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Model Question Paper-1

Full Marks: 100

Time: 3 Hours

Answer all the questions of Group-A and six more questions taking any three from Group-B and any
three from Group-C.



Select the correct answer from the given four options:

(1 10 = 10)
Machining is not a
(a) preforming process
(b) removal process
(c) value addition process
(d) semi-finishing or finishing process
The values of orthogonal rake angle and normal rake angle of a turning tool become same
when the tools inclination angle is
(a) 90
(b) 45
(c) 30
(d) 0
(iii) Discontinuous chips of regular size and shape are produced in machining ductile metals by
(a) turning
(b) drilling
(c) milling
(d) boring
(iv) Cutting fluid is employed in turning steel rods by carbide tools for
(a) reducing cutting forces only
(b) reducing cutting temperature only
(c) increasing tool life only
(d) all of the above
Mechants circle diagram (MCD) is valid for
(a) orthogonal cutting only
(b) oblique cutting only
(c) both orthogonal and oblique cutting
(d) none of the above three
(vi) The major weakness of ceramic turning inserts is lack of
(a) hardness
(b) hot hardness
(c) chemical inertness
(d) toughness
(vii) Both the cutting motion and the feed motion are imparted to the cutting tool while
(a) turning in a lathe
(b) drilling in a drilling machine
(c) milling in a milling machine
(d) shaping in a shaping machine

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Machining and Machine Tools

(viii) The cutting tool is reciprocated in shaping machine by

(a) crank and connecting rod mechanism (b) eccentric mechanism
(c) oscillating lever mechanism
(d) Whitworth mechanism
(ix) The leadscrews of the worktable in CNC milling machines are driven by
(a) stepper motors
(b) servo motors
(c) induction motors
(d) synchronous motors
Transfer machines are used for
(a) piece production
(b) batch production
(c) medium lot production
(d) mass production





Define machining and machine tools

How much time (in min) will be required to reduce the diameter of a cast iron rod from
116 mm to 112 mm over a length of 150 mm by turning at speed of 400 rpm and feed of
0.25 mm/rev?
(5 + 5)
With the help of a suitable sketch, derive the following expression,
tan o =

cos o
sin o

where b denotes shear angle, g denotes tool orthogonal rake angle, and z denotes the
ratio of the thickness of the chip after and before cut.






How are length and speed of travel of the worktable controlled in CNC drilling machine?
(5 + 5)
How is inspection of machine tools different from testing of machine tools?
With the help of a suitable diagram, show how the Generatrix and Directrix are obtained
while cutting Vee-type external screw thread in a lathe.
(5 + 5)
What properties should the material of the cutting tool essentially possess for high speed
machining of mild steel workpieces?
State the differences between centre lathe and capitan lathe w.r.t. construction, operation
and application.
(5 + 5)
State the functional roles of the computer in CNC machine tools.
Show schematically and state how power and rotation are transmitted from the motor to
the cutter and gear blank in a gear hobbing machine.
(4 + 6)

50 PM

Model Question Paper-1













What factors govern selection of the values of cutting velocity, feed and depth of cut while
carrying out a turning operation in a lathe?
A speed gear box (SGB) is to be designed for a 6-speed drilling machine to be used for
drilling holes of diameter ranging from 10 mm to 40 mm in only cast iron and mild steel
plates by HSS drills. Determine the values of all those 6 spindle speeds and schematically
draw the gearing diagram and the corresponding Ray diagram for that SGB.
(8 + 12)
During turning a steel rod by a tool of geometry:
0, 12, 8, 6, 15, 90, 0 (mm)
at feed of 0.25 mm/rev, the following observations were made:
tangential force component (Pz) = 600 N
axial force component (Px) = 300 N
chip thickness (a2) = 0.5 mm
With the help of Merchants circle diagram determine the magnitudes of the friction force
(F) and the normal force (N) acting at the chiptool interface.
How many kinematic chains are there in the kinematic structures of (i) gear hobbing
machine and (ii) gear shaping machine and state the reasons.
(12 + 8)
During turning operation on a steel rod under a given condition, the tool life was found
to decrease from 20 min to 5 min when the spindle speed was increased from 400 rpm
to 800 rpm. What would be the life of that tool, if used under the same condition but at
speed of 600 rpm?
How much time will be required to produce 200 pieces of identical jobs by machining in
a single spindle automatic lathe if the spindle speed is 1000 rpm and the speed of the cam
shaft is 2 rpm?
(12 + 8)
Classify lathes or drilling machines.
How are knee type horizontal milling machines specified?
How much time will approximately be required to produce all the teeth of a 60-teeth spur
gear if
number of teeth of the gear shaping cutter is 20
speed of rotation of the cutter is 2 rpm only
(5 + 5 + 10)
Describe briefly with the help of a suitable diagram the principle of working of hydraulic
copying lathe.
How are strength and toughness enhanced substantially in high performance alumina
ceramic tools?
(12 + 8)

:51 PM

Machining and Machine Tools





Describe briefly with the help of a suitable sketch the mechanism of bar feeding or turret
indexing in single-spindle automatic lathe.
Determine the magnitude of the basic length unit (BLU) of the CNC drilling machine
whose worktable is horizontally moved by stepper motors of 100 circular divisions through
leadscrews of pitch 3.0 mm.
(16 + 4)
Why do the values of all the rake angles and clearance angles vary along the main cutting
edges of twist drills?
Write a part program, manual or computer aided, for finish-machining of the outer
periphery of the plate, shown in the diagram, using an end milling cutter of 16 mm
diameter in a CNC milling machine.
(4 + 16)

R 25





Question 13(b).

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