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SPS Science Form 1

Apparatus and Materials

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Chapter 1

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EXPERIMENT 1.5 Designing and carrying out an experiment

Apparatus: Retort stand and clamp, metre rule, stopwatch
Materials: Pendulum bob, string
EXPERIMENT 1.8 Mass and weight
Apparatus: Lever balance, spring balance
Materials: Wooden block, book, plastic bottle, pencil box, pendulum bob
EXPERIMENT 1.11 Length of straight and curved lines
Apparatus: Metre rule, measuring tape
Materials: Thread, pencil, pen, ball

Diameter of objects

Apparatus: Internal calipers, external calipers, metre rule, 100 cm3 beaker
EXPERIMENT 1.13 Area of regular and irregular shapes
Apparatus: Metre rule
Materials: Pencil eraser, leaf, triangle-shaped object, graph paper

Volume of liquids

Apparatus: 100 cm3 measuring cylinder, boiling tube, test tube, 25 ml pipette, suction
pump, burette, retort stand, clamp
Materials: Water, white piece of paper
EXPERIMENT 1.15 Volume of regular and irregular-shaped solids
Apparatus: 100 ml measuring cylinder
Materials: Marbles, stone, water, thread

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SPS Science Form 1

Chapter 2

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EXPERIMENT 2.1 Cell as a basic unit of animals and plants

Apparatus: Microscope, cover slip, slides, dropper, razor blade, forceps
Materials: Toothpick, filter paper, blue methylene solution, iodine solution
EXPERIMENT 2.5 Unicellular and multicellular organisms
Apparatus: Slide, glass cover, microscope, dropper
Materials: Pond water

Chapter 3

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EXPERIMENT 3.1 Matter has mass and occupies space

Apparatus: Retort stand and clamp, beaker, basin
Materials: Half-metre ruler, 2 balloons, thread, water, needle, cellophane tape

Arrangement and movement of particles in three states of

Materials: Wooden partition, container, marbles

Density and buoyancy of objects

Apparatus: 100 ml measuring cylinder, beakers

Materials: Water, cork, glass, ice cubes, petrol

Chapter 4

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EXPERIMENT 4.6 Compounds and mixtures

Apparatus: Magnifying glass, test tube, test tube holder, Bunsen burner, spatula, Petri
Materials: Iron filings, sulphur powder, carbon disulphide solution, paper, bar magnet
EXPERIMENT 4.8 Separation of sand and salt
Apparatus: Glass rod, 100 ml beaker, filter funnel, retort stand and clamp, tripod stand,
Bunsen burner, evaporating dish, wire gauze, asbestos sheet
Materials: A mixture of sand and salt (table salt), filter paper, water

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SPS Science Form 1

Chapter 5

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EXPERIMENT 5.1 Percentage of oxygen in the air

Apparatus: Gas jar, gas jar stand, glass trough
Materials: Rubber bands, candle, matches, water
EXPERIMENT 5.2 Air as a mixture of various substances
Apparatus: Boiling tube, rubber stopper, evaporating dish, Petri dish with cover, slide
Materials: Ice cubes, dry cobalt chloride paper, sterilised nutrient agar, cellophane tape
EXPERIMENT 5.4 Properties of gases in the air
Apparatus: Bunsen burner, test tubes filled with oxygen, test tubes filled with carbon
dioxide, 100 cm3 beaker, 500 cm3 beaker, oxygen gas tank, carbon dioxide
gas tank
Materials: Red and blue litmus papers, concentrated sodium hydroxide solution,
bicarbonate indicator solution, lime water
EXPERIMENT 5.6 Gas used during respiration
Apparatus: Boiling tube, cork, capillary tube, wire mesh
Materials: Cotton wool, coloured water, sodium hydroxide solution, live cockroach
EXPERIMENT 5.7 Gas released during respiration
Apparatus: Boiling tube, wire gauze, rubber stopper, bicarbonate indicator
Materials: Grasshopper, germinating green beans

Comparison of the oxygen content in inhaled air (ordinary air)

and exhaled air
Apparatus: Two gas jars with cover, delivery tube, stopwatch, basin
Materials: Water, candle
EXPERIMENT 5.9 The relationship between volume of air and the burning of a
Apparatus: Different sized containers, stopwatch
Materials: Candle, matches
EXPERIMENT 5.10 Burning of carbon (charcoal) and hydrocarbon (kerosene)
Apparatus: Bunsen burner, gas jar, gas jar spoon, gas jar cover
Materials: Charcoal powder, kerosene, dry cobalt chloride paper, lime water

Chapter 6

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EXPERIMENT 6.2 Producing fire using a magnifying glass

Materials: Magnifying glass, thin paper

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SPS Science Form 1

Chapter 7

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EXPERIMENT 7.1 Heat production

Materials: Thermometer
EXPERIMENT 7.2 Ways to produce heat
Apparatus: Test tube
Materials: Sodium hydroxide solid, water

Apparatus: 250 cm3 beaker, 100 cm3 beaker, Bunsen burner, thermometers, 100 ml
measuring cylinder, tripod stand, wire gauze, glass rod, string, asbestos
Materials: 50 g and 100 g weights, water
EXPERIMENT 7.5 The effect of heat on solids
Apparatus: Bunsen burner
Materials: Ring, metal ball
EXPERIMENT 7.6 The effect of heat on liquids
Apparatus: Thermometer, beaker
Materials: Ice cubes
EXPERIMENT 7.7 The effect of heat on gases
Apparatus: Round-bottomed flask, capillary tube, rubber stopper with hole, basin, retort
stand and clamp
Materials: A drop of coloured liquid, ice cubes, hot water
EXPERIMENT 7.8 Heat transfer through conduction
Apparatus: Bunsen burner, retort stand and retort clamp, tripod stand, asbestos sheet
Materials: Copper rod, thumbtacks, wax

Heat transfer through convection

Apparatus: Bunsen burner, 500 cm3 beaker, tripod stand, wire gauze, gas jar
Materials: Potassium manganate(VII) crystal, drinking straw, water, mosquito coil,
matches, candle, T-shaped cardboard
EXPERIMENT 7.10 Heat transfer through radiation
Materials: Thermometer, bulb
EXPERIMENT 7.14 Different materials act as different heat insulators
Apparatus: Bunsen burner, tripod stand
Materials: Copper rod, iron rod, aluminium rod, glass rod, thumbtacks

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SPS Science Form 1

EXPERIMENT 7.16 Change in the state of matter in physical processes

Section A
Apparatus: Wire gauze, tripod stand, Bunsen burner, 250 cm3 beaker, white tile
Materials: Ice, water
Section B
Apparatus: Glass dish, refrigerator
Materials: Water
Section C
Apparatus: Cup
Materials: Water, chalk
Section D
Apparatus: Boiling tube, Bunsen burner, test tube holder
Materials: Iodine crystals
EXPERIMENT 7.20 Absorption of heat
Apparatus: Two conical flasks, one with its base painted with aluminium paint while the
other with dull black paint, rubber stopper, thermometer, retort stand and
clamps, Bunsen burner
EXPERIMENT 7.21 Heat transmission
Apparatus: Conical flask painted with dull black paint, conical flask painted with
aluminium paint, thermometers, asbestos sheets
Materials: One-hole rubber stoppers, hot water

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