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ABB Customer Survey

1. Based on your interactions with ABB over the past year, on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 = highly
unlikely, 10 = very likely), how likely is it that you would recommend ABB to a colleague or
business associate?
Extremely unlikely

0 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10Extremely likely

2. Please drag and drop at least one card onto one of the listed categories. Red Cards (-)
indicate areas where you think ABB needs to improve and green cards (+) indicate areas
you think ABB handles well. You can place a maximum of 2 red and 2 green cards
ABB commitment
Industry and application
Ability to manage
Partnering for mutual

Purchasing decision Installation and operation Service and support

Engineering / design
On-time delivery
Technical support
Technology /
Commissioning support
Services ability
Lead time

Product / System quality

Complete and timely

Environment, Health and Product / System
Terms and conditions
Ease of doing business

Issue resolution

Product / System operating

Project Management and
Logistics, billing and
Spare parts

Other - please explain

Please type a comment about your satisfaction with Engineering / design capability in the box

Which specific product or service does your comment relate to?

Analyzer Products and Systems
Analytical Shelters and System Integration
Analyzer Networks and Components
Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
Continuous Gas Analyzers & Process Photometers
FTIR/NIR-Spectrometers & Remote Sensing
Natural Gas Chromatographs (TotalFlow)
Process Gas
Analyzer Products and Systems in general
Automation Software and Industry Specific Applications
Advanced Process Control
Asset Optimization
Batch Control
Chemical Delivery (Paper)
Collaborative Production Management (CPM)
Energy Management Mine Hoists (Mining)
Quality Control Systems (Paper)
SCADAvantage (Oil & Gas)
Surface Inspection (Metals)
Telecommunications (Oil & Gas)
Terminal Management (Oil & Gas)
Web Inspection (Paper)
Automation and Safety Systems
Advant OCS with Master SW
Advant OCS with MOD 300 SW
Compact Products 800
Extended Automation 800xA (Automation)
Safeguard 400 Series (Safety)
System 800xA with High Integrity (Safety)
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ABB Customer Survey


Automation and Safety Systems in general

Automation and Safety Systems (Symphony)

Symphony DCI System Six
Symphony Harmony INFI 90
Symphony Melody
Drive Systems (for Process Industries)
Conveyor Belt Applications (All industries)
Drilling Drives (Oil and Gas)
Gearless Mill Drives (Minerals)
High Pressure Grinding Rolls (Minerals)
Paper Mill Drive Systems (Paper)
Ring Geared Mill Drives (Minerals)
Rolling Mills (Metals)
Drives and Controls
AC Drives Low Voltage
DC Drives
Drives Medium Voltage
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
Enclosures & Din-Rail Products
DIN Rail Products
Intelligent Building Control (KNX)
Electrical vehicle
Enclosures & Din-Rail Products in general
Force Measurement
Flatness Measurement
Sensors Force
Measurement in general
Diesel Generators
Gas or Steam Generators
Wind Generators
Grid Systems
Offshore wind connections
Power Cables
High Voltage Products 72kV
Cable Accessories
Capacitors & Filters
Circuit Breakers
Cooling Systems
Gas-Insulated Switchgear
Generator Circuit Breakers
Instrument Transformers & Sensors
Surge Arresters
Switches & Disconnectors
Switchgear Modules
Continuous Water Analyzers
Device Management
Flow Computers, remote controllers and software (TotalFlow)
Flow Measurement Products
Instrumentation Repair/Field Service
Level Measurement Products
Level Products (K-TEK)
Pressure Measurement
Products Recorders and Controllers
Safety (System) Instrumentation
Temperature Measurement Products
Valve Actuators & Positioners
Instrumentation in general
Low Voltage Breakers & Switches <1kV
Low Voltage Breakers & Switches in general

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ABB Customer Survey

Low Voltage Control Products <1kV
Contactors, Motor Protection and Starting Solutions
Electronic Relays, Timers, Power Supplies
Terminal Blocks
Low Voltage Control Products in general
Low Voltage Systems <1kV
MNS Low Voltage Motor Control Centres (MCC's) < 1000 volts
MNS Low Voltage Switchgear & Switchboards < 1000 volts
Low Voltage Systems in General
Marine and Cranes
Automation and Control Systems
Crane Systems
Drilling Drives
Power Generation and Distribution
Propulsion (Azipod)
Propulsion (Electric)
Marine and Cranes in general
Mechanical Power Transmission (MPT)
Enclosed Bearings
Medium Voltage Products <72kV
Compact Secondary Substations
Distribution Relays
E-Houses (Application Modules)
Energy Storage Modules
Fault Current Limitation and Arc Fault Protection
Fuses and Cutouts
Indoor Circuit Breakers
Instrument Transformers & Sensors
OEM Switchgear Kits & Parts
Outdoor Circuit Breakers
Primary Switchgear & Motor Control
Railway Modules
Reclosers & Sectionalizers
Secondary Switchgear
Switches & Disconnectors
Test Switches
Vacuum Interrupters and Embedded Poles

DC Motors
LV AC Motors (IEC & NEMA)
MV AC Motors

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Consulting
Power Conversion
Converters for Battery Energy Storage
Converters for Pumped Hydro Energy Storage
Excitation & Synchronizing Products
Fast Chargers for Electric Vehicles
High Power Rectifiers
Solar Inverters
Static Frequency Converters for Grid Interconnections
Synchronizing Products & Systems
Traction Converters
UPS & Power Conditioning
Wind Turbine Converters
Power Generation
Power & Water Plant
Automation Power & Water Plant Electrical Systems
PV Inverters
Robot Systems, e.g Body in White, Paint, Powertrain
Robotic Cells, e.g. Arc Welding, Palletising, Press
Robots & Equipment
Robotics in general
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ABB Customer Survey


ABB Full Service contract

Maintenance and Field Service
Motors & Generators Service
Power & Water Plant Service
Service - Drives
Service - High Voltage Products
Service - Medium Voltage
Service - Robotics
Service - Transformers
Service - Turbochargers

Substation Automation & Protection

Substation Automation & Protection
Substation T & D
FACTS Substation
Dry Transformers
Insulation & Components for Transformers
Liquid-filled Distribution
Transformers up to 10MVA Power
Transformers above 63MVA Power
Transformers up to 63MVA
Traction Transformers
Turbocharger Products
Utility Communication
Communication networks for utilities, transport & infrastructure
Wiring Accessories
Door Entry Systems
Industrial Wiring Accessories
Residential Wiring Accessories
Wiring Accessories in general
General comment about ABB
(Unticks selection)

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