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Best Books for CSS Exam Preparation of Compulsory and

Optional Subjects
CSS which is known as Central Superior Services or Bureaucracy, which is
responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and
government secretariats and directories of the Cabinet secretariat. Civil
services exam is competitive exam which is held every year by Federal
Public Service Commission. Every year thousands of candidates appear in
CSS exams and few of them qualify. You can get high marks in this exam
only with proper efforts. In order to effectively prepare for the CSS proper
strategy and timetable is required. You have to follow good books and
study material.
You have to draw a good strategy for the compulsory subjects. Take your
time to prepare for English, current affairs and Pakistan affairs. Read the
newspapers every day, keep in touch with all the current problems,
practice essay writing, try to get more and more knowledge about your
country. The candidate must be able to know his weaknesses. One should
really need to improve his English language skills if want to get success in
any of the competitive examination in life.
You should have analytical skills in order to solve the CSS examination.
Here I have tried to gather as much information as possible about the
books that should be consulting during your CSS exam preparation. Have
a review of the books names mentioned below. The list includes books for
compulsory subjects and many of the optional subjects.

1- Paragraphs & Essays (Prof. Manzoor Mirza) RS 300/2- Dogars Unique Latest Essays (Prof. Mohammad Asif Qadri) RS 175/-

1- Precis Writing (Abdul Basit Jasra, Naimatullah Khan Joyia) RS 60/2- A Practical English Grammar (A. J. Thomson, A. V. Martinet) RS 600/3- Practical English Usage (Michael Swan) RS 1600/4- English Grammar & Composition (Nawaz Khalid, Mohammad Baqir
Hussain) RS 250/5- English Grammar & Composition (Shabbir Hussain Chaudhry) RS 350/6- Dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms (Prof. Tariq Ali Khan) RS 80/-

7- Oxford Idioms RS 800/900/

1- International Affairs (Dr. Safdar Mahmood) RS 500/2- Strategic Studies //Quarterly// RS 50/3- Contemporary Affairs (M. Imtiaz Shahid) //Quarterly// RS 300/4- Daily DAWN RS 13/-

1- EXAM CRAM Pakistan Affairs (Adeel Niaz) RS 300/2- Pakistan Affairs (M. Ikram Rabbani) RS 375/3- Pakistans Foreign Policy: A Reappraisal (Shahid M. Amin) RS 495/4- Pakistans Foreign Policy 1947-2005 (Abdul Sattar) RS 595/5- Pakistan Political Roots & Development 1947-1999 (Safdar Mahmood)
RS 395/6- The Military & Politics in Pakistan (Hasan Askari Rizvi) RS 350/7- The Idea of Pakistan (Stephen Philip Cohen) RS 600/8- Early Phase of Muslim Political Movement (Jamil-ud-Din-Ahmad)
9- Middle Phase of Muslim Political Movement (Jamil-ud-Din-Ahmad)
10- Final Phase of Muslim Political Movement (Jamil-ud-Din-Ahmad)
11- Military, State and Society in Pakistan (Hasan Askari Rizvi) RS 695/12- The Political System of Pakistan (Khalid B. Sayeed)
13- Struggle for Pakistan (I. H. Qureshi)
14- Towards Pakistan (Waheed-uz Zaman)

1- Encyclopedic Manual of Everyday Science (Dr. Rab Nawaz Samo) RS
350/2- Encyclopedia of Every Day Science by Dr. Zafar Saeed Chouhadry
Published by Bhatti Sons.

4- CSS Everyday Science with Solved Papers (By: Shabbir Hussain


1- Islamiat (Zahid Hussain Anjum) RS 135/2- Islamiat Advance bray CSS (Muhammad Imtiaz Shahid, Attiya Bano) RS
300/3- Islam Ka Nizam-e Hayat (Dr. Liaqat Ali Khan Niazi) RS 350/-

4- Misbah ul Islam (By:Qamar Hasnain Qadri)

General Knowledge
1- Encyclopaedia of General Knowledge (Adeel Niaz) RS 400/2- General Knowledge Advance MCQs (M. Imtiaz Shahid, Attyia Bano) RS
325/3- General Knowledge Advance (M. Imtiaz Shahid) RS 400/-


1) Gani & EJAZs Principles of accounting and Advanced Accounting (Final
accounts, Partnership, Bank reconciliation, Non-profit organizations and
capital and revenue)
2) Meigs and Meigs Accounting-basis for business decision (Chapter 1 to
3) Shuklas Financial Accounting 1 (Additional practice)

1) Matz & usurys Cost accounting (chapter 1 to 6) and standard costing,
budgeting, by-product costing and marginal costing
2) HILTONs managerial accounting (Additional practice and theory for
objective type preparation)
standard costing, marginal costing, process costing, budgeting, LIFO and

1) Khawaja Amjad Saeeds AUDITING. (only the topics indicated in

1) Mohammad Moazzam Mughals INCOME TAX (only the sections
mentioned in the syllabus)


INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS by Saeed Nasir. (only related topics)

1. KK Dewett (Modern Economic Theory)
2. Paul A. Samuelson (Economics international edition
3. Economics of Pakistan by Saeed Nasir and Kamal Haider

1- EXAM CRAM Public Administration (Asif J. Mir) RS 225/2- Public Administration (S. M. Shahid) RS 180/3- Principles of Public Administration (Dr. Muhammad Hassan Sheikh) RS
375/4- PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (Dr. Sultan Khan)

Political science
1. Muslim Political Thought by Muhammad Aslam Chaudhry
2. Western Political Thought by Judd Harmon
3. Political science Theory and Practice by Mazharul Haq
4. Muslim Political Thought by Rosethal

1. Towards understanding agriculture by Mohd Ishaq Khan
2. Books published by National Book Foundation in collaboration with
USAID like Horticulture, Plant Breeding, Extension Methods etc
3. Agriculture by Asif Malik
4. Agriculture by Masood A. A. Qureshi
5. MCQs of Agriculture for css/pcs by Dogars publishers.

1. Two volumes of Prof. Dr. Masood A. A. Qureshi
2. Yellow pages coming with the Dawn of Monday

3. Forestry by Muhammad Iqbal Sheikh and SM Hafeez

1- Sociology (John J. Macionis) RS 350/2- Social Problems of Pakistan (Dr. Mohammad Khalid) RS 400/3- Sociology (M. Iqbal Chaudhry) RS 250/4- Pakistani Society (M. Iqbal Chaudhry) RS 175/5- EXAM CRAM Sociology MCQs (Syed Salman Hameed Kazmi) RS 90/6- An Introduction to Sociology (By:Javed Soonhoro Jiskani Baloch)

1- A-One Exploring Journalism (Mirza Muhammad Yousaf) RS 200/2- Mass Communication (M. S. Shahid) RS 150/3- Mass Communications MCQs (Muhammad Asif Malik) RS 60/4- Journalism for CSS (Mian Muhammad Asghar) RS 120/-

1. Modern physics by A. BEISER
2. University physics by SEARS ZEMANSKY
3. Fundamentals of physics by HALLIDAY AND RESNICK

1- Physical Geography of the Global Environment (H. J. Deblij, Peter O.
2- EXAM CRAM Geography (Mohammad Jahangir Sanpaal) RS 225/3- Geography (AP Aamer Publications) RS 300/-

1- Pakistan: Geograohy, Economy & People (Fazle Karim Khan) RS 310/2- Geography of Pakistan (Prof. Nazir Ahmad Khalid)
3- The New Oxford Atlas for Pakistan RS 335/-

4- Fundamentals of Human Geography (Prof. Mian Mohammad Anwar) RS


5- World Economic and Commercial Geography (Prof. Nazeer Ahmad

Khalid) RS 150/-

Islamic History & culture

1. History of Islam by Mazhurl Haq
2. History of Saracens by Syed Ameer Ali
3. Plus used Google to get information about Turkey Sultanat-Usmania
4. History of the Arabs by Phillip.K.Hitti
5. Study of Islamic History by K.Ali


1. Struggle for Pakistan by I.H.Quershi (for pre-partition period)
2. Pakistan Affairs by Ikram Rabbani
3. Constitutional and political history of Pakistan by Hamid Khan (for postpartition period)

British History
1. British History by Birdsall S. Viault
2. Mastering Modern British History by Norman Lowe

European History
1. Mastering Modern European History by Stuart T. Miller.
2. About European history by L.p.cock.
3. European History by IJ Chawla.

Constitutional Law
1. World Constitutions by Kaeley
2. How States Are Governed
3. Studies In The Constitution Of Pakistan by Dr. safdar mahmood

4. Select Modern Governments by V.D.Mahajan

International Law
1. Internation Law by S.K Kapoor
2. International Law by J.J Starke

1- International Relations (Joshua S. Goldstein) RS 350/2- International Relations (Dr. Sultan Khan) RS 180/3- International Relations & Political Theory (Kamran Shahid) RS 295/4- International Relations (Parkash Chander)
5- International Relations (Muhammad Asif Malik, Raja Mansoor Ahmad)
RS 135/- //objective//
6- Understanding International Relations (Aamer
Publications) RS 400/-

Shahzad)(AP Aamer

//objective//New Edition

1. Sindhi adab jo tanqidi ibheyas by Abdulmajeed Memon
2. Sindhi boli ji mukhtasar tarikh by leghari
3. Sindhi adab jo mukhtasar jaizo by abduljabar junejo

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