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With youtube as one of its product, google plays a significant role shaping the
political world in the US and in the UK.
This occur because Youtube is widely used by people to find out information
about the political candidates, and on the other hand the political candidates use it
to communicate with the people or campaigning, to accumulate vote from the
With the increasing use of the internet for searching the political candidates
information (specifically Youtube), Googles political influence is also predicted to
increase. Google are recommended to increase their influence in the national and
regional elections throughout countries of the world.
As a leading company with increased demands for its services and increasing profit
level, more business advertisement tend to come to google to do business.
Which means, google is more likely to increase its profit further despite the worsen economy condition,
because google is moving in the online advertisement market of businesses, especially the local ones.
This condition recommends Google to contact the business directly, and explain how the services works,
and how it could increase the business sales and revenue. And because not all business owner are
exposed to the technology world, google must provide technical and basic knowledge so that the
businesses are more likely to join and use the advertisement service of google.\

In this globalized world, google is one of the leading multinational countries

who provides services in many countries around the globe, and with the
increasing internet users throughout the globe, the more potential demand
for use of googles services are there.
But even in this globalized world, in which many of the countries in the world
already has access to the internet, google still face a problem in which will
affect its effort to maximized profit and spread internet throughout the world.
For example, in less developed countries such as Africa and the Middle East,
in which internet access are only available in places such as the capital city
of those countries.
One of the main reason for the lack of telecommunication services in those
countries is due to the low wages. Following the low wage process, they
couldnt afford laptops or internet access because they are still struggling
with their primary / daily needs, thus the people are less likely to have
access to internet and thats where google should come in and support more
less developed countries to have access to the internet. Google can take part
in which they can provide free internet, or low cost laptops in the less
developed countries. So they can also help develop that country by helping
them access the internet.