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Meghan Mitchell EDU 5170

Lesson Plan


Animals of the Rainforest


NYS Standards:
Student will be able to use another language other
than English. Student will develop cross cultural skills
and understanding.
National Standards:
Communication Standard 1.1 and Standard 1.2
Culture: Standard 2.1
Connections: Standard 3.1
ISTE Standards
1A, 1B

Introduction/ Information

To get them excited I will give them a chance to talk

to the people around them. I am also using a game
that will allow them to use technology which is
exciting. I will provide students will the new
vocabulary words using flashcards. I will write the
objectives for the students on the board using clear
language so they know what they will be learning.

Learning Objectives

1. Students will describe what they already know

about rain-forests and I will write it on the board.
2. Students will construct their own rainforest using
3. Students will prove their comprehension by
playing a game on Kahoot.

Acceptable Evidence of Knowledge (Practice)

1. Guided Activity: Students will share with their

classmates their prior knowledge of the rainforest.
They will pair up and do a pair-share.
2. Practice: Students will practice the vocabulary by
repeating the new words after being cued.
3. Practice: Students will be able to construct the
rainforest that they would like to visit.
4. Final: Students will test their knowledge by
playing Kahoot.

Meghan Mitchell EDU 5170

Lesson Plan


1. First students will do a pair-share activity. With

their partner they will share what they know about
rain forests and what they want to know. Then
they will share 2 things they hope to learn in
English or Spanish. (Warm-up 2mins)
2. I will present the new vocabulary to the students.
I will show them the flashcard with the image of
the word and then show them the word. I will do
this one time and then ask them to repeat after
me. (5 mins)
3. The students will use the Paint program to create
the rainforest and the animals they would hope to
see. (5 mins)
4. Students will then work with a partner to label the
animals in the rainforest. (3mins)
5. Students will participate in a game in either pairs
or alone depending on the level of understanding
of the material. (10 mins)
6. Final: Students will write two sentences
describing why they think the rainforest is

Assessment/ Evidence (Knowledge of Results)

I will provide verbal feedback as the students are

labeling the animals in the rainforest. I will provide
written feedback when I collect their sentences. I will
collect the labeling of the rainforest and use that as a
grade on a scale of how successful they were at


The students will write down two sentences which

will be collected as they leave class. They will write
why they think the rainforest is important. I also have
a video to how them that talks about the environment
and the issues we are facing.

Accommodations/ Support Staff

I will be walking around and checking on the students

and assisting when needed.

Meghan Mitchell EDU 5170

Lesson Plan

Review the activity

I will review with the students what they have learned

today about the rainforest and set them up for the next
lesson that will talk about rainforest destruction and
the importance of the plants and animals present.

Time Required

For this class it will be 20 minutes if I were to do the

whole lesson probably 40.

This lesson would be situated in a unit on Physical Environment, more specifically flora/fauna
and quality of environment.

Meghan Mitchell EDU 5170

Lesson Plan

Meghan Mitchell EDU 5170

Lesson Plan