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Are humans worth understanding love?

The question sounds too strange at the first instance but its worth
thinking over.
The meaning of humans is to be construed in a sense that it is one of the
species among billions inhabiting on the only living planet in the tiny part
of the universe. This species, which tend to live in groups called society
and which is popularly known as social animals has been deteriorating as
far as the intellect is concerned. The above statement needs no proof as
the truth is all around in the form of decaying planet and if this
decadences is still unseen, the statement holds true even better. What
more can be said when the environment which nourishes everything is in
such a pathetic condition.
Humans, with their gift of intellect, become the most evolved species on
the planet. The scope of intellect has been diverging in the direction of
materialism to such an extent that the fundamentals of human life have
been going missing. The extent of responsibilities is relative to that of role
or position. The most evolved species have gone far so far in
differentiating itself from the rest that it has nearly forgotten that it is
nothing but a negligible part of the same universe. A recent study showed
that a normal human being has more in common with chimpanzees than
that with people like Aristotle. The depreciation in human values, the
depreciation in human health, and the depreciation in human intellect
makes this talk factual instead of mere opinion.
Love cannot be defined as flowing streams cannot be confined. The
universe portrays love beautifully in countless forms in every second. The
universe is like a systematic arrangement made up of different entities,
each having its own significant role. Nothing is complete in itself.
In simple words, love is nothing but the realization of truth or fact of
incompleteness of oneself and the rest of the entities; and understanding
that various combinations need to be formed to carry out the processes of

the universe; and thus the combination letting the contributing entities to
experience the completeness in spite of being incomplete.
No matter for how long the process carries out or what are the
contributing entities, such a combination can be called as love. For
instance, a thirsty person feels restless and incomplete till he dont get
the water. A person appears complete in himself but the fact is he is not.
Nothing is. Everything is interdependent which leads us to see countless
forms of love as the combinations are countless.
So, it can be conferred that every little or big act done to complete some
other entity for that moment is love. Providing examples would not appear
prudent as the live examples are all around. The most elegant quality of
love is that the participating entities lose their individual identities and
give rise to something whose beauty can be described by no words. May
be for this reason Lord Christ told everyone love is god.
In spite of being in ocean of love, all are thirsty, Trying to find love is not
very much different than finding air, its all around but it cant be seen, it
can just be felt.
Along with the blessing of intellect, humans have also been provided with
a curse of ego. The process of love demands the participating entities to
lose their individual identities so that one unique identity can be created
to complete the both but the human race is too much obsessed with the
ego that their processes either end up with lust or unfulfilled expectations.
The problem with beautiful processes like love is that they demand death
like all other beautiful processes. Death of ego is essential for the process
of love to happen as clash of egos can never turn out to be love. Both the
processes go vice versa, clash of egos means subtraction while love
means addition.
Earlier there were brothers, now there are armies
Earlier there were hands to help, now there are hands to kill
Earlier women were goddesses, now they are slaves
Earlier love was a divine process, now it is misconstrued as lust.

The forms of love are endless. The perceptions of love are endless. Its an
end to all the worries yet denied a chance.
Love is beyond words, so it would be wrong even to think that love can be
explained through words, words can only be used to express certain
perception. Love has got endless.
Give love a chance, Give truth a chance.
Om namah shivay: