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DCompNtwk Practice Final

What can be broadcast over the wireless network to help a user connect to the network
and use wireless services?

During a review of the proposed bill of materials, the ABC Networking Company
account manager realizes that the systems engineer included a lower cost, less capable
switch model for the access layer connectivity than was specified by the network
designer. When questioned, the systems engineer responds that the switches that were
recommended by the designer cannot be purchased within the budget limitations of the
customer. Which action should the account manager take?
-Communicate any risks that are associated with the equipment substitution and obtain
customer approval to proceed.

When should a network designer specify that a dedicated firewall appliance be used at the
perimeter of the network rather than a router with a Cisco IOS software-based firewall
feature set?
-The network is large in size and network traffic can overload the device

A small bookstore would like to offer wireless connectivity for customers with laptops.
Which wireless components or devices will provide connectivity to the Internet for the
customers with the least possible cost to the bookstore?
-standalone access points

Several key servers in an organization must be directly accessible from the Internet. What
addressing policy should be implemented for these servers?
-Assign static internal addresses and public external addresses to each of the servers

The network infrastructure of the main campus in an organization consists of network

devices from multiple vendors. The routing protocol currently being used is RIPv1, but
the organization needs a protocol that will support VLSM and CIDR, with infrequent
routing updates to reduce traffic. Which routing protocol should be selected for the

An administrator is adding voice and video service capabilities to an existing network.

What design requirement is being satisfied by this situation?

During the network upgrade process a company is working with an individual who is
responsible for evaluating the current network, as well as testing and evaluating proposed
solutions. What is the main role of this individual?
-pre-sales systems engineer

Which two statements are true about hierarchical network design? (Choose two.)
-The core layer provides redundancy and load balancing
-The distribution layer is responsible for filtering and managing traffic flows

An advertising company is adding a remote site for a new sales team with three
employees. The company wants to transmit information securely across the public
network. Which two characteristics describe this connection? (Choose two.)
-It functions at the enterprise edge
-It tunnels encrypted data through the public network

A new WIC is installed in an available router slot. At what point during the router startup
process does the router test the card for hardware problems?
-during the POST

A configuration file needs to be loaded into the RAM of a router from a TFTP server.
What should an administrator know before accomplishing this task?
-the TFTP server IP address and the name of the configuration file on the server

After a WIC is installed in a two-slot router, the network engineer issues the show
running-config command, but the newly installed interfaces in the WIC cannot be seen
in the router output. What is a possible reason why the newly installed interfaces are not
-The WIC was not pushed completely into the slot

Which IOS command can a network designer use to help document the active routing
status of an existing network?
-show ip route

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the show cdp neighbors detail command, which interface
on Switch1 is connected to Router1?

During the boot process and assuming the default sequence, what is the second location
where the router will look for the IOS?
-TFTP server

Which three items must be determined when upgrading the IOS on a router? (Choose
-device model
-quantity of DRAM
-available flash memory

What is a characteristic of voice traffic in a converged network?

-It is processed in real time and cannot be retransmitted

What best describes the function of QoS in data networks?

-provides preferred service to specified network traffic
Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of this configuration?
-monitoring the network traffic with NetFlow

What type of system uses a PBX for call control and connection to the PSTN?
-traditional telephony

A network administrator is determining which network address can be assigned to a new

remote site with thirty-one users. The logical topology documentation is referenced and it
is concluded that the and address blocks are available.
Which network address could be assigned to the new remote site while wasting the
fewest addresses?

What are two advantages of using a simulation tool to test an IP addressing scheme?
(Choose two.)
-Placement of subnets and route summarization can be verified.
-The addressing scheme can be tested for scalability.

What is meant by "tunneling" in the context of migrating from IPv4 to IPv6?

-encapsulating one protocol packet within another protocol

A network administrator wants to configure a router that is running EIGRP so that it will
advertise a route that will summarize the networks that are shown. Which network will
summarize only these networks?


What value is an alternative representation of the IPv6 address


What is a benefit of using CIDR to summarize multiple classful networks into a single
- It reduces the number of entries in routing tables.

Refer to the exhibit. All interfaces are up and the directly connected networks appear in
the routing table of each router. What is the possible reason that there are no RIP entries
in the routing table?
-discontiguous networks
A network engineer is designing a LAN prototype for a medium-sized business. What
should be used to test the IP addressing scheme?
-network simulation tool

During prototype testing, a network engineer determines that the network can
successfully recover from a link or device failure. Which design goal has been validated
by the testing?

Refer to the exhibit. A network associate is configuring a new router to provide routing
between VLANs. The associate removes the router from the box and connects the Fa0/0
interface to a trunking port on the switch. After the configuration is applied to the router,
the traffic between VLANs still fails. What is causing this to occur?
-The subinterfaces of the router should have IP addresses applied

Refer to the exhibit. What does the JAX router do with traffic that is destined for a web
server with an IP address of
-The traffic is sent out Serial 0/0/0

A user in a large office calls tech support to complain that the PC no longer connects to
the Internet or to any network resources, but seems otherwise normal. The help desk
technician asks the caller to talk to nearby users to see if other machines are affected.
After a few minutes, the caller reports that several immediate neighbors have the same
problem, but those seated further away do not. Assuming that the description is accurate,
what should be checked next?
-workgroup switch in the telecommunications room

Refer to the exhibit. All connections are working and CDP is enabled on all devices and
interfaces. On which device was the command issued?

Refer to the exhibit. An extended ACL has been created to deny traffic from the network to the web server with IP address According to
Cisco best practices, where should the ACL be applied?
-R3 Fa0/0 inbound

Refer to the exhibit. Following a test plan, the network systems engineer completes the
configuration of an access layer switch and connects three PCs to test the configuration.
The engineer attempts to ping from each PC to the other connected PCs. Which three
statements describe the expected results of pinging from one host to another? (Choose
-Host 1 cannot ping Host 2.
-Host 2 cannot ping Host 3
-Host 3 can ping Host 1

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output, which statement is correct?

-The port cost on Gi0/1 has been changed from its default settings

A nonroot switch has two paths to the root switch. One path is via the root port. Which
Rapid Spanning Tree role will the second port assume to prevent forwarding traffic?

A web-based retail company is considering updating its WAN connection with new
technologies that are offered by the ISP. What testing platform should be used by the
network team of the company to validate the performance and capacity of the new
technology using real world data?

While configuring a router with EIGRP, a technician enters the EIGRP command:

Router(config-router)# variance 3

What is the effect of entering this command?

- It enables unequal cost load balancing

While troubleshooting a Frame Relay link, the network administrator executes the show
ip interface brief command on both sides of the PVC link. All interfaces show a
configured IP address and that the line protocol is up. Further investigation reveals that
the IP address of the remote router does not appear in the Frame Relay table. Which step
would solve this problem?
-Configure the router using the frame-relay map ip command.

Refer to the exhibit. What can the field engineer conclude about the EIGRP
authentication between RouterA and RouterB?
-Authentication will succeed and EIGRP updates can be exchanged

When configuring Frame Relay, what identifies a virtual circuit to the WAN switch?

Refer to the exhibit. A pre-sales system engineer receives a diagram of the current WAN
from a customer. EIGRP is the routing protocol that is used on the WAN. Based on the
default operation of EIGRP, which statement is true about the routing table on router RE?

-There is a single route to the LAN via the 10 Mb Ethernet connection

Which two events occur when the command RTA(config)# frame-relay map ip
22 is issued on a router? (Choose two.)
-A Layer 2 address is statically mapped to a Layer 3 address.
-RTA uses DLCI 22 to forward data to

Refer to the exhibit. A networking company engineer is characterizing an existing

network for a new customer. The engineer issues a show running-config command on
the branch router to gather configuration information. What is the engineer able to
determine as a result of viewing the output of this command?
-Branch office traffic will be routed through the Frame Relay connection to reach the
main office LANs.

Which component in a Frame Relay WAN would set the BECN bit in the Frame Relay
header if congestion is experienced?
-Frame Relay switch

Which two security best practices are recommended for a router deployed as a WAN
-Turn off unnecessary services
-Apply timeouts on VTY, AUX, and console ports

What is the result of implementing a Frame Relay service with a CIR value of zero?
-All frames that enter the Frame Relay WAN will be marked as DE

Refer to the exhibit. What can be determined about the operation of DLCI 101?
-The Frame Relay network is experiencing congestion.