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Put the correct verb in the gaps.

Remember to add

13) The blond lady _________ sunglasses.

is or are and ing.

14) The cat _______ a seagull.

Give jog point stand serve cry queue fix paint

post wear wear chase lean read scream cut
hold eat stop talk cross make walk put look
fall paint climb text
1) The lady in sunglasses _______ a magazine.
2) The policeman _______ an ice cream.
3) The baby in the pushchair __________
4) An old lady _______ a letter.
5) A traffic warden _______ a ticket on the blue
car .
6) A man ______ a call in the telephone box.
7) A lady in a pink tracksuit ______ . She _______
her dog. Oops, wheres it going???
8) A man in a white overall _______ a ladder.
9) A boy on a skateboard _______ the road.
10) At the top right, the artist is in his room. He
_______ a picture.
11) In the fish shop, people ______ up.
12) A lady ________ out of her window. She
________ to the man on the roof who ________
the aerial.

15) The boy in the red cap ______ someone.

16) The boy in the fish shop _______ a ball.
17) The lady in the green car _______
because she thinks they will hit the boy on the
18) The policeman _______ at the blond lady.
19) The green car ___________ at the zebra
20) The boy with the mobile and the boy on the
zebra crossing __________ red caps.
21) The workman on the ladder __________
the gutters green.
22) The tin of paint _________ to the ground.
23) The lady behind the counter in the fish
shop _________ a bag of chips to the man.
24) The angry man who __________ beside
the blue car __________ his finger.
25) The barber ___________ a customers
hair. They ________ about the weather. Well,
they are English!

Find the mistake in the sentence and

Put in is or are to complete the sentence and in

correct it.

or on:

1) The lady who is jogging is wearing a blue

1) There ___ a cat __the roof.

2) The policeman is eating a packet of crisps.
3) The barber is cutting a ladys hair.
4) The cat on the roof is sun bathing.
5) The workman who is climbing a ladder is
wearing a blue overall.

2) There ___ many people __ the bus.

3) There ___ two cars __the picture.
4) There ___ four birds __the roof.
5) There ___ a workman __ a ladder.
6) There ___ a man __ the telephone box.
7) There ___ two people __ the green car.

6) The blond lady is texting her friend.

7) A young boy is posting a letter.
8) The traffic warden is directing the traffic.
9) People are wearing winter clothes.
10) There are lots of passengers on the No.6
11) The baby in the pushchair is sleeping.
12) This is a countryside scene.
13) The boy who is texting is wearing a green
14) The jogger has got a big, black dog.
15) A boy on a bike is crossing the road.
16) The artist is a beautiful young woman.

Answer the questions about the picture.
1) What is the weather like? How do you know?
2) Why is the workman climbing the ladder?
3) Who is cutting the mans hair?
4) Where is the scene set?
5) When is this? Is it morning, afternoon, or
evening? How can you tell?
6) How many people are on the bus? Where
might they be going?
7) Whose dog is it? What is it doing?
8) What is the name of the fish shop?

Higher level questions/tasks:

1) The barber shop is called Sweeney Todd.
Sweeney Todd used to cut throats. Do you
think its a good name for a barber shop? Why
or why not?
2) The picture contains a lot of humour. Do you
agree? Can you find examples?
3) Can you find an example of a play on words?
4) Look at each of the characters in the

Suggestions for further use of the picture:

1) SPLAT! Put the picture on screen. Split the class
into two groups. One member from each team
comes up. The teacher gives a sentence e.g. He is
feeling very angry because hes getting a ticket.
The first student to touch the right character
gets a point. You can develop this game to have the
students make the sentences.

picture. What do you think each of them is

2) QUESTIONS. Ask the students to write

thinking or feeling?

questions for each other about the picture and

5) Write a short role play of the conversation

after a while, take the picture away, so its a

between the motorist and the traffic warden.

memory game.
3) BEAT THE CLOCK Put a student in the hotseat.
The rest of the class must ask questions about the
picture, but the student in the hotseat cannot
answer yes or no. E,g, Is the policeman eating a
packet of crisps? He is eating an ice cream etc...
Brilliant fun! They love to try to catch each other
out and they are learning.

Key for the first exercise. 1) is reading 2) is eating 3) is crying 4) is posting 5) is giving 6) is
making 7)is jogging/is walking 8) is climbing 9) is crossing 10) is painting 11) are queueing 12) is
looking/is talking/is fixing 13) is wearing 14) is chasing15) is texting 16) is holding17) is
screaming 18) is looking19) is stopping 20) is wearing 21) is painting 22) is falling 23) is
serving24) is standing/is pointing 25)is cutting/are talking.
Mistakes in the sentence 1) pink2) ice cream 3)man 4) chasing a seagull 5)white 6) reading a
mag 7)an old lady 8) giving out a ticket9)summer 10) No 9 11) crying 12) town/street 13) red 14)
small brown 15) on a skateboard 16) handsome, slightly older man.