudes or character traits, motives & emotions that enable everyone to be
successful are related to:
a) Ethics

b) Attitude

c) Virtues

d) Morality

6) Civic Virtues for a self governing administration includes:

a) Civic knowledge & self-restraint

b) Self restraint self assertion

c) Civic knowledge, self restraint & self assertion

d) neither a nor b&c

7) Basic requirement for nurturing friendship and teamwork:

a) Virtue

b) Living peacefully

c) Respect for others

d) Morality

8) A process which exhibits the interest in, support for, the welfare of others with fairness is
known as:
a) Sharing

b) Caring

c) Caring Sharing

d) None of the above

9) Honesty is a virtue and it is exhibited in two aspects namely:

a) Truthfulness trustworthiness

b) Truthfulness & timeliness

c) Both a & b

d) None of the above

10) Courage is classified into:

a) Physical courage

b) Social courage

c) Intellectual courage

d) All the above

11) Courageous people have the following characteristics:

a) Perseverance, Experimentation

b) Involvement Commitment

c) Both a & b

d) None of the above

12) A tendency to accept and face risks and difficult tasks in rational ways is stated as:
a) Spirituality

b) Courage

c) Valuing time

d) Virtue

13) It is a rare source, once it is spent, it is lost forever, it cannot be either stored or recovered:
a) Valuing time

b) Courage

c) Ethics

d) Virtue

14) Cooperation promotes which of the below characteristics:

a) Collinearity, Coherence &Coordination

b) Synergy

c) Both a&b

d) All the above

15) Leveraging diversity is one of the characteristics of:

a) Virtue

b) Commitment

c) Empathy

d) Self-confidence

16) Factors that shape self-confidence in a person are:

a) Heredity

b) Friendship

c) Role models

d)All the above

17) Certainty in ones own capabilities, values and goals known as:
a) Commitment

b) Empathy

c) Morality

d) Self-confidence

18) Which of the following is related to character of a person:

a) Sensitive

b) Active, apathetic

c) Intelligent

d) All the above

19) Which quality motivates and encourage the colleagues to perform better:
a) Commitment

b) Virtue

c) Self-confidence

d) Spirituality

20)The attitude to accept criticism and willing to correct is related to which spiritual trait:
a) Moral autonomy

b) Self awareness

c) Positive views of adversity

d) Humility