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June 22, 2015


William B. Friedman, CEO of Con-Glom Inc.


Duy Nguyen, Consultant of Con-Glom Inc.


Solutions for Con-Glom Filtering System

You have requested me to come up with any type of solution possible to installation of
the filtration system in the Con-Glom Industries. This memo will input my advice and solution to
this situation at the best possible ways.
Recently, scientist reported global warming is becoming effective towards the
environment and climate where rising ocean levels, erosion of shorelines, disruption of
agriculture, and loss of animal habitats are occurring. They are suggesting that Con-Glom is part
reason of why we are receiving global warming.
The public outcry about the situation forcing Con-Glom to install a filtration system in
the industries in order to counteract the negative publicity generated by the reports. Installation
of the filtering system will cost around $75,000 and at this time, the company is already having a
serious financial situation. The company, is serious about installing it and found out they can
only install 5 of the filtering system in 5 factories of 11.
This will push back production by 5% and will lay off at least 700 employees in
Greenwich, Illinois where that particular factory's manufacturing productivity is least efficient.
In order for you to come to grips with the situation, we have to come to realize the
unavoidable situation to install the filtering system. If we do not install this, the public will
definitely protest against us causing more harm to the company reputation and companys
standing. It is unfortunate that we have to lay off employees but the situation right now is to save
the company and also give what the public wants in order to have the company existing in the
Our priority right now is to save the company from the public attack. We shall create a
financial plan prior to the installation of the filtration system. The financial plan should last about
one year in order to accumulate finance to cushion the installing cost.
I suggest that we shut down the factory that is located in Greenwich, Illinois. It is
suggested to inform the current employees about the situation at the start of the financial plan,
giving them one year to seek new employment opportunities. Shutting the factory down and
potentially selling it to another company will add to the companys finance.

Starting the financial plan as soon as possible will be most beneficial to the public,
company, and the employees. Creating the financial plan will put the company is a less dramatic
situation when installing the filtering system.
In the end, this will satisfy the outraged public about our factory being the cause of global
warming. This will prevent any public coming and potentially protesting against the company
and resulting in poor reputation to the company. Informing the employees know one year ahead
is enough time for them to pre-plan their situation better and will let them have enough time to
find another job in Illinois or move elsewhere that can provide them employment.
If you are interested in my solution and ideas, please contact me at and we will set up a time to discuss the plan and solutions in
more details.
Thank you for your time