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English Education Department as one of the most departments of Ganesha
University of Education has a purpose to produce teachers which teach in Junior or
Senior High School. English Education Department have a TEFL course, the students are
taught how to teach English for young learners. However, in this course, it is not enough
for the students to know about the theories related with teaching methods but also they
should know how to apply those theories in the real classroom. Therefore, it is a need for
the students to visit a University which is considered has already provided good quality
for their students. By this visit, the students can learn everything related to the teaching
and learning process such as how the curriculum and learning material are developed,
teaching and learning methodology, learning evaluation, etc. Related to that, English
Education Department has a program well-known as KSL. The purpose of this program is
to let the students know how the learning process are conducted in the real situation. It is
the special program for the fifth semester students.
In this year, all of the fifth semester students of English Education Department,
Ganesha University of Education did a field study visit to the three University, such as
Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) in Jakarta, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in
Bandung and also Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) in Yogyakarta and we
concerned on English Department. There are eight lecturers of EED who also participated
on this program. KSL in English Education Department was held on Saturday, 25 th of
October 2014 until on Thursday, 30th of October 2014. It was about six days.


Purpose of KSL
There are some purposes of KSL to compare how the others English Department
in other Universities run their department. By this program, we know the strengths and
weaknesses of ours. Therefore, we can improve or re-arrange again to be better in order
to bring some improvement on the quality of English education department and to build
good relationship with the visited University. So, we can share everything from the other
Universities, whether it is about the student association, academic system, the courses,
the lecturers, teaching-learning activity, or the activity that was held by the department

itself. We also can feel the togetherness among the students of English Education


KSL Activity
In this year, the KSL activity was held on Monday, 27th of October 2014, EEDs
students arrived at UNJ at 08.30 WIB. All students of EED were delivered to a room
where the event took place. There are several activities done. Afterwards, the event
started and the opening ceremony was opened officially by the head of English Education
Department of UNJ. There are some lectures and the head of student association from
English Department of UNJ. In main event, both of the head of student association of
English Department of UNJ (Febri) and the head of student association of EED Undiksha
(Bayu) did a sharing and discussion section. Some information that EED students got
from that section were. The department is divided again into two sub major (study
program, in Indonesia called prodi) those are English Language Education and English
Talking about academic system, in English Department of UNJ, there are some
additional courses besides the English itself. the students learn about motivation,
behavior, suggestion (The Power of Word, The Power of Imagery, The Power of Faith).
In contrast, EED of Undiksha has similar course called Professional Development. In
which, in this course the students are told the ways how to develop professionalism to
become a good English teacher. there are a lot of achievements that English Department
of UNJ has. Some of them are: national fifth rank of writing competition, innovative
work joined with Universitas Indonesia to be presented in Korea, study exchange in
America and London, etc.

Second is the informal activity is done by visiting some tourism objects such as;
ITC, Trans Studio Bandung, Candi Borobudur, Candi Perambanan, Malioboro. The
purpose of visiting these interesting places is to refresh students mind after doing some
tasks and activities at campus. So, it is considered as appropriate chance to refresh their

mind. All of the places being visited are very wonderful. In Trans Studio Bandung, all of
us played many challenging games. In Candi Borobudur and Candi Perambanan, we
enjoyed the beautiful shrine. We also bought some souvenir in ITC and Malioboro.

Problem and Solution

In general, the problem is about limited time provided by the committee in visiting
University. Actually, it is our main purpose of doing KSL. But the time to do that is not
enough. So for the next KSL the committee can give more time on meeting in


The KSL activity in this year was so interesting. In my opinion, I think that the
most interesting university that we have visited is UPI in Bandung, because the
committee and all of students are very welcome and friendly with us. Besides we can
learn more from the university that was visited, we also can refresh our mind in the some
playing park there. For the next KSL, I hope that the committee can give more time for
visiting the university and for shopping too. But most of all, I am really happy with this
vacation. Thanks for all the member of EED Undiksha.