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Uploaded: April 11, 2015
Artist: Dawn
Difficulty: Novice
Steps: 13
Updated: April 13, 2015
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Artist comments
There is no better tut to do then to make one that
can show beginners how to draw a body. I just had
to go ahead and make this lesson because I know
how important it is to draw bodies for both female
and male figures. Within this lesson I will provide
some helpful tips that will aid you to drawing people
better and hopefully you will gain knowledge to
understand what the dos and don'ts are. I struggled
for a long time when it came to drawing figures, but
now that I have a better understanding on what to
do, I can share all my knowledge to you. So go
ahead and enjoy drawing bodies for beginners. I will
return with some other awesome tuts later today.
how to draw bodies,how to draw for
beginners,how to draw female bodies

STEP 1. When drawing a male figure, keep in mind that they

are less curvaceous than females. Their bodies are box-like
and defined. They have more muscle mass and agility. Their
shoulders are broader, creating a sharp and bold physique
all together. From the side view, you can see how the body
is perfectly straight with no prominent curves like women.
The grey line indicates the line of motion or 'balance' for the

STEP 2. Here's just a basic overview on three main body

types for men. The first one is of course, the muscular or
'body builder'. The body has thin defining lines that indicate
tone and definition of muscle mass. As we scale down to
the average body, you'll see how the details because less
intense. The pink arrows point to the lines which give the
figure realism and depth. If you're going to draw a muscular
character, I would consider viewing a mass amount of
reference photos of muscular men.

STEP 3. Female Anatomy Basics| The difference between

drawing female figures, is that females are generally more
'curvy' than males. The hips and shoulders are almost
ALIGNED perfectly when compared vertically to one another.


For Kids


Anime Manga



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It's best to observe references of the female body in motion

to get a general idea on how it poses in diverse formats. If
needed, get yourself a posable mannequin. Note* A typical
height of a female is 6-7 heads. This means, if you stacked
the size of their heads vertically, you'd have the average
and logical height. Notice how the body is proportioned and
the hips almost perfectly aligned with the shoulders. Note
that female shoulders DO NOT sharpen and erect perfectly
straight like the horridly drawn figure to the right.
Observation is key!

Landmarks & Places




Cartoon Characters

Mythical Beasts

Pop Culture

Musical Instruments


Drawing Technique

STEP 4. Breast Variations| Now, here's a quick front and

side turnaround on how diverse sizes of breasts can take
affect on the figure. We have the very small, average, above
average, and large DD cup breasts. Because gravity is
continuously active on objects; the breasts will sink
downwards with a sort of protrusion at the tips (nipples).
NEVER draw breasts bulging outwards as if there is a force
pushing them outwards or upwards, as shown in the
figures demonstrated in grey. Also, keep notice on the
patterned lines that trim the middle of the breasts on each
figure. This dictates how overlaying objects will morph
within the shape of its parent (clothes, accessories, etc
STEP 5. When drawing clothes on bodies, it's critical to keep
in mind that clothing has different effects on the female and
male bodies. It's also important to know the differences and
principles of drawing these opposite genders. I would
suggest heading over to my "how to draw anime bodies"
tutorial that will teach you very basic limits on the female and
male bodies. Again, females have curvier bodies, and of
course 'breasts'. Their shoulders are also softer and smaller
than men. Notice how male bodies are sharper with very
broad shoulders. This is because, men are built to provide
for the women; which means hunting, fighting, and traveling
requires strength and endurance. Again, reference and

STEP 6. To begin this clothing tutorial, I would like to discuss

the various types of bodies, and how they effect the clothes
worn. Here we have three different bodies; one is stubby
and chubby, the other is the average lean man, and the last
is a muscular body builder. Observe carefully on how the
same styles of clothes are effected by the shapes of the
bodies. Notice that the stubby body has less wrinkles with
slight indication of wrinkle at the tightest regions. The clothes
stick to this body shape, emphasizing the features a lot more
than the average body figure. Now, moving onto the middle
figure, we see that there's a nice amount of wrinkles in the
most active areas. The next figure, which is the muscular
man, has the same application as the stubby body. The
clothing sticks to most protruding part of body, which are
obviously the muscles. The wrinkles are also stretched around the biggest of muscles. To further your observational skills,
study lots and lots of references on how clothing effects the many varieties of bodies!

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STEP 7. Begin by drawing the body guides to create a

workable frame. First, draw the head guide shape, then the
torso and hip guides. Sketch in the guidelines for the neck,
arm and to connect the top to the bottom.

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STEP 8. Using the guide you just made, draw the shape or
define the shape for the girl's face. When that is done you
can draw in the bang and some hair.

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STEP 9. We will now tackle the task of drawing out the body
starting with the neck, shoulders, arms and then the torso.
This is a female so the chest needs to be drawn in a
feminine manner.

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STEP 10. We will add a top. For this female model it's a
simple halter. Add the cleavage and then draw the collar

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STEP 11. We will sketch out the rest of the body shape
beginning with the back arch, then draw the butt shape and
then finally the thighs and crotch. Don't forget to draw the
forearm as well.

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STEP 12. Finish off this lesson by drawing the left arm and
then her right hand or fingers. We will sketch in some
detailing to add realism to the body like the bellybutton, and
bone definition for the pelvic area. Sketch in a hairstyle you
like or draw the short cut you see here. When you are
happy with your drawing you can erase the mistakes and

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STEP 13. That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in
your body drawing or use what you've learned to make your
own character/figure.

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I'm soooooooo good at this now!!!

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