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Tim Burns News: ‘http://campaign constantcontact com/render?v=OU1SiM5 5L3VR60oL qn. i ela onl e/g rd eae ye en te TNA ona Tim Burns for Congress Newsletter On the Campaign Trail March 2010 In This Issue Hello Friends of Tim, About Tim Last week was another busy one for Tim Burns, Republican Red State. com Candidate for the US Congress in Pennsylvania District 20. Here are Indaina Towe-hall just few highlights Johnstown Rally , ene Interview on Red Wednesday, Tim took live inquires over the Internet on When asked about his stance on the 2nd Amendment, he replied, "I believe that the Tam running for Congress 2nd amendment is more than about hunting, more than about because, 2s 8 businessman who personal protection. It is an essential right of all Americans." On the knows how to create jobs and deficit: "This year, we set another NEW RECORD! 1.6 trillion - with, keep a budget, lam troubled no bailouts. When all of America is sacrificing, cutting expenses, etc. byline uvorconel spending our government's payroll is at an all time high!" The transcript of the and lack of leadership in Wachington. Idan ciaim to chat is available here, know how Washington work because Idon't believe that it oes Quick Links... Our Website Contribute to the cause How to Help Doin Our Maing List! Thursday, The Indiana/Armstrong Patriots sponsored a town-hall meeting to hear the candidates’ opinions on a variety of topics. The group packed the meeting room at Indiana Quality Inn. On the health-care issue, Burns believes that individuals purchasing health insurance plans should be extended the same tax breaks, as, 3/24/2010 5:04 PM Tim Burns News: ‘http://campaign constantcontact com/render?v=OU1SiM5 5L3VR60oL qn. do companies buying health insurance, In addition, people should be able to cross state lines to purchase insurance. Tort reform and permitting the creation of health insurance associations, in which groups of people could buy insurance, are additional ways to bring down health care costs. ‘Tim stated that the cap-and-trade proposals to cut emissions would be detrimental, especially to southwestern Pennsylvania. He said, “AILit is going to do is increase the cost of doing business here in the United States, The high-energy users are going to go where energy is cheaper, which will be overseas, and by the way, where even more carbon will be produced." in Johnstown Friday, Tim participated in a rally against the health-care bill in Johnstown's Central Park, He told a WJAC TV reporter “There is no way that you can read, let alone understand 2 2700 page bill." He asked how legislators expect citizens to live with the consequences of a bill that the members of Congress have not read and do not understand ‘Tim has publicly asked his Democratic opponent, Mark Critz, to state I his stance on the health-care question; Critz has yet to give voters any inkling of his position on this key “Anyone who carit face the people and tell us how he stands on this very important piece of legislation doesn't deserve to represent us," Burns said Evidently citizens are frustrated with Critz’ silence; sighted at the rally were several signs asking "Where's Critz on Healthcare?" an obvious play on the children's pastime "Where's Waldo?” A personal note: Thank you to all of you who have donated to my campaign and to the many people working hard to help me in this effort Together WE WILL save this country! 3/24/2010 5:04 PM Tim Burns News: 30f3 ‘Attp://campaign constantcontact com/render?v=J01SiNVb 5. 3VR60oLqn. Sincerely, Tim Burns Tim Burns for Congress Forward emai Email Marketing by EAsafeuncubseribe® Reece ee rae to jacobefn@ by tim 7] iA a cae pera ee re cr at ad 0 re TRY IT FREE ‘Tim Bums for Congress | P.O. Box 4483 | Eighty Four | PA | 15330, 3/24/2010 5:04 PM