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Intelligence is defined as the ability to learn or understand. It is the ability to cope

with new situations and the ability to deal with problems effortlessly and accurately.
According to our Psychology book there is this multiple intelligence that uniquely
characterizes who an individual is and what specific abilities he is able to do that
distinguishes him from others. In the book, we are presented with eight multiple
intelligence which are the bodily kinaesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence,
intrapersonal intelligence, verbal-linguistic intelligence, logic-mathematical intelligence,
musical-rhythmic intelligence, naturalist intelligence and visual-spatial intelligence.
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence or those people who are body smart tends to learn
things through physical movement. These people tend to like physical activities. They can
be easily bored or distracted. That is why they find it difficult to sit still and do nothing for a
long period of time. Those with Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart) acquire
knowledge through person to person or through what we call socialization. Through
socializing, they acquire many friends. With the love for socialization, they tend to prefer
working in groups than just working alone with themselves. Intrapersonal Intelligence
differs greatly with Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart) for the people with this
intelligence tend to work alone. They are self-motivated, self-reflective and self-aware.
Thus, they are in tune with their inner feeling, values and beliefs. People with VerbalLinguistic Intelligence are inclined when it comes to understanding the order and meaning
of words in speech, writing and how to properly use the language. They are good in
expressing their thoughts, ideas and opinions. Logic-Mathematical Intelligence involves
with numbers, math and logic to find and understand the things that occur in our lives.
They tend to think more conceptually and abstractly. They like to conduct experiments,
solve puzzles, analyze circumstances which gives then a logical rational. Those with
Musical Rhythmic Intelligence have this profound love for music and rhythmic pattern.
They enjoy listening to a wide variety of music and are skilled at mimicking sounds,
language accents and others speech pattern. People with Naturalist Intelligence love
almost any natural object. They respect and care for all living beings. They are fascinated
with even the simple things that occur naturally such as the weather, the changing of
leaves in the fall, the sound of the wind or even an insect in the room. Visual-Spatial
Intelligence the ability to accurately perceive the visual world and to re-create, manipulate
and modify aspects of one's perceptions.
In our psychology test, the strongest aspect of my intelligence is Interpersonal
Intelligence. Its quite amusing how I got interpersonal intelligence as the strongest and
intrapersonal intelligence as the second wherein both are like the opposite of each other
but as Ive read a lot of articles in the internet I came to know that they are inextricably
interconnected for it is only through a sensitivity to other people (interpersonal intelligence)
that one can come to know oneself; and it is only through sensitivity to one's self
(intrapersonal intelligence) that one can come to relate deeply to other people.
Intelligence is the capacity to acquire knowledge but wisdom is the accumulated
knowledge that gives us the ability to discern.