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Week 2 Practice Questions

1. Getafix brews a new potion, and claims it enables
a person to not fall sick. He manufactures and
sells it via his home, back in his village in Gaul.
Being very confident of the effects of the potion,
Getafix ran advertisements in newspapers
publicizing his potion, and stated “$1000 will be
paid to anyone who falls sick after consuming my
potion once a day for one year.”
Obelix bought the potion and fell sick after a day
of consuming it, to the point he nearly died
(severe side effects). He seeks to claim the promised $1000 from Getafix.
Would his claim be successful? Would it make a difference if he fell sick 10
years after consuming the potion?
2. Charlie is in search of the last Golden Ticket. He enters a candy store, which
has a bright display on the outside: “Have any Wonka bar you pick for only $2!
Each stands you a chance to win a Golden Ticket!”
Charlie picks out a Wonka bar from a shelf full of chocolate bars – he is sure
that particular packet contains the Golden Ticket. With his prized possession,
he heads to the cashier to pay for it.
As he is queuing, Veruca sees the bar in Charlie’s hand. “FATHER! I WANT THAT
ONE!” she screams. Her father offers to the store manager to buy the bar of
chocolate in Charlie’s hand for $100 instead of the $2 that Charlie can afford
to pay for it.
Is there a valid contract between Charlie and the candy store?

3. Wilma’s dog, Scooby, ran away. Wilma was heartbroken. She put up a notice
on lamp-posts within the vicinity of her neighbourhood stating:
“My dog, Scooby, is lost. Anyone who finds him and brings him back to 123
Kasturi Lane will be generously rewarded with $1000.”

I will consider the laptop sold to you. Philip tells Aurora that he wants to buy her laptop from her. Aurora sees Philip on 31 January and also realizes that he bought a new laptop at the IT fair. Aurora is anxious to know whether Philip will purchase her laptop from her. Aurora tells Philip: “If I do not hear from you by 29 January. Was there a contract between Philip and Aurora for the sale of her laptop? Would your answer be different if Philip had told Aurora: “If you do not hear from me by 29 January 2014. he hires a PI for $500 to help him find Scooby. Wilma takes down the notice.” Shaggy is infuriated. statement was a Shaggy sees the advertisement. and brings him home to Wilma. as the IT fair ends on 30 January 2014 and she wants to buy a new computer at a discount. ever the entrepreneur. why buy an old one when you can get a new one at a good price.000. consider it sold to me?” .” 29 January comes and goes. Before Scooby is found. On 30 January 2014. because she feels that she cannot afford to pay $1. Aurora does not hear anything from Philip. Shaggy subsequently finds Scooby. Shaggy demands his money. Aurora proceeds to purchase a new laptop at the IT fair. Can Shaggy bring a claim against Wilma? Would your answer be different if Wilma replaced all the notices with a new one stating: “I have no money to pay a reward to the person who finds Scooby” after Shaggy has engaged the PI? What if she replaced the notices before Shaggy engaged the PI? 4. since I took the notice down before you found Scooby. Wilma says: “I no longer need to pay you the money. Wilma is elated.Accompanying this picture of Scooby. Philip tells Aurora he forgot to tell her that he was no longer interested in her laptop – after all.

Tony Stark decided to retire from his post in Stark Industries and wanted to sell his personal Ironman suit. Professor X chances upon the advertisement. He proceeded to pass Bruce Wayne the Ironman suit. at 2 p. which he finds on the Internet. he posts a Facebook message in The Justice League Facebook group with the following words: “Clearance sale! Everything must go! Ironman suit for $4. Tony Stark replies: “Sorry.” At 12 p. Tony Stark’s internet services were disrupted for 6 hours and he only sees Bruce Wayne’s message at 6 p.m. Batman stumbled upon the advertisement. Professor X posts a letter to Tony Stark’s address.m.000.. he was enraged. it’s sold.” The letter reaches Tony Stark 2 days later. The letter states: “I accept your offer to sell the Ironman suit for $4. pending payment. On 21 December 2013 at 10 a.m.000..m.” However due to a fire at Starnet’s server.” When Professor X found out about the situation. He now consults you for legal advice. An oldfashioned man. The same day. he quickly responded on his iPhone by sending Tony Stark a Facebook message with the following words. Aware that his Batman suit was outdated and increasingly ineffective in combating Gotham’s crime. .5. on the same day. “I accept your offer. Notify me if interested.

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