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November 12, 2015- We, the undersigned civil society groups including land communities, youth &
women associations, farmers networks, trades unions and non government organisations (NGOs),
representing hundreds of thousands of members across Cambodia, urge Swedens government to
continue your vital support of our work.
Sweden is a well-deserved world leader in promoting and protecting human rights and democracy by
supporting democracy activists and human rights defenders across the globe. In the years following the
genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, Sweden supported us in our long struggle for democracy.
Continued Swedish support has been crucial in countless areas including promoting human and labour
rights, empowering women and girls, defending the rule of law including strengthening women's access
to justice, supporting independent media, and protecting Cambodias remaining forests.
This small but vibrant and growing human rights community was crucial in the 2013 national elections,
which saw popular demand for accountability and an emergence of active citizenship for the first time in
Cambodia. People dared to express their views and had access to independent information in a way
never before experienced in Cambodian history and with direct links to Swedish support. However, such
gains could easily be lost and losing overseas support would be a blow that could ultimately stop
Cambodias development towards democracy and the cease of operation of many Cambodian NGOs.
Recent events in the Middle East show the possible consequences of the international community
allowing oppressive leaders to quash democracy and oppress its population consequences that stretch
beyond country borders.
Now, Cambodias newly-opened democratic space is being slowly crushed by an increasingly repressive
government and we are the ones trying to stop this crackdown. With commune and national elections in
2017 and 2018, the Cambodian government has accelerated efforts to silence dissenting voices, using
brutal force against its opponents as well as launching an assault on the freedoms of expression and
association through Orwellian legislation which gives the government discretionary powers to shut
down groups who want to speak out.
Cambodia is at a crossroads in terms of democratization and human rights. Significant cuts to Swedish
support would not only have a shattering effect on our future work but would fatally damage the hardwon successes achieved by human rights champions with the help of Swedish aid.
Swedens long history of promoting human rights in Cambodia stretches far back and Swedes such as
Thomas Hammarberg, the former UN Special Representative on human rights in Cambodia, have been
associated with milestones in our struggle. Strengthening the global movement for human rights and
democracy at a time of increasing global insecurity will benefit not only Cambodias future generations,
but also those of Sweden, and we appeal to Sweden to continue this long tradition.

The following Cambodian civil society groups have endorsed this joint letter:
1. Areng Community (AC)
2. Banteay Srey Community (BS)
3. Bantey Srey Organisation (BSO)
4. Beung Tompun Community (BTC)
5. Beung Chhouk Community (BC)
6. Boeung Kak Lake Community (BKL)
7. Borey Santepheap Community (BSC)
8. Borei Keila Community (BK)
9. Building and Wood Workers Trade Union Federation of Cambodia (BWTUC)
10. CamASEAN Youths Future (CamASEAN)
11. Cambodian Agriculture Workers Federation (CAWF)
12. Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions (CATU)
13. Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM)
14. Cambodian Independent Civil-Servant Association (CICA)
15. Cambodian Committee for Women (CAMBOW)
16. Cambodian Food and Service Worker Federation (CFSWF)
17. Cambodian Independent Civil-Servant Association (CICA)
18. Cambodian Industrial Workers Federation (CIWF)
19. Cambodian Informal Economy Workers Association (CIWA)
20. Cambodian Labour Confederation (CLC)
21. Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO)
22. Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers Federation (CTSWF)
23. Cambodian Transportation Workers Federation (CTWF)
24. Cambodian Youth Network (CYN)

25. Cheko Community (CC)

26. Chey Chomnas Community
27. Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers Domestic Unions (C.CAWDU)
28. Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community (CCFC)
29. Community 92
30. Community Legal Education Centre (CLEC)
31. Community Peace-Building Network (CPN)
32. Equitable Cambodia (EC)
33. Farmers Association for Peace and Development (FADP)
34. Independent Democracy of Informal Economy Association (IDEA)
35. Independent Monk Network for Social Justice (IMNSJ)
36. Lor Peang Community (LP)
37. Ondoung Community
38. Messenger Band (MB)
39. Peace Bridges Organization (PBO)
40. Phnom Bat Community (PB)
41. Phum 23 Community
42. Prek Takung Community (PT)
43. Prek Tanou Community
44. Prey Lang Community, (PL)
45. Prey Sala Thmey Community (PST)
46. Railway Community (RC)
47. Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT)
48. Samaki 4 Community
49. Samaki Rung Roeurng Community (SRR)

50. Satrey Khlaing Saing Community (SKS)

51. Social Dhamma Danna Organization(SDDO)
52. Save Our Souls Community (SOS)
53. Social Action for Change (SAC)
54. Steung Kambot Community (SK)
55. Thamar Kor Community (TK)
56. Thmor Koul Community (TKC)
57. The Cambodian NGO Committee on CEDAW (NGO-CEDAW)
58. Toul Rada Community (TR)
59. Toul Rokakuos Community
60. Toul Sangke Community (TSC)
61. Trapaing Anhchanh Thmey Community (TAT)
62. Union Coalition for Labour (UCL)
63. Union Federation of Asean Tourist Employee (UFATE)
64. Wat Than Monk Network (WTMN)
65. Women Network for Unity (WNU)
66. Worker's Information Center (WIC)