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Mihir Sen was the first to swim English Channel.

He crossed the channel in 14 hours

45 minutes. Also was the first man to swim the straits of Dardanelles. Padma shri in
1959 and Padma bhushan in 1967.
Bachendri pal was the first indian women to climb mount Everest.
Arati saha was the first indian woman to swim across the English channel.
Padmashri in 1960. Anita Sood became the fastest Asian woman to cross English
channel. Indian government issued a stamp in her memory.
Phu dorji was the first man to climb mount Everest without oxygen. He reached
there on May 9, 1984
Nawang Gombu was the first man to climb the Mount Everest Twice and Reached
there in 1965 as 3 American expedition and as Indian expedition in 1965.
Kandia special economic zone in Gujarat was the first indian SEZ and was set up in
Hindalco Industries Limited is Indias leading aluminium and copper producer. It is
part of Aditya Birla Group and is the worlds largest and largest aluminium rolling,
producer company. Dahej in Gujarat is the largest single copper smelter in asia.
Tata motors is the largest automobile company. It was established in 1945.
Genpact is the Indias largest BPO company. It started its operation in 1997
Indias largest selling Ice Cream is AMUL which replaced the kwality walls.
Music world part of PRG group is indias largest music retail chain.
State Bank Of India is the largest bank in india and has vast domestic network of
over 9000 branches. Corporate center is in Mumbai. It has 52 foreign offices in 34
countries across the globe. 8 subsideries.
Crossword a wholly owned subsidiary of Shoppers stop Limited is the largest
bookstore chain in India.
Bata Indian is the largest footwear retail chain in India and has 1 lakh customers per
day. Has 950 retail stores and 5 production house. First started its operation in
1931 konnagar which later shifted to bataganj in west Bengal.
Rasna Private limited is the largest soft drink concentrate producer in India. It is
Ahmedabad based company and manufacturing base in U.A.E
Bombay stock exchange Limited is the oldest stock exchange in Indian as well as
Asia. Established as the native share and stock broker association in 1875 and
obtain permanent recognition in 1956 and has presence in 417 cities and towns of

Buland darwaza is the highest gateway in India. Built by Akbar in 1601 A.D. and
approached by 42 steps.
Amarnath Cave in Jammu and Kashmir is the largest cave in India. 80 feet deep
down inside the mountain and height of 75 feet.
Ellora temples in Aurangabad Maharashtra are the largest cave temples in India.
Se Cathedral in old Goa is the largest church in India. The building work started in
1562 and ended in 1652. It took 90 years to be completed.
Gol Gumbaz situated in Bijapur district of Karnataka is largest dome in India. Has
diameter of 124 feet. Worlds 2nd largest dome after the St. Peters basilica in Rome.
The faintest whisper around the dome echoes several times. Remarkable feature is
acoustical system.
Golden temple in Amritsar is the largest Gurudwara in India And in world Also. It is
also known as the hamrinder sahib and built during the Guru Arjun Dev.
Construction period was 1588-1601.
Jama masjid in new Delhi is largest mosque in India. It was built by Mughal
shahjahan in 1656. Around 25000 people can pray at a time. It took 15 years to
build it and more than 5000 artisans.
The corridor of Ramnatnswamy temple at rameshwaram is the largest temple
corridor in India. It has 1220 meter of magnificent corridors.
Chota Bheem was the first Indian 3D movie. Made under the banner of Navodaya in
Bhanu Athaiya was the first indian to got an Oscar for costume designer in Film
Gandhi in 1982.
The song ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyon is the longest hindi film song of
length 20 minutes.
The first hindi talking film was alam ara (light of universe). Released on 14 march,
1931 in Bombay. It was based on parsi play of same name.
Jaddan Bai was the first indian woman music director. She was mother of Actress
Indian defence force is the third largest defence force in world after USA and china
Air Marshal Sir Thomas Walker Elmhirst was the first commander-in-chief of the
Indian Air Force. He was Chief from 15 Aug, 1947 to 21 Feb, 1950.
General Sir Francis Robert Roy Bucher was the first Commander-in-chief of indian
Sam Bahadur, was the first Field Marshal of Indian Army.

Air marshal Subroto Mukherjee was the first indian chief of Air staff of Indian Air
Force. He was Air chief from 1 April 1954 to 8 November 1960.
Major Somnath Sharma was the first recipient of Param Vir Chakra. It is the highest
gallentry award.
Padmavathy Bandopadhyay was the first woman Air Marshal of Indian Air Force.
Drass in western Ladakh is the coldest place in India. It is the second coldest place
in world after Siberia.
Kibithu is the easternmost point of india. It is tiny village of Arunachal pardesh.
India has 3287240 sq km. It is 7th largest country in world After
Russia, Canada, China, USA, Brazil and Australia.
Indian accounts to 2.4% of total surface area of world.
Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain peak in India.
Greatest plain of north India is the largest alluvial plain of the world. The plain is
partly in Pakistan and partly in India.
Sunderban is the largest delta in India. It is formed by the rivers ganges,
brahamputra meghna.
Kachchh in Gujarat with an area of 45,652 sq km is the largest District in India.
Mahe in Kerala is the smallest district. It has population of about 36000
Rajasthan with an area of 342,239 sq km is the largest state in India. Before
formation of chattisgarh the Madhya Pardesh was the largest till 2000
Goa with an area of 3702 sq km is the smallest state in India. It is also the most
developed state in India. Language is Konkani.
Siachen Glacier is the largest glacier in India.
Andaman and nikobar is the largest union territory of India. It is group of 572 islands
and located in the Bay of Bengal. While Lakshadweep is the smallest territory with
an area of 32 sq km.
Length of coastline of India include the coastline of Andaman and Nicobar island in
the Bay of Bengal and Lakshwadeep in Arabian Sea is 7517 km.
The longest river of India is Ganga which is 2525 km
Northernmost Point of India is Siachen Glacier In state J & K.
Indira point the southernmost point of Great Nicobar island is the southernmost
point of land.

Kanyakumari is the southernmost point of indian mainland. It is also known as the

cape comorin and is state of tamil nadu.
West of Ghuar Mota in Gujarat is the westernmost point of India.
Cherrapunji is the wettest place on earth and india. It receives and annual rainfall of
over 1200cm.
Goa is the state with least number of Districts in india i.e. two.
Utter Pardesh is the state with maximum districts i.e. 70. Kanpur is largest amount
President is the head of state and advisor to PM.
Rajkumari Amrit Kaur was the first female Indian cabinet Minister
Sucheta Kriplani was the first woman CM in india from 1963-1967.
Sarojini Naidu was the first woman to become the governor of state in UtterPardesh
after independence
Vijaya Lakshmi pandit was the first woman minister in india. She was sister of Pandit
jawarlal Nehru and was elected in 1937 for post minister in local self government
and public health.
Zakir husan was the first indian president to die in office before completing his term.
Indira Gandhi was the first indian PM to lose an election and defeated by Raj Narain
in 1977
Palakkad in kerala is the first IT enabled District headquarter in India on 2004 with
literacy rate of 81%
Satyendranath tagore was the first indian to join civil services in 1863.
Lord canning was the first viceroy of india from 1858 to 1862.
Annie besant was the first woman president of Indian National Congress in 1917.
Howrah Bridge in Kolkata on the Hoogly river is the Busiest river in India

Real time OS are examples are scientific experiments, robots and home appliance
controllers and air traffic control system etc.
Semaphore is a protected integer variable that can facilitate and restrict access to
shared resource in a multi processing environment

Counting Semaphore binary semaphore

Semaphores were discovered by the late edger dijkstra.