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Leamore Primary School

Bloxwich Road, Walsall. WS3 2BB

Telephone: 01922 710514
Fax: 01922 470738
Monday 9th November 2015
Dear Parents/Carers,
Poppy Appeal
Our pupil Admin Assistants will be selling poppies on the playground
and in the classrooms tomorrow and Wednesday this week in
support of The Royal British Legions Poppy Appeal. Please send
your child with a small donation if you can.
Thank you to all of the parents who have worked tirelessly to improve our attendance and
punctuality by ensuring that your children are at school and are on time as this is a key
priority for the school.
The government thresholds for persistent absence have now changed to below 90%
instead of below 85%, which will raise the number of children with attendance officer
involvement. As a result of these changes, children will go onto the attendance officers
caseload sooner so that support can be provided where required and any issues can be
highlighted at an earlier stage.
Any absence for sickness is authorised purely at the discretion of the school and will only
be authorised with medical evidence. This can include Pharmacy First, copies of
prescriptions and proof of doctors appointments. Pharmacy First is a scheme that many
local pharmacies have signed up to. This can give you proof of a consultation with a
pharmacist about minor illnesses such as headaches, fevers, coughs and colds.
Heres an attendance update. Year Three are leading the way with 97.7%, closely followed
by Year Two with 96.9%. Well done Year Two and Three children!


The national average for attendance currently stands at 96.2%, so you will see that Y2, Y3
and Y4 are still currently in line or above this figure - which is the same as when I shared
attendance data with you in October. Even though other classes remain under the national

average, I am pleased to report that there has been an increase in attendance percentages
for each of these classes. Our whole school attendance figure stands at 95.3%.
Early Birds Campaign
As you are aware, we have a daily late gate for all pupils who arrive after 9am, where you
are asked why your child is late. Once a month this will be carried out by our Attendance
Officer, Tracy Ward, who is from the Local Authority.
This week sees the launch of Early Bird Week. This will give
pupils an incentive to be at school on time each day. Every
morning the children who are on time will be given a sticker for
their Early Bird cards. Those children who have been Early
Birds every day that week will receive a prize!
We look forward to working with you to continue to improve the attendance and punctuality
at Leamore Primary School.
Kind regards,
Michelle Hill
Interim Head Teacher