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@wise Every Day is an Exodus from Egypt

Rabbi Eli Herscher

O ne of the most powerful

ideas of Passover teaches
that we must see ourselves as
which means “narrowness” or “con-
striction.” “We were slaves in mitz-
ra-yim” is a challenge to notice any
actually having been present at the narrowness in our personal lives,
Exodus from Egypt. “We were those places in us that are emotion-
slaves,” we read in the Haggadah. ally constricted: moments in which
We experienced the oppression we get stuck in petty thoughts or
of servitude and we also were behaviors, times in which our egos
there when the shackles were loosed and we crowd out our compassion, when we create
experienced liberation. What might be seen walls that unnecessarily separate us from
as an ancient and remote historical event others, when we hold on to old grudges,
becomes, instead, part of our present reality. when we get mired in ancient “tapes” of
imagined, often inconsequential, grievances.
We know this to be true when we look at
Judaism challenges us to leave that mitzrayim
the world around us, and equally true when
of personal enslavements behind, to move,
Stephen S. Wise we turn to the world within us. As we sit
every day, toward a freedom that allows for
down at our seder tables this year, interna-
Temple & Schools tional trafficking in human beings enslaves
a deepened devotion to the relationships we
cherish, to the people we love, as well as to
27 million people, 80% of them women and
Annual Celebration girls, with one million children exploited by
a world that needs the best of our humanity.
the global commercial sex trade every year. The journey from the slavery of Egypt
Honoring Similar examples of modern-day enslave- toward the freedom of the Promised Land
Rabbi Isaiah Zeldin ments abound. Pesach challenges us not to
relegate the Exodus story to a distant past.
forms the core story of Judaism. The true
hope of Passover attains its realization when
The maror on our seder plate symbolizes a the experience of the Jewish past becomes
very present taste of the bitterness of injus- fully present – when each and every day
Tuesday evening, tice, calling us to awareness and to action. is experienced as our exodus from Egypt.
May 11, 2010 And, when we focus the Exodus story May this Season of our Liberation reawaken
inward, we realize that we have our own us to this challenging and deeply hopeful
internal and deeply personal enslavements. vision. Grateful for the great gift of our
For more information, or for It is not lost on the rabbis that the Hebrew freedom, may you and your families be
those interested in serving on the word for Egypt, mitz-ra-yim, may share blessed with a happy and healthy Passover.
Annual Celebration Committee, its origin with the word may-tza-rim,
contact Jay Epstein,
Director of Development,
at 310.889.2276 or

2010/5770 A Visionary Leader Wise Supports Haiti Happy Passover


Special Luncheon Kicks Off “Jon and I continue to experience a

Annual Celebration Honoring life of fulfillment and memories here
Rabbi Zeldin because of the tireless work you, our
“My life here at Stephen S. Wise Temple founding members, have contributed Follow Our Social Justice
began over 40 years ago because of together. I consider it a legacy of your Blog
Rabbi Zeldin’s wisdom and visionary collective wisdom and am looking
How can our congregation become a
leadership … It was exciting to be a part forward with great excitement to honor force for positive, effective change in
of this journey, even as a child.”
our celebrated leader, Rabbi Zeldin, on Los Angeles and beyond? This is the
“Rabbi Zeldin and the founding May 11, 2010.” challenge presented to us by the vision
generation of our Temple members of social justice that is affirmed time and
laid the foundation, and with the Excerpts from Susan Berger’s presentation again through the words of the ancient
extraordinary vision of our dedicated to the founding generation members of prophets, our rabbinic sages, and the
clergy, Metuka Benjamin, and all the Stephen S. Wise Temple, who recently Jewish philosophers of our own day.
administrators attended a special luncheon in honor of
Our congregation’s commitment to
and faculty, Rabbi Isaiah and Florence Zeldin. Susan social justice is reflected in our vision
our Schools and her husband Jon, along with Lynn and statement and our five core values. It
and Temple
Les Bider, Larry Field, Doris and Bahram is possibly most visible in the faces of
are thriving.
Nour-Omid, and Wendy and Ken Ruby, those of you — our members — who
We are a
serve as Co-Chairs of the 2010 Annual participate on Mitzvah Day, who have
prestigious rallied in support of Haiti, and who are
model for so Celebration honoring Rabbi Zeldin on
leading the cause, in partnership with
many other the occasion of his 90th birthday and in
our counterparts in Boyle Heights, to
congregations, recognition of his lifetime achievements (see bring change to this community in need.
near and far.” ad on cover).
Follow our work, put in your two
cents and read about the initiatives
that are embraced by members of our
congregational community on our social
justice blog. Visit us at
SJBlog. Perhaps you will be moved to
action by what you read and would like
to join our progress!

@B’nai Mitzvah
March 13 – Vayakhel-Pekudei March 20 – Vayikra
9:30 a.m. – Brooke, daughter of 11:30 a.m. – Lauren, daughter of
Darren Mehry and Yousef

Brooke Lauren

March 13 – Vayakhel-Pekudei March 20 – Vayikra

5 p.m. – Carly, daughter of 3:45 p.m. – Sammy, son of
Susan and Jon Barby and David

Carly Sammy

2 @wise March ‘10

Community Rallies in Support
of Haiti
Estimates of the loss of life in the
Haiti earthquake have risen to over
200,000, with the likelihood that we
may never know the true numbers.
We have all watched the news reports
and seen the pictures which attempt
to depict a devastation that is really
impossible for us to fully comprehend.
During times like this, coming together
as a community – in both physical
and figurative ways – brings not
only a measure of comfort, but more
importantly, a sense of strength, unity,
Jewish inspiration, and resolve.

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Largest Milken Student The Tiferet Israel Fellowship partners

Delegation Departs for Israel with Alexander Muss High School in
Israel to offer an excellent academic
At the end of January, Milken program for the Milken Israel Fellows.
Community High School sent the Through a program of tiyulim (field
largest single delegation of high school trips), these Fellows will engage in
students ever from the Los Angeles learning, by studying and experiencing
Jewish community to learn and live for the land of Israel and its relationship
an entire semester in Israel. A group with the Jewish people. 
of 78 Grade 10 students comprises Experience this incredible journey with
Milken’s fourth year of the Tiferet Israel our Milken students by reading their
Fellowship. Together, these students will blog at
establish a lifelong bond with the land tiferet/
and people of Israel and create a new
model for Israel education in the United
States. tiferet/

March 20 – Vayikra
5:30 p.m. – Drew, daughter of
Lisa and Steven
March 27 – Tzav
Drew 11:30 a.m. – Zoe, daughter of
Alina and Ron
March 27 – Tzav
9:30 a.m. – Celine, daughter of Zoe
Evelyn and Tony

Mazal tov to our B’nai Mitzvah and their families celebrating their simhas this month.

@Programs and Events
7 Religious School
Grade 4 Family Field Trip

Morning Minyan
Sunday, March 7 | 9 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Every Thursday | 7:30 a.m.
In correlation with their study of Kibud Z’keinim
(when School is in session) (Honoring the Elderly), Grade 4 and their
families will travel to the Jewish Home for

Kabbalat Shabbat Nosh the Aging to learn more about our personal
responsibility to provide care and support for the
Every Friday | 5:30 p.m. elderly in our community.

Erev Shabbat Service

Every Friday | 6:15 p.m. 11 W Group Happy Hour
Thursday, March 11 | 7 p.m.-9 p.m.
Join the W Group (20s & 30s) for our monthly

Happy Hour. Enjoy meeting new friends
Join us for a Shabbat Morning Minyan
and unwinding from a busy day! For more
Every Saturday | 10 a.m. information, visit
2nd Night
Community 1
Carpool Torah
Monday, March 1 and 15
8:30 a.m.-10 a.m.
12Grade 5 Shabbat Service and Dinner
Friday, March 12 | 6:15 p.m.-9:30 p.m.
Join us for a spiritual Shabbat service in the
Sanctuary at 6:15 p.m. Then, enjoy a delicious

For more information, call Rabbi Ron Stern’s dinner in Zeldin-Hershenson Hall with our
office at 310.889.2269. amazing NEW Shabbat menu, a wonderful

musical performance by our Grade 5 students,
Learning in Your Neighborhood Israeli dancing, and fun for both children and
Tuesday, March 30 with Rabbi David Woznica parents.

Tuesday, March 2 | 6:30 p.m. Havdalah in Your Neighborhood
6 p.m. For more information, contact Susan Dean at Saturday, March 13 | 7 p.m.
310.889.2200 or
For more information on the Havdalah in Your
Zeldin-Hershenson Hall ECC Coffee Talk Neighborhood program, contact Harriet Zolan at
310.889.2234 or
Tuesday, March 2 | 8:45 a.m.-9:10 a.m.

Share a Passover Seder with

Outside the ECC office or Hershenson Hall. Stop
by for a cup of coffee, schmooze with the ECC
Administrators, and ask all those questions you
have had on your mind.
17 Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Stern
Wednesday, March 17 | 12 p.m.-1:30 p.m.
Taub Annex A. For more information, contact
Temple friends, led by Rabbi Rabbi Ron Stern’s office at 310.889.2269.

5 18
Spike Anderson and Cantorial Grade 2 Praying with Parents Learning in Your Neighborhood with
Friday, March 5 | 8:15 a.m.-9:15 a.m. Rabbi Herscher
Intern, Marcus Feldman.
Sanctuary. Join us to fully experience the great Thursday, March 18 | 7:30 p.m.
joy of praying with your child at our Friday For more information on our Learning in Your
This promises to be an evening
services led by Rabbi Yardeni-Funk and Cantorial Neighborhood program, contact Susan Dean at
filled with music, conversation, Intern, Pam Simmons. Grandparents will have 310.889.2200 or
the Torah honor during our spiritual service.
and learning.

Members: Adults – $53

Children (3–12) – $28
Children (0–3) – No charge

Non-Members: Adults – $65

Children (3–12) – $28
Children (0–3) – No charge

To register, visit
or call Ann Terrick at

4 @wise March ‘10

19 Evening Tot Shabbat
Friday, March 19 | 4:30 p.m.
Sanctuary. Rabbi Spike Anderson and our special
AIPAC Policy Conference
Sunday, March 21 – Tuesday, March 23
Washington, D.C. This year, join our rabbis,
musical guest will lead and entertain you at this cantor, and fellow Stephen S. Wise Temple
Shabbat service specially designed for Tots (ages members for three of the most important days
2-5). This evening, filled with food, music, and affecting Israel’s future. Register online at
Reggae rhythm is not to be missed. Registration
is required. For more information, contact the

ECC at W Group Alterna Seder

20 Women of Wise Saturday, March 27 | 4 p.m.-6 p.m.

Havdalah Sunset Study Taub Annex. All W Group members (20s & 30s)
and W Group Family members are invited to join
Saturday, March 20 | 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
us for a potluck “seder” celebrating the yeasty
Private home. Join WOW and our very own side of life before Passover begins! Bring your
Rabbi Liat Yardeni-Funk and Cantorial Intern, questions about Passover and have them answered
Pam Simmons, who will lead us in a spiritual, by Cantor Lam. Explore Passover in a way that
meaningful, and exciting Havdalah service. Rabbi you may have never done before with friends,
Yardeni-Funk will discuss the topic “Gratitude lots of bread products, and a special area with
is the Best Attitude”. What does our Jewish music for the little ones! We look forward to “pre-
tradition teach us about how to be truly happy? Passovering” with you. For more information and
RSVP to Adelle Gomelsky at AGomelsky@ to RSVP, visit or call 310.889.2379.

21 Grade 6 Family Education Program

Sunday, March 21 | 9 a.m.-11:30 a.m. 29 Monday Evening, March 29-
Tuesday, April 6

Grade 6 Religious School students and their

families are invited to explore their individual
Torah portions in preparation for their Bar/Bat
Mitzvah. In doing so, families will explore their
Plotkin Chapel
Passover Service
Tuesday, March 30 | 10 a.m.

personal and communal role in Revelation, to Save-the-Date

find sacred connections to God, community, and
self. Yom Ha’atzma-ut Celebration
and Shabbat Service
Elementary School Spring Play
Friday, April 16
“The Music Man”
Sunday, March 21-Thursday, March 25 Kehillat Wise Real Estate Panel
Zeldin-Hershenson Hall. Don’t miss the Thursday, April 22 | 7 p.m.
marching band of Grade 4, 5, and 6 students in Mother’s Day Brunch
the spring musical of “The Music Man”. Come
join the fun as the mystery in River City unfolds. Thursday, May 6 | 10 a.m.-12 noon
Tickets are available online at

The congregation extends its sincere appreciation for these generous contributions
CONDOLENCES MAZAL TOV Continued from Rabbis’ Discretionary Funds
Suzanne and David Sackin and family on the Beth and Frank Kase on their daughter, Irving Pollack, by Seema and Larry Pollack
loss of his mother, Elaine Sackin Marissa, graduating from Loyola Law School and family
Chuck Bergman and family on the loss of his and passing the California State Bar Exam Pauline Klein, by Sally and Don Jones
mother, and to Sarah and Adam on the loss of Julie and Darryl and family on the birth of Rhoda Bergman, by Helaine and Norman
their grandmother, Rhoda Bergman their son, Zachary Fogel
Howard Bierman and family on the loss of his Francie and David Okun and family on the Jack Stern, by Terri and Charles Stern
wife, Doris Bierman birth of their granddaughter, Scarlet Reese
Pearl Jasper, by Natalie and Reuven Stern
Jacki and Eric Renard and family on the loss Beth Bilkiss and Aaron Houpis on their
of her grandfather, and to Samantha on the engagement, and to Lynn and Rock McAlister Regina Klein and Harry Fisher, by Bea and
loss of her great-grandfather, Raymond Brune on the engagement of their daughter Bernie Fisher
Linda and Bill Rouse and family on the loss of Cantor Nathan and Donna Lam, on the birth Arnold W. Magasinn, by Vicki, Pam and
her mother, and to Alexis Messinger and Ryan of their granddaughter, and Jenna and Joey Francine Magasinn
Rouse on the loss of their grandmother, Helen Pitson on the birth of their daughter, Lyla Don DeWitt, by Marian DeWitt
Decter Isabel
Sidney Lokitz, by Sheila Lokitz
Claudia and Gerry Katz and family on the loss Debra Ruby and Eric Ellsworth on their
of his sister, Evelyn Woloz Irene Weiner and Sheldon Raphael, by Gina
engagement, and to Wendy and Ken Ruby on
Raphael and Jeffrey Gross
Morgan and Bruce Hakimi and family on the the engagement of their daughter
loss of his father, and to Daniel and Michael Jeffrey Michael Petrus, by Marcy and Earl
Sue Painter and family, on the birth of her Petrus
on the loss of their grandfather, Dr. Mashallah granddaughter, Zoe Harper
Hakimi Cynthia Lorraine Paletz, by David Paletz
Tracy and Brian and family, on the birth of
Natalie and Reuven Stern and family on the Lloyd Isaacs, by Lynn and Mark Williams
their son, to Ariella, Mason, and Samuel on
loss of her mother, Pearl Jasper
the birth of their brother, Aiden Victor Fabe, by Janice and Robert Kahlenberg
Judith and Michael Kriegsman and family on and Karen Fabe
Jennifer and Ariel and family on the birth of
the loss of his brother, and to Alixandra and
their daughter, to Eliana, Zack, and Joshua on
Benjamin on the loss of their uncle, Elliot CANTOR’S DISCRETIONARY
the birth of their sister, Daniella Nicole
Deanna and Darryl Marcovitch and family RABBIS’ DISCRETIONARY
on the loss of his father, and to Elizabeth In honor of:
and Brent Marcovitch on the loss of their the marriage of their daughter Lisa to George
grandfather, Jacob Marcovitch Rabbi Mark and Lois Diamond Rajna, by Judi and Frank Niver
Kristin and Gary Glushon and family on the In honor of: Carly’s participation in M’Shor’rim and
loss of his grandfather, Bernard Neuman Laurie’s aliyah during the High Holy Days by
the marriage of their son Darren to Katie Dox,
Ronnie and Michael Kassan and family on by Marilyn and Errol Segal Laurie Ackerman and Carly
the loss of her mother, to Adam Kassan, the birth of Lyla Isabel, by Emily and Rick
Alexander Kassan and to Brett Kassan Smith the marriage of their daughter Lisa to George
Rajna, by Judi and Frank Niver Corleto
on the loss of their grandmother, Pauline
Klein the naming of their granddaughter, Jessica
In memory of:
Soheila and Albert Halimi and family on the Simone, by Marsha and Michael Wachtell Gloria Gurian, by Judy Gurian and family
loss of her father, and to Aviv, Nathan, and sitting on the bimah during the High Holy Miriam A. Abrams, by Joan Spiegel
Deborah on the loss of their grandfather, Dr. Days, by Laurie Ackerman
Carly’s participation in the Academy, by
Pejman and Mahasty Mossayi and family on Laurie Ackerman and Carly FUND
the loss of his mother, and to Emma and Lily
on the loss of their grandmother, Manijeh the naming of their granddaughter, Ashley, by In honor of:
Mossayi Claudia and Jerry Nussbaum
Rabbi Herscher’s class by Vivian Feintech and
Harriet Rolnick and Stephen Strauss and the naming of their son, Zachary Jacob, by Allen Greenfield
family on the loss of her father, and to Naomi and William
Benjamin on the loss of his grandfather, the birth of their son Alex Stone, by Aimee WISE GENERAL FUND
Morton Rolnick and Seth In memory of:
the family of Stephanie Schiller The engagement of Debra Ruby and Eric Alfred Clark, by Shirley Reisman
Dory and Farid Novian and family on the loss Ellsworth, by Helaine and Norman Fogel
of his father, and to Matthew, Yasmine, and Rubin Weinstein, by Elaine Winters
In memory of:
Eli on the loss of their grandfather, Nemat
Novian Martin Meltzner, by Laurie and Ron Resch JOE BARON SCHOLARSHIP
Joan Blum-Feldman and William Feldman
and family FUND
and family on the loss of her aunt, Serene David Igdaloff, by Harold Igdaloff In honor of:
Max Ulrich, by Bea Baron
The sympathy of the congregation is
extended to the families of Our Clergy want to assure their WISE TEMPLE LIFELONG
Rhoda Bergman availability to our member families LEARNING ENDOWMENT
Doris Bierman during times of loss. Please contact the FUND
Stephanie Schiller Temple first before setting a funeral time.
In memory of:
May God grant peace to all who mourn and
comfort the bereaved families Lidia Machlin, by Ada and Ray Pivo
6 @wise March ‘10
Dorothy Igdaloff and Irving Igdaloff, by DIENER AND KADNER Haiti Continued from page 3
SaM DUBMAN FOOD FUND In memory of: Following the crisis in Haiti, our
FOR SOVA Robert Miles Kadner and William Jeffrey Stephen S. Wise Temple community
In memory of: Kadner, by Lila Kadner Shaps came together, along with the entire
Sara Bass, by June and Murray Bass Los Angeles Jewish community, and the
FUND Reform movement. We held a special
SOL AND ESTHER SMITH Shabbat Service the Friday following
LIBRARY FUND In memory of:
this tragedy, in which our Clergy led
In memory of: Dorothy Singer Simon and Samuel Morse
Golden, by Patti and Roger Golden us in song and prayer for the people of
Bertha Smith and Arthur L. Smith, by Marcia Haiti and reflected on Israel’s inspiring
and Mark Smith YAHRZEIT FUND response to the crisis, as well as on the
TOBY AND SAUL KASSAN In memory of: Jewish roots of our personal actions.
SCHOLARSHIP FUND Dora Sturman, by Beverly and Herb Sturman We held a shoe drive, where over
In memory of: Les Berns, by Penny and Mark Berns 2,000 pairs of shoes were collected
Toby Kassan, Pauline Klein, and Morton Ernest Silver and Leo Volan, by Gail and Lee for Soles4Souls, an organization that
Klein, by Ronnie and Michael Kassan Silver delivered the shoes to Haiti, where they
Pauline Klein, by Shelley and Jan Rosen Steven Beiser, Rose Goldstein, and Mollie will help fill one small need for a people
Katch, by Sandy and Stuart Newmark whose needs are so desperate. We also
RAY BENJAMIN Harry Widdes, by Harriet Wolstan committed to raising funds for Save a
SCHOLARSHIP FUND Ruth Friedman, by Linda and Roger Child’s Heart (SACH), a medical project
In memory of: Friedman
in Israel that provides free, life-saving
Rhoda Bergman, by Manya’s Lunch Bunch Arnold H. Cooperman, M.D., by Caroline
Cooperman heart surgery to children from around
the world. In response to the crisis in
LESLIE SHELDON ZOLA George Aftergood, by Joan and William
SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIP Feldman and family Haiti, a SACH surgeon was working
FUND Joseph Kleiman, by Shirley Kleiman and with the Israeli field hospital team and
family was able to prepare six Haitian children
In memory of:
Alex Chickman, by Alvin Kasselman for transport to Israel, where they will
Pearl Jasper and Rhoda Bergman, by Sheila
Burman Hal Michaels, by Teri and Bruce Bialosky and receive life-saving heart surgery.
SOCIAL ACTION FUND Sol Nudelman, by Nancy and Ira Norris Stephen S. Wise Temple joins a
myriad of other Jewish organizations
In memory of:
lending their support, including the
Simmy Jacobs, by Linda and David Salzman
Reform movement, which has raised
Craig Markus, by Caryn May and family
over $900,000 for Haiti relief. We are
MAX HESS LIBRARY FUND heartened to be a part of a community
In honor of: that does not stand idly by in times of
crisis and are grateful for the way our
Laurie Ackerman’s birthday, by Karen Stern
members have given of themselves for
SCHOLARSHIP FUND those in such desperate need.
In honor of:
her aliyah on Yom Kippur, by Karen Stern
Gifts You Can’t
“Pass Over”
Stop by the Temple Gift Shop, which
Send details of your simhas to: has everything you need to make to be included in your Seder table look beautiful – from
our Mazal Tov list by the 15th of each
Seder plates and Kiddush cups to
month, six weeks prior to publication
(e.g. due March 15 afikomen covers.
for the May issue).
To send a tribute: The Gift Shop is open
Call Bea Dubman at 818.342.3497. Monday through Friday: 2 p.m.-4 p.m.
Fridays: After Services
Or by appointment

temple STEPHEN S.
15500 Stephen S. Wise Drive WISE TEMPLE
Los Angeles, CA 90077-1520
Pantone Pantone
370 U 471 U 5405 U

Printed on recycled paper

Lecture Dialogue
The Israel Test Dennis Prager with
George Gilder Rabbi David Woznica
Monday, March 1 at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 13 at 7:30 p.m.
George Gilder has written fourteen Dennis Prager, one of America’s most
books. His national bestsellers include respected talk show hosts, has been broad-
Wealth & Poverty, The Spirit of Enterprise, casting in Los Angeles since 1982. He
Men and Marriage, and Microcosm. He appears frequently on television shows,
has recently written the much heralded including “Larry King Live” and “Hardball”,
The Israel Test. He is contributing writer to name a few. Mr. Prager has engaged in
interfaith dialogues, lectured on all seven
for Forbes and Wired, director of the
continents, written four books, and his
Discovery Institute’s Technology Pro-
articles have appeared in The Wall Street
gram, and a practicing venture capitalist.
Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Commentary,
He lives in Tyringham, Massachusetts.
and The Weekly Standard. And, he is an
active member of Stephen S. Wise Temple.

Course $12

The World of Midrash

Rabbi Spike Anderson
In this course, we examine the historical
context in which midrash was formed and
flourished; delve into specific midrashic texts
to see through the “eyes” of the age, and
trace this continuous and living art-form
through present day expressions. Finally,
participants will begin to create their own
text-based midrash reflecting our contem-
porary Jewish culture, fears, and dreams.

4 Wednesdays: April 7 through April 28

7:30 p.m.-9 p.m.
There is no charge for this course.