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1. What qualities or traits made you succeed in your entrepreneurial venture?

Having a clear-cut vision and insight I believe - is always key in making even
the impossible possible. Knowing what and where your resources are and
where they can come from and knowing how to skillfully utilize these
available resources whether they may be limited or in abundance also
plays a big part in achieving your career goals and visions.
Its also important to develop ones spatial and organizational skills, and to
nurture and build on ones creative spirit, self-reliance and self-discipline even at an early age in the pursuit of your goals. I was very fortunate and
blessed to have the right people during my formative years to guide me and
encourage me in honing these values, that even until now, these traits are
still a huge part of my personal philosophical beliefs on how I view and
practice my profession.
2. What is your greatest contribution to society?
Culture and arts have always been important aspects of society for me, and I
had that in mind right from the developmental stages of Concertus Manila. Id
like to believe that through the work we do here at Concertus where we
have been known to work with iconic entertainment personalities and topcaliber international theatrical productions that we have played a big part in
re-awakening, reinforcing, and broadening on a global scale - Philippine
societys appreciation of the performing arts and its relevance to living a
fully-rounded and cultured life.
As a whole, Concertus Manila also strives to uphold international standards
and ethics in the marketing and promotions game, and with this as our credo,
we can also hope that our colleagues in the same industry will appreciate the
extra mile we go to in each project we undertake.
3. What drove you to entrepreneurship?
There is an overwhelming sense of fulfillment when one can say that the work
he does is primarily fueled by his passion and philosophy in life. In
entrepreneurship, the leader has the liberty and great responsibility - to
ensure that the best operational beliefs and standards he personally
advocates and lives by are carefully fostered within every project the
company is tasked with. Through entrepreneurship, you have an amazing
opportunity to personally brand the outcome of your projects.
4. What challenges have you encountered as an entrepreneur?
Sometimes its not just the sole aspect of starting up your own business that
can be daunting - and thats even discounting the economic and financial
hurdles one has to overcome when ones enterprise is still in its baby stages.
Even when you already have both feet on the ground with the growing
stability of your business, challenges are always around the corner - and in
the field of marketing and promotions, you have to always keep in mind that
you can never rest on your laurels. There is always a competitor who just

might be a few steps behind you and is gaining momentum every minute that
you remain complacent. Marketing and promotions is a neck-to-neck game
and when it comes to your companys and perhaps even your own unique
strategy of business practice, it helps a lot if you are constantly updated on
brand new techniques to incorporate into the proposals you present to
Running your own business comes with a lot of surprises, clich as it may
sound, it is best to always be prepared, especially for the unexpected.
5. What are the most difficult aspects of entrepreneurship?
Difficulties often arise in any profession when one goes into an
entrepreneurial endeavor unprepared, which is why advanced research is
integral to any project. At Concertus Manila, we always make sure that our
standards in Marketing and Promotion are constantly at par with the current
trends and techniques of international big-named firms espousing world-class
standards. Perhaps the most minor difficulties that we may have faced would
be having to exceed the expectations of our international clientele, but even
then, it has always been my belief that our constant awareness of our clients
needs even the ones that they might not even be aware of always keeps
us one step ahead of our clienteles demands allowing us to counter
whatever the competition has to offer.
The countrys economic stability and the current financial situations of any of
our projects demographics also play a big role on how massive a splash and
a ripple our marketing and promotions projects will affect. Coming up with
original and innovative marketing strategies for a brand, a theatrical show or
a concert to ensure awareness and further guarantee high ticket sales, are
just the surface of what really goes on inside the Concertus Manila offices,
and these responsibilities do not come without its unique challenges. To
combat any difficulties which may arise, it is very essential that our firm fully
understands sometimes even on a personal level who our market or
demographic is and which would be the best strategy to employ in order to
effectively reach them. Research skills, inquisitiveness, and insight should be
instinctual and crucial to any professional in this field.
6. How did you overcome these challenges and difficulties?
In overcoming any challenge, its always wise to step back from any chaotic
situation, take a deep breath and analyze, and then make a decision.
Although with its own special set of rewards, running your own business can
be extremely hectic at times what with work life sometimes literally working
itself into your family and social life - and as mere mortals, we all have our
own limitations. If you are blessed enough though to have qualified people
working with you, there should be no problem in delegating - trust the right
people and they will deliver quality, and in doing so, you can focus all your
time and energy on the more pressing and important decisions that you have
to make as an entrepreneur. Seeking help from the right people just makes
good sense.

Marketing and Promotions is a field where timing is valued as a great

commodity, and wasting time by being haphazard and indecisive is just plain
inefficiency. Planning ahead always comes in handy, but sometimes having a
Plan B or C might not even be enough.
Its very wise to remember then that in this instance, you dont want yourself
inundated or overwhelmed with too many contingency plans best piece of
advice here, do not just plan for the sake of quantity, but for the sake of
quality as well. That way, you plan equally for effectivity and efficiency.