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The UNU Jargon Buster app

Launched on World Science Day for Peace and Development

Howard Hudson, 10 November 2015

Cross-cultural dialogue: A sad history

Conquistador: We have come to speak with you of God, civilization and truth.
Aztec priest: But of course: what do you want to know? Ulrich Beck, 1997

More power = more subjectivity?

There is no state with a democracy except Libya

on the whole planet. Muammar Gaddafi, 2006

Empty global buzzwords?

Few words have become more heavily used or abused in government

or corporate affairs than sustainable. Bill Jamieson, 2009

What is the UNU Jargon Buster?

Not a dictionary, nor an encyclopaedia, nor a holy book.

A glossary: a collection of knowledge and recommended resources.
A one-stop shop, always in your pocket, that works offline

To be used
On a research trip

At a conference

Between specialist teams

At a lecture

An active glossary, with an offline core

Instant search:
Results appear
as you type

Browse by

Share via email,

whatsapp, etc.

References and
further reading:
most with

Missing term?
Crowdsourcing via

Is it a work in progress? Yes. Are there many terms still to be added? Yes.
Because its only the start and its a living instrument. Plan x10 in 2016.

App filtered by institute & goal

Env. Sustainability: Tokyo / Maastricht. Migration, Innovation: Maastricht.

Regional Integration: Bruges. International Health: Kuala Lumpur.
Gender Equality: Reykjavik. Overall to bridge SDG 4 & 16.
Why civil engagement? Lack of understanding

Part of UNUs wider work on SDGs

17 Days, 17 Goals blog series: Research commentary ahead

of the UN Sustainable Development Summit, 25-27 Sep 2015

What is United Nations University?

UNU has 13 research & training sites in 12 countries, working on

Peace and Governance, Global Development, Environmental Sustainability
In the Netherlands: 75 staff,100 PhD fellows, 140 Master students
Top 3 Innovation Institute worldwide

Nurturing grassroots?


UNU Charter

The University shall disseminate the knowledge gained in its activities to

the UN and its agencies, to scholars and to the public, in order to increase
dynamic interaction It shall endeavour to alleviate the intellectual
isolation of persons in developing countries
= helping people to think for themselves

UNU Strategic Plan

1. Own channels
2. External channels
3. Current partnerships
4. Nascent partnerships

...more resources are being devoted

to innovative means of messaging...
UNU researchers will also continue to
be encouraged to work together
across UNU institutes
thus delivering a truly unique,
multidisciplinary perspective.

Contributors include

Hugo Hollanders
Senior Innovation Researcher

Dr. Carlos Cadena Gaitn

Future Sustainability Leader
Award 2015

Dr. zge Bilgili

Migration Researcher

So please download