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News Briefs

Our Lady prophesied many times that Russia would be the instrument
of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world (for its
crimes) if we do not obtain the conversion of that poor nation. Russia is
obviously not converted. (See "Dear Friend of Our Lady"). You can see
by the recent news clippings seen below that the chastisement of God
has already begun. Time is obviously running out. The Message of
Fatima, as Pope John Paul II said, is "more urgent than ever".
Soviet Credibility Finally Questioned - Let history record that on February
7th a US Secretary of State told Congress that Soviet violations of arms control
treaties raise questions about "credibility and trust", confirming what most of us
knew long ago. Furthermore, the very surveillance techniques which are
currently unable to find Iraqi mobile Scud missile launchers is the source of
Washington confidence that we can monitor Soviet deployment of mobile
ICBMs. At the same time, the Bush Administration plans to cut the US nuclear
weapons stockpile by up to 85% over the next 2 decades, even as it cuts back
any plans for US missile defense system to a purely local defense for US
strategic weapons. This comes on the heels of another successful intercept of an
ICBM warhead by US Eris experimental ABM (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 7, 8,
1991; A-14; Reuter, Feb. 7, 1991; Aviation Week & Space Technology, Feb. 4,
1991, pp. 19, 22)
Soviet Union continuing "illegal activities" to develop offensive chemical
and biological weapons, according to a Bush Administration report. "The US has
determined that the Soviet Union has maintained an active offensive program
since the 1930's and continues to be in violation of the 1972 Biological and
Toxin Weapons Convention," said the interagency report, "Soviet Noncompliance with Arms Control Agreements". The report also says that the 1979
outbreak of anthrax in Sverdlovsk "occurred as the result of an accidental
release of anthrax spores from an illegal biological weapons facility" - not from
the consumption of tainted meat, as the Soviets have claimed. (Washington
Times, March 6, 1991, A-3)
Soviet Union stands accused of delivering military hardware to Iraq for
6 months following the August 2nd invasion of Kuwait, with that information
being delivered to the White House. Thus, Bush knew that the USSR was
violating the sanctions against Iraq and was providing it with military aid, even
as he publicly lauded the USSR as "friendly" and an "ally" in the Gulf War.
(Warren Brookes, Washington Times, March 5, 1990, G-l, quoting the Navy
News and Undersea Technology newsletter).
Massive Soviet Arms Buildup Continues - Even though Gorbachev got
the Nobel Peace Prize, the USSR is unable to get its food to market, and

the US is handing the USSR billions in aid, US strategists remind us that

the Soviet Union is still building up the world's most massive nuclear
strategic force, capable of a first-strike against the US.
We cannot assume that the Soviet dictator will always be a Peace Prize winner.
"Now and in the future, the Soviet Union will remain a military superpower,"
said Gen. Colin Powell, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That force, he
added, is one that "I never forget has the capability to destroy the United States
in 30 minutes." (Air Force Magazine, Dec. 1990, p. 6)
The enormous buildup of Soviet naval and air forces in the Kola Peninsula
bordering Norway has Lt. Gen. Dagfinn Danielsen concerned. The Norwegian
officer stated that the Soviet Northern Fleet was modernized tremendously last
year and that all reductions in naval vessels were countered with new additions.
A Tbilisi-class aircraft carrier is expected to move north soon, and Danielsen
does not see that as a defensive move. One of the Soviets' best infantry units
will be moved to Arkhangelsk and redesignated as "naval infantry" to avoid
reductions in conventional forces, circumventing the Conventional Forces in
Europe disarmament agreement signed last fall. (Insight, Mar. 18 /91, p.31)
IMF (and US taxpayers) to lend Eastern Europe as much as $5 billion in
1991, and will probably continue to lend those countries billions more in years
to come. (Reuter, Mar. 20/91)
100,000 Iraqis killed during the Gulf War, say top US commanders, but other
sources say the final total, including civilian casualties, will be at least twice
that. These sources say the allied aerial attacks inflicted far more casualties
than first thought. (U.S. News and World Report, April 1/91 p.16).
Red Army Attacking Armenians - Moscow (CP) The Soviet army has joined
forces with Azerbaijani troops to launch "a campaign of genocide" against
Armenians, veteran human rights activist Yelena Bonner charged yesterday.
Bonner also told a chaotic news conference that President Mikhail Gorbachev is
refusing to help end the bloodshed in the disputed territory of NagornoKarabakh. Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrosian said later yesterday that 36
Armenians were killed earlier this week in attacks on Armenians in Azerbaijan
by Soviet Interior Ministry troops backed by KGB agents, the Red Army and
Azerbaijani forces.
Ter-Petrosian said the operation was planned to hinder Armenian moves toward
independence and to shore up the Communist, pro-Moscow government of
Azerbaijan. (Toronto Sun, May 3, 1991).