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Larry Boyd, Chief of Police

Kevin Hubbard #953, Crime Prevention Officer, Community Service Division



At approximately 1545 on 09/14/2015 I was sitting in my office which is located near the west
entrance of the Community Service Division on the first floor of the Irving Police Station. While
sitting at my desk I overheard Officer Howman #507 speaking to an unknown person in the School
Resource Office located approximately 20 feet north of my office. Several minutes later I observed
Officer Taylor #954 walking southbound through the hallway past my office door with Juvenile
Mohamed. As I walked out of my office, Officer Taylor asked me to walk down and speak with
Officer Howman in her office.

Upon walking down and speaking with Officer Howman, she stated that she was attempting to make
contact with one of the Irving Bomb Technicians in reference to a device that had been in the
possession of Juvenile Mohamed. While attempting to make contact with Irving Bomb Technician
Parsons # 909 I briefly inspected the device and observed that it appeared to be a clock that had
been dismantled and reattached to the inside of a small case. The device had a small black wire
which ends had been stripped attacked to the lock of the case. Also the device had a digital readout, internal back-up battery connected, and other circuitry. The last item that I observed on the
device was a wall plug that was also connected to the inner working of the device. Ultimately
contact was able to be made with Bomb Technician Parsons who spoke Officer Howman by phone.
As the phone conversation was not made on speakerphone, I did not hear the conversation that
took place. After Officer Howmans conversation with Officer Parsons was complete, I then
returned to my office and resumed my normal work duties.

At approximately 1630 on 09/14/15 I was again sitting in my office when I overheard a male
speaking very loudly in the hallway located in front of the Community Service Secretarys desk.
Upon hearing the commotion, I walked out of my office and observed an adult male, adult female,
and younger female standing in front of Sgt Mitchell #695. Upon observing him to be alone, I then
walked out and stood next to the secretarys desk in order to assist Sgt Mitchell if needed.

While standing in the hallway I observed Sgt Mitchell explaining to the adult male, later determined
to be Parent Mohamed, that he was going to allow Juvenile Mohamed to be released into the
custody of the family. Parent Mohamed refused numerous requests by Sgt Mitchell stating that he
wanted to speak to his attorney and that Sgt Mitchell could go ahead and keep his son in jail. This
continuous conversation between Sgt Mitchell and Parent Mohamed continued for approximately 5

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minutes until Officer Taylor walked in and began taking the handcuffs off of Juvenile Mohamed. Sgt
Mitchell made numerous attempts to convince Adult Mohamed to simply take custody of his son
rather than his son be taken the Juvenile Detention Center in Dallas. Adult Mohamed continually
demanded to speak to his son first before making his decision on whether he was taking custody of
him but ultimately decided to do so.

At approximately 1700 on 09/14/2015 Adult Mohamed took custody of his son and walked out of
the west door of the Community Services Division while being escorted by Juvenile Mohamed and
the two other persons. My involvement in this incident was completed upon their exit.

Reviewed: Lt. Byron Keyes # 657