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Datacenter Services Solution

Hyper-V Cloud Jumpstart

Many organizations, both public and private, are challenged by
economic concerns, which increase the pressure to implement more

Microsoft Services can help
your organization deploy
and operationalize your
private cloud for production
use in just 20 days.

cost-effective and agile datacenter services. With the introduction of
cloud computing, IT organizations now have a blueprint to provide
capabilities such as self-service, chargeback, resource pooling, and
elasticity of services. For many IT decision makers, the need to
implement private cloud services exists today. The fear of largescale overhaul to datacenter infrastructure and operations teams, as
well as limited choice of hardware platforms presented by some
solution providers, has delayed realization of the potential benefits
from a private cloud.

Hyper-V Cloud Jumpstart
Hyper-V® Cloud Jumpstart is part of the Datacenter Services portfolio of solutions
from Microsoft® Services. Hyper-V Cloud Jumpstart can help organizations promote


agility, reduce costs, and optimize their datacenter infrastructure by rapidly
deploying a private cloud solution built on Windows Server® Hyper-V and System

 Production private cloud

Center. Microsoft Services can help your organization deploy and operationalize

 Twenty day deployment for rapid

your private cloud for production use in just 20 days.

return on investment (ROI)
 Cost effective for IT organizations
 Choice of hardware

This Offering deploys a private cloud solution that enables self-service provisioning,
pooling of networking, storage, and compute resources to maximize the utilization
of hardware by combining workloads from various applications and services in a
managed, secure, and reliable way. In addition, the private cloud solution can help
organizations allocate consumption of resources (chargeback) by different services
or business units to better prioritize IT spend.
Hyper-V Cloud Jumpstart can be deployed on any of the broad set of Microsoft
FastTrack partner hardware configurations (

and increase business agility by rapidly deploying and operationalizing a private cloud for production use. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES. Deployment and Validation: Deployment and validation of a Windows Server Hyper-V failover cluster. . In addition. Microsoft has more than 25 years of software development and cloud-services For more information about Consulting and Support solutions from Microsoft. improve service levels.” Shinri Kimura Manager. deploying. Microsoft Services consultants build on this experience by offering high levels of expertise in planning. This data sheet is for informational purposes only. Knowledge Transfer and Operational Handoff: Microsoft Services consultants train IT staff on the technology and solution to operationalize the deployment for production. Opalis. We increased both our competitiveness and our bottom line. Specific benefits include:     With Microsoft Rapid ROI from a turnkey Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center solution from Microsoft Services. Internet Initiative Japan What Is Included?    Architecture and Planning Workshops: Microsoft Services consultants validate the architecture and deployment plan for the selected FastTrack hardware and datacenter environment. Flexibility in hardware providers to maintain organizational standards or to take advantage of reduced prices. EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Datacenter Services  Helps to reduce costs  Helps to improve service levels  Promotes business agility  Uses industry-leading architectures and recommended practices The Datacenter Services Solution Framework and Microsoft Services Hyper-V Cloud Jumpstart is part of the Datacenter Services solution framework which provides datacenter and private cloud solutions that help organizations reduce management experience. IN THIS SUMMARY. Virtualization. Lower operational costs from pooling of resources and simplified administration Greater agility to respond to business requirements and changes in demand using selfservice portals and automation. and optimizing datacenter solutions. Virtual Machine Manager. we didn’t need to delay. contact your Microsoft Services representative or visit www. and drive business agility with industry-leading architectures and recommended practices. and a selfservice portal solution on the selected FastTrack hardware. every day’s delay is a day of lost Operations Manager. The Hyper-V Cloud Jumpstart Offering from Microsoft Services is designed to help reduce costs.Benefits “In an industry as competitive and fluid as cloud computing. getting to market fast is essential for competitive advantage. improve service levels.