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RAFEEQUE PUTHUKUDY (B.E) Mobile: +974 5875486(Qatar)

Electrical Engineer : +919645252843 (India)

Professional Experience Summary (6 Years)

Diversified international career in the Oil/Gas Industries. Broad based engineering expertise,
primarily in Electrical and Instrumentation , supports a solid capability in technical
1. QATAR KENTZ (W.L.L), QATAR (From Aug 2006 to till date)
Designation: Electrical Engineer
(From May 2004 to July2006)
Designation: Electrical Commissioning Engineer

Education and Technical Skills

 Degree : Bachelor in Engineering| (Electrical & Electronics)

 University : Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum, INDIA.

Technical Skills:

 Professional in Project Management

 Project Management planning tools Primavera 6.2 and PrimaveraWeb
 SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)-Intouch
 Programmable Logical Controller (PLC): Unitronics (U90OPLC), Allen Bradley and
Siemens (Certified PLC Programmer)
 Computer Proficiency :MSOffice Package and well versed in internet concepts

Job Profile

 Preparing Procedures for pre-commissioning and commissioning activities

 Installation, Commissioning, Preventive and corrective maintenance of HV/LV Electrical

equipments such as Transformers, Generators, Switchgears, over head Lines and under
ground Cables etc.
 Experience with Hazardous zone/Area of classification and Explosion proof equipments.

 Conversant with protection relays like GE SR 750 (Feeder protection Relay-GE

Multiline), SR469 (Motor Protection Relay-GE Multiline), REF542 and REF543
(Feeder Protection Relay-ABB).

 Strong knowledge of protection co-ordination grading, short circuits, Stability test,

equipment rating and relevant Codes & Standards.

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 Fair knowledge about DCS and its Communication with the switchgear controllers like
Mlink, MControl and MView (LV Motor Contrller-ABB), Relays etc.
 Attending of faults, breakdown works and Troubleshooting.

 Experience in the field of automation and explore to the modern communication

technologies is an added advantage for me to perform in the real system environment.
 Prepare Method statement and Job Safety Analysis for each task.
 Coordinate with planning Engineers and other discipline Engineers like civil, mechanical and
instrumentation at site for joint activities.
 Strong commitment to HSE principles and good operating & engineering practice.

 Conversant with testing kit like FREJA 300, Omicron, Programma Relay Test Kit, Primary
current injection kit, Transformer test sets, Power frequency test set, Dielectric test set
 Configuration, Testing and commissioning of numerical/static/electromechanical,
differential relays, over current and EF relays(REF541,REF545,REM543, SR750, SPCJ,
SPAJ etc.) of various manufacturers like AREVA, ABB, GE, Easun Reyrolle, Siemens etc.

 Generator : Synchronization, Controller(ComAp) settings, Protection settings and

Load sharing.

 Transformer: Installation, Testing, Protection Relay setting, Commissioning and


 Switchgears: Installation and Testing of protection Equipments like CT ,PT and Circuit
Breaker, Feeder Protection settings, commissioning and troubleshooting.

 Under Ground Cable & Overhead line: Study cable route map, installation, Cable
Testing (High Voltage Testing), and commissioning.

 Battery and Battery charger: Testing of Battery(Ni Cd) and battery charger,
Commissioning and Troubleshooting.
 Variable Frequency Drives(VFDs)

Major Project Details

Project -1: RL(3) Common OffPlot Project, RasLaffan ,Qatar

Owner: RasGas
Client: Fluor Middle East
The scope of the project is to establish electrical power for Condensate Phase-1, Condensate
Phase-2, LPG and LNG areas for RasGas at RasLaffan Industrial city, Qatar. The scope
includes 33KV, 6.6KV and 400V switchgears and related equipments.

Duties and Responsibilities:

o Testing of Cables, Transformers, CT, PT, 33KV&6.6KV Switchgears, Up stream/Down
stream Interlocks, HV & LV motors, UPS system, Battery and Battery chargers
o Functional Checks like Local start/stops, Remote (DCS) start/stops etc.
o Co-ordinate with Client Walk down and clear the punch list items.

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o Commissioning of Transformers, Switchboards (33KV, 11KV, 6.6KV and 415V), field
panels like Lighting and MOVs.
o Testing and commissioning of HV/LV motors.
Project -2: 6.6KV Substation for RASGAS at RasLaffan, Qatar.
Electrical power supply system is established in such a way that,
Eight 415V Diesel generator voltages are stepped up to 6.6KV using eight transformers.
The output of all transformers is synchronized into a single 6.6KV busbar. The 6.6KV
substation power is distributed to various areas using 25 Ring Main Unit (RMU)
Substations. Each RMU contains a distribution transformer and its LV switch boards.
Duties and Responsibilities:
o Installations of Cable, RMU, Transformers, Switch gears, Battery and Battery charger
o Cable termination
o Testing-Cable, RMU, Transformer, CT, PT, 6.6KV Switchgears, Interlocks, Battery and
Battery charger
o Commissioning-Generator (Synchronization), 6.6KV switchboard (Relay settings) and
o Co-ordinate with QA/QC inspectors to ensure the quality of the work as well as all
paper works has been done.
Project -3: 6.6KV/400V Unit Substation for RASGAS at RasLaffan, Qatar.
The scope of the project is to establish power supply to the New Maintenance office from a
6.6KV outgoing feeder and to tie in a new 6.6KV feeder with the existing switchgear,
inside the Rasgas plant.
Duties and Responsibilities:
o Installation of Power and control cables and unit substation (6.6KV/415V).
o Termination of power and control cables.
o Retrofitting of 6.6KV outgoing feeder CT and busbar.
o Testing of Cable, CT, Relays and Unit substation.
Project -4: Pearl GTL Waste Water Treatment Plant(WWTP)
Duties and Responsibilities:
o Installation of Power and control cables and unit substation (11KV/415V).
o Termination of power and control cables.
o Testing of Cable, CT, Relays and Unit substation.
o Commissioning of VSDS and Motors.
Project -5: Pearl GTL at RasLaffan, Qatar.
Project ongoing
Designation: Electrical Engineer
KSEB is utility owned by state government having generating stations, EHV & HV
substations (up to 400kV) and distribution network supplying power to about 8 million

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consumers in Karnataka State, India.
Had a responsible role in the construction and commissioning of the following substations.
Project -1: 33/11KV Substation (Karnataka State Electricity Board),
Wallabellary, India through L&T.
33 K V substation with single bus; Two 33/11 K V, 5MVA transformers and 11 K V
feeders. 11KV feeders are taken to pole mounted transformers to energize different
areas of Wallabellary district. Feeder protection contains distance relay OPTIMHO of M/s
Alstom, Numerical Differential Relays MICOM P632 of Alstom/Areva, Over current and
Earth fault relays and auto re-close relays.
Project -2: 11kv/440v substations, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bangalore, India.
Two 11KV substations with single bus; 500KVA transformers. 415V is supply used for the
utilities of HAL.
Project -3: 66kv/6.6kv/440v substation, Petronet, Hassan, India.
Petronet is petrol pumping station, where 66KV substation steps down the incoming 66KV
to 6.6KV to a double bus switch board.6.6KV supply is then taken to 6.6KV/440V
transformers via under ground cables to different part of the plant utilities. There are
some 6.6KV feeder used for heavy motors

Personal Profile

Date Of Birth : 02 – May – 1983

Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Indian
Indian Passport : B2624511
Driving License : Valid Qatari and Indian Driving License (No: 28335610206)
Languages Known : English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.
Alternate E-mail :


All the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge

Rafeeque P K

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