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aside after the birth of his daughter Aaliyah.

Amillion often jokes that he traded in his

Phenomenal poet
with a positive
vision is
welcomed at the
By Rakeem
November 6,
From humble beginnings

Waiting patiently in downtown

basketball for a ballpoint pen. Since he

made that decision, he has become a true
force to be reckoned with as a poet,
motivational speaker, singer, rapper, and
even a best-selling author. This man has
truly embraced what it means to be a poet.
He has mastered his voice by incorporating
poetry in between his songs. Most artist
however do the opposite.

Every great artist has an even

greater team

Wilmington near the closed doors of a

When music is mentioned in the black

popular music and entertainment venue

community, mainstream hip-hop and R & B

known as the World Live at the Queen near

are usually the focal point. Artists such as


5 and Market Street, I was full of keen

Chris Brown, Beyonc, Nicki Minaj, and

anticipation. I was ignorant of the fact that a

Rihanna are all well known. However, there

big local artist would be performing here

is one question that has not been explore as

tonight. As I remained amid the frenetic

much: Have we ever stopped to think that

energy of people participating in the Art

some of the artists out here dont have a

Loop event, I thought about the artist: Lucas

truly positive message to bring? Money,

Amillion Mayfield.

sex, drugs, and even killing our own people

Lucas Amillion Mayfield comes from a

have become common in urban music

humble background and he was born and

today. Amillion has changed that by bringing

raised in the mean streets of our nations

back that old school R & B with a neo-soul

capital of Washington, DC. He grew up

flavor to urban. He skillfully incorporates

playing basketball and was a star athlete for

these sounds into his music to deliver a

many years and throughout college. He was

positive message of the importance of

offered a basketball contract with the

family, friends, and a sense of community.

European basketball league many years

However, even Amillion needs someone to

ago, but he had put his basketball dream

support him with his positive spin. He has

assembled a team of extraordinary young

achieved. She has been awarded for Best R

men to help him get his message out in a

& B Artist of 2014 in Philadelphia. In

true musical style. Scoob, the music

addition, the talented songbird King even

director, has had a lustrous career in the

has a successful company. This young

music industry. He began his music career

woman will be traveling to Los Angeles to

as a teen and he was heavily influenced by

the American Music Awards to perform

his father and it just stuck. Recently, four

during the preshow, which should be a truly

years ago, he got into playing main keys on

exciting performance!

the piano and even has worked with some

artists on Sundays Best. His expectation

A remarkable songbird the

of the event was having a good time with

world has yet to entirely

live music, which has a positive message.

DJ Gibbs, the bass player, is a recent


newcomer and has been with Amillion for

Mylezia Kings voice gives off sounds and

one year. He is a native of Dover, Delaware.

influences of Jhene Aiko who is the singer

Kareem Thompson and Kevon Lewis are

of the The Worst and internationally known

both drummers for the group. Quincy aka

artist Rihanna. Kings first song which she

Israel is a singer from Philadelphia. He is

sang was Bittersweet with unmistakable

reminiscent of a gospel singer with an R & B

vestiges of neo-soul and modern R & B

sound. Quincy is also a self-made business

flourishes that highlight her message of

man as well. He started his own technology

bittersweet relationships could be felt

company known as GenTech in 2006.

throughout the room. It was an electrifying

experience. Kings beautiful voice carried

The celebration begins

Its 8:15 pm and I am quietly nostalgic, as
the lights on stage at the Queen slowly
dimmed and came to spotlight the hostess
Mrs. Suite Franchon. She appeared on
stage adorned in an elegant and red gown.
Suite introduced a young woman who could
be perceived quite remarkably as the next
Aaliyah. The 20-year-old performer is
Mylezia King and she has done so much in
her career what most women at 25 havent

each note like light traveling from space to

Earth. After a brief pause, she introduced us
to her second more upbeat song which is
entitled, You Aint Shit.
The beat was more upbeat as we
anticipated and it sounded urban and
contemporary R & B. It was seemed so
original and fresh. The song focused upon
men and their dogmatic ways. The song
was choreographed by her dancers and it

evoked the feeling of watching Janet

Lights dimmed once again and after a short

Jackson perform live, and I understood the

introduction, the man of the hour appeared:

passion that King expressed through the

Amillion. He graced the stage. A tall man, he

unforgettable song.

maintained a commanding presence. He

began with R&B infused poetry that was a

The honored has finally arrived

song called, Youre a Star. This song

There was a brief intermission after Ms.

Kings performance. It was the ideal
moment to eat and socialize. Everyone was
given a meal and drink ticket which was
courtesy of Amillion himself.

invokes feelings of power and success

without singing the same tune over and
over. Accompanying him was a young black
woman who looked like Kelly Price with the
vocals of Pattie Labelle. This duet was quiet
and energetic. It truly had the whole
audience ready to move and gyrate like we
were at a night club in Miami! Finally, once
the song was over, Amillion spoke himself.
Hes a man gifted with the spoken word. He
gave us a biography in the form of song and
poetry at the same time that was quite

His life growing up was that of so many

African American young men in the urban
jungle. He found a niche in basketball and
even went to college to play. He knew that
he wanted to be a poet. Then the

opportunity presented itself in the form of

his mother as his biggest influence and as a

his daughter Aaliyah. He put his basketball

man, he honored her properly. The gifted

career aside to raise his daughter.

poet shows love for Delaware and

recognizes local talent with the song

Music, Poetry and Finding a

perfectly titled, Delaware State of Mind,


collaborating with local singer Big Frank.

Recently returning from the UK after two

sold-out concerts, Amillion has slowly
become a local and international name. He
has worked with Reverb Nation, Def Jam
and Epic Records who actually showed up

Amillion states that if you can survive

Wilmington, you can survive anywhere.
This song encompasses the crime,
surviving the ghetto, and overcoming to
achieve greatness.

that night to show love. Epic Records even

offered him the first ever Record and Book
Deal now thats making history. He has his
own unique and inimitable sound with some
influences of neo-soul. He performed a R &
B rendition of the Gap Bands hit, Yearning
for Your Love. The old school members of
the audience knew this song instantly. The
audience turned from a concert to a Soul

Tragedy: Saying


Train concert. The song was performed well

with Quincy aka Israel.

No one is immune to any type of tragedy in

life, whether its the death of a loved one or

Remembering the beautiful

just making it through each day. A video


tribute was presented in honor of Amillions

One of my favorite mottos that I have is this:

Behind every successful man is an even
more successful woman.
Amillion made sure to give credit to the
lovely ladies in his life by presenting each
one with a beautiful rose and he serenaded
them to a classic love song. He often cites

friend and brother Victory who is a producer.

Victory passed away two months ago and
this video captured him doing what he did
quite well. Making music and using the gift
God blessed him with. Its never easy to say
goodbye to family or close friends, but we
have to celebrate their lives by

remembering the impact and positive

humbled to see a man who has used his

influence they had upon us.

musical talents to become a driving force for

positive change and activism in the black
community. For more information on

Conclusion: A night to
Amillion has truly envisioned what it means

Amillion the Poet, check out his website:

to be successful and money doesnt mean

success. Sometimes, its simply doing what
you love and taking your talents and
traveling elsewhere. Anyone can be good to
their family and friends. However, as artists,
you have to go far and really test your gift to
allow yourself to broaden your horizons. You
too can become a success. This man is an
author and the first best-selling urban poet,
author, and singer who lives in Delaware.
He mentors and speaks at youth detention
centers and schools. I truly felt amazed and

Real Words, Real Truth

Rakeem Coleman
302 407 8973