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Federal Prosecutor Threatens & Intimidates Defense Attorneys

In The Yellow House Investigation‫‏‬

From the very beginning of this case the Federal Prosecutor Marietta Parker and Terra Morehead has corruptly
attempted to manipulate and control the defense attorneys in the Yellow House case. After the initial search
warrant was executed in 2005, the defendants Guy and Carrie Neighbors hired a defense attorney Sarah Swain to
handle the situation. There were no charges at the time.
After several complaints were filed alleging police misconduct, the Prosecutor began to threaten and intimidate
defense attorney Sarah Swain that her banking records would be pulled, that her office could be charged with
money laundering for accepting payment from the defendants, and that she could even be facing criminal charges
or complaints of ethics violations to the Bar for defending the Neighbors.

Then the Federal Prosecutor Marietta Parker decided that Defense Attorney Sarah Swain could not represent both
defendants, even though no charges or indictments had even been filed. The Neighbors then were forced to hire a
second Attorney Aaron McKee to represent Carrie Neighbors separately from Guy Neighbors. Soon after..the
Prosecutor began to threaten Mr. McKee's office with the same charges that had been threatened against Ms.
Swains office.
Once the Prosecutor had threatened the defense attorneys, they were no longer capable of giving the Neighbors
adequate representation. Numerous things happened in violation of the Neighbors constitutional rights, that were a
direct result of the defense attorneys acting out of fear, both defense attorneys were rendered incapable of giving
the Federal Prosecutor any resistance to her demands.
LEGAL STATEMENT:The Prosecutor's power comes from the tough money laundering laws passed by Congress
in the mid-1980's called the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 and the Money Laundering Act of 1986, which gave
federal prosecutors powerful new weapons in the narcotics war. It enabled them to put anyone; including defense
attorneys who took money originating from drug trafficking or other illegal activities in prison.
An amendment, passed by Congress in 1994 after heavy lobbying by criminal defense lawyers, excludes funds
used "for the right to representation as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment" from consideration in money
laundering cases.
It is also a violation of ethics and grounds to be disbarred for a Prosecutor to use this law as a weapon to threaten
and control defense attorneys without adequate "probable cause" to back up the threats!" There has never been any
evidence presented in this case that the Neighbors have ever evaded taxes, had any illegal transactions, defrauded
the banks, been involved in drug trafficking, Laundered money, or used dirty money to pay their attorney's.

After several incidents that involved misconduct by the two Lawrence Kansas Police officers investigating the case
Carrie and Guy Neighbors filed a formal complaint against the two officers. Carrie accused defense attorney Aaron
McKee of coercion with the prosecutor and terminated the attorney client relationship. To retaliate against the
Neighbors for these actions, the prosecutor Marietta Parker told Aaron McKee that she would indict the Neighbors
immediately for being "Unlawful users with firearms."
The pattern of abuse has continued even after the Neighbors could no longer afford paid attorneys, and were forced
to use public defenders hired by the courts.
When the Neighbors refused to take a plea deal, and falsely admit to guilt, the Prosecutor Terra Morehead dropped
the charges using the threat that bigger charges would come. Then one month later Ausa Morehead brought back
the same charges but presented them to the court as a brand new case and piled on more charges absent of any new
activity in the case. As a direct result the Neighbors were once again strong armed arrested in their home, and
forced to start over with new court appointed attorneys.

Could it be it is easier for police and prosecutors to get convictions by piling charges on a convenient suspect until
they coerce a plea than to solve a case and find the truth?
The Prosecutor has continued her abuse of her power by dumping thousands of pages of useless discovery on the
defense attorneys, while withholding and removing exculpatory discovery from the files. Multiple official
documents in the Neighbors discovery have been forged, removed, changed and manipulated.
In an effort to further divert the attorneys time from investigations and trial preparations the Prosecutor has filed
numerous motions, repeatedly attempted to have the Neighbors bonds revoked. Filed superseding indictments
absent of any new activity, had the defendants arrested and imprisoned on State Charges. The Prosecutor has
continued to fish for evidence after the trial dates by serving search warrants on the defendants for DNA and even
getting into the defendants password protected internet accounts.
The Prosecutor has forced one Attorney off the case by revealing Secret Grand Jury testimony. And the Prosecutor
has repeatedly threatened that the trial would last more than 6 weeks, causing the defense attorneys to fear for their
practice and the inablitily to serve their other clients.