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"The corruption logbook" October 2015 report

60 corruption incident in October, and inactive legislative procedures

Preamble :
October 2015 witnessed the first stage of Egyptian parliamentary elections which
received the attention of media, executive bodies, and civil society organizations so in
return there was less attention to anti-corruption issues.
In the framework of the "Corruption Logbook Observatory", Partners For Transparency
(PFT) continued issuing monthly reports that observe the revealed incidents of
corruption during October 2015, which amounted to 60 incident, also the observation
included the legislative developments either for laws or decisions, as well as the
procedural steps and government activities that fights the phenomenon of corruption.
Legislative and procedural developments related to corruption during October:
October 2015 did not witness any release of new legislations or laws related to the
fight against corruption, but witnessed a number of meetings in some governments and
ministries to discuss the plans of the state about fighting corruption, as well as different
statements from government officials, led by the one from the president "Abdel-Fattah
al-Sisi" which included the importance of fighting corruption and the link between the
development efforts and attracting investments, the following is a presentation of
what has been observed in this regard:
Thursday, 1st of October : The Governor of Giza said that the state is determined
to fight corruption and corruptors and that no one is above the law, adding that

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despite the corruption cases that are arrested there are honest employees far from
any suspicions .
Saturday, 3rd of October: the Minister of Local Development declared that the
ministry is continuing to work during the next phase on the implementation of the
open projects that have already been worked on and completed, adding that the
work plan focuses on several axes, most notably the development of the local
administration, the fight against corruption in localities, and the expansion of
recycling of solid waste projects and solving the problem of garbage.
Monday, 12th of October: Hisham Genena, the head of the Accountability State
Authority said that the president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, stands firmly in the back of
oversight bodies and in fighting corruption.
Tuesday,13th of October: Eng. Mohammad Zahir, the Governor of Qalubiya,
said that the protection of public money is necessary and is a national demand
each individual in the community is involved in no matter how low or high his
rank is, and that he will fight all forms of corruption in the governorate.
Tuesday, 13th of October, General Salahuddin Zeyada, the governor of Minya,
stated that the value of justice is represented in the decisiveness with corruptors
and that everyone is responsible for controlling corruption and there is no shame
or fear in the truth, justice and responsibility.
Thursday, 15th of October: Dr. Khaled Zakaria al-Adly, the governor of Giza,
declared that there is no place for corruption, and that fighting, preventing, and
reducing corruption in all its forms is the priority of all the executive bodies in
the governorate.
Sunday, 18th of October: the cultural branch of South Sinai organized a cultural
awareness lecture titled "fighting corruption".
Sunday, 18th of October : Dr. Reda Abdul Salam, El-Sharkeya governor, met
with a group of youth from Faqous Center from " Youth Against Corruption
campaign" and a group of residents, in the presence of the President of the City
and center of Faqous, the youth exchanged thoughts with the governor about the
results of campaigns to remove street vendors and fighting corruption.
Tuesday, 20th of October: the General Directorate for Organization and
Management at the University of Assiut organized an educational seminar to
aware the workers about the seriousness of corruption, to promote their role in
combating it, and to drain its resources in the university.

Tuesday, 20th October: Dr. Saad Algyoshi, the Minister of Transport, said that
the government is responsible of improving the quality and the service and
fighting corruption, pointing out the full coordination between the members of
the government in order to achieve the interest of the state .
Wednesday, 21st of October : Dr. Ismail Abdul Hamid, the governor of
Damietta, discussed the possibility of the establishment of technology centers for
mechanization of citizen services in Damietta, El-Zarka, Faraskour, Kafr ElBatiekh, and Ras El Bar, in addition to the opening of an electronic center to serve
the citizens in the office of the governorate pointing that this system is designed
to eliminate administrative corruption through transactions and services provided
electronically in the centers and cities of the governorate.
22nd of October 2015: President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, stated that the government
is committed to adopt free-market mechanisms and to strengthen the role of the
private sector as an engine for development, also the President stressed on the
state's interest in fighting corruption, and on activating all regulatory means to
ensure full transparency in trade and investment transactions.
22nd of October 2015: Dr. Hossam Moghazi, the Minister of Water Resources
and Irrigation, issued a decision to form a committee to combat corruption and
address it within the ministry.
26th of October 2015: Gen. Mohsen Hilmi, the general secretary assistant of
Ismailia governorate, held a meeting with a large number of leaders and
representatives of the executive organs, districts, towns and cities of the
governorate , under the title " fighting corruption" to discuss the dominant crisis
in the government work system and ways to solve it.
The general features of the corruption incidences during the month of August:
First; the corruption incidences according to the different sectors:
The sector

The number of

The sector

The number of

The Ministry of




Ministry of Youth
and Sports

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Housing

Ministry of


Ministry of

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Social
Ministry of


Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Irrigation
and Water Resources


Ministry of
Ministry of
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of
Egyptian Radio
and Television



The corruption incidences according to the

different sectors

The Previous data suggests that the Ministry of Supply has ranked first among the
sectors that have seen incidence of corruption during this month with 14 corruption
incident, then comes the localities in second place with 9 corruption incident, followed
by the Ministry of Education with 5 corruption incident, followed by the Ministry of
Housing with 4 corruption incident, then the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of
Justice, the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and the Ministry of Communications with 3
corruption incident for each, and then the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Irrigation

and Water Resources, the Parliament, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the
Ministry of Health with 2 corruption incidents for each, and finally, the Ministry of
Petroleum, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Culture,
the Ministry of endowments, and Egyptian Radio and Television Union came in the last
place with one corruption incident per each.
Second, the corruption incidences according to the number of cases:
Case Situation

Number of cases

Under investigation


On trial


It has not been investigated

It has been adjudicated



The corruption incidence according to the

number of cases
Under investigation
On trial


It has not been investigated

It has been adjudicated

Previous data suggests that the incidents under investigation ranks first among the
incidents of corruption during the month of October with 39 incident, followed by the
incidents on trial with 10 incidents, then come the incidents that have not been
investigated yet with 7 incidents, and finally comes the incidents that have been
adjudicated in last place among the incidents of October with 4 incidents only.


The incidents of corruption during October:

1. Arresting engineers from the Department of Housing, whom were responsible for the
construction of the cemeteries of the governorate, during taking money as a bribe in
exchange of facilitating the procedures of business extracts. (October 1, 2015, the
2. Arresting 2 of the staff in the occupancy management of south of Giza districts
during taking a bribe from a citizen to assist him to transfer his kiosk license to a better
location. (October 1, 2015, the Pharaohs).
3. Engineers remanded in custody in Monshaet Nasser district accused of falsifying the
maps to divide the land for the benefit of a businessmen. (October 2, 2015, El-Youm
4. Arresting 2 directors of 2 bakeries in Beni Suef for the disposal of 27 tons of flour to
the black market. (October 2, 2015, El-Youm El-Sabea )
5. Foiling an attempt to smuggle 30 thousand liters of diesel into a car coming from the
Mostorod warehouse in Cairo in its way to Minya. (October 2, 2015 , El-Youm ElSabea ).
6. Imprisoning a detective at El-Salam Department pending investigation due to an
accusation of asking for a bribe of 50 thousand pounds from the owner of a pharmacy to
release him after seizing narcotic substances inside his pharmacy. (October 2, 2015, ElBedaya).
7. Accusing the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Culture of wasting public
money by hosting private publications in the Council. (October 2, 2015, El-Bawaba
8. Charging the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation for wasting public money
after they outsource Spanish company to monitor the Nile river with cameras. (October
2, 2015, El-Bawaba News)
9. Charging the Ministry of endowments for having more than 5 thousand fictional
mosques with no basis on the ground in various governorates. (October 4, 2015, ElSabah).

10. Investigating a teacher in Martyr Walid Sobhi school, after receiving bribes from
parents to facilitate some services to them. (October 5, 2015, Veto gate).
11. Referring 5 officials in Luxor governorate and the Central Agency for Organization
and Administration to the trial for having committed massive financial and
administrative irregularities. (October 5, 2015, Veto gate).
12. Investigating the existence of manipulation in pension funds at the National
Authority for Social Insurance, through the loss of files of thousands of citizens in
Abdeen Insurance Office. (October 5, 2015, El-Youm El-Sabea).
13. Punishing the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing in Kafr El-Sheikh and a
planning technician after giving permissions for buildings that violates the law.
(October 5, 2015, Veto gate).
14. Arresting a "driver" while trying to smuggle 18 thousand liters of diesel into a car
while it passed through the western desert road checkpoint. (October 5, 2015, Veto gate
15. Arresting the owner of a bakery for obtaining the amount of 70 630 pounds to take
the money of subsidized bread which he didn't sell to the people. (October 7, 2015, ElBawaba News).
16. The Public Administration for Investigation in Qalubeya was able to seize 3300
liters of diesel subsidized in El-Ubor area. (October 7, 2015, El-Bawaba News).
17. Investigating the waste of public money in the supply of school feeding for public
schools and language schools. (October 7, 2015, Bashayer).
18. Accusations of wasting public money in the the Red Cross Hospital in Meet
Okkba, headed by Azza El-Sabaa, the director of the Red Cross Association, with the
assistance of Dr. Abdullah Helmi Elwa, the general manager of the hospital. (October 7,
2015, El-Bawba News).
19. Referring the head of Engineering Management Center in Faqous center for
discipline in 9 cases. (October 7, 2015, El-Youm El-Sabea).
20. Accusing three senior officials in the Social Insurance of receiving billion pounds as
bonuses. (October 7, 2015, Egy Press).


21. Seizure of 2000 liters of diesel with a worker in "Klahin Qeft" village in qus Center,
south of Qena. (October 8, 2015, El-Watan).
22. Formation of an engineering committee to examine the irregularities in the tender
process No. 1 of 2012 in Directorate of Youth and Sports in Damietta. (October 8,
2015, El-Watan)
23. Arresting the first secretary of Manpower Directorate in Ismailia on charges of
fraud on the citizens that he managed to deceive them to believe that they could be
employed in oil companies. (October 8, 2015, El-Watan).
24. Arresting the Associate director of Damira Post Office in Dakahlia for embezzling
932 pounds of the social security pension accounts from his workplace. (October 9,
2015, Veto gate ).
25. Arresting deputy Post Office manager in Aboul Gheit, affiliated to El-Kanater ElKhaireya post office, for embezzling 5 378 thousand pounds of social security pension
accounts. (October 9, 2015, Veto gate )
26. Investigating the waste of about 5 million pounds of public money in building 20
buildings on silos land in El- Sadat City Center. (October 10, 2015, El-Dostor).
27. Arresting the owner of a company for the manufacture of food products in October
city, for the manufacture of Halvah that is unsuitable for human use. (October 11, 2015,
El-Youm El-Sabea).
28. Investigating with a former adviser in the Illicit Gains Authority after the submission
of several complaints against him including that his salary was up to one million pounds
per month. (October 11, 2015, Veto gate).
29. Arresting the director of El-Gabanat administration in the Giza governorate and his
assistant engineer M.A for taking to the amount of 70 thousand pounds and
apartments fully finished from a contractor, as a bribe for the manipulation of
his own financial extracts, and to facilitate the taking them. (October 11, 2015, El-Masry
30. Referring three officials in the General Authority for projects and agricultural
development to trial after being found involved in facilitating the takeover of a company
to 34.6 million pounds. (October 11, 2015, Veto gate).


31. Referring officials from El-Bared custom to trial for committing excessive financial
and administrative violations which caused damage to public money. (October 12, 2015,
Veto gate).
32. Punishing the head of El-Manzla city and Al-smbellowin city for committing
significant financial and administrative violations during working in the center and the
city of Beni Obeid. (October 12, 2015, Veto gate).
33. Punishing the general Director of Legal Affairs in Qaliubiya governorate and three
of his assistants with tight sanctions after agreeing on entering the facilities to buildings
with no licenses. (October 14, 2015, Gateway Veto).
34. Referring the director of the Second Egyptian TV Channel, and two other presenters
in the channel, to trial on charges of administrative violations that caused the waste of
public money. (October 15, 2015, Masr El-Arabeya).
35. Punishing the deputy of a High School by deducting from his salary after he
embezzled the attendance sheet. (October 16, 2015, Veto gate).
36. Arresting the manager of a gas station who sells petroleum products at the black
market . (October 19, 2015, El-Youm El-Sabea).
37. Seizing 3 tons of clothes smuggled inside a car in Port Said. (October 20, 2015,
Veto gate).
38. Arresting an employee in a public company for bakeries in Cairo for recharging his
citizens' supply cards with 500 pounds a day in exchange of 20 pounds on each card.
(October 20, 2015, El-Masry El-Youm).
39. Arresting a police officer and an employee in the traffic administration in ElKatameya for defrauding drivers. (October 20, 2015, El-Youm El-Sabea).
40. Investigating the violations related to the allocation of state land and their seizure,
after investigating with the businessman Sulaiman Amer on charges of damaging and
wasting the public money. (October 20, 2015, El-Youm El-Sabea).
41. Arresting 3 tons of anonymous Coarse Wheat Bran in Menoufia. (October 21,
2015, Veto gate).
42. Arresting 42 million liters of fuel sold in the black market. (October 21, 2015, ElYoum El-Sabea).

43. Thwarting the smuggling of 545 stove cylinder in the black market. (October 21,
2015,El-Youm El-Sabea).
44. Arresting anonymous 7490 veterinary drug box . (October 23, 2015, El-Dostor).
45. Referring a former advisor of sports in the Ministry of Education, and three officials
in the Egyptian consulate in Milan to immediate trial, after being accused of facilitating
mass cheating in Egyptian exams in Italy. (October 25, 2015, Veto gate).
46. Referring a previous undersecretary in the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Gharbeya
governorate and his deputy to trial for committing serious financial and administrative
violations and manipulation in funds of social solidarity institution. (October 25, 2015,
Veto gate).
47. Seizing 9700 liters of smuggled petroleum materials. (October 26, 2015, El-Bawaba
48. Referring 10 employees in the educational administration in October to trial for the
seizure of more than 147 million pounds. (October 26, 2015, El-Youm El-Sabea).
49. Investigating the involvement of a number of leaders in the irrigation department in
Ministry of Water Resources for deceiving the Ministry of Transport by providing
technical study at a higher cost than required which wasted 15 million pounds.
(October 26, 2015, El-Watan).
50. The Administrative Prosecution referred the previous financial observer in the
administrative prosecution to trial after being found guilty of serious financial
violations. (October 27, 2015, Kelmt Hak).
51. Arresting the owner of a pharmacy in Kasr El- Nile region, for possessing and
compiling a large amount of prohibited drugs for liver patients. (October 28, 2015, ElBawaba News).
52. Postponing the trial of three advisers who were accused of taking over 15 million
and 120 thousand pounds in the case known in the media as "the land of advisors" of the
Association of Justice. (October 29, 2015, Portal News).
53. The Assuit Petroleum club submitted a formal complaint to the public prosecutor
against the Football Association accusing it of participating in and facilitating the
seizure of public money. (October 28, 2015, the Sport gate).

54. Accusing the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Sharkeya governorate of

issuing tyrannical transfer decisions for a number of staff. (October 28, 2015, ElDostor).
55. Arresting a representative of a candidate in the fifth constituency in Sohag in
Guhiana center with 13 thousand pounds while he was distributing money on voters to
influence them and guide their votes. (October 28, 2015, El-Dostor).
56. Arresting a citizen supporting a candidate in Ettsa center in Fayoum governorate
with 4,600 pounds while he was distributing money as an electoral bribes. (October 28,
2015, El-Dostor).
57. Referring the chairman of El- Agouza district and the Director of Contracts and
Purchasing Department to trial after being accused of committing serious financial and
administrative irregularities. (October 29, 2015, Veto gate ).
58. Referring 3 advisers for investigation about the incident of addressing the
President of the Republic in the housing crisis of judges without noticing the board.
(October 29, 2015, Veto gate)
59. Arresting adulterated and expired agricultural pesticides. (October 30, 2015, Veto
60. Arresting some butchers who transferred and possessed dead cattle which is
disqualified for human consumption. (October 30, 2015, Portal News).