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10-03-22 Richard Fine: Final response by California Judicial Council - false and deliberately

Ronald George, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court,

Chair of the California Judicial Council

Los Angeles, March 22 - following is the latest, March 22, 2010 response, [1] which was received from the
Judicial Council. The case caption stated in such response is false and deliberately misleading. The case
caption stated in the response by the Judicial Council is "Fine v. Sheriff of Los Angeles Court," The case
caption as stated in the US Court docket is: "Richard I. Fine v. Sheriff of Los Angeles County."
The California Judicial Council is chaired by Ronald George, Chief Justice of the California Supreme
Court. No further attempt would be made to have the California Judicial Council correct this record.


[1] March 22, 2010 response by the California Judicial Council.

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Mr. Zernik,

In light of your revised request, I am again sending our original response which we believe contains the correct and true
z Page 2/2 March 23, 2010

caption for the case.

The Administrative Office of the Courts retained the Benton, Orr, Duval & Buckingham law firm to represent the Superior
Court of California, County of Los Angeles and Judge David Yaffe in Fine v. Sheriff of Los Angeles Court, Case No. CV
09-1914, pursuant to Government Code section 811.9 and rule 10.202 of the California Rules of Court, which require the
AOC to manage litigation affecting the courts, including the responsibility to select legal counsel on behalf of courts and
judicial officers. Kevin McCormick is a partner in the retained law firm.

We cannot respond to your other hypotheticals.

Philip R. Carrizosa
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