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Introduction to the Module

Section: Fundamentals of the Sentence

Module Topic: Phrases
Objectives of this module:

SWBAT describe the meaning of the word phrase in the context of

English grammar, differentiating a variety of phrases from other
sentence parts;
SWBAT recognize and describe the function and construction of each
phrase type;
In academic essays, SWBAT employ a variety of phrases that add
meaning and detail to sentences, strengthening grammar range and

Topic of this module:

This module will introduce and review the concept of using phrases to
enhance sentences in academic writing.
A phrase, acting as a single part of speech, is a group of related words that
have meaning when used together. The phrase does not have a finite verb,
a verb that has a particular tense1, person2 and number3 although it may
contain a non-finite verb such as a verb in its infinitive or participle form.
Phrases are not required to make a sentence complete; however, they add
meaning and breadth to the idea introduced by other parts of the sentence.
The phrase itself does not express a complete thought.
On the basis of their construction and function, phrases can be divided into
various types, a few examples of which include:
1 tense defines the time of the action or state expressed by the verb
2 person relates to the three classes of personal pronouns, first, second or

number indicates whether one or more than one person or thing is being
talked about

noun phrases The big hat on the man in front of me prevented me from
seeing the ball game.
prepositional phrases I like to take a nap in the afternoon.
adjective phrases He is wearing a nice red shirt.

gerund phrases Sleeping late at night is not good for ones health.

How to Use this Module:

The module includes a range of instructional materials you should read
and review at your own pace. Each set includes a citation, the source of the
material. You can return to the internet source or the hard copy text as
necessary in order to further research a specific topic or grammar point. We
will add materials to the module packet on an ongoing basis, so this writing
curriculum will always remain current and dynamic.
Located after the instructional materials in the packet, you will find a series
of practice worksheets. Some of the worksheets have additional
explanatory materials you can review before completing the activity for
practice. If the answers are attached to the worksheet, try to do the activity
before looking at the correct answers. Upon completion of each activity,
check your own work or ask the teacher to review the worksheets with you if