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Questionnaire 4:

(Dr. Rashmi Pal Chowdhary, Refractive Surgery, Northern

Railway Central Hospital)

What all medical instruments do you use?

o Clit Lamp Microscope
o Ophthalmoscope
o Tonometer: to measure pressure
o Lensometer
o B-Scan: Ultrasound (USG BScan)
o USG A-Scan
o LASERS: Retinal Laser, Yard Laser
o Operating Microscope
o Refraction Box
o Phaco Emulsion Machine

Which of these instruments do you use most frequently?

o All of these are more or less required in the day to day working of the department.

Does the need of medical equipment vary with the criticality of the patients?
o Based on Necessity
o To start a practice or a govt. clinic.
o The instruments are already given in the order of most important at the top and
then decreasing importance as you go down.

Do you feel, you should keep all these in your clinics /hospitals:

Will your purchase decision depend on price?

Can be both depending upon situation

Where do you get these instruments from?

o Company dealers: Multinational Companies, and they have their own authorized
dealers. Meet them at conference dealer stalls. Show the new equipments to them
and then the doctors decide whether they are required or not.

Who decides what to be purchased, from where and at what price?

o GOVT: Eye surgeons (the end users of the product) decide on whether the
equipments are required or not. And not the Management & Administration.

Do you use some particular brand/are you loyal towards some brands and what is the
reason for opting those brands?
o Carl Zeiss, Bosch, B+L, TopCon, AlCon, Allergan. The multinational brands.
o Reputation, and better quality, Good after sale service (Best is CarlZeiss but said
that very casually as if not much difference is there in after sale services of good

Do you purchase online:

Yes (but only through intermediary which is the railway management in this

Are you aware of any online website for medical instruments:

Yes (Railway Website -> All departments send their quotes there which go to the
management which is responsible for getting these equipments.)

Are you currently purchasing medical instruments from any ecommerce website? If yes,
then what all?
o No, I havent purchased.

What are the advantages of purchasing such things online?

(Fire the person who added this)

What are the disadvantages of purchasing them online?

(Fire the person who added this)

Will you be willing to purchase these instruments online if available at comparable

Maybe (not in govt for sure, maybe in private)

Is there any seasonal variety in the purchase of these instruments:

No (Nothing seasonal about this)

What all information do you look for while purchasing medical instruments?
o Depends on machine requirement. Should have vision clarity. After sales service.
Low running cost.

Do you have some particular dealers? What margins are they offering?
o Brands have authorized dealers. Concern is only dealers.