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R.L. Stine


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My name is Scott Harmon. Im twelve. Old enough
not to be afraid of graveyards. Or creepy, old
abandoned houses. Or scratchy creaking sounds
late at night. Or howls or whispers or screeches
or shadows darting in front of me, or loud car
horns or bursts of cold wind or . . . or . . .
You probably get it. Im old enough not to be
afraid of a lot of things. But I still am. I mean, a
lot of things make my heart skip a beat. Or make
me choke or start to jump out of my skin. Or
make me open my mouth in a yelp or a hey or a
Sure, I tell myself to man up, to get braver. Do
you think I dont wake up every morning and tell
myself, Scott, old buddy, old wimp, old fraidycat, todays the day youre not going to be scared
of stuff!?
I say that every morning. Then I push back
the covers, lower my feet to the floor and
something happens. Maybe I step into a big bowl

of ice water my evil sister, Rita, put beside the

bed. And I start off the day with a loud, shrill
Or maybe Rita slips some kind of animal under
my sheets. Or maybe she leaves a frightening
surprise, some creature big and ugly and dead,
for me in my sock drawer.
Rita is bad. She is nine and very cute with big,
round black eyes and dimples when she smiles.
What makes her smile? Scaring me, her older
brother, and watching me scream my head off.
She loves to frighten me and shes very good
at it. Mom and Dad think shes adorable. I think
shes a terror. And I mean terror in the horrormovie kind of way. Rita can be terrifying.
She even has an evil maniac laugh. If you
heard it, youd get chills, too. Seriously.
And lets face facts, Rita isnt my only
As soon as I leave home, Ive got Mickey Klass
and his twin brother, Morty, in my face. The
Klass brothers are like cavemen or Neanderthals.
I mean, ape-men, primitive creatures you see
in those science documentaries they make you
watch in school.
They are only twelve, but they are very hairy.
They both have stringy, long brown hair hanging down their chubby faces. I think they could
grow beards if they wanted to. No joke. Theyre
big and wide, built low to the ground, about the

same size as those Fiat cars you see on the

street, maybe a little bigger.
And guess what? Their main mission in life is
to terrify a kid we know and love named Scott
When some people find out youre the kind of
kid who is scared of things, they love to test you.
They love to go after you. They love to make
you squirm and scream and run.
Face it. Theyre mean. The Klass brothers are
mean. Its like they saw the word victim tattooed
on my forehead. Do you know that word?
Well, look it up. It will help explain why Mickey
and Morty decided their new hobby would be
scaring the pants off me and making my life
So you can see why Im eager to change my
whole personality. Maybe slip out of this skinny,
quivering Scott Harmon body and into a powerful, muscle-bound X-Men body, afraid of nothing,
bursting with mutant powers to zap anyone who
challenges me.
I like Wolverine a lot. And sometimes I picture myself as Thor. Hes big and quiet. He
doesnt fit in, but he doesnt care. He doesnt take
nonsense from anyone.
If only there were brave pills you could take.
Id gobble one every morning, go downstairs,
and say, Okay, Rita do your worst. Or maybe

on the walk to school: Okay, Mickey and Morty

show me what you got!
Can you imagine that?
Well, there arent any brave pills. And the
chances are not too good that I am actually a
Marvel superhero in disguise.
Thats why I have to say, Hooray for Amanda
Gold! Amanda is my best friend, my pal. And
she is as cowardly and wimpy and afraid of stuff
as I am.
Im not making this up. Ask her. Shell admit it.
When a mouse jumped across her desk last
week in Ms. Muellers class, Amanda screamed
so loud, she set off all the fire alarms in the school.
Why the fire alarms? I dont know. But you have
to admit thats pretty awesome screaming.
After school, I told her how awesome that was.
I mean, friends have to stick up for friends,
And now you are probably wondering why
Amanda and I are out on this cold, blustery gray
October afternoon. Across the street from the
ancient graveyard. Huddled together, shivering,
gazing up at the cracked and rickety front stoop
of the dark, abandoned house everyone says is
Why are we here? Thats what youre wondering, arent you?
So am I.