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Dear Friends of U N in Harmony,

Harmony Bell is a significant step towards working with U N on harmony. We are all
indebted to what you have achieved in pursuing harmony with U N. We all salute to you.
Your question for Harmony Bell can be addressed by all friends. I believe we can ring the
Harmony Bell at all U N harmony events.

I mentioned what World Harmony Organization can share with friends as added protection
of Harmony Renaissance going forward. I certainly do not wish to claim extra credit. I
repeat the fruits of our labor collectively is what we can share and not what we can
acquire. This is my answer to Farzam's beautifully worded call for unity. Dr. Noel Brown
as monitor to the last U. N Forum, first wisely pointed that Harmony Renaissance can very
well become the U N mission and culture that was missing so far.

Harmony belongs to the world. Harmony Renaissance also belongs to the world. It is an
rallying cry for action. Harmony is dynamic and in constant motion contrary to common
static fallacy. Renaissance gives Harmony life and motion. Harmony Renaissance gives
credit to both Eastern and Western world. There is no higher moral ground and rallying
cry for U N to pursue Harmony Renaissance. To the Western world we can be perceived as
continuing the accomplishments of the European Renaissance tradition by reaching out to
Harmony Renaissance as the second wave of human accomplishment to the next higher

Our first World Harmony Renaissance Symposium must be well prepared. Before its
launching we need steering committee, organization committee and review committee to
plan all necessary details for a successful Symposium. May I follow up on Richard's call
for an Alliance meeting. This could be the forum for all Friends of U N in Harmony to come
together. Consultation is the key. Harmony includes democracy and unity in diversity.
We can work out a unity plan going forward under one harmony banner, one harmony
song and one Harmony Renaissance Monument.

The world needs a Harmony Renaissance Monument to signify U N 's mission in the 21st
Century and the next millennium. Any Harmony Monument is insufficient to move the
world to mankind's second wave of accomplishment beyond European Renaissance. This
significant monument will signify the convergence of East and West and inspire the world
to persist on the path of World Harmony as a way of life. The Statue of Liberty and
democracy has inspired us in the past millennium. As Richard said in the last Spring of U
N Forum, a new Harmony Renaissance wave is taking over for the next millennium and

Can we join hands and convene the Alliance meeting for a master plan moving forward.
Time has come for Friends of U N in Harmony to set an example of unity in diversity for the

world. I believe an Alliance meeting followed by Harmony Renaissance Symposium will do
it. May I suggest the Alliance take place in San Francisco? This will give a U S East and
West balance for a change. Also the U N was launched from San Francisco as an added

Harmony Renaissance in 21st Century!

Francis C W Fung, PH.D.

World harmony Organization
Director General