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Steering Committee meeting

Steering Committee Meeting

November 09, 2015

Major Issues Identified

Wide Rights-of-way

Opportunities (Complete Streets)
Sidewalk Completion

Maintenance of Grid

Including West-side Road Planning (from

RR to I-15)

Vision for Major Rights-of-way

Transit Service
FrontRunner Station
Station Planning

Local & Express Bus

Railroad Crossings

Truck Traffic Routes

Airports Future Role
Trails Planning
Funding (future discussion)

Typical North-South Street (200 West)

Wide Rights-of-Way
Existing Rights-of-Way:
East-West Roads 66
North-South Roads 99

Problems with Wide Rights-of-Way:

Cost of Maintenance (54 asphalt on NorthSouth roads vs. 24-36 typical)
Encourages higher speeds

Wide Rights-of-Way (Contd)

North-South Street Options:
Reduce pavement, move curb and gutter, widen park strip high cost of curb reconstruction and
stormwater infrastructure relocation

Reduce pavement interior, construct planted medians

Maintain pavement, convert extra width to protected bike lanes

Where the sidewalk ends

Sidewalk Completion
Pedestrian and Sidewalk Master
Plan Completed in 2006 identifies
missing sidewalks (only about 60%
Continued deferrals have made
implementation difficult.
Enforcement solutions needed

Grid Maintenance
Connectivity Benefits:

Better for walking and biking

Dispersal of car trips, alternative routes
Near is no longer far:

Policies that create connectivity:

Connectivity ordinances
No dead-end ordinances
Form-based code provisions (max block size,
or intersection distance)
Detailed Transportation Master Plan

Grid Extension and Westside Planning

Little planning has taken place on
the westside of the tracks. This area
will need good planning to ensure
good development.
East-west mobility as vital as northsouth (learning from other
communities mistakes).


Vision for Major Corridors - Counts

Plenty of capacity
on all major roads.
2-Lanes Total = 20,000 AWDT*
4-Lane Total = 40,000 AWDT*
6-Lane Total = 55,000 AWDT*
*Average Weekday Daily Traffic

Vision for Major Corridors

Main Street (Central)
WFRCs Identification of Main
Street as a Main Street
Community may provide some
leverage for modifications if

Require any new buildings to engage pedestrians,

keep parking in back. Add streetcar.
I would like to see more speed limit patrolling and
more clearance to see pedestrians when they are
at the x-walks a lot further before you get to them.
If Brigham City is going to keep growing, we will need better
parking for down town. Maybe a parking garage.

Vision for Major Corridors

Main Street (Central)
Main Street - Heart of the City, Source of tremendous local pride.
Higher per-acre property value than developed areas of 1100 S.
Could benefit from cross-section changes to enhance its
attractiveness for pedestrian use.




Vision for Major Corridors 1100 South

1100 South
Corridor improvement plan could
address landscaping, lighting, signage,
pedestrian use, transit use.
Need to ensure that new development
is positive in nature and attractive.
UDOT is very concerned about
maintaining the integrity of 1100
South as the main thoroughfare in and
out of Cache County.
Clean up, clean up!!!
Potential for trail on north side in
Consider bike or walking path on north side of 1100 south.
abandoned rail right-of-way.
So much room for growth! More anchor stores, and restaurants.
Keep the off street businesses as it is with more controlled intersections.

FrontRunner Station Locations notes from Focus Group

1100 South

Access management issues

Lower expected ridership
Big box retail does not usually attract rail users
Station spacing requirements would eliminate possibility of a Willard Station

200 South

Central to the community and its population base more walkable, bikeable
Near existing infrastructure
Large numbers of potential commuters given close proximity to major employers
Transit-oriented development on both sides of the tracks possible
Bulk of parking on east side of station?
200 South could be transformed into a Center Street connecting downtown to
FrontRunner timeline = 20 years

Selected station will require station area planning

FrontRunner Station options

Other Transit Service

Currently only one route servicing BC
Additional needs?

Local bus (w/ or w/o free fare zone)

Commuter Bus
BRT from Weber
Connection to Cache Valley

Circulating buses to accompany

FrontRunner Station?

Rail Crossings
Several options have been
examined for Forest Street, a bridge
seems to remain the best option.
Are there other crossings that may
be warranted in the future?

Truck Routes
Gravel Pits
Interchange at mouth of canyon?
Divert traffic from Main Street?

Other truck traffic generators:

Walmart Distribution
Others to plan for?

200 S intersection is filled with large trucks and

it is sometimes a bit annoying to have to deal
with them turning on relatively small roads.

Airports Future Role

Scheduled passenger service is not
anticipated in the foreseeable future.
However, chartered and
corporate/executive business travel is
currently important and will likely
Recreational and general aviation is
also important.
Potential for aviation related business
or industrial growth:
Select air freight service
Manufacturing of aircraft & aircraft parts

Trail Planning
Connection from Brigham
City to Mantua via Sardine?
Additional Trails Needed?
Funding opportunities?

Schedule and project news

Corridor survey is out with 40+ responses

Youtube video as almost 1,000 hits
November utility billing will include a newsletter about the General Plan
Next survey early December. Visual Preference Survey what do residents
want Main Street, 1100 S, train station buildings and streetscapes to look
Project website is ready to be linked Brigham City website
Next meeting Tuesday December 8th preparation for public workshop
Jan. 6th public workshop at new USU building
Potential Stations: parks, trails, transportation (roads), bike lanes, transit station,
economy, neighborhoods