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NOVEMBER 20, 2015

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Cough, Sneeze, Sniff! Its Cold, Flu And

Handwashing Season!__________________
By Jessica Sprague

The CDC reports that handwashing education reduces the number

of people who get sick with diarrheal diseases by 31% and
reduces the number of people who get sick with respiratory illnesses (like colds) by 16-21%. Lets start with the basics. Here
are the steps for effective handwashing.

Wet hands with clean, running water and apply soap. Are
your hands having a hard time with continual exposure to hot
water from handwashing? Good news! Current research shows
that the temperature of the water isnt important. Are your hands
drying out from continual soap use? Not so good news! You
should always use soap when washing your hands. Water and
soap remove more soil (any type of dirt or grease) and microbes
from your hands than just water alone. If your hands are suffering, experiment with different brands that contain moisturizer.
Dont skip the soap!

Scrub away! Lather the soap for at least 20 seconds. This
may feel like an eternity when you first try it, but focus on not
only rubbing your palms together, but also scrubbing the back of
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A nice picture of a pair of Bluejays chatting it up on a sunny day this past summer.
- Duane Cross Photo (

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Anyone who is familiar with the Food Safety folks at UNH

Cooperative Extension knows that we love to talk about handwashing. Well, there is good reason for that! It is one of the most
important things we can all do to reduce the risk of spreading
foodborne illness. It is also one of the key things we can do to
avoid getting sick and spreading germs. This time of year its
impossible to walk down the grocery aisle without hearing a
sneeze or two. Good luck picking your kid up from school without hearing a symphony of sniffles. And we all have that friend
who insists on going to work with the flu, despite plenty of advice
to the contrary.

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Cough, Sneeze, Sniff! Its Cold, Flu And

Handwashing Season!__________________

Continued from page A1

your hands, between your fingers and around (and under)

your nails. Twenty-seconds will
fly by. You might have so much
fun youll go for 25 seconds.
You overachiever, you.

Rinse that stuff off! You
have successfully lifted the soil,
microbes and grease from your
hands. Rinse it all off under
clean running water. Again, any
temperature water will do.
Rinsing thoroughly may also
reduce skin irritation since any
soap residue may cause dryness.

Dry with a clean towel or
air dry. Germs have an easier
time transferring to and from
wet surfaces, including your
hands. Dry them on a clean
towel or air dry. Using a cloth
towel? Make sure you wash it
often so you dont re-contaminate your hands after all this
hard work!

tail and rubbed my eyes. Take a

minute and catalog all the
things youve come in contact
with since you last washed your
hands. Whether youre concerned about food safety or just
staying healthy this cold and flu
season, remember that handwashing is never a bad idea!
Jessica Sprague is an Extension
Field Specialist in Food Safety
with the Food & Agriculture
team for the University of New
Extension in Grafton County.
She can be reached at 603-7876944

Bath Public Library Book Club News_________________________

The Bath Library Book Club

will be discussing Animal,
Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of
Food Life by Barbara
Kingsolver on Thursday,
December 10th at 5 pm at the
Bath Public Library.

rural lifevowing that, for

one year, theyd only buy food
raised in their own neighborhood, grow it themselves, or
learn to live without it.

Books may be picked up at the

Bath Library; hours are
Author Barbara Kingsolver and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
her family abandoned the Thursdays 9:00am to noon and
industrial-food pipeline to live a 1:00pm to 5:00pm and

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Page A-3 November 20, 2015 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


Even if youre a handwashing

champion, you might find yourself without running water, soap
or a paper towel. What about
hand sanitizers? Washing with
soap and water is the best
option, but sanitizer offers a
convenient back-up plan if
youre on the go. The CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer
with a concentration of 60-95%
alcohol. Lower levels may not
be as effective at killing as
many (or as wide a variety) of
microbes as 60%+ levels. The
lower levels may increase the
chance of resistance of those
Saturdays 9:00am to noon.
germs to the sanitizer. You can
Anyone with an interest in read- check that your sanitizer coning and conversing about books tains at least 60% alcohol by
looking at the active ingrediis welcome to attend.
ents section of the label.
For information, please contact While writing this article my
the library at 603-747-3372 or hands have been on my keyemail board, mousepad and phone. I
have itched my neck, applied
lip balm, put my hair in a pony-


Bermans Bits
Incessantly scouring the universe (and my back yard) for
the weird, the wacky, and the
thoughtful so you dont have
Keeping it local as that bank
does: Hi, Im Dave Berman,
and this IS my column.

Having listened to the news

over the past couple of months,
I am thinking of running for
President. I want learn about
my college years and my familys history. Thats probably the
easiest way. My platform:
Blah, blah, blah, smaller government, blah, blah, more jobs,
blah, immigrants, blah, blah,
Constitution, blah, blah, wages,
blah. War, blah, blah, drugs,
blah, blah, the economy, blah!
Blah, vote for me, blah.

Not many people will truly

understand the importance of
this next statement, but the
other night, I correctly and successfully put together a coat

bly themselves disgusting

(except Bermans Bits, of

In a similar vein, an interesting

thing about the Internet is
everyone can have a voice (and
by Dave Berman
use it), think they make an
impact, and find all kinds of
rack from pieces in a box... and immediate validation from
there were no pieces left over! same thinkers... a giant echo
chamber of sorts. (Where all
A lot of in-your face posts on think alike, none think at all.)
FB in which there is plenty of
swearing, references to drug My brother once gave me a
use, sexual stuff, etc. Am I book that suggested that someoffended? Of course not. I dont one should surround himself
like it, but its all part of the with friends who are smarter
price I pay to be there. As I than they are in all different
have probably indicated else- areas; that way, they all can be
where and elsewhen, I could available to help each other
easily outgross and outswear when the inevitable need arises.
virtually any of you and regale (In spite of my coat rack buildyou with incredible tales of... ing skills, in general, not being
well, never mind. What bothers a comfortable hands-on person
me is that people think its costs me a lot!) I can offer writcool to put it out there for ing, editing skills, rewriting,
everyone to see... including me; proofing, and the like, but
its not just your friends looking unfortunately, theres not a big
at your page. You might not call for that where I live.
think so looking at me, but I Instead, I have to deal with peolove to joke around a lot, and ple who charge $60, $85, $225
with certain audiences, any- for an hours work. Sigh.
thing is fair game, but I know
there is a time and place its a I am thinking its time for an
big part of maturity. The only online Miss Bits competition.
people who think its great to be Well start with the swimsuit
publicly disgusting are proba- category. Please forward pictures to me....


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A few fun thoughts: (1) When

she saw her first strands of grey
hair she thought shed dye. (2)
When a clock is hungry it goes
back four seconds. (3) The guy
who fell onto an upholstery
machine is now fully recovered.
(4) You can tune a piano, but
you cant tuna fish. (5) A thief
who stole a calendar got twelve
months (6) When the smog lifts
in Los Angeles U.C.L.A.
Well, why not? After Mr.
Jomar Aguayo Collazo, 23, was
killed in a shootout in San Juan,
Puerto Rico, the family outfitted his body in his favorite blue

Enjoy The Benefits of a Fabulous & Comfortable Smile!

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Northcountry News Picture Of The Week

Wonderful picture of a Pileated Woodpecker feeding the family! - Tom Sears Photo

If you have a photo which you think could make it as our picture of the week, let us know. Email it to

tracksuit and propped him up at

a table in his mothers tavern
(playing dominoes and holding a drink and a condom)
friends and relatives passed by
to pay their respects. [Fox News

Part Nine - Bye, Felicia.

Onward and downward. I have
active issues with two people in
the world (at least that I know
of). The first one you already
heard about if you are a regular
reader. This about the second
(remember, if its true, its not
libel). Those who know me
know I pretty much like and get
along with most everyone. I
trust people to do the right
thing, which has turned out to
be a major mistake a few times.
This is one of those times. I
dont want to see anyone else
go through what I am, so heres
what happened.

When I was at an auto repair

shop, I happened to ask if the
owner knew anyone who did
rust repair on vehicles. He
handed me a business card
someone had dropped off and
said, I know nothing about his
work, but try this guy. I had
already talked to many people
who do rust repair, and they
were all way more than I could
spend. The person on the card,
Paul B. of Campton, (if you
want to know what the 'B' is,
just ask me) quoted me a price
significantly lower than all the
others, a price I could actually
almost afford. He explained
that he worked from his house
and had no overhead, so thats
how he could keep his price so
low (said the spider to the fly). I
am sure you know the rest, but I
will save it for next time. (To be
continued....) Later.


Attorneys at Law



Attorney Steven B. Goss

Victor - Tilton, NH

Certified Provider

Smile with Confidence!

Ask about treatment options available for ALL ages! | 524.7404 Laconia | 536.7404 Plymouth

NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| November 20, 2015 Page A-4

Thompson Mill Building

40 Canal Street Lancaster, NH
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Section B Pull Out

- Tom Ryan Photo

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The Adventures
of Tom & Atticus

When we took to the forest and

started hiking more than a
decade ago, though, my feelings evolved. The trails are quietest in the eleventh month.
Mountains stand naked before
us. There is a bare bones feel to
them. Its more intimate. Along
a trail you can see further off
into the distance where leaves
once blocked your view. Rivers
and streams run cold and clear.
The floor of the forest is scattered in joy. Gone is the humidity and the snow has yet to
come. The trails are about as
basic as can be and the part of

How perfect for November. Its

not postcard pretty like nearly
all the other months, but it is
what it is, and in its own way, it
serves a purpose.

Yes, some plants have gone to

sleep, some have died, but
theyve left something miracu-

They flutter in the wind on the

end of their tiny branches,
sometimes only one at a time
when others remain still, as if
some tiny fairy is dancing upon
it. And when the wind picks up,
they whistle and hum through
its rush. From that bright yellow, they become bronze and in
midwinter they turn a soft gold,
then a papery white, and lastly,
before falling in spring, they are
as fine as worn parchment. One
April day they are there; the
next, they are gone, as new
And even as they fade, they buds push them earthward.
remain steadfast. Some will Why do I love them so much?
tumble through a spiral down to They remind me of those who
the ground, but many hang shine late into life, almost defytight, resolute to offer the winter woodlands their only bright ing convention.
color in a world of black and Kicking through the fallen
leaves with Atticus this week,
those beech leaves that are still

aloft appear luminous. I often

stop to trace my fingers over
them and their tiny veins. To
say hello and thank them for
their luster.

I understand my feelings for

November are not universal.
Some suffer from seasonal light
disorder and crave the sun or
travel south to Florida. Some
hate the cold. But I think if you
step away from the malls and
the cities and the coffeehouses,
wrap yourself in your warmest
sweater and hat and gloves, get
in your car and drive to a quiet
spot where deer roam free,
spend enough time in the quietude, listen to your heartbeat
and your breath, and you will
no longer fear November. In
that peace, you may even come
to consider it a friend.

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At a more civilized period in

my life, November always felt
like loneliness. It sat hollow
between the vivid colors of
October and the Currier and
Ives mystique of December.
The lonely trees, the way the
night steals the daylight, and
overcast days seem to be the
norm have always conspired to
remind me of death

me that strives for simplicity lous behind. Their seeds are

everywhere. In the drear of this
embraces all of it.
month where the nights stretch
November even has its own on and the daylight deserts us,
smell to it, a cornucopia of sits the hope of new life. The
dried fruits and berries, acorns cycle continues ever onward.
and apples. Even the crisp
brown leaves give off their own This is the month I also think of
scent as they crunch underfoot. a certain leaf, that remains
And if you are patient, youll behind after the others have
also hear Novembers song. I fallen.
used to think the sigh and cry of
the wind through the naked Beech leaves.
trees as being ghostly, but now
it feels like a welcoming chorus Each spring they shoot out from
to me. As if the forests, moun- their buds with a graceful
tains, and valleys are saying, curve. If you are watching for
Thank you for loving us as we them, you cant miss their entry
into the world. But soon they
are swallowed up in the frenzy
One of my favorite Thomas of late spring as all leaves burst
Merton quotes comes from No onto the scene and it isnt long
Man Is an Island. He talks of before they become anonymous
in an ocean of green. They
this kind of genuine love.
remain that way throughout the
The beginning of love is the summer and into fall. When
will to let those we love be per- early October arrives and most
fectly themselves, the resolution trees finally find their individunot to twist them to fit our own ality when they reveal their true
image. If in loving them we do colors, the beech is still only an
not love what they are, but only afterthought. But then, when
their potential likeness to our- most of the others have fallen,
selves, then we do not love and you would expect the color
them: we only love the reflec- to be gone, beech leaves glow
tion of ourselves we find in an iridescent yellow, almost too
bright to believe your eyes.


Plymouth Lions Club Disbands____________________________________________________________________

The club boasts a truly glorious
history of service, but without
new members, the club could
no longer effectively continue
assisting those less fortunate.
In recent years, numerous local The club will donate its remainLions have either passed on or ing funds to various charities in
moved away, which had a sig- the area.
nificant impact on the club.
In September 1952, over forty
The decline in membership Plymouth area residents acceptwithout new members coming ed a charter from Lions
in and a general lack of commu- International to become the
nity support has taken its toll on 14,164th club of what is now
the group with attendance at the worlds largest service club
meetings often falling into the organization. Over the next 62
years, local members worked
single digits.
hard to supply the needs of area

After over 62 years of area

Plymouth Lions Club has disbanded.

citizens that fallen through the

cracks of other community
organizations. Because of the
Lions low-key approach to
helping, they were often called
The worlds best kept secret.
Even though there are over 1.3
million Lions worldwide in 202
countries, many local people
still dont know who the Lions
are or even that there was a
local club.

Through the years, the

Plymouth Lions major concentration was on sight and hearing
issues and diabetes awareness.

Plymouth Lions have provided

eye exams, eyeglasses, childrens vision screenings, and
help with hearing aids to many
area residents. When the treasury allowed, Lions also provided assistance to other needs of
locals in distress. Burn-out victims of structure fires were
offered help immediately,
sometimes even before the fire
fighters had left the scene. Each
year, the Plymouth Lions Club
awarded a scholarship to a
PRHS student who would be
attending a technical or trade

When the clubs treasury permitted, the Lions also donated

to many local causes including
but not limited to: the Plymouth
Area Community Closet,
Voices Against Violence,
Second Comings, Meals-onWheels, the Girl Scouts, Home
Delivered Meals, Toys for Tots,
Operation Santa, Plymouth Fire
Department, the Plymouth
American Veterans, Operation
Santa, and others. Members
also volunteered regularly at the
weekly Meals for Many.

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NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| November 20, 2015 Page B-2

FISH FRY FRYDAY - Golden Fried Haddock

Inc. cup of chowder, salad, potato & veg.

Tenney Mtn. Highway Plymouth, NH

Gift Certs. 536-6330 or 536-9869 (yumy)


Happenings On The Farm - Its Delightful at D Acres________________________________________________

The harvest is in, the snow is

imminent, and the farm is welcoming a wind down of a fantastic growing season to plan and
create the 2016 programming.
An abundant harvest has been
processed and root cellared for
the upcoming community
events, guests and residents
through May of next year. Now
that the growing season has
ended, the focus on final renovations at the Red House, including a new roof and insulation,
has commenced. The artistic
side of D Acres will be brought
to the forefront through the winter months, forming spoons and
bowls in the wood shop. D Acres
focus will now move to future
planning to meet the needs of
the community. Winter allows
for reflection and evaluation of
all D Acres many activities.

Upcoming youth focused workshops at D Acres are led by Sara

Hage and Stacey Lucas. On
Black Friday, November 27th,
instead of shopping, come to D
Acres from 1-3 pm to craft gifts
with an all ages workshop hosted by Sara Hage. Using natural
materials and batik fabric, participants will make ornaments,
wreaths and other creative items
for gift giving this holiday season. On December 21st, join D
Acres for a day of Solstice celebrations, including Solstice
ornaments for our woodland
friends, dream weavers, a presentation about the traditional
meanings of the solstice, delicious seasonal foods, including
the traditional comfort foods of
stew and macaroni and cheese
(for the kids of course!) and a
wonderful bonfire with music,
story telling and refreshments.
On November 29th and
December 27th from 1-3 pm the
Get Painty Workshop will be
happening with Stacey Lucas
leading the way from Fig Tree
Art Gallery in Ashland. All of
advanced registration, with a
suggested donation of $5 - $10
per participant. These and other
youth based programming are
made possible through a grant
from the NH Charitable
Foundation for building farmbased eco-literacy with handson youth education programming.

D Acres values the sense of

community that regular monthly
food events provide. Each one
offers the general public an
opportunity to experience fellowship and food. The first
Sunday Farm Feast Breakfast on
December 6 from 10 to 1 pm
highlights the most important
meal of the day with local ingredients. In December, work by
artist Chris Leston will be on
display. Following the meal, at 1
pm there will be an opportunity
to take a tour. The Second
Friday Pizza and a Movie Night
provides an opportunity to
watch a thought provoking film,
in addition, we provide a family
movie for the children as well.
The next one is November 13,
showing Anonymous People and
The Great Pumpkin; and
December 11th will show True

The public is invited to participate in our bulk buying food

club and our collective grain
purchasing club. By offering this
service, we are working towards
emphasizing the importance of
supporting each other across a
broad range of situations.
Empowering alternative purchasing of groceries rather than


A Cinderella home. The old home was

completely taken apart and a beautiful new home constructed.
Located in the low tax town of Holderness, with White Oak Pond
across the street and Big Squam Lake minutes away. Excellent
thought and craftsmanship went in to this home. Home has 2 car
garage attached and a second building in the back for whatever you
would like it to be. An office, craft room, exercise area, or whatever
appeals to you. Full unfinished basement. Storage over the garage.
Room for vegetable and floral gardens. Add to all this the low tax
town of Holderness with easy access to I93, four season attractions
and shopping just minutes away. Town Library, Squam Lakes
Natural Science Center, PO and local shopping 5 minutes away.
This beautiful home is located in Central NH, a short drive away to
all the Lakes and Mountains have to offer. Don't miss this one!

Barbara Currier - Broker

2015 Realtor Of The Year for

Lakes Region Board of Realtors

Clinton Clay, Assoc.

Bill Waldrip, Assoc. Broker
Joan M.Clay, Sales Assoc.
Kim Gould, Sales Assoc.

Corner of Rte. 3 & 175 Holderness, NH

Mon-Fri 9-4 Sat 10-3 Sun by apt.

Page B-3 November 20, 2015 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


Keep your eyes open, the organization will be sending out a survey to fine tune the 2016 programming. As the farm continues to grow and evolve, it
depends on the community connection to continuously provide
an interchange of ideas. Through
the years, D Acres has hosted
hundreds of workshops, which
ones best meet your needs?
What content should to be presented or repeated? As a nonprofit community center, the
farm's focus is on providing
services and opportunities that
coincide with the needs of the
public. Providing these workshops reflects the mission and
the educational homestead values of D Acres. We are grateful
to the community which supports the mission of this organization. If you want to be added
to the mailing list, contact us at

weekly trips to the grocery store of the D Acres experience prosupports the philosophy of using vides a wealth of information
less time, energy and gas to pro- and understanding of the intrinvide food to our families. Each sic details of developing a colmonth, D Acres of NH does a laborative organization and farm
bulk food order through with alternative practices. Books
Associated Buyers. This local may be purchased signed by the
company provides local and author online or at the farm.
organic food purchases deliv- Please tell your local library to
ered to the farm for pick-up. carry it.
Would you be interested in participating? Call the farm or Feel free to stop by and visit at
email your request for a catalog any time, during the winter
or more information. Your order months, the maintained trail sysdoesn't need to be in large quan- tem is a perfect venue for snowtities, they have many individual shoeing, cross country skiing
available. and fat biking.
Additionally, every six to eight
weeks, D Acres places a bulk Located only five miles off of
grain order through Morrison Route 118 West in Dorchester
Feeds in Vermont, purchase one on 218 Streeter Woods Road, D
bag or many, feeding your live- Acres has become a destination
stock quality grain that's milled for many. D Acres of New
in Vermont reflects another Hampshire, Permaculture Farm
important aspect of lifestyle that and Educational Homestead, is a
non-profit 501(c)3 organization
Cost and Flight of the Navigator is sustainable.
with nearly two decades of
starting at 6:00 pm. Looking for
a wonderful place to spend time The
Community-Scale experience in implementing perin community with a friendly Permaculture Farm, published maculture design.
and welcoming group of people by Chelsea Green, would be a
this holiday season?Join us on great gift for the budding farmer The farm is open to the public,
the last Friday, November 27 and the tried and true permacul- feel free to call 603-786-2366,
and December 25 for Open Mic ture enthusiast too. The telling email, and visit
and Potluck at 6 p.m. Each of
these donation based events are
designed to provide exposure to
eating with the seasons for the
whole family.


- Notices, Letters, Politics, Opinions, Help Wanted, & More! -

To The Editor_________________________ Letter To The Editor_______________________________________

The Seven to Save listing of the
Hall of Flags in Concords
Statehouse by the N.H.
Preservation Alliance a few
weeks ago should come as a
wakeup call this past Veterans

More than 33,000 New

Hampshire men served in the
Civil War, almost 10% of the
states population at the time.

More than 30 won the

Congressional Medal of Honor
for their courage. Almost 5,000
never came home, and thousands more were wounded.

They fought at Cold Harbor,

Chancellorsville, Gettysburg
and Fort Sumter. They fought to
preserve the Union, and to end
slavery. The flags they carried
and brought home were more
than symbols; they marked the
front line of battle and guided
men amid the chaos and smoke
of war. The bullets and the
blood of battle still mark the

to try to seek consensus on a

conservation plan for the flags,
wishing to keep the originals on
view for the thousands of visitors who come to the building
each year.

There is also an effort to preserve the room and its appearance for the upcoming 200th
anniversary of the State House
in 2019.

While all agree on the value of

these emblems of service, decisions about how to care for this
iconic room and assure the
preservation of its flags have
yet again been delayed.
For the soldiers who sacrificed
and died for our nation, and for
the generations of men and
women who have helped defend
our liberty one thing is clear:
we can do better.


Tax payer funded drug courts.

not the taxpayers ) have decided to spend on fighting the war

According to Tina Nadeau, on stupidity in this state to be
Chief Justice of NH Superior used for this pet peeve project.
Court system, every county in
the state will have to foot the I for one would like to know
bill for half of the expense for where the $59 million is going,
Drug Courts in the state. Half what, where and when is this
of the expense? Where will the kind of spending going to arrest
other half come from ? If you the " Epidemic " 500 out of
answered the states general 1,456,679, that's just .00034
fund, than you are correct,. In NH residents have succumbed
other words, tax payers pock- to. How about it Sen. Forrester,
ets. We can safely say the Drug Chair Senate Finance, perhaps
Courts will be fully funded by you would like to give us a
NH taxpayers, period.
break down on where all of this
spending is going and when you
The lawmakers and media keep think it will cure stupidity. How
using the scare tactic word " many state employees will these
Epidemic ". Heroin is a choice, millions add to the state
epidemic is a disease that employee retirement system?
effects countless millions like a How many votes will this bring
plague, so how is Heroin an in? I know being a conservaepidemic? If Ms Nadeau finds tive my self, I would not be
that setting up Drug Courts in going around beating my chest
every county is the answer to about increasing spending on
the drug problem, then she substance abuse by 75 percent,
should be more than welcome when the last biennium had
to go before Senate Finance seen spending of $28 million,
and demand that some of the Without results.
$43 million from the General
Fund, the $12 million from the I cannot open a paper or turn
Feds and the $4 million from on the news or read something
Medicare that the lawmakers ( in Granite clips every day that

Maggie Stier
Field Service Representative
New Hampshire Preservation
Over the last hundred years, a Alliance
variety of attempts have been 603-224-2281
To The editor, And shoppers,
made to preserve these Civil
War flags, as well as flags from
The next time you go shopping,
other conflicts.
take a look at the weight/size of
your purchase.
For the past two decades, the
Remember that 1/2 gal of ice
people entrusted with their care
cream? - no more, same price,
have solicited various condition
less product!
assessments and treatment proposals, but there has been no
Sugar, thats a good one! That 5
The NH General
lb bag is now 4lbs for the same
Historical Committee continues
We really don't pay attention to
size, just the price. Can of vegCall Now 800-267-6917
etables, same can, same price,
Their Price
less contents. Pk of 6 hotdogs,
same price, one less hot dog! So
don't need the 6 pk of hotdog

Typical US Brand Price

for 200mg x 100

Our Price



Generic equivalent of CelebrexTM

Generic price for 200mg x 100

Letter To The Editor___________________

Are You Still

Paying Too Much
For Your Medications?

You can save up to 93% when you fill

your prescriptions with our Canadian
and International prescription service.

ViagraTM $4,287.27
Typical US Brand Price for 100mg x 40




Generic Price for 100mg x 40

Get An Extra $15 Off & Free Shipping On

Your 1st Order!
Call the number below and save an additional $15 plus get free shipping on
your first prescription order with Canada Drug Center. Expires December
31, 2015. Offer is valid for prescription orders only and can not be used in
conjunction with any other offers. Valid for new customers only. One time use
per household. Use code 15FREE to receive this special offer.

Call Now! 800-267-6917

Please note that we do not carry controlled substances and a valid prescription
is required for all prescription medication orders.
Use of these services is subject to the Terms of Use and accompanying policies at

contents at the same cost; big- People, stop electing lawmakger container size, less product, ers who can't seem to spend
more money.
your tax money fast enough on
Cottage Industry, from both
5 lb bag of potatoes is now 3 or sides of the isle.
4 lbs, most, same price as 5 lb.
Remember opening your can of Eric T. Rottenecker
veg, etc, and the product is full Bristol
to top of the can? Now its
either the same size can, 1/2 full
of product or 1/2 full of water.
Bakery products, one less
donut, smaller size.
It is hard to shop, wondering if
you are deliberately being
ripped off. Or are they simply
thinking of your health. Now
thats funny!

So buyer beware,
N. Leclerc
Most products, either have the N. Woodstock, NH
same container size and less

9 Kelley Lane Rte 25

After Traffic Circle
Rumney, NH


Open Sunday & Monday 11-4

Wednesday thru Saturday 10-5

Holiday Open House

Nov. 21st. and 22nd. 10am to 5pm.
Entire Purchase Is 15% off!

American Girl Doll furniture and clothing will be

10% off. Free raffle and refreshments.

We carry soy candles, goat soaps, body lotions,

ladies jewelry, sea glass, sole mate sox, angels,
knitted scarfs and head warmers, life time candles,
fleece mittens and baby jackets, decorative wine
servers and light wine bottles, quilted ladies bags,
baby quilts, 50% off shelf, some furniture 6 Windsor
chairs, lots more locally made and American made.

Be sure to visit our web site at www

NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| November 20, 2015 Page B-4

screams Bad Drugs. With all of

this media attention, tell us (
other than expanding state government ), when will this $59
million start to work? Probably
when we all grow our third set
of teeth. Don't forget to mention
this number will increase 10%
in the next biennium. Not to
mention the $12 million from
the feds as grant money that we
will end up backing up two
years from now, just like the
grant money for the Drug Czar
from the NH Charitable
Foundation that foot the bill for
Wozmak's first years salary,
now it will cost $123.000 for
Wozmak's Salary, benefits and
admin costs that will be coming
out of the $6.7 million
Governor's Commission on
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Prevention, Treatment and
Recovery program. Once you
fund pet peeve projects, you
have to keep on funding and
funding and so on. I forgot to
mention the Sununu center.
Keep going after that grant
money, keep spending taxpayer
monies like it's going out of
style on the loosing battle, keep
increasing the size of government that you'll never decrease,
next step will be a state income
tax. Stand by, Middle Class.

Annual Christmas
Craft Fair Slated
In Twin Mountain__

The 15th annual Christmas

Craft Fair sponsored by the
Twin Mountain-Bretton Woods
Historical Society will be held
November 28, at the Carroll
Town Hall gymnasium.

Featuring area artisans and

Hampshire and Vermont, the
craft fair will run from 9 a.m. to
3 p.m. and will include a
diverse mix of items. These will
include wood-crafted items,
pine wreaths, maple syrup, gift
baskets, crochet, fleece and knit
hats, chocolate candies, snowmen and snowman ornaments,
knit sweaters, jewelry, photos,
cards, local interest books, and
much more.

There is no admission to the

craft fair. A light lunch will be

The Carroll Town Hall gymnasium is located on School Street

at the junction of Routes 3 and
For additional information
about the craft fair, call 603846-5434.

North Country Happenings...

On-Going Events

Warren Masonic Hall - breakfast

from 7-9 on the first Sunday of
each month. Hope to see you
----------------------------------------The Warren/Wentworth Food
Pantry, serving residents in
Warren, Wentworth and Glencliff,
is located behind the Warren
Wentworth Ambulance Service
building and is open every Friday
from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. For eligibility
information or to make a donation, stop by or call 764-5265. The
pantry gratefully accepts food or
monetary donations as well as
donations of personal and household care items.
----------------------------------------Nightly Entertainment Indian
Head Resort, Lincoln

Lebanon Art &

Crafts Association



Mondayy thr
o 8 pm
ough Sa
turday 10 am tto
Sundayy 10 am tto
o 6 pm




Behind Sha
ws P
owerhouse Plaz


----------------------------------------Anxiety Umbrella is a new Peer

Support Group for people with
Anxiety related disorders. These
include: Generalized or Social
Anxiety, Panic (attacks), Obsessive
Compulsive, Phobias & fears.
This group will meet the 1st & 3rd
Thursday of each month at the
Cottage Hospital Occupational
Therapy Waiting area at 6: PM.
For more info. or call
Lurette @ (603)838-5595 or
Robin @ (603) 747-2527. You are
not alone in your struggle!
----------------------------------------Connecticut River
Beekeepers Assoc meets every
second Thursday 7-9 PM at the
Grafton County Extension Office
Building, 3855 Dartmouth College
Hwy, North Haverhill, NH.

Upcoming Events

Annual Holiday Bazaar will be

held at the First Baptist Church &
Vestry on Dorchester Road in
Lyme Center on Saturday
November 21, from 10am to
3pm. Treasures include handmade
fabric arts, jewelry, jams, jellies &
Hampshire Maple Syrup and candies, handmade soaps and foods
for your holiday table.

phant items, fudge, baked goods

and a variety of handmade gifts
will also be available. Also on
hand will be Robert Kelly, camp
director of Easter Seals' Camp
Sno-Mo. We thank all the local
businesses who have helped us in
the past with their generous donations for our raffle baskets. All
club proceeds go directly to Easter
Seals and will be delivered at their
Ride-In to be held in February.
----------------------------------------SATURDAY, NOV. 28, - 15th
annual Christmas Craft Fair,
Carroll Town Hall gymnasium,
Twin Mountain, N.H., featuring
artisans and entrepreneurs from
New Hampshire and Vermont.
Benefits the Twin MountainBretton Woods Historical Society,
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Free admission.
Call 846-5434 for more information.
November 28th at Mascoma
High & Indian River Schools in

West Canaan, NH. Free admission. 90-100 exhibitors. For info,

call 523-7712 or 523-4301.
Sponsored by the Canaan Old
Home Days Committee.
-----------------------------------------CRAFT FAIR, BAKE SALE,
December 5, from 9:00 AM to
2:00 PM. The Chowda lunch
begins at 11:00 AM & includes a
half sandwich, choice of chowda,
chips, pickles, beverage, and
dessert all for $5.00. The Craft
Fair offers a large variety of
unique and interesting crafts. Join
us for a delicious lunch and prime
Christmas shopping!
-----------------------------------------VT. Gun show, Nov 28-29 at the
CT. Valley Auto Auction
for info call 802-875-4540

A light lunch will be available

between 11:30 -1:00. Everyone is
most warmly welcomed.
----------------------------------------The Annual Pittsburg Ridge
Runner's Craft Fair to be held on
November 28, 10-2 at their clubhouse on Dickson Lane (off Back
Lake Rd.). Our local crafters will
have proudly made jewelry,
needlecrafts, baskets, wood work,
paintings, and some wonderful
edibles. Gently used wfhite ele-

Septic System Installation

Septic System Pumping

We Are Also On Facebook!

3255 Dartmouth College Hwy. North Haverhill, NH 03774

(603) 787-6351 Fax (603) 787-2564

Page B-5 November 20, 2015 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


Woodstock Inn, Station &

Brewery 745-3951, Lincoln.
----------------------------------------Haverhill Memorial Post 5245 and
their Ladies Axillary hold their
regular monthly meeting at 7pm
on the third Thursday of each
month at the VFW Post in North
Haverhill. All members are invited
to attend.
----------------------------------------Piermont Parents meeting the
Challenge NAMI (National
Alliance on Mental Illness) support group meets the 1st and 3rd
Wednesdays of each month, 79pm at the Horse Meadow Senior
Center, North Haverhill, NH.
Please Call Rebecca Ladd at 603989-5476
at with any
----------------------------------------For all upcoming events at D
Acres - (D Acres is located at 218
----------------------------------------Beginner line dancing - Starr
King Fellowship, Plymouth, NH.
Sundays 4-5pm ($5.00 donation
requested) Contact: George @
----------------------------------------If you have any talent at all, come
join us on Thursday Evenings,
Open Mic Night, at the
Greenhouse Restaurant in Warren,
NH. Come by to listen or join in!
Junction of Routes 25 & 25-C in
Warren, NH. Support our area
musicians. Come join us!
----------------------------------------Franconia Heritage Museum
Events & Exhibits - Fridays &
Saturdays, 1-4pm (and by special

request) at 553 Main Street (Route

18), Franconia (603) 823-5000. The
non-profit Council operates the
Franconia Heritage Museum and
the Iron Furnace Interpretive
Center. Work continues on a scale
model of the Brooks and Whitney
Bobbin Mill. The Brooks family
exhibit will be displaying artifacts
and items throughout the museum's 1800s farmhouse and outbuildings.
----------------------------------------Lisbon Area Historical Society,
Fridays, 1-3pm . PickwickClough Room - Lisbon Public
Library, 45 School Street, Lisbon,
(603) 838-6146 or (603) 838-2228.
Historical Society meets every
other month downstairs in the
Lisbon Public Library in the
Pickwick-Clough Room. The public is welcome to attend meetings
and visit the historical room. The
Pickwick-Clough room houses a
collection of artifacts, correspondence, photographs and genealogy
from the early settlers to present
----------------------------------------To find out the on-going happenings at the AMC Pinkham Notch
Center where programs are free &
open to the public: AMC Pinkham
Notch Visitor Center, Route 16,
Pinkham Notch, NH. For more
information contact the AMC at
(603) 466-2727 or
----------------------------------------For on-going events at WREN
(Women's Rural Entrepreneurial
Network) of Bethlehem, please
visit or
call them at: 603-869-9736.
----------------------------------------For ongoing schedule at Silver
Center for the Arts, Plymouth,
NH, call 603-536-ARTS or visit
them on the web at:
----------------------------------------The Baker's River Grange meets
the 2nd and 4th Friday every
month, 7:30 p.m., Grange Hall,
Rte.25, Rumney. Visitors welcomed!
----------------------------------------Scottish Country Dance Lessons,
Fairlee Town Hall, Wednesday
evenings from 7 - 9 PM. Cost
$3.00 (first time free). All dances
taught. No partner necessary.
Beginners welcome. For more
information, call (802) 439-3459
or e-mail"
----------------------------------------Tuesdays - T.O.P.S. (Take off
Pounds Sensibly) Weigh in - 5 PM
- 5:45 PM; Meeting - 6 PM at
Horse Meadow Senior Center,
North Haverhill.


Northcountry News For The Fun Of It!

Its What The
Locals Read!

NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| November 20, 2015 Page B-6



2.5ISE PZEV; 62,500 miles; automatic
AWD; sunroof; no rust; recently
inspected; Carfax available; $9,500;
603-764-9356 Ask for Joe. (rts 2/28)
--------------------------------------------------GM TRANSMISSIONS - 2-350 TH
transmissions, $450 each. 2-400 TH
4x4 Transmissions, $500 each. 34L60E 4x4 Transmissions, $750 each.
Need transmission in exchange. 802584-3299. (rts 2/28)


for sale. Call for details! 603-364-7874.

--------------------------------------------------SEVERAL ITEMS - Delta table saw
with attached jointer, $350; wood lathe
with tools, $50; Black & Decker miter
saw, $50. Call 603-858-2313. (11/20)
--------------------------------------------------TWIN REMOTE ADJUSTABLE BED Frame and box. $350. Call 603-2593292. (11/20)

Central Boiler wood and pellet
furnaces. Save up to $1,600.
Call 866-543-7589



SAVE 74 percent PLUS 4 FREE
Burgers - The Family Value Combo ONLY $39.99. ORDER Today 1-800617-6252 Use code 49377LPP or (tfn)
--------------------------------------------------CANADA DRUG CENTER Stop
OVERPAYING for your prescriptions!
Save up to 93%! Call our licensed
Canadian and International pharmacy
service to compare prices and get
$15.00 off your first prescription and
FREE Shipping. 1-800-267-6917



home 22x28 1.5 bath 3 bedroom on
2acreas, with large garage 24x28 10ft
ceiling, 2. 9x9 doors. asking 152K.

A 2012 Diax trike 300cc 900miles on it,

asking $3899.

A Wiseway gravity feed Pellet Stove,

asking $1199.

A 2 acrea building lot in North

Haverhill,NH power at road asking
25K. Call 603-787-6529 (11/20)
--------------------------------------------------RUMNEY NH LAND - 79
commercial/residential acres with river
and valley views. Also, timber and
1050 of frontage with double access
on busy Route 25. $296,000. (603)
726-3552. (rts (11/20)

--------------------------------------------------WARREN RANCH - w/5.5 acres,

3brms./2 baths, sunroom, screen
porch, deck, shed, attached 2-story
garage, paved drive. Big Views!
$199,900. Granite Group, Laurie
Coffin, (603) 254-3660/536-7750.


Available October 1. Reply to (rts 2/28)



Slenderiiz- Say goodbye to CRAVHIKERS BIKERS CLIMBERS - INGS. Mike (603) 838-2030 or (508)
Portable water filtration that ensures 873-6178. (rts 11/20)
Safe drinking from contaminated
sources WorldWide. 100x NSF. Check
it out at:
Call (603) 838-2030 or or (508) 8736178..(tfn 11/20)

LONELY 72- honest, caring, nonWANTED

smoking, non-drugs gentlemen, seeks
a nice lady for friendship & companionship. Please phone after 8pm.603- PING PONG TABLE - wanted in good
795-2742. (1/24)
condition. Playbackstyle preffered.
--------------------------------------------------- Please call 603-744-3085. (11/20)
RETIRED LADY - willing to go south
from December-April. A comfortable
home with your private bedroom and
bath in return for housekeeping duties.
Tropical ocean beaches. Possibility ltr.
956-545-1678. (12/4)




The Only Ad That

Never Works,
Is One That Was
Never Placed!!!

Northcountry News

First-cousin marriages are legal in Utah, so long

as both parties are 65 or older!

HAVERHILL, NH. - Spacious two-bedroom house for rent. 1 bath, large

living room and dining room. Tenant
responsible for heat and utilities.
$850/mnth-1 year lease required.
References a must. Call 603-7872200 or email with inquiries. (11/20)
--------------------------------------------------RANDOLPH NH CABIN- charming
and well insulated, in a glorious location on 13 acres with spectacular
views. Woodstove, backup electric.
Minor caretaking duties pertaining to
main house on property. $395 monthly.

The inventor of Vaseline ate a spoonful of the

stuff every morning!


The typical shower is at 101 degrees F!


UNION, 401(k) PLAN

In Holland, you can be fined for not using a

shopping basket at a grocery store!

In ancient Rome it was considered a sign of

leadership to be born with a crooked nose!

Alaska has the highest percentage of people

who walk to work!


Northcountry Puzzle Answers

Page B-7 November 20, 2015 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS



piano....$150. Call 764-9979 (tfn-pw)
--------------------------------------------------2004 FISHER SANDER FOR TRUCK
- holds 2 yards, stainless. $1,850. Call
603-259-3292. (11/20)
--------------------------------------------------2011 HONDA ACCORD EX-L, 4 door,
leather, heated front seats, sunroof,automatic with great gas mileage
27 to 32 mpg. 69,500 miles, one owner
with all maintenance records, plus
extra set of winter tires. Price $14,500,
call Rebecca at 1-603-353-4555. See
car on (
click on Inventory, then Honda. (tfn2/28)
TRAILER- for sale. Includes commercial refrigerator, freezer, South Bend
Convection Oven and South Bend gas
range. Trailer only used one season,
$35,000 or best reasonable offer. 603727-2343. (tfn)
--------------------------------------------------ANTIQUE PINE HUTCH, 80" high,20"
deep, 37 1/2" wide, 2 doors in bottom
section. $250. Please call 603-7649979 eves (TFN-PW)
--------------------------------------------------BAUER MENS ICE SKATES - Vapor
7.0 Limited Edition. Size 9D. Paid
$750, used six times. Will sell for $200,
firm. Call Jon at 802-384-1916.
--------------------------------------------------FOUR WINTER SNOW TIRES
Michelin X-ICE 195-60R15. Used one
season, 4k miles. Very good condition,
$350. Also, free with purchase, 4
Bridgestone Brizak snow tires, 19565R15. Three tires approx. 40-50%,
one approx. 65%. Call 603-823-5011.
--------------------------------------------------GLAMOR FOR ThE HOLIDAYS - Full
sets of China, glassware and collectibles. By Appointment. Call 603764-9368. (12/4)
--------------------------------------------------PROPANE FURNACE - Buderus
Logan GA124. 123k MBTU import rating, 104k MBTU output rating, plus a
Super Stor Contender water heater. 50
gallon. Both very good condition. 4
years old. Package deal, $3,500 negotiable. Call 603-823-5011. (11/20)
-------------------------------------------------SMALL ENGINE TOOLS & PARTS-

North Country Classifieds & More!



Adventures in

A Place of Many Uses

When our greenhouse of salvaged windows & doors, second-hand plastic, and wood was
completed last November
(thanks to the generous help of
my parents), we were simply
excited to have a new growing
space. Daydreams of April
greens, long-season tomatoes,
strings of hot peppers, and pungent basil shaped our plans for
this latest addition to our homestead.

And, indeed, such produce has

been a part of the abundant first
season in our greenhouse.
However, the greenhouse has
proven to be useful in so many
more ways.


snow for our all our water.

Voila! Putting buckets of snow
in the greenhouse on a sunny
day greatly assisted the process
- after all, we can only fit one
large pot atop our woodstove.
Then as spring approached, so
did the sugaring season. With
disappointment, we realized
that our sugaring buckets were
not stored as thoroughly out of
the weather as we had presumed. With dirt and grass
frozen to bucket lips, and ice
covering the bottoms, the solar
heat capacity of the greenhouse
was immediately useful. One
sunny day and the ice was gone,
our buckets easily cleaned and
freshen. Sheww.

We did get our April greens,

It started in winter, a time of some late spring turnips, and
year when the ice on the river some early summer carrots and
has us resorting to melting beets. As my summer hot crops

were transplanted in the greenhouse, we were also beginning

to gather materials for the root
cellar project. As I began the
repetitive process of carrying
bag after bag of concrete mix
and mortar mix into the property (3,000 lbs. in total!), our little
shed was not going to be able to
house them all. In fact, it was
dubious if the aged floor would
have even been able to handle
half that weight. Nonetheless,
such materials had to be kept
completely out of any rain. The
answer? The greenhouse. So
tucked neatly between rows of
tomatoes, the construction
materials began to accumulate.
A bucket of tar, foam insulation...cucumbers reached out
for these new climbing surfaces.

Then as the end of the summer

loomed and frosts began to settle on the garden, the greenhouse became a safe haven, its
shelves a curing zone for onions
and winter squash. It also
became our seed-saving workspace - placing seeds such as
lettuce, parsnip, kale, pea, sunflower, and oats in paper bags
to dry while protected from
direct sunlight.

Long and warm as the fall was,

the greenhouse plants eventually succumbed to cold and frost.
With the endless tangle of
cucumber vines and giantesque
tomato plants cleared out of the
beds, there was suddenly a
plethora of space. While some
fall crops remained, there was
plenty of space to comfortably
move about. Mica, finding the
outdoor temperature no longer
suitable for his afternoon naps,
slyly choose a spot in the corner
of the greenhouse. He kept his
paws out of the beds, mostly,
and made a dog bed out of extra

straw that had accumulated in heavy dew. But the greenhouse

the pathways. I let it happen; has allowed us to do just that,
how could I not?
saving our cordwood for the
winter months and extending
the season for gathering limb
Even with Mica silently claim- wood.
ing real estate within the greenhouse, there still remained And perhaps most enjoyably of
space to stack brush - limb all, right from the peak of the
wood we use for cooking until greenhouse ribs, now hangs our
we switch to our woodstove camp-style solar shower bag. A
come late November. This time mid-afternoon rinse can offer
of year it can be hard to keep water well over 100 degrees downed wood dry unless its and in the steamy heat of the
under cover - theres just not greenhouse, thats mighty
enough heat and sun to dry out refreshing.
limbs after rain, or a night of


Bath, NH Arthur Stanley and collecting rocks wherever

Dugan Minot, 85, died on he went.
Friday, November 06, 2015, at
Dugan was a charter member
his home.
on the Bath Volunteer Fire
He was born in Littleton, NH, Department in 1958. He served
on July 24, 1930, a son of as a 1st Assistant Chief for
George C. and Dorothy many years. He was also a
member of the Ross-Wood Post
(Whitcomb) Minot.
#20 American Legion in
Dugan served with the U.S. Woodsville.
Army from January 9, 1952 to
December 11, 1953 and was Survivors include a brother,
stationed in Germany during Alden W. Minot and wife Betty
of Bath, NH; a nephew, William
the Korean Conflict.
A. Minot and wife Brenda of
After receiving his honorable Bath; a great nephew, Will A.
discharge he worked for Minot, II and wife Dianne and
Botsford, their children, Jonas and Grace
Company from 1955 to 1960 of Bath; and several cousins.
and New England Electric Wire
Company in the early 60s. There will be no calling hours.
Later he worked for A.E. Esty
Machine Company in Bristol, A memorial service was held on
Monday, November 16, at the
Bath Congregational Church,
In 1971 Dugan built his own with Rev. Tom Peters, officiatmachine shop in West Bath. ing.
From 1974 to 1986 he was a
machinist for the Mountain Burial will be in the Bath
Washington Cog Railway. Village Cemetery, Bath, NH.
Dugan always enjoyed the outdoors, especially hunting and In lieu of flowers, memorial
fishing. His hobby was geology contributions may be made to
charity of ones choice.

Supporting All
Things Local
Since 1989.

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North Country Church Directory

Warren United Methodist Church
On The Common Warren, NH

Open hearts
Open minds
Open doors

The people of the

United Methodist Church


Pastor David J. Moore
North Haverhill, NH 787-6887

Morning Worship for July & August

9:30 AM Regular Worship



Adult Bible Study ................ 10 a.m.

Sunday School ..................... 10 a.m.
Sunday Morning Service ..... 11 a.m.
Evening Service ................... 6 p.m.
Wednesday Night Prayer ...... 7 p.m.

Calvary Baptist Church

20 Elm Street
(603) 747-3157

Woodsville, N.H.
= Pastor Alan Morrison

North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

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Animals / Feed / Grooming

Lloyd Donnellan

239 West End Rd.

Landaff, NH 03585

Mobile Grooming Shop For Dogs And Cats


Animals / Feed / Grooming

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Appliances & Repair



Over 16 Years
Of Service...

We Promptly Service All Brands

Authorized Servicer of
Maytag Whirlpool Crosley GE

224 River Rd. Piermont, NH


Serving New Hampshire & Vermont

Factory Authorized Service Provider

Whirlpool Maytag Frigidaire Sub Zero Wolf
Bosch Dacor LG Thermador Fisher Paykel

Don Bowman, Owner

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8:00am Early

Inspiring Words for You!

Dear Friends, I think this song is apprpriate for

reflecting within at this time of year. And ask
ourselves, JUST WHAT HAVE WE DONE??? with
Christmas? So this is Christmas, and what have you
done? another year over, and a new one just begun. And
so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun, the near and
the dear one, the old and the young, A very merry
Christmas, and a happy New Year, lets hope its a good
one without any fear. And so this is Christmas, for weak
and for strong, for rich and the poor ones, the world is
so wrong. And so happy Christmas, for black and for
white, for yellow and red ones, lets stop all the fight. A
very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year, lets hope
its a good one, without any fear. And so this is
Christmas, And what have we done? another year over,
and a new one just begun. And so this is Christmas, I
hope you have fun, the near and the dear one, the old
and the young, A very Merry Christmas, and a happy
New Year, lets hope its a good one, without any fear.
My prayer is that we can start a fresh and make it a
choice to keep the spirit of Christmas around all year
long. Please take time to read the story in the Bible,
LUKE 2...
~Submitted by Jeannine Bartlett

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Auto Detailing

Have your vehicle looking like

new again - inside & out:
Hand wash, waxing, windows,
interior and upholstery
Mark Pollock Owner

Auto / Truck Care


Expert Auto - Lt. Truck Repairs

All Makes and Models
Complete Line Of Accessories Avail.

Specialize in Muscle & Performance

Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Official NH Inspection Station


Kevin Patten - 603-764-9084

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Snow Plowing, Etc..

Gagnon Builder

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Automotive Repairs A-Z

State Inspections Used Car Dealer

Chainsaws Trimmers
Brush Cutters Blowers

Authorized Jonsered Dealer

458 Buffalo Rd. Wentworth, NH
Owner, Jeff Ames 603-764-9992

Building - Const. - Drywall

Gary Gagnon


Building - Const. - Drywall

257 Pettyboro Rd. Bath, NH


Concrete Foundations Floors Slabs

Foundations Under Existing Houses
Ph: 802-626-8763 Cell: 802-535-5860

Fax 802-626-9350
931 Buchler Rd Wheelock, VT 05851

Starting At Only $20/month

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Building - Const. - Drywall


Framing Roofs Finish Decks Siding

All Your Building Needs...

89 Howe Hill Road Benton, NH 03785


Cleaning - Carpets - Etc...

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Chair Caning

Woven Memories

Melanie Miller 802-467-1326

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P.O. Box 447, Rumney, NH 03266

Serving the Baker Valley

for Over 35 Years
If you are planning a visit or are interested in
moving to the area, contact the BVCC at
to request a brochure.

Visit us on the Web at:

Dennis Gilpatric

, LLC.

Buying Selling Appraisals

Tues-Fri 10-5 Sat 10-3

Tel: (603) 536-2625

Fax: (603) 536-1342

64 Main Street
Plymouth, NH 03264

Computers & Service

Paige Computer Services

Custom Built Systems, Repairs, Parts,
Accessories, Software, Training
For All Your Computer Needs

50 Smith Street
Woodsville, NH 03785
(603) 747-2201

Mon-Fri 10-6
Sat by appt.
Closed Sunday

PO Box 1017 - Lincoln, NH 03251


Business Services Marketing

A. Berman
Justice of the Peace

Personalized Advertising Products

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(*Ask for details)

(603) 786-9086
PO Box 280 Rumney, NH 03266
Lower Cohase Regional
Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 209, Bradford, VT 05033

Mark J. Nielsen - Exec. Director


For Local Information Go To

Community Calendar,
Business Directory, Area
Maps, Information on
Local Events

Computers & Service

Jared S. Field

PC Repairs, Custom Built Systems & More!

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Free Assesment & Consultation
Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819

NH 603-638-3008
VT 802-424-0588

The PC For Me

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Handwoven Caning
Splint - Rush Seating
Shaker Tape - Baskets
& Minor Repairs
Competitive Pricing~ Quality Work

Wally Morabito



North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Concrete - Excavation - Trucking

Foundations, Floors, Slabs, Retaining
Walls, Curbings & Sidewalks
Sanding & Plowing
54 Clifford Drive
North Haverhill, NH


Gils Construction

Crushed Ledge Products


Selling Crushed Ledge Products

Repair your driveway today
Competitive Prices

Delivery Available Serving vT & NH

7:00 4:00 p.m. M-F

(802) 222-5570

107 Rock Quarry Dr. Bradford, vT


Foundations & Floors

Free Estimates

Gilman LaCourse / Chris Cass

802-748-9476 or 603-455-7567

2085 New Boston Road St. Johnsbury, VT



97 Monroe Rd.
(Rte 135 on the
Woodsville &
Bath Border)

Wed., Thur., Fri. 8-5 Sat. from 8-2

Appointments can be scheduled by
calling during those hours. Messages can
be left any time.

Dr. Ralph M. Faluotico, Jr.



Septic And Water Systems,

Cellar Holes, Driveways, Roads,
Landclearing, Stumping

We Are Your Total

Excavating Company

Maurice Horne 787-6691 Kevin 787-2378

776 French Pond Rd. N. Haverhill, NH

Septic Systems Bush Hogging
Driveways Foundations
Land Clearing
Sewer & Plumbing License
Over 30 Years Experience




Roland Clifford
Lic. NH 8085 VT EM-3119
Fully Licensed & Insured
New and Old House Wiring
Underground Service Installations
Upgrade Service Installations
Residential Commercial No Job Too Small
N. Haverhill, NH


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Farrier - Horseshoeing

Farrier Service
Hot & Cold

Gregory Nourys

Warren, NH 603-764-7696
Fireworks Displays

North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....


Garden Design & Services

Foot Care


Heating - Stoves - Restoration

Dave Heater, Gunsmith

254 Lost River Road (Rt.112)
Woodsville, NH

Forestry Equipment
Wed. to Sat. 10 am-2pm or by appointment

Hair Salon & Services

Joans Hair Design

Justice of the Peace

Rte. 10
Haverhill, NH


Professional Care ...

...Is Best For Your Hair

Joan Wiggins ~ Stylist


Hardware & Home Supplies

Ryezak Oil & Propane

Bulk & Bottled Propane Service
Home Heating Oil

Residential Commercial

1536 NH Route 25 Rumney, NH

Heating Oil, Diesel & Gasoline

24-Hour Burner Service

(For Customers Only)

W.E. Jock Oil Co., Inc.


Wells River, VT 05081

802-222-5280 800-455-5280
Largest Marvin Integrity window
and door showroom in the area.

Exit 16 on I-91, Bradford, VT

Visit our website:
Health Centers

Landscaping - Design & More

Your Community Health Partner for 40 years 1975-2015

ACHS = Integrated Health Care

Primary Care Behavioral Health Pharmacy
Dental & Oral Health all under the ACHS roof!
ACHS opened in 1975 with 2 employees. 40 years
later, ACHS has 5 sites, 110 employees and over
10,000 patients! ACHS accepts most major insurances,


Page B-13 November 20, 2015 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


Fully Licensed FFL

Repair and Maintenance of all types of firearms
Appraisals and Transfers
Specializing in AR15/M4 Platforms and Customization
Hunting or Home Defense


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Meat & Food Products

tt er
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Plumbing / Heating / Duct Work


Radio - Local

Plumbing, Heating & Gas Piping

New Construction - Renovations - Remodels
Residential - Commercial
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Serving Thornton/Campton and surrounding areas

Dean Peterson - Owner Licensed & Insured NH#4326

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Power Equip. & Outdoor Fun

Real Estate

Happy Family Banquet

2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons
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PO Box 128 South Ryegate, VT 05069

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Rubbish / Salvage / Trucking

(802) 584-4065

594 Tenney Mtn. Hwy. Plymouth, NH

Open 7 Days 603.536.3299

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Small Businesses!

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North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Rubbish / Salvage / Trucking


192 Hibbard Road Bath, NH

Pike, NH 989-5300

Ph: (603) 838-5260 Fax: (603) 838-6692







Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7-4




Services Stonework



CELL 603.454.4980

Television Services

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Senior Services

A Senior Residence

Formerly, Home For The Aged

14 Maple Street
Woodsville, NH 03785

Residential Home with private rooms,

24 hour supervision, home-cooked meals,
housekeeping and laundry included.
A non-profit organization
serving people since 1921


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Donny Sharp Sr. Alexandria, NH


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Rt. 112 and Rt. 302 in Bath, NH


Larger Unit - 9 W x 145 +- $ 65.00
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ATV, Camper and Boat outside storage available
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DAVIS REALTY OF NH & VT, INC 603-747-3211

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405 South Main St., Lisbon

Buying Copper, Brass, Alum. Etc..

Septic Services

Harry J. Burgess

Solutions For All Of Your Disposal Needs

Servicing Residential & Commercial
Customers With Curbside Pickups
Containers For Cleanouts & Construction
Projects Of Every Size




Pollys Pancake Parlor Is Now

Open Year-Round!_____________________

With new building, landmark opened in May. The new buildSugar Hill restaurant will oper- ing retains Pollys rustic charm
ate through the winter
with wood siding from the original building used as paneling in
For the first time in its 77-year the entryway, a large Pollys
history, Pollys Pancake Parlor sign carved by Kathies father
will remain open through the Roger Aldrich hanging on the
winter. The year-round opening wall, and Pollys antiques and
of the nationally-acclaimed artifacts incorporated in the
restaurant is possible thanks to dcor throughout the expanded
Pollys new building opened last dining room.
Were excited to be able to con- With the its seating capacity
tinue to serve our regular cus- increased from 65 seats to 99,
tomers through the winter and Pollys has served over 65,000
to welcome new ones, said people since reopening May 16,
Kathie Cote, who with husband including more than 2,100 over
Dennis Cote owns the landmark the three-day Columbus Day
restaurant started by her grand- Weekend. To handle the
parents. We hope to see lots of increased business, Pollys
skiers and other winter visitors added 10 employees, and the
through the season.
Cotes said theyre happy to be
able to offer many of their dediOpened as a tea room in a con- cated staff members year-round
verted carriage barn in 1938, employment now.
Pollys Pancake Parlor quickly
became a booming success. The The familiar faces of our crew
restaurant went through several will be here all winter welcomminor expansions and renova- ing customers, said Dennis
tions over the course of seven Cote. Were all excited for the
decades, with a brand new opportunity to be here through
7,700-square foot building the winter now, and with the

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Life"

Route 25 Hatch Plaza
Plymouth New Hampshire 03264
tt er
N m r!
m e
Su ff

North Country State Senator Jeff Woodburn, left, and Brian Hawkins, of the State Employees
union, toured state work sites throughout Senate District 1 last week, including Franconia State
Park. Kevin Fortner, of Littleton, center, took the pair up the tram to understand off-season
maintenance work. "State government leaves a large foot print in the economy, culture and
history of the North Country," Woodburn said, "There are more state parks, park employees
and related employers and contractors in Senate District 1, than any other area."

new buildings radiant floor

heating and vastly improved
insulation, it will be a nice, cozy

Mountain, visible from the

restaurants window-lined dining room. The 20-acre Whipple
Conservation Area also sits adjacent to Pollys, providing a
The Cotes hope winter visitors venue for Nordic skiing and
will come to Pollys before hit- snowshoeing before or after a
ting the slopes at nearby Cannon visit to Pollys.

Warren Wentworth Food Pantry News

The pantry is located under the ambulance service
and is open Fridays from 1-3 PM.

Important Pantry Holiday Info. The Pantry will be closed on Friday,

December 25th in observance of Christmas. We will be open on
Friday, January 1st. Any questions, please see the Pantry
Coordinator. Thanks!
Ad Sponsored by the Northcountry News

Indian Corn Mill

Over 3,000


The Best Premium Nuts, Shipped Fresh.

Dried Fruit, Snacks, Flours, Grains and More.

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Rt. 10 No. Haverhill, NH 603-787-6511

(Located Near The No. Haverhill Fairgrounds)

Closing for the Season On

Sunday, Nov. 22nd.


Apple Varieties Still Available: McIntosh,

Cortland, Empire, Macoun, Red & Golden
Delicious, Northern Spy, Golden Russet,
Crispin, Liberty.

Fresh Cider available, but will sell out

fast. Thank You to all of our
customers. Look forward to
seeing you next Fall.

*Offer valid for new customers only, with $25 minimum order. See website for full details.

NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| November 20, 2015 Page B-16

Open 9-5 Daily

In addition to its regular breakfast and lunch menus, the restaurant now offers several specialty
hot beverages, thanks to a new
espresso machine. Seasonal
beers from regional and artisanal
breweries are available from the

Pollys will be open Thursdays

through Sundays through the
winter (closed Thanksgiving,
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day)
from 7 a.m.-3 p.m., and daily
during the holiday week
between Christmas and New
Years Day and the two school
vacation weeks at the end of

The new building has allowed

Pollys to bring its gift store and
bakery into the main building,
and these will be open during
dining room hours and from 9
a.m.-4 p.m. Mondays through
Wednesdays through the holiday
season. Trot-trot, the beloved
wooden painted pony outside
Pollys front door, will remain
on site and ready for photographs through the holidays and
will then retreat to warmer
climes until spring.

Pollys also runs a thriving mail

order business, overseen by the
Cotes daughter Emily, shipping
various maple products, pancake
mixes, and assorted combination
packages, including the Pollys
Sampler of maple syrup, pancake mix, and bacon from North
Country Smokehouse.

Pollys Pancake Parlor has been

featured in myriad publications,
including the Food Network
magazine, Cooking with Paula
Deen, and Rachel Ray magazine. Pollys has also been
awarded a James Beard Award
and this year was named an editors choice pick for best pancake and maple syrup experience in Yankee magazine and
Best Breakfast Place in the
New Hampshire Magazine readers poll.

To learn more about Pollys

Pancake Parlor and its history,

The Outside Story - by Todd McLeish _____________________________________________________________

exclusively feeding on high
energy (fatty) foods to sustain
flight, birds must also consume
proteins to help rebuild their
digestive tract.

Migration Takes Guts

But the digestive system is

made up of the most metabolically demanding organs in the
body. It uses large quantities of
energy to operate. During
migration, birds can shut down
their digestive systems so the
energy that would have been
used to process food can be
diverted to fuel flight. The
downside is that the birds guts
can begin to atrophy during
migration. When birds stop
along their migratory route or
reach their ultimate destination
a time when they are surely
extremely hungry they are
constrained from feeding for a
day or two until their digestive
system becomes acclimated and
can operate efficiently again.

The answers, according to

University of Rhode Island
ecologist Scott McWilliams,
have everything to do with
digestive physiology. Or, as
McWilliams likes to say,
migration takes guts. Yes,
strong flight muscles and an
innate knowledge of what route
to take are crucial, but it also
takes a digestive system that is
highly flexible and adaptable to This digestive on/off switch
different conditions and activi- explains why migrants do not
immediately gain weight when
they pause or complete their
In preparation for migration, migration, and it also provides
the gut size of many migratory insight into their dietary
songbirds, including white- requirements. Rather than

That tells us something about

their ability to flexibly respond
to climate change, said
McWilliams. Plenty of birds
migrate south because they
have too limited a capacity to
respond in this way. But whitethroated sparrows have the
spare capacity to modify their
physiology to deal with substantial environmental change.
He said the birds that live in
places where temperatures
dont change a great deal like
the tropics have not had to
evolve this physiological flexibility, so those species might
have more difficulty adapting to
changing conditions.

A gallery exhibit featuring

Outside Story illustrations and
articles is open through
November29 at the Montshire
Museum in Norwich, VT. Todd
McLeish is an author and natural history writer. His most
recent book is entitled,
Norwhals: Arctic Whales in a
Melting World. The illustration
for this column was drawn by
Adelaide Tyrol. The Outside
Story is assigned and edited by
Northern Woodlands magazine
and sponsored by the Wellborn
F o u n d a t i o n :

Saturdays: Enjoy a Free Cup

of White Mt Gourmet Coee

Ship 2 Pounds of Harmans

Really-Aged Cheddar Cheese
with Westminster Crackers
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Gas Diesel Deli Meats Groceries

Beer Lottery Cigarettes & More
We Also Have Hunting & Fishing Licenses And
OHRV Registrations
We Have 24/7 Fuel Pumps
With A Credit Card

Mon - Thurs. 5am - 8pm Fri 5am - 9pm

Sat 6am - 9pm Sun 6am - 8pm

Route 25 Wentworth, NH 764-5553

Page A-5 November 20, 2015 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


As an avid birdwatcher for

more than 30 years, Ive long
been familiar with the big picture of songbird migration. Tiny
instance, fly 1,500 miles from
southern New England to the
Caribbean in a single two- or
three-day flight across open
water with nowhere to land if
they get tired. The even tinier
ruby-throated hummingbirds
cross the Gulf of Mexico in a
similar way. But until recently I
havent spent much time wondering how these little birds do
it. Dont their flight muscles get
tired? How do they replenish
their energy reserves in the air?

throated sparrows, hermit

thrushes and red-eyed vireos,
expands significantly over several days through the production of new and larger cells.
That makes it possible for the
birds to dramatically increase
their food intake so they can
store up extra energy for their
long flights.

The adaptability of a birds gut

capacity may be a deciding factor in different species ability
to cope with climate change. In
McWilliams found that whitethroated sparrows acclimated to
a very cold environment were
able to eat two to four times as
much food as sparrows acclimated to summer temperatures.
The birds were able to accommodate the greater quantity of
food they needed to eat to meet
their energy needs in the cold

and still digest it efficiently.


Cannon Mountain Ski Resort Improvements Announced____

terrain and made significant
improvements like snowmaking, which will allow all of our
guests more access to Mittersill,
more often, with better snow
Snowmaking at Mittersill

This fall, snowmaking pipe and

hydrants were installed on
Cannon Mountain has made Baron's Run, Way Back, Sky
extensive improvements and Line, Ridge Run and a new
enhancements for the 2015- connector trail (to be named
2016 winter season.
In making the announcement,
Mountain's general manager,
explained that the changes
Mittersill for the first time since
that terrain officially became
part of Cannon Mountain in
2009. Other improvements
include the creation of the new
19-acre Taft Training slope at
Mittersill, a new Prinoth Bison
winch cat for Cannon's grooming fleet, and a total of 133 new
energy-efficient tower, ground,
and fan guns. Additionally,
Cannon will officially name
and designate 14 official trails
and glades at Mittersill. All of
the improvements at Mittersill
are part of the three-year
Mittersill Improvement Project.
The Project is being funded primarily through the efforts of
Franconia Ski Club and will be
gifted to Cannon Mountain.

"Franconia Ski Club is one of

our oldest and most trusted
partners," said DeVivo. "While
the focus of the Mittersill
Improvement Project has been
to create world-class ski racing
and training terrain, it will also
have great benefits for all of our
guests. By partnering with the
ski club, we've opened up new

The recently widened Baron's

Run, one of the most popular
routes at Mittersill, will now
have a total of 55 high-output,
energy-efficient tower guns.
This will enable the Mittersill
Double Chair to operate more
frequently. In the past, the
opening of Mittersill and operation of the double chair were
completely reliant on natural
snow. New snowmaking on the
Sky Line and Ridge Run trails
will give skiers and riders two
snowmaking routes from the
top of the double chair.

during the 2015-2016.

Baron's Run has been widened

and improved to accommodate
giant slalom and super giant
slalom training and racing.
However, its use for training
will be limited; it is expected to
remain open to the public 100
percent of the time during the
2015-2016 season, although
some shared training may take
place. During the 2016-2017
season, training and racing on
Baron's Run will continue to be
limited and will only occur on a
select number of dates.
"We're excited for the ski season to begin," concluded
DeVivo. "These improvements
will add a whole new dimension to the Cannon and
Mittersill experience."

Plymouths 2015 Hometown Holiday Celebration, Dec. 4-6____

Plymouths 2015 Hometown

Holiday Celebration and Parade
is only a month away! Invite
your friends and relatives to
come for a visit on the weekend
of Dec 5th to enjoy a great
All trails with new snowmaking Plymouth tradition.
will now be groomed on a more
frequent basis.
Its going to be a fun-filled weekend. Friday, PSUs Operating
Race Training at Mittersill
Staff begins its 8th Annual
Festival of Trees starting at 10:30
With the creation of the new AM, with beautifully decorated
Taft Training Slope at trees on display for viewing at
Mittersill, the installation of the Senior Center. For Festival
snowmaking and a new T-bar of Trees information, call
lift planned for the 2016-2017 Christine Hoch at 535-2593 or ewinter season, a world-class mail
training facility will be availcenterpiece
able for the Franconia Ski Club The
and other race organizations. It Celebration is The Parade at 5
is important to note that when PM Saturday (Dec 5). Starting
the slope is not in use for rac- at 4 PM, everyone gathers on
ing, it will be open to the pub- Main Street to enjoy a Christmas
lic. Taft Training Slope will not music sing-a-long with Tim
be used for training or racing Keefe, catch, decorate cookies
with the Elves on the common,

Monday through Thursday

6am-8pm Friday 6am-9pm
Saturdays 8am-8pm
Sundays 8am-6pm
3039 Dartmouth College Hwy.
North Haverhill, NH 03774
(603) 787-6241

Quality Meats - Deli - Grocery

All Meats Cut The Aldrich Way!

The G. Hampton McGaw Chapter of the National Honor

Society at Woodsville High School constructed its second
bench in the Bedell Bridge State Park as part of ongoing project with the park. Pictured from left to right: Chris Sarkis,
Derek Maccini, Nikita Duling, Vajl Adamkowski, Tori Clough,
Madyson O'Shana, Sam Pushee, and Denny Ruprecht.

Amazing Assortment Of
Marinated Meats!

We have an amazing assortment of

marinated meats such as pork,
chicken and beef in vacuum
packed bags processed right
here in our meat department.
Texas Tumbler, Sweet Bourbon,
Teriyaki, Italian and lots more.
Check them out. Delicious!
It's The Aldrich Way!

NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| November 20, 2015 Page A-6

soak in some Christmas atmosphere, and enjoy a free hot

chocolate at Main Street Banks .
Prior years parades have bustled
with brightly lit floats, Bands, a
wrecker train, decorated walking groups, a Chinese dragon,
decked out animals, dance
troupes, and, of course, Santa.
What will this year bring? We
cant wait to see.

especially for little ones to introduce them to the delights of The

Nutcracker. Show times are 1:15
and 2:30PM. This event is free,
but you must have a ticket. Get
at .

Theres still time to register your

business or organization to enter
the parade. Get the registration
form and guidelines from the
Plymouth Rotary Website at
Or, contact Kelly Beebee at 5368228 ( ) or
Steve Rand at 236-6587 for paper
forms. Registration period ends
Friday Dec 4th.

After the parade, Santa will visit

with the kids at the Senior
Center. For the seventh year,
Alex Ray and the Rotarians will
be hosting a Chill-buster
Barbeque and Bonfire on Green
Street across from the Senior
Center. And then Fireworks!!
What a great way to end the The parade committee is now
actively involved in raising funds
for the event. Contributions are
On Sunday, skate for free with gratefully accepted. This year,
Santa at the PSU ice arena from Rotary has pledged proceeds of
1-3 PM. Santa will be on the ice this event to support area Toys
for visiting and for free photo- for Tots.
Write Checks to
graphs. Free skates are available. Plymouth Rotary Foundation and
Also at the arena, and new this mail contributions to:
year, the Ninth Stare Dance Beebee,
Studio youths will be performing Savings Bank, 131 Main Street,
two shows of A Nutcracker Plymouth NH 03264. Thank
Sampler! This light-hearted half- you for your support.
hour performance is created

Tek Talk...

With Eli Heath

Of Paige Computer Services

Tech Tips, Talk & Advice For Your Computer

Windows 10 was released on

July 29, 2015, some customers
wonder how windows activation works with Windows 10,
why we do not have to type a
product key to activate
Windows like previouse versions such as Windows Vista
and Windows 7. Here is an article in Windows Secrets by
Susan Bradley that will answer
that question;

Tying the OS license to specific


Windows licensing has always

been murky. Windows 7, for
example, had retail, original
(OEM), and enterprise editions.
In theory, OEM editions were
tied to the hardware they came
on. Retail versions, however,
were "portable"; if, for example, you purchased Win7 separately from the PC, you could

move that copy from machine

to machine as long as you no
longer used the OS on the old
PC. (Most retail versions of
Windows were used for upgrading or for hand-built PCs.)
Usually, you had to reauthorize
your copy of Windows for the
new system, but in most cases
that step was a formality.
Long-term, portability is not
part of the free version of
Windows 10. When you install
Win10, Microsoft's activation
servers create and store a
unique ID based on the old key
plus the hardware in your
machine. The Win10 upgrade
will stay tied to that upgraded
system and your original
Win7/8 key will no longer be
valid. (You can roll back to
Win7, but you're not allowed to
run both your original OS and
Win10, say, in a virtual or dualboot setup.)

A Microsoft spokesperson stated: "After the first year, you

would not be able to move the
installation to a different
device, as the upgrade is specific to your device, not your
license or Windows account.
After that first year, for devices
not upgraded, you would have
to purchase a copy of Windows
10 through the Microsoft Store
or Microsoft retail partners." To
make things even more confusing, if you eventually purchase
a retail edition of the Win10
license, you will be able to
move that copy from one computer to another that version
comes with portability rights.

You can, however, still upgrade

a Win10 system. As with earlier
Windows versions (typically
tied to the Windows Genuine
Advantage program), you'll
need to call Microsoft to reactivate the license if you change
major parts of your computer
after upgrading to Win10. (It's
usually an annoying but not too
painful process.)

Woodsville High Students To Provide Free Childcare!_______

Woodsville High School students will provide FREE child- WHS Santas Sitters Program
care while you shop, run will only be able to accept chilerrands, or simply take a break dren ages 18 months+
this hectic holiday season!
** Please pick up your children
Woodsville High Schools no later than 3pm...thank you!
December 12th, 2015 from ***You must provide a lunch
10am until 3pm in the Dr. John
Bagonzi Community Building
at Woodsville High School.
Community Service Team,
WHS Future Business Leaders
of America, WHS Youth &
Government,, the WHS
National Honor Society, WHS
Student Council, Friends of
Rachel, and WHS Students
Against Destructive Decisions.
FREE Snacks
FREE Holiday Movies
FREE Games & Activities
. and Santa will make an

** Please fill out the registration form by December 5th **


Why Not Put a

In This Spot
1 column
x 3 tall
Thats For
Call Today

and drink for your child***

For more information and to


That might work; but on older

systems, you'll probably need to
enter a Win10 license key. You
can find it on your new Win10
installation by using a key
viewer such as the NirSoft
Produkey (site) utility. (Oddly,
Other common questions about a Google search of Win10
Win10 upgrading
license keys will turn up lots of
sites selling keys for a curI frequently get asked whether rently free product.)
you can reserve a free upgrade
now and then actually make the Newer systems with Unified
upgrade a while later. That's Extensible Firmware Interface
easy to answer: as long as you (UEFI) and support for
complete the upgrade before the Microsoft Data Management
end of July 2016, consumer ver- will store the Win10 key within
sions of Win10 are free. After the system's firmware. If you
July, you'll have to purchase a restore a Win10 image or do a
Windows 10 license.
clean install, the OS will find
the license key itself.
Some Windows users wonder
whether they can acquire In either case, your system must
Win10 now for free and then first have had a successful
start using it after July 2016. upgrade to Win10. It will then
Typically, these folks are wait- be whitelisted in Microsoft's
ing for third-party software product-key system as genuine.
vendors to add Win10 support Currently, if you're asked for a
to their business applications. key during a reinstall of Win10,
To delay a formal migration to you can use a generic key.
Win10, the users would back up
a Win7/8 machine, download I hope this clears up a few quesand install the free Win10 tions, however if there is any
upgrade (thus acquiring a new question you may have you can
Win10 license), and then roll call me at (603)747-2201, email
back to Win7/8. They would, or my
then move up to their free website www.paigecomputWin10 when they like. Talk to you
again soon.

Registration forms will also be

available at the WHS Front


Has Every
Size Table
For The

Do You Need An Extra Bed For The

Spare Room? Or A Sleep Sofa?

Stop By Any Of Our 4 Locations!

Home. Cooked.



The Happy Family Banquet

2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons
2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins
4 (3 oz.) Polynesian Pork Chops
4 (4 1 2 oz.) Chicken Fried Steaks
20 oz. pkg. All-Beef Meatballs
4 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks
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4 Caramel Apple Tartlets
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6-Piece Cutlery Set
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Now Only $

1-800-410-5129 ask for 43285DSK |

Limit 2 pkgs. Your 6 free burgers, 6 piece cutlery set and cutting board will be sent to each shipping address that includes
The Happy Family Banquet 43285. Limit of 1 free box of 6 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers, one cutlery set and cutting
board per in-store purchase and/or per shipment. Standard S&H will be added per address. Not valid with other offers.
2X points on first purchase not available in MA or CA. Expires 5/15/15. 2014 OCG | 501B120 | Omaha Steaks, Inc.

Page A-7 November 20, 2015 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


Unfortunately, the types of

changes that trigger a reactivation always have been and
still are vague. For example,

adding more memory generally

does not require a reactivation,
but changing the motherboard
would. (In OEM setups, changing to a new motherboard is
allowed only while the PC is
still under warranty.)

NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| November 20, 2015 Page A-8


Cabot Cheddar
3# $11.99
VT Maple Syrup
Quart $14.95
Half Gallon $25.95
1st Cut Hay $5.50
2nd cut hay $6.95
Barley straw $9.95
3.5 cubic shavings
the big ones $ 5.95
50# Sunflower

Monday- Saturday 8:30-5:30

Friday nights till 8:00 PM
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286 Waits River Road Bradford, Vermont 800-222-9316 local 802-222-9316

Winter pac boots 20% off

Darn tough and Smart wool socks
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