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El Morya

June 27, 2012

I AM El Morya. I speak to my beloved Knight and Lady to return to
staff service.
Dominion is the law of love and freedom. It is God-given. It seeks not
to destroy but to heal, not to hate but to love. Liberty then, thrives where
attention is paid to justice and love and where fear is driven out.
Yes dear hearts, the past is prologue. What had happened to you
during the shelter cycle still weighs heavy in your mind and I come this day
to ask you for forgiveness, Mother comes to ask you, Lanello, Saint Germain,
the entire Darjeeling Council in what had happened to you to find yourself
in jail.
Mother had to rely solely on others for information. And so you saw
the strange behavior in having Mother give karma balanced percentages to
staff and Keepers that was not in keeping with our Word, you saw the
publishing of the psychic channelled works, you saw the injections of staff
by a snakeskin oil salesman.
We were greatly grieved in your arrest and incarceration. By that
time, I myself had no messenger that I could rely on to give messages, as you
know Mother could not remember from one day to the next what happened.
Thus we ask you to forgive as you saw yourself, how she had gone before
the press and said she did not know about the guns. You then had a sense of
injustice, and it is only a decade later that you are hearing for the first time,
she could not remember your name, could not remember anything about
the gun purchase.
These records are alive, we understand they are as painful today as it
was at the time you were arrested. You had done what was in good faith
and you felt betrayed. Then you felt so alone because Mother would not
stand up for you, how she denied she had anything to do with the guns,
when simply, she could not remember who you were.
These are still painful memories that you were a part of the
shenanigans in the community and it could not be judged until the good
wheat and tares would be harvested in this hour.
What we explained to you was that the events were quite complicated.
First, the determination of the size of the shelter project was mishandled.
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya

Then because the blackouts Mother had were frequent, she could not
remember day to day what had happened, she could not recognize staff,
could not see even her daughter's veering away from chelaship to not see
that she was not the person to be her replacement.
Thus you know, Kenneth McNeel was shocked beyond belief that
Mother could not recognize him when he had known her for many
embodiedments, he was her uncle when she was Queen of Austria. Thus you
see the pain is emotional pain and much greater than physical pain, much
more difficult to pass away than having bruises or cuts, the damage is life
altering, mind numbing, to feel deadness.
It was Mother's decision as we did not have anyone else to replace her
to choose her daughter. You yourself saw the condition of the office of
ministry in its unmerciful heart who were not ministers in the true sense
of the word. You saw how chelas were not leaders and followers who would
not be able to deal with the office of ministry as in the witch trial of the
minister in Livingston who was an affront to the office of ministry for
trying. And that only left the family to rely on you see, for the office of
ministry would not have the tendency to topple them.
Now you see they were not qualified to lead. They may have had titles
of minister but you have seen in this decade the condition of chelaship, it
was not at the level of Christhood, these were failures of Maitreya's Mystery
School who in these many months of my return do not desire to be chelas in
a Guru-chela relationship who have one and all flouted the law, the
opportunity, the path, the teachings, and how would these have been
messenger or leaders, it was an all around fiasco.
The size of the shelters was not for seven years. We had said it was
temporary until the passing of the threat of a first-strike did we not? You
heard my dictation, I said prepare for a first-strike! How is this 7 years?
I did not say to prepare for 7 years!
And what does that mean? Common sense would tell you, less than a
month. See how it is in Japan, the tsunami was over in less than a few days
and the people went back to rebuilding. And what was the response? People
around the world came to help rebuild, and that was what we envisioned, it
would be as you saw in 9/11, people rebuild, they do not go into hiding for 7
Thus Zarathustra used that term and many of you were surprised to
hear an Ascended Master use that word but it describes the shelter cycle.
You had on the one hand, Mother not able to remember from day to day
what happened, you had her training the wrong person to replace her, you
had her suddenly doing those things that were strange like printing the
psychic astral dictations and giving out of percentages of karma balanced
when she could not remember who was standing in front of her, you had
the slave driver at the Heart who repeated his karma in driving Israel out
of the holy land, you had a foreigner to Maitreya's Mystery School leading,
you had egomaniacs control The Summit Lighthouse.
These are the moments in which there is no amount of words that
can convey the grief at human tragedy. The only surcease from pain is being
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya

on ones knees to ask Mother Mary for help asking her to take the pain
away, asking her to help the memories go away, asking for the burden to be
taken from you. We know of no other way.
It is not possible to wipe away the pain you have had to endure these
many years, we simply ask you to forgive us, forgive the past, forgive
Mother and myself. No amount of logical explanation can convince one that
there was not a loss, a devastating loss, a loss of faith, a loss of hope, a loss of
faith in a Guru-chela relationship.
Lanello came to Kenneth McNeel and asked him if he would live on.
And what did Kenneth do?
Lanello was pained many times and he explained, and Mother taught
you at Camelot, "If it was not for Mother Mary, I would not have made it."
See how it is that Kenneth's son was killed, then his second son was
murdered. He was ready to turn on the ignition in the car in the garage and
inhale the fumes of carbon monoxide as the pain was too great, he could not
bear the pain a moment longer.
We have seen what that cycle has done to scatter Israel, to hurt the
faith in our best chelas. We have lost chelas who left here in bitterness who
will not return to the walk in the ascension for the fiasco of the shelter and
the fiasco of Mother's memory loss. Yes, Mother's memory loss was a fiasco in
and of itself.
The tragedy and fiasco of he shelter cycle we ask all to forgive. We
ourselves felt the pain and will it go away, no.
Thus some of you remembered how it was with Kenneth McNeel,
when he came out of the garage and let out the noxious fumes he went
about telling everyone to practice "love and forgiveness" until you thought
he had said it once too many times, he was a fanatic for "love and
forgiveness" he was a nut in a nut house for preaching "love and
forgiveness" endlessly, on the phone, in person, even to the grocery clerk,
even at the gym, everywhere he went, he would preach "love and
It is only forgiveness that you would do this, to help me with The
Summit Lighthouse.
Now do you see why it was a fiasco?
After a number of months chelas realized Kenneth was telling you
the truth. You began to analyze your life story differently, saying after each
recounting of its rebuffs and sorrows, you found yourself saying to yourself
in the manner Kenneth taught to say to yourself, "love and forgiveness."
There is no other way.
Chelas who knew Kenneth, did you remember this about Kenneth
McNeel? How he seemed to have "changed overnight." The last time you saw
him, he had become a changed man, he was a born-again Christian. He had
the Light and fire in his voice, the excitement, the enthusiasm. When you
talked to him, his every other explanation was "love and forgiveness." You
said, "I have a darn problem," and he said "love and forgiveness." You said, "I
don't like him," and he said "love and forgiveness." You said, I got a bad rap,"
and he said, "love and forgiveness." Only he was not a broken record, he was
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya

speaking from his heart. Then when he talked to you next, he expected you
to have applied the teachings he gave and when you presented him the next
episode in your life story, he would say "love and forgiveness."
You know there is nothing that can take away the pain. It is real, it is
as if your sons were taken from you, murdered, deliberately, a calculated
murder of life's opportunity when it is the father's hope for the son and the
son dies even before the father does.
Kenneth obeyed. He trusted and obeyed. Not because the pain could be
resolved, but because he trusted enough that there was another part of life
that depended on him. There were only two options before him, death or life.
Lanello with the chelas when Mother had become incapacitated needed him
to be in embodiedment. He chose self-sacrificing his life to help.
I desire you to see where you will be serving upon your ascension, to
find there the friends you knew before who are waiting for you to forgive
this period in your life that has been a betrayal of what you believed in.
Listen to Uncle Kenneth, listen to Lanello, how they were hurt, and what
they did about it and acquaint yourself with how we are your friends, we
will stick by you if you will open your heart and take our hand of
friendship not because we can change the past or any injustice, only that
there is more to life. You can be in Darjeeling in a few short decades and
you will be joining them, why not start now? They ask. Kenneth asks you,
"Come on you, get up here! Come on you, get up here, you two!"
There is no one in heaven that would not say it was cruel that you
were put into prison. I ask the forgiveness of all my sons and daughters.
There is nothing more cruel than to see you and Knight having gone to jail.
We are greatly sorry and we ask for your forgiveness. We cannot take away
the pain, it is real, we ask your forgiveness. Mother Mary asks your
forgiveness. Yes even the Divine Mother knows your loving sacrifice to have
borne the brunt of the cruel turn of events, there was not any Ascended
Master who had not a tear to shed at the turn of events at the Church.
One person described his sitting in the park and just feeling pain. All
the words "You are no good", "You are a lousy child", all those thoughts that
come up at emotional loss you had as a child comes up, as it is what comes
to you the adult, the wounds of the child within, the soul within. And that
was what this man did, he willingly felt the pain, allowed the pain to come
through, not be in denial that he had all these negative thoughts about
himself. He did this for a day and he was healed by allowing yourself to feel
the pain, allowing himself the time and space to feel the loss, to finally accept
the loss, to finally forgive others and forgive the cruel world.
Be the buddha, be the body to lay your life down that the buddha
may walk over it, that Christianity may be spread, that in spite of these
human injustices that there is a greater justice that the good message lives
and that Christ message be spread, that the Everlasting Gospel is not to be
tossed as the Rasputin messengers do but that the good news of Christ is
come to this age, that there will be the mass ascensions foretold by Jesus
when these teachings are shared.

El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya

Those are the beginning Pearls of Quietly Comes the Buddha that I
would have you read. Gautama asked you the chela to lay down the
garment of self for these teachings that begins the walk in the ten
perfections. You do not reach right mindfulness, right livelihood, right
associations until this first step is willingly taken on the path.
I ask, therefore, my son and daughter, you whom I have shepherded
in all ages and long before we came under my dispensation from Sanat
Kumara in ages prior to GenesisI ask you, then, to dedicate your services to
the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the slaying
of the worldwide force of antichrist that allows my very own children of my
very own loins to yet deny the Son of God within themselves. This does
cause the holdup of the entire evolution of the planet and it will make
laggards out of many who did begin as true children of the Light.
Yes beloved, I have seen you again and again tackle the fierceness of
the fallen ones arrayed against the Divine Mother in the earth in you and
in the Messenger. Therefore, the hour has come when if you do not slay
antichrist that does go after your own beings full of such Light, who come to
take you off the path to the ascension, that does go after those of all ages and
all levels and stations in life, there shall come a turning in the planet not
toward Light but darkness.
You might say, it was the lesson that Mark Prophet gave to the
Summit chelas. You know how he was pained at loss, there are no easy
answers only feeling loss through and through, not going into denial you
had a loss but feeling it.
Take his word and be free of the trauma that no one can deny only
you, that you can be aimlessly wandering not going here nor there, just
wandering, no fire of enthusiasm comes to you, nothing in life is worth
living for in these states of limbo. It is the love of the Ascended Masters you
must seek whether it is Mother Mary, or your Uncle Kenneth.
As the caravan moves on, some will fall by the wayside for trifles of
inattention or transposed attention to the ephemeral vanities of the outer
world of cause and effect. Hence Morya calls for a strengthening of the
highest magnets. God wants none to fail! As the host is elevated by a priest
in practicing transubstantiation, so must our chelas learn the more simple
means of invoking the universal aid. The call to being is the call for love
and forgiveness.
Let our chelas then perceive the need for redeeming their thoughts
about weeds or malignant plants. Love transmutes and is the panacea of
nature and spirit!
Mother asks, what can I say? I was greeted by my chelas and friends
at the ascension. We were in a community sharing the celebration of my
ascension, then I was greeted by El Morya with a celebration in Darjeeling. I
will be at your ascension celebration both in the Heart and in Darjeeling. El
Morya will write out the invitations if you will come to your ascension.
Come chelas to your ascension celebration, the whole community will be
there, it will make the shelter fiasco a thing of the past. When you are in the
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya

ascended state, you will not have any of these memories but if you do not
let go of these hurt feelings now, you will reembody seeking emotional
When you come back you will need to repeat the same patterns of
sitting in some jail that the records come back to you so that you resolve
them. This is how karma works. Why not just forgive the whole fiasco, you
have more to gain in letting go of your loses. When Uncle Kenneth comes to
you, I will be there. Look for me. I desire you to see that I did not use you
"to do my dirty work" as my betrayers and cult watchers would say, I
sincerely did not know the facts myself. It was not until your arrest to be
put in jail that I realized for the first time my replacement had betrayed me,
who had betrayed you.
When you are ascended, you are free to do whatever you like to go
here or there to find out about the facts that were not evident while you
are in embodiedment and you feel betrayed. Why repeat this?
I will add to Kenneth's love and forgiveness message then "they have
no power."
See how it is not I,, not El Morya, not the Teachings, not The Summit
Lighthouse but facts and circumstances manipulated and orchestrated when
I became ill to trap you into a limbo state that would jeopardize your. I will
come with the same message as Uncle Kenneth, love and forgiveness, as the
forces out of death and hell that hated you hated me. Thus I come to show
you that they would put a smear upon your life as they did in mine to stop
my work, to stop the mission of The Summit Lighthouse.
The only reality of all eternity is God. The manifold religions of the
world have constantly affirmed this through the centuries. Countless lives
have risen from obscurity and even infamy to become world leaders, saints,
and great lights. Yet, there are no exceptions to meeting human suffering
but with love and forgiveness, to seek to lose ones life that one might gain
eternal life. Make death and the passing from the screen of life not be the
goal to find a surcease from pain, for the soul will only be found in another
jail for injustice in the next and next embodiedment until that one finally
addresses the untransmuted condition of non-forgiveness.
Rather than seek to receive your ascension for yourself, seek to
bestow upon people of both West and East a sense of the power of love to
heal the grossest of human hurt and to give peace to those who are most
cruelly disturbed. Uncle Kenneth will show you how he came to be
preaching love and forgiveness after his sons' deaths and attempted suicide.
Training is needed in thought, action and control in how to deal with
these malevolent forces. How long, O Lord, shall I struggle with these
It is only love that would do this, to forgive the unforgivable. As the
Guru-chela relationship is what you had faithfully followed and you felt
betrayed as many who had left here who are the ones I have described as
those who will never return, not this life, not the next, not for the
millennium into the future.
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya

I ask you to see me as your Guru then, to turn off the thoughts of self
defeatism, come out of your state of self-annihilation, I have a need for you
to help me. I cannot ease the pain.
I suffer from the memories too. The entire Darjeeling Council feels the
pain of loss, maybe even more as some of the chelas will never come back to
The Summit Lighthouse from what had happened during the shelter cycle
period and these interim years.
Thus, we come ahead of your work with your Uncle Kenneth. We say
you will have the crystal cup extended to you. See how Knight and Lady,
you are candidates to the ascension.
I ask you to tear up the image of the past, taking a piece of paper
writing on it "shelter cycle" "guns" "arrest" "lies" and then to tear it up to
pieces. Do it again and again until you see these are paper tigers, what does
it have to do with the image of your ascension? I ask you to come to
Darjeeling nightly.
Thus you might say we are in psychological therapy. We will be
creative to identify the causes of our ongoing pain to then turn it into a
farce, a fiasco, to be as insignificant to determine our future.
Here in our citadel of friendship and good will at Darjeeling, the
Brotherhood gathers around shining council tables whose polished surfaces
reflect the benign countenances of those whom I shall call the world's truly
great. Illustrious men are these, playing and destined to play major roles in
freeing mankind from every human misery. These God-ordained deliverers
are veritable inspirers of all those leaders of governments and heads of state
whose constructive natures invite them to pray in preference to preying
upon the already overly chastised souls of men.
The Truth of the Ascended Masters is the truth of every man and can
be easily proven by those who are willing to make the effort. Years of
intense spiritual pursuit and study do not always bring the desired results
to the seeker. Man, in endeavoring to construct an understanding of the
invisible, spiritual world, requires faith as a prerequisite in order to design
the tools of understanding. Skepticism is a black cloud which encompasses
the soul that he can put away in one swing of the Sword Excalibur by the
fiat "You have no power!"
Such is the sometimes pious, diabolical plots against the soul that
comes to push and shove you off the path to the ascension that only the
soldier of Christ can push back by saying right or wrong I went to jail for
the glory of God, it had nothing to do with the Summit, it was that I might
prove that there is a glory of God, that I am rooted in the rudiments of
cosmic lovethe fullness of cosmic grace!
When beloved Jesus stood in Pilate's hall of judgment, it called to the
raging mob to decide whom they would preferChrist or the murderer,
Barrabas. Yet Pilate had just declared, symbolizing the justice of that dayI
find no fault in this man!
Although the inward, impartially acting law of love is written by the
finger of God upon the pure screen of each man's heart, yet it is often
clouded over with human fear and duress and a network of discordant
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya

crosscurrents which create a state of temporary confusion in the mind,

making for double-mindedness or human instability.
Therefore bind the beast within the temple, the carnal mind and the
intellect, which reasons away the directives of conscience: that mighty
inner voice of the Son of Godit is unerring. Listen, deliberate that you
have listened carefully and truly, and then hasten to act. For each act
taken in obedience to the voice of God, whether the voice within or the
voice of the Lord God who does stand in the doorway of thy tent speaking to
theeeach act in obedience takes you nearer to the place of the homing and
the return and the hour when God shall surely give to the seed of Abraham,
numberless as the stars, all of the earth itself.
Yes, there are many sons of God. But until the son of God be able to
see what pulls him away from the path, he is not fully self-realized, that son
not is yet a part of the universal Christ and not individualized because he
has not sought to have the substance of human creation put into
perspective that in the Light of the Christ are as nothing.
Thus I ask you to do as the Christians were taught to say, "All for the
glory of God." Whenever these thoughts of failure come to you, that you have
the self-pity, the self-loathing, the self-dishonor, that you look upon them as
merely chinks in the armour that life is not perfect and you indeed do have
feelings of unworthiness that are put upon you when you feel used, when
you feel lied to, when you feel abused. These were the teachings we gave
about the Great Whore.
It is the soul that is put upon the cross that is no different than one
who has records of child abuse when they are the records of religious abuse,
cult abuse. We showed you this teaching, that it was what causes women to
become whores that they think they are objects not Christed beings. And the
soul reenacts the abuse over and over until these records are cleared.
We said that from our levels we see the work of evil to have caused
great setbacks to our chelas from this period who would not be able to move
on from the shelter cycle period for a decade and more. See how it was for
the minister who had a similar trial. This was the prime example. She
thought she was doing God's will and being obedient to hierarchy and then
was persecuted in the name of Mother, and the entire planetary dweller on
the threshold then takes that event and replays it in her mind unceasingly.
She was not able to remove those records and it took her out of
embodiedment to do so by coming to my retreat in Darjeeling to find what
was the truth of the matter.
Do you need to leave embodiedment before you find out the truth of
the records of that period when you might accept what we have to say this
day, Mother was not responsible?
It is your singular thought is it not? That Mother who was your
Guru Ma would have betrayed you that is the belief that the false hierarchy
uses to cause you not go further on the path.
By contrast to human struggle toward its own precious divinity, the
spoilers, the careless, the drifters, the idle, the pleasure bound, the skeptics,
have continued in the pain of a mad round of fear. It must someday end.
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya

And end it will! Declare today in God's name, love and forgiveness, the fear
no longer has any power for those who will put on the radiant garments of
Light. You must put off vestments of fear and put on Light. And inasmuch
as love is Light and Light is love then, let love triumph over fear!
Let all tyranny tremble before the precipitated power from on high,
the God-power almighty to give liberty, freedom, and blessing to every
lifestream who will put their hands, their minds, and their hearts to the
plow to serve the cause of the Brotherhood of Light, and unite mankind by
plowing that straight furrow that prepares the land for seedtime, harvest,
and the victory age for our dear earth.
Now I show you the record of your having gone over to the Rasputin
group that you see this was an outplaying of the abuse. Here was an
individual who had not forgiven Mother. You saw how he dealt with his
dismissal, he blamed it on Mother. And what you were to learn from this
example was for you not to do likewise. For when you have this single
thought that you would discard the walk with Christ for some event that
happened with Guru Ma, it can set you back many centuries and longer in
these untransmuted, unresolved states of mind.
See how it is then that he does not read anything from Mother, yet all
the cosmic clock teachings came through her, the teachings from that period
on karma and reincarnation and the Christ walk, on and on can lead one to
the ascension, and he would not read a single text.
At the gateway to the new year perceive God as pure in heartto
emulate him is to record deeds which I am convinced will denote progress.
Either openly or in secret, progress shall be made this year. So has Life
commanded and therefore the pitiful spirals will dissolve short of the mark.
Yet beauty and hope clasp hands.
This was shocking to hear this being taught to our chelas whom were
there for safekeeping! What could be more shocking than that this study
group would study nothing of The Summit Lighthouse! And why? For the
untransmuted substance of the Rasputin messenger's dismissal. The record
was enough for him to start down a path outside The Summit Lighthouse to
worship the foreign gods and goddesses, the many false teachings that he
would take and twist and come up with new archangels, new elohim, new
definitions. When you are not able to let go then, you begin to find an
alternative path that "cuts out" Mother in your life.
You must see Mother back in your life, not as the administrator of
the Church but as the one who brought forth the teachings and only
recognize that part of her as reality and put aside any of her human
failings. Is that not what happened to those who left here in gall and
bitterness? They no longer wanted to have anything to do with Mother, yet
they did not realize that if they did that, they were self-sabotaging their
path. Some of these put Mother as the sole excuse not to be in a Guru-chela
relationship. Some who never knew Mother do not study the teachings for
they take this period and recount the failings as why they do not need the
path. Thus you know the story well, there were books published about her

El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya

human life that had nothing to do with eternal life and Zarathustra asked,
"how is this not fraud?"
It is fraud. Every time you go about your chelaship walk, you have
these images come to mind, Mother this and Mother that. And this you saw
in the Rasputin messenger who carried this untransmuted substance.
He taught, how could she talk about Billy Graham the way she had,
she was a madman in saying he is of the devil and when some of you went
back to the Pearls of Wisdom you found out it was I, not her, that spoke
those words. I denounced Billy Graham for his support of world communism,
that he asked the people to submit to their communist overlords. And that
was what you saw in Tucson was it not? That they denounced Mother for
this and that. I ask you, did they not! Only you will seek, only you will
determine to find the many errors in their words coming from their
untransmuted substance, only you can read scripture as they would not
teach from the Everlasting Gospel there.
Thus I speak to you about the study habits wrongly learned there.
They must be put to a sword of Truth and taken out of the garment of self.
It is better that you take out the offending part that you enter the kingdom
of heaven than you lose sight of the ascension by taking on their false way
of life teachings. Their ways are the ways of death and hell. I ask you to
consciously denude yourself of these deadly hexes and death wishes placed
on your souls.
They are not innocent, These are the teachings of the fallen angels, of
the ego, of the arrogance and pride of the fallen angels. You Knight and Lady
are not free from them by a simple removing yourself physically. They have
tentacles into your astral body, they have placed the mindset of the fallen
angels into your subconscious. I ask you to reread the foundational
teachings but you must make a conscious effort to remove the teachings of
the fallen angels upon you that requires a study of the main key concepts of
our teachings again. There is no other way,
I have spoken only of a few wrong ideas you have learned there,
there are many more. And it is only if you will make a systematic study
that you will see what are the other wrong teachings, the false teachings of
Satan and his seed.
I have brought to your attention that they do not teach of the Guruchela relationship and they have publicly denounced the role of the Guru. I
showed you how they teach you not to do the will of God, how Samyama
taught you this, that you should not ask for the will of God for you will
make a mistake otherwise. Now the two teachings on the will of God and the
Guru are fundamental to the path, are they not? Thus see how it is that you
cannot recognize the Gurus when we come as there is no fundamental
understanding of what an Ascended Master says, what he will talk to you
about. Thus you saw how it is, I have come these many months to the
Rasputin group and they do not know me. They send me away in imitation
of the Rasputin messengers who decide when I may speak and when I may

El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya


You will not see these arrogant behaviors unless you study. I am
speaking to your soul that these fallen ones have only one design and that is
to kill your soul. You must re-read the teachings and not put off this my
assignment to you for they be not removed consciously will act to take souls
off the path as you see they have done with those there. These do not desire
to attend Summit University, do not even desire to read my Words this day,
do not desire to know what the Karmic Board has to say, do not desire to
find out who an Helios is that would bring a judgment upon them that
would last into the millennium. And when you have been put to sleep as
they have done with chelas there, what can awaken them? The karmic path,
not the Guru-chela relationship, not the Everlasting Gospel,, not the
teachings. Do not let go of this opportunity to relearn yourself with the
Ascended Masters. What you had there were fallen angels and not the
Ascended Masters. You will need to subject every teaching to the test of
truth until you have sufficiently reordered your life and mind to our
You had a need to heal. You thought you found healing when you
could put The Summit Lighthouse in your past. This was the lie that many
took one. We have not been able to determine if you would return to the
altar, whether your allegiance to Samyama would be greater for having
adopted their hatred of Mother, their resentment of Mother, their ongoing
envy and jealousy of Mother. Some of you were not able to see these hatreds
had nothing to do with her. You made a transference that because you had
an injustice from The Summit Lighthouse, you were doing as they.
It is not the same. They do not walk the path of chelaship. And if you
were to leave out Mother in your mind, leave out The Summit Lighthouse,
you would be able to see fallen angels and their thinking.
I announced to you I would be coming to you. What was your
reaction? Was it welcoming me back in your heart? No.
You see, you have lost the ability to watch your thoughts. For if you
saw that you had these vile thoughts, you would think this of your
sponsoring Guru from birth who paid the price for your lifestreams, you
would have done a double-take to hear you say these words in your mind.
You would have challenged these voices to be out of death and hell.
When you were at the Summit, Kuthumi taught you, Maitreya taught
you of the walk and talk with Christ, that there was a Lord in the Garden
of Eden come again, that he would be coming by and asking every so often,
what have you done with your tree of life. And Samyama week upon week
has thus taught my chelas there not to listen for Maitreya coming, not for
the next and next initiation but to decipher the endless meanderings of the
intellectual mind that are absent the fire of initiation.
Thus welcome the fire that I bring this day, that Maitreya would
burn out of you the less than Christ states. You have habits of the fallen
angels. You have habits of Samyama! Only you can determine you will see
what took you to Tucson and you determine that you will walk up the
mountain, that when an Archangel Michael comes to you, you take your
shoes off for you stand on holy ground, and likewise, you do not take on the
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya


unholy mindset as you do this day, that you will "see what Morya has to say
and I'll decide if it applies to me or not."
You are not a chela for such a challenging of the Gurus ascended. You
are not a student of the Ascended Masters.
What are you to do you ask. You will need to see if you will hear the
voice of a Satan speaking or you prefer to hear Lanello and Mother,
Kenneth and myself. Yes you will either choose to put us away or you will
take every uncomfortable message given to you that is painful, that is not to
your liking, that is the opposite to what you have learned being among the
fallen angels.
When we said that we sent angels to speak the real name of Samyama
at their dedication of the Saint Germain service to him, those messages were
not heard. We gave them, but you no longer had habits to hear the Ascended
Masters. And when we gave the amount of karma for this indiscretion, it
was almost unfathomable, it was with met with disbelief that one could
unbalance over 40% of ones karma balanced.
Thus I ask you to return to watching your thoughts and how you
react to the Ascended Masters. There is no other way. I cannot convey to
you the great loss that Mother Mary feels when time and time again chelas
cannot hear her out. They see the word before them and hear her voice, but
their mind says what I said it says: I will see what she has to say and see if I
want to accept it.
There are ways to eternal life, there are ways to eternal damnation,
choose life not death. Either you will welcome us back into your hearts or
not. Either you will admit that you went to the Rasputin group in your
weakened state or not. You see how a Benedict Arnold thought. He would
take his soldiers and give it over to British in the American Revolution.
How is this different? You will give over whatever you learned over to the
fallen angels you learned at the Summit who have declared war on the
Brotherhood from the time they were cast out of heaven.
These are conscious decisions that cause these egomaniacs to take the
left-handed path. They start training by disobeying the voice of Christ by not
listening for voices, by calling Christ a presence, by removing Christ off the
Presence chart. You learn not about the Lord in the Garden, not about
initiations, not about being in a Guru-chela relationship and after a time, the
Guru comes to exact the test and the chela has learned to accept or reject
the test on his terms.
You will not make it to the ascension with these patterns of the false
angels. I ask you to see this clearly. Fallen angels take my Word, they do not
underline what is said as being what they must obey. They underline what
they know they will not obey. They put into the margins of the paper what
is dubious truth not what is the current Word they must not fail to learn.
My chelas put those words they are not to forget and put it on a post-it note
and put it on the bathroom mirror. Have you forgotten? These were the
way of life teachings you learned at Summit University!
Thus in your time, you will learn whether you will to survive. We
are not assured as we have not been able to call out those in the Rasputin
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya


group for these having taken on the habits of the fallen angels. It perhaps
may not be an issue but the fact is we have not been successful in pulling
out those under the grips of the fallen angels. Thus we ask you to in
humility accept our instructions to you to observe whatever arises as you
read scripture, to read the Everlasting Gospel when we might give our Word
to you, that you do your Summit decrees and hear what we have to say to
you during decrees. All this will be as if you were attending Summit
University and relearning the way of life teachings but it must be done. You
must be as a student to the Gurus.
Watch then what thoughts you have arise, be willing to be shown by
your Holy Christ Self what are the habits of the fallen angels you have
taken on.
Perhaps you recall how it is I teach in Darjeeling. I say nothing.
Yes, this is when you will not hear me speak. You will hear yourself
speak. It is then an inner retreat teaching whether you will recognize what
are the voices of Christ and the voices of a Satan. You will now receive the
tests of Job whom Samyama went to test, to see if he would become aligned
with God's voice or to his. These were the ongoing tests at the Rasputin
group that were failed. And when I came to speak of the dissolving of the
organization as was intended from the beginning, what has been the
response of both the leaders and others but this habit of the fallen angels
they had learned: I will see what Morya has to say and decide to accept it or
If you have the attitude of gratitude, you will take whatever we have
to say in full acceptance and not twist it. For a certainty, we will tell you
what you do not like to hear as I have in this moment that you are being
required to prove your chelaship. But with an attitude of gratitude, you will
stay objective, keep your dwellers bound and simply acceptnot reject, not
question, not have any feelings one way or another. It is what you need at
this time, not only yourself but those who have followed the fallen angels to
the point they are not able to hear me, who will not take the tests we bring,
for they have been taught not to do the will of God, not to accept tests, not
to bind the dweller. Have I said anything new?
They teach you not to do the dweller call, do they not? You have a
hatred of the Dweller Call, the Judgment Call from Jesus. This you were
taught, were you not. The great love of Jesus expressed through those calls,
you have come to hate because you were taught this. Is it not true?
You are being asked to go through all the wrong beliefs you were
taught and think through them, asking would Jesus give a diabolical decree
as they say is in 20.07 and 20.09.
Why did they hate those decrees? Now you know, they did not wish
you to call for their judgment. These facts are hard to accept. They
manipulated the Mother Mary rosary, Saint Germain's cloud to their design.
When you hear a term or name, look it up. Did you do the research
on who Kronos was? Did you learn that this was one of the astral Greek
gods, or did you simply accept from Samyama that this was a new elohim?

El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya


Question your own false beliefs. Some will require thinking, some
researching on.
Let us begin then with the premise that you will have an attitude of
I ask you then to see truth, to put away these records that are not
healthy for your chelaship, that you not go the way of the Rasputin
messengers to denounce Mother. I ask you to pull these threads of darkness
out of your consciousness, to let go of these attempts to unseat your soul by
taking a lever and throwing out the Everlasting Gospel. That is what they
did to you. They took our teachings on any subject and tainted them with
their own human substance and you no longer did your daily 40 Michaels,
commanding your 10,000 angels of Archangel Michael and every aspect you
knew as the teachings.
This is the state of unforgiveness that you must contend with. You
must see through these personal records that the false hierarchy used to
take you off the path. Only you are able to deflect the arrows of human
injustice practiced against your soul that uses these untransmuted records
against you that come from the planetary dweller on the threshold. Only
you can recognize these as the grids and forcefields of darkness that can
cause anxiety and depression that only you be the one to see them as
planetary in scope, dark in nature and having nothing to do with Mother
but only the untransmuted substance that you carry.
Only you can remember when you lived for Christ truth. Thus see
how it was that the early Christians, most of them were martyred for
Christ. They went into foreign lands and were persecuted. They did it for
the glory of God, it was an injustice to be hung and burned at the stake for
See how it is then, that when we had a need for your service there
was an injustice and you were put into imprisonment, then see how it is no
different that the early Christians and those in unfree nations who go on to
uphold the gospel, the good news of Christ. See how Joan of Arc would obey
Archangel Michael to breathe fumes and quickly be done with this episode
in her life at being burned at the stake that she might be with the
Archangels passing from the screen of life quickly.
When you have had a loss, the loss is your own. There is no one else
to blame.
This is painful to realize, is it not? That the Rasputin messengers had
no other person to blame but himself. He could have seen his hurts and put
aside that period and sought the truth regardless that Christ had taught,
what does that have to do with me, follow thou me. And when you are able
to see this shelter cycle as mistake upon misunderstanding upon tragedy
upon loss, you do not need to wait until you are out of embodiedment to
ferret out the truth, you can simply say, what does this have to do with me,
I am a chela, I have work to do, I have my decrees to do for Saint Germain, I
have my Everlasting Gospel to study with the world teachers, I am busy
living life, I have no time for all this nonsense going over the past, it was
not real anyway.
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya


Trust in the Lord and obey. These are the words of the Psalmist.
Make them your own. By faith, by faith, it is written, Abraham obeyed
God. By faith did the great Lights of old achieve that communion.
Now in these moments what I have described to you are the ancient
teachings of wisdom that are the teachings of Christ, that you be willing to
be put on the cross for injustice, for betrayal and that you learn to say, "All
for the glory of God." It was how Christianity was spread, it was taught to
the soldiers of Christ, the Jesuits, that Christianity spread as quickly and
widespread from this one doctrine of the Jesuits. Now see how it is that you
learned to do its opposite at the Rasputin group. How they did not teach
this about injustice, they did not spread the teachings, they spend their days
and years finding fault with Mother and the teachings.
Where you will be going from here is dependent on your walk with
Christ and not these paths of the dweller. The dark night of the soul and
spirit taught by St. John of the Cross were foundational teachings that they
do not teach or practice.
We ask all our chelas to see this clearly, you are put on the cross of
injustice, of planetary karma, of personal karma of endless injustices and
betrayals, of losses, of the unpleasant. No amount of human safety will hide
you from these forces. You cannot buy insurance for every eventuality and
be safe from loss, hurt, harm, from injustice. The only way to ensure loss
then is to live for Christ, to take each slap on the cheek as Christ taught you
by turning the other cheek.
Was it an injustice? What is before you is the planetary dweller on
the threshold that comes to you daily as the Great Whore who comes for the
sole purpose of taking you off the path. You say, no Mother, no Guru Ma, no
El Morya, no Guru Ascended Master. No, I will not be hurt again, you caused
me this pain, I will never trust you again.
I desire you to see that you have been a soldier for Christ over many
embodiedments, that you not fail this test to see the design of soul
destruction upon you. There were many tactics that Samyama used to kill
the soul. What I have described to you, of taking untransmuted substance
and using it to discard the Everlasting Gospel is one.
There is no injustice when you go forth in your life in Christ's name,
that you live for Christ and come what may, you will continue to spread the
gospel or good news of Christ for the Word to endure that is the Word to
eternal life. Human injustice is not the paper tiger that it needs to be. The
left-handed path of the 8:00 is the 12:00 of criticism, condemnation and
judgment. The right-handed path of the 8:00 is the 4:00 o'clock line of God
Obedience, obedient to Christ, to the word of Christ, to be a soldier for Christ,
to be willing to sit in jail or elsewhere for Christ. You sit in jail, not for
Mother! You sit in jail for the glory of Christ, for the glory of God, for the
spread of the gospel, the good news of Christ!
I desire you to know that this test is given to all my chelas, that they
cannot go forward without seeing justice in injustice. What could be more
unjust to be thrown into jail, yet it is what the soul needs that it is justice,
the soul needs to learn God Justice.
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya


Thus it is with a great sorrow that I bring this community to this

understanding of those who take the left-handed path in these months over
the path with Christ, who choose consciously not to heed my warnings to
dissolve their organizations.
You will likewise be tested. Either you will not twist the facts in your
mind, either you accept that the Guru has betrayed you and you are treated
unjustly and see it as no more than a bad joke or you will go the way of not
upholding truth, for you will not make a mistake, you will not allow
mistakes, you cannot accept injustice in your life.
There is no other reason to sit in jail than to learn God Justice, to
learn obedience is not to Satan but to obey Christ, to follow the voice of
Christ only in the face of injustice. Thus all my chelas learn this lesson well.
No one is exempt from choosing Christ over a worship of Satan. Learn it
well that you do not walk the way as the Rasputin messengers and the
Twelfth planet mouthpiece for the false hierarchy.
Both the Twelfth Planet group and the Rasputin group continue on
when the Karmic Board has sent me, has said the ruby ray judgment will be
upon them and they choose to not obey. You ask why? Why Bapu, why?
My sorrow is not for them as persons but at souls who do not desire
to see life as an injustice, that God gives and God taketh away. What could be
more simple than to dissolve their groups? They would be freed to pursue
whatever study, whatever rest, whatever travel, but no, they hear my voice
as the Guru as the same Ascended Master from The Summit Lighthouse and
they twist the facts that they have only one voice they will hear, it is not
reason, it is not hearing the Guru's voice, it is the one of ambition, of selfimportance, of self-glorification.
So you know the story. Marpa was seen in one moment berating
Milarepa and demanding him to tear down that he might build a better
house and on and on this went. And the next moment he would be seen
crying when he was not in the presence of Milarepa for he was the one who
had to enact the seeming injustice that he might learn obedience to Christ
and not to him. For there would come a day, when the Guru would have to
stand aside and the chela would have to walk by the Word alone and the
chela had to pass the 8:00 and 4:00 o'clock line tests, and at injustice, he
would not denounce the Guru but obey Christ.
Some of you have wondered this, why it is that those who take the
left-handed path look to be in fine health and have no money worries, have
life on the easy carpet and you on the raggedy and filthy carpet. It is this
dweller substance that you must look at, it is the karmic patterns that we
the Gurus demand of our chelas to clean up, that we exact obedience as a
Marpa to Milarepa, pay up or be out of here, is it not?
You must quickly see these records at the Rasputin group as what
will take you off the path. You must put them into the flame. These are the
ways of the fallen angels, of Samyama and the other fallen angels, who
desired that you bow down before them over the Christ walk. Their design
on your soul is to kill it. This is the way, to have you denounce Mother, to
never read the Everlasting Gospel teachings again. It is a dangerous mindset,
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya


none of the chelas who went to Tucson were free of this test. They one and
all had to overcome the hatred of Mother they had adopted to return to The
Summit Lighthouse.
Salvation is the elevation through steps and stages. Acquaint now
yourselves with Holy Justinius and the seraphim of God and know God as
he sends his living flames, guarded and borne by the bearers, the seraphim
Thus you know the story well, that these do not become physically
sick, they have an aura of invincibility as the fallen angels know how to
protect their mouthpieces, it is part of the bargain to sell out. And you who
are my true chelas know you are put into jail, you become attacked and
become sick, you have human difficulties that are the human injustices, and
what chela does not have them, they are covered over with dilemmas, with
uncertainties. They have no guarantees, they have not the promises of the
false hierarchy that these egomaniacs have that is their power.
They want to be messenger. Not the kind we need or give mantles to:
you are the typewriter keys, I am the typist messengers. They desire to be
king of the hill. It is world ambition, it is control over others that they seek,
it has nothing to do with taking messages of the Ascended Masters and
transmitting the Word. For that self-glorification, they are willing to sell out
their souls. I ask you then, do not sell out your soul on injustice. I ask you
to obey Christ, not the dweller who would come to tempt you away from
taking an injustice and it be the reason why you would follow them.
We taught this at Camelot. Nothing is real about the human octave.
When the Rasputin messenger was dismissed he could have seen it as
another episode of unreality, but instead, he made it into a paper tiger did
he not?
We had underestimated the power of untransmuted substance. Had
we known that he would not wrestle with these records, we would never
have chosen him as messenger. We had seen our chelas move swiftly forward
and we had been blindsided not to see that he had not walked alongside with
the rest of the chelas at The Summit Lighthouse. We had no idea that his not
binding the dweller would cause this upheaval that he would denounce
Mother, that he would tell my Keepers not to read anything by Mother
except when Mark was with her to "hold the balance for her."
Thus, I have come as Abraham, your Bapu, to plead with you to
understand that it is the very force of antichrist that comes that turned the
fiasco at the Church to become the destroyer of your souls, to thwart your
path to the ascension. That very force of antichrist comes with every fallen
angel and of those who maintain the antithesis of the tree of life, those who
have created the false, those who have created the substitution and the
counterfeit. As you have been told, they live by a borrowed Light, for they
have no power of their own.
Only you determine to pass the 8:00 to hear the voice of Christ and
obey on the 4:00, only you would choose to love and forgive when injustice
is the test, only you determine to be the love of Christ in word and deed at
life's injustices.
El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya


You will not be able to pass through to the walk with Christ without
consciously removing this overlay upon your soul to kill it without doing
this, and in your case, you have it more difficult from this injustice upon
you from the shelter cycle. The false hierarchy knows this, knows how to
entangle your emotions, put gasoline on the fire of injustice of the emotions
to cause you to fail on the 8:00 o'clock line. Pass on to God Reality of the
9:00. Move forward, do not imitate the Rasputin messengers to denounce
Mother, do as the Jesuits who at any injustice and burning at the stake,
said, "All for the glory of God." This you must learn not only now but for the
rest of the spiritual journey, do you not?
It is Christ that must be adored, internalized, surrendered to. Is it so
hard to accept Portia's words, "There is no injustice in the universe"? What
could be a more difficult teaching than of Jesus to say this, it was unjust
that you were slapped on the face and then to have to turn the other cheek
and be slapped again.
I AM Abraham always and I nurture my own. But many a parent
will tell you that for all the nurturing, the children did not quite make it.
Thus, there must be a resiliency, a receptive chord. Do not become pillars of
stone, therefore set in the gaze, the mien and the stance of the proud who
think they have come far enough on the spiritual path and now can be
above all others. Beloved ones, you are in your infancy but you can quickly
accelerate to be wise men and women, wise children of the Light.
Let us move forward these 14 days then. Now then beloved, I, in the
person of your Guru, fully intend to give you a map and an outline of what
must be done systematically to deal with this force and the false teachings
and false beliefs you have taken on. Thus beloved, until you determine to see
your paper tigers and to imitate that Christ by the mirror image of the soul,
you will not be fully bonded to the Holy Christ Self. It is a force deep in the
core of the dweller-on-the-threshold that would hound you day and night
about being in jail. See them as nothing more than paper tigers.

El Morya,
Copyright 2012 Communications From El Morya